How to Shortlist a best Baby Powder for Your Little Munchkin?

From a rash to minor inflammation- any cause of worry may seem big, especially when you are a new parent. A baby brings home a lot of bliss and joy but also several challenges you may be new to overcome. This blog will take you through the most underestimated baby skincare product – baby powder. 

Being a new parent is tough. Your life takes an unexpected turn, and things may seem overwhelming for some time. But, with the right baby care products, you can tackle almost all situations well. So, let’s discuss the right way of using these products to ensure a good pre and post-baby bath experience.

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What is Baby Powder? 

Your little munchkin is as pure as the morning dew. You might be excited to doll them up with all your favorite outfits you have shopped for all this while. However, baby skin is soft and delicate. It needs a safe and gentle baby powder to stay safe from the cloth’s fabric. It also serves different purposes, which we will discuss later in this read. 

Baby powder is a specific talcum powder with a soft texture. It helps prevent diaper rashes, infections, and inflammations. It is usually made of cornstarch or other mild ingredients because it is specifically meant for babies. It should be free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and even loud fragrances.

Guide to the ideal baby care routine – Using baby care products in the right order

Your little one is fairly new to the world, and you must use baby bath products in order. It gives desired results and helps your baby’s healthy and effective growth. If you are new to using them, we’ll discuss the ideal order of using them below:

1. Baby Massage Oil: Several doctors refute the theory of massaging your baby with the right baby oil. We find it essential too. Massaging your baby helps naturally strengthen your child’s muscles and bones. They grow healthier, drastically reducing their chances of falling ill.

Babies live in their mother’s wombs for nine months. Their soft skin is not used to irritations, so you need to offer them a massage so they feel at ease regularly. It will also calm them down and improve their digestive system.

Mamaearth’s Soothing Massage Oil works wonders on newborns. It has an effective blend of several natural oils that give your baby the best of nature and care. So what’s the best part about this oil? Our Baby kit is free from harmful chemicals and toxins and is MadeSafe Certified. 

2. Baby Body Wash: What’s a better time to bond with your baby than a nice bubble bath? If you want your child to have good and hygienic habits, you need to make a start from the beginning. 

Introducing Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Baby Body Wash. It has super nourishing properties of Aloe Vera, Coconut & Jojoba Oils, and Orange Essential Oils that keep your baby’s skin hydrated, clean, and protected all day long. It is an ideal pick for newborns and toddlers alike. 

3. Baby Shampoo: Your baby’s hair and scalp are very gentle and yet at a very delicate stage. A gentle hair cleanser that maintains hair hygiene and assures a healthy scalp is necessary. If you are new to this, try using a natural shampoo suitable for your baby’s naive hair and skin. 

Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo has the goodness of great natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil. It comes with a tear-free formula that maintains the pH balance of your scalp and keeps your baby’s hair healthy. 

4. Baby Powder: After you pat your little munchkin dry with a soft and clean towel, you should take some baby powder and apply it all over his body. It helps in easy sweat absorption and keeps them fresh all day. There are several kinds of them available in the market today.

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We are home to a wide range of baby care products. We suggest you choose the one with the maximum natural benefits for your little one. It not only provides freshness but also has amazing benefits for your child’s healthy skincare. 

5. Diaper Rash Cream: The diaper area is the most sensitive and needs proper care and attention. Diaper rashes are mainly caused by dryness of the skin. However, other reasons can include prolonged wetness too.

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Mamaearth Milky Soft Diaper Rash Cream is one of our great bestsellers. It has the goodness of Calendula, Oat Milk, Zinc Oxide, and Soybean Oil. They help heal the rashes quickly, hydrate your baby’s gentle skin, and reduce redness and irritation. 

Tip: When putting your baby on a diaper, apply a long-lasting diaper rash cream in the area. This would help in healing the painful rashes and preventing their frequency too. 

6. Baby Body Lotion: Before dolling up your little one, you should ensure their skin is sufficiently hydrated. Dryness can easily cause chafing of the clothes because it increases friction and thus irritates the baby’s tender skin. Applying a good baby body lotion minimizes the possibility of having unhealthy or undernourished skincare. 

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Mamaearth Milky Soft Body Lotion does complete justice to this. It has the enriching goodness of natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Calendula, and Milk Protein that promise healthy skin naturally. In addition, it is toxin-free and certified by MadeSafe. 

7. Baby Face Cream: Your baby’s facial skin is always in contact with the external environment. It is more sensitive than the rest of the body. Thus, keeping it healthy and nourished assures no irritation or rashes for a long time. 

Mamaearth Milky Soft Face Cream is the right answer to all your questions. It has been taboo that a baby shouldn’t be applied any face cream or moisturizer, but the fact is quite different. The more you keep your baby’s skin hydrated, the better it is. So give your baby the best of nature with this natural hydrating agent. 

The step-by-step skincare might seem alarming to go through, but once it is in a routine, it becomes easier to follow. Regarding baby powder usage, we are mentioning some important differences between talcum powder and baby powder.

Talcum Powder Vs. Baby Powder

Many of us use talc-based powder on our baby’s skin- this lack of awareness can be dangerous to your little one. Talcum powder or talc-based powder has finer particles of minerals. It makes it easier to inhale. The added fragrance and chemicals leave a nice smell on your baby’s body. 

Due to these major reasons, a disclaimer is mentioned in the packages to keep them out of reach from children. These powders also have the potential to cause ovarian cancer. While talc is a significant component in manufacturing cosmetics, facial and body powders, it is equally important to know that you should not use it on babies. 

A good-quality baby powder should exclude the use of heavy minerals and harmful chemicals altogether because the babies’ skin is quite sensitive. This is why there has always been a consensus among various brands to exclude such substances from their products. These products are usually made with the intent to keep your baby’s skin dry and free from painful rashes. 

best baby powder

How to Pick the Best Baby Powder?

The baby section of any shopping mall might leave you bewildered about what to pick for your child. The struggle is real with all the available fragrances and colors. We are here to make this decision a little easier for you. 

Here’s a checklist you may use to pick a baby powder today:

  1. Ingredients: If you have a fair idea of what’s inside a baby powder, you will know whether you can trust it or not. You should take the one with more natural extracts than artificial fragrances or substances. 

Nature comes with a solution to every problem. We need to reach out and look a little deeper. Natural extracts help in skin nourishment, and the results are fairly long-lasting. They also help in treating skin problems easily and with gentleness. 

  1. Purity standards: As a parent – new or experienced- you always want the best for your little one. It is hard for you not to explore the choices present in front of you. While you are at it, ensure to go through the purity standards of the baby powder. 

You may check for signs and symbols that say the product is toxin-free, cruelty-free, and safe to use, even on sensitive skin. You should also ensure the product is dermatologically tested for peace of mind. 

  1. Suitability: Baby powder is different because of its composition, manufacturing, and crafting methods. If your baby has sensitive skin, you should make sure you read that it suits all skin types. Powders are meant to give your baby a nice relief from various aggravating factors. You should discontinue its usage promptly if skin irritation occurs. 
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  1. Purpose: Do we ever buy a product that fulfills only one sole purpose? Rarely. The same philosophy applies here as well. For example, every baby powder has one primary purpose – keeping your baby’s skin dry. 

However, you should try to look for one that cares to give a little more. It should have multipurpose benefits like preventing rashes, keeping your baby’s skin sweat-free, etc. The better the benefits offered, the higher the sustainability of the product. 

5. Convenience: If you are a working parent or like traveling with your kid, your ideal choice must be convenient. The baby rash powder you pick must be convenient to buy, carry, and use. It should also be reasonably priced. 

Your chosen baby care product shouldn’t come with too many precautions to take and must be easy to use. It should have easy and simple packaging that makes it easier to carry and must have easy storage. These factors play an important role in checking the convenience of a good baby powder. 

Mamaearth products to try

Mamaearth’s baby care products have won tremendous popularity and appreciation all over the country. They are a perfect combination of nature and today’s fast-paced technology. Today we have one of our finest bestsellers in the limelight – Mamaearth Dusting Powder for Babies. 

Mamaearth Dusting Powder: Mamaearth Dusting Powder stands as one of our bestselling baby care products. It has natural extracts of various ingredients that make it effective. Given below are the key ingredients that distinguish it from other powders:

  1. Oatmeal: It comes with various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in calming dry skin and soaks up oil to act as a natural moisturizer. It hydrates your baby’s skin naturally and with care. 
  1. Corn starch: It has fantastic absorption properties and anti-inflammatory properties that make it work wonders on your baby’s skin. It soothes your little one’s diaper rash and prevents its further occurrence naturally. 
  1. Arrowroot powder: Known to be gluten-free, it absorbs excess moisture on your baby’s skin without drying it out. It keeps your baby’s skin supple and hydrated for a long time. 

What makes it super-effective to use? Mamaearth Dusting Powder is free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, SLS, SLES, Minerals, and artificial fragrances. In addition, it is cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, and MadeSafe-certified. 


Parenting isn’t an easy ride but it is worth it. No pain is greater than seeing your little one wail for reasons you can’t fix. But, with some natural choices, we can make a better start for them. A step ahead of choosing the right grade of skincare products for your little sunshine is to opt for baby oral care products.

Mamaearth’s natural baby care range is one example to try. It sets standards for your baby’s skin that are difficult to match by using anything different and too expensive. While being a parent is tough, making these choices can be tougher if you aren’t a little aware. So give your baby the best of everything because you will, even if they don’t remember. 


  1. Which is the best baby powder for babies?

    A baby powder can be the best for children if it has more benefitting natural ingredients, meets safety standards, and has multipurpose uses. It should also be made of soothing, safe, and toxin-free ingredients. We recommend you try Mamaearth Dusting Powder, it is made of safe and gentle ingredients. It does not contain harmful chemicals and works great for babies. 

  2. Is baby powder safe now? 

    There are all kinds of variations available in the market. You must be aware to see which one is right for your baby. Most of them are safe, but you must check the safety standards before deciding. You should also check that the product does not contain harmful chemicals like SLS or parabens. 

  3. Why do they say not to use baby powder?

    We do not recommend using adult talcum powder on a baby’s skin because it is soft and tender. It is also prone to getting rashes or inflammation from products made of harsh chemicals, and some poor-quality baby care products might be made that way.

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