Our skin has millions of small, microscopic holes called pores that help eliminate toxins all the time. The condition where these pores get blocked with pollutants and impurities is called ‘clogged pores’ or ‘blackheads.’ But what are blackheads and how do they affect your appearance? In this article, we will discuss how learning to cleanse your skin before getting acne or blackheads makes sense.

Blackheads most frequently appear on the face, neck, back, and chest. Also, some people can face blackheads on their cheeks due to open pores. However, numerous factors, such as inflamed hair follicles and excessive skin oil secretion, might worsen the matter. Blackheads can harm anyone at any age,  but they frequently affect teenagers. They are something that most of us have experienced and we all know how annoying they can be. 

We then think of doing the unexpected and squeezing the little spots when this happens. Numerous skin care professionals might have warned you about the dangers of plucking and popping pimples and blackheads, but we can’t deny that the desire still exists.

What are blackheads?

As the name suggests, blackheads are small, dark spots that appear on the face. They are open comedones brought on by clogged hair follicles. The accumulation of sebum and toxic wastes in these skin pores makes them uglier. Left untreated, they start affecting our physical appearance and confidence alike. 

Since the surface of these pimples appears dark or black, they are known as blackheads. Blackheads, a moderate form of acne, often develop on the face but can also impact other body parts such as the back, chest, neck, arms, and shoulders. 

Tip: With the recent evolution of the skincare industry, blackhead removal masks or blackhead remover strips are trending. You may try them out for a better experience.

What causes blackheads?

When a blockage or plug forms in the opening of the hair follicles in your skin, it results in blackheads. One hair grows from each follicle, which houses an oil-producing sebaceous gland. Sebum, an oil, helps keep your skin supple.

Comedones accumulate dead skin cells and oils in the skin follicle’s entrance. The bulge is known as a whitehead if the skin covering remains closed. A blackhead develops due to the skin around the bump opening and then exposure to the air, which turns it black.

You may be more likely to have acne and blackheads if you have certain conditions, such as:

Hormonal imbalance: When women go through puberty or become pregnant, their hormonal activity takes a different route. This causes their sebaceous glands to expand, increasing sebum production and adding to the skin’s oiliness.

Medication: Some drugs can disrupt hormone balance, and can cause skin breakouts and acne. Skincare professionals advise using the best pimple marks removal cream to lessen acne and pimples.

Poor Diet: A proverb says, ‘you receive what you give.’ It means that whatever you put in your body will emerge on the outside. Studies show that eating processed meals, carbs, fats, and hydrogenated oils might worsen acne.

Excessive stress: The sebaceous glands produce more oil in response to increased stress levels, which may also result in acne or pimples.

Some people think that the foods and beverages they consume might cause acne. Researchers aren’t certain that there’s a direct link between dairy products and acne, but foods that raise blood sugar levels, like carbs or fats, may cause some concern.

What Should You Use to Treat Acne and Blackheads?

Do you wish you had skin that was clear and flake-free? Do your lifestyle decisions prevent you from spending too much time on skincare? Do you believe that your skin is getting worse every day and that you should create a plan if you want it to get better? Do you believe that frequent pimple breakouts hide your smile? 

If you answered ‘yes, it’s time to incorporate the best acne treatment cream into your skincare routine. Removing extra oil and sebum from the skin cells will help you achieve a clearer and blemish-free look. This would also help remove toxins, germs, and pollutants from the skin pores, and help you look healthier. We advise using a mild face cleanser twice a day for the best results.

blackheads removal mask

Who Should Use a Cream to Remove Pimples?

According to some studies, pimple breakouts often appear when a person enters his teenage years. During puberty, the body undergoes several physiological changes caused by hormones and biochemical processes. As a result, the human body begins to create additional biological processes at this time. 

This often opens the door for unwanted pimple breakouts and other skincare issues. It is natural to expect both men and women to be affected equally. But there is one more distinction- people with oily skin often get a much worse experience. So we advise switching to a pimple removal cream to treat pimple breakouts safely and effectively. Try our activated charcoal products range for acne prone skin.

Benefits of using a Pimple Removal Cream: 

It is well known that investing money in an anti-acne cream may help you get rid of pimples faster. However, choosing a safe, gentle, and toxin-free product works best. Your skin’s texture will also improve if you choose the appropriate cream.

Here is a sneak peek into its advantages:

Eliminates excess sebum and oil: It has been shown that those with naturally oily skin experience frequent breakouts. This is why such an anti-blemish cream should deal with the problem of excess oil rather than simply acne. The best pimple cream will help remove extra oil from the skin, and make the skin clearer.

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Acne and pimple reduction: An anti-acne cream should have anti-inflammatory qualities. By doing so, the skin’s texture will improve and become better prepared to prevent pimple formation.

Minimizes sudden acne breakouts: Skin prone to pimples and blackheads usually produces too much oil, which offers food for bacteria that cause acne. Consequently, acne breakouts are common, along with pimples and blackheads. An anti-acne cream should have antibacterial properties to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Using this cream would also help treat blackheads.

Ingredients that help remove blackheads:

It is simple to identify blackheads, and they don’t always require medical attention. Let’s talk about how to experience pain-free treatment at home:

1. Salicylic Acid: It is known for its deep and gentle exfoliation properties. In addition to dissolving dead skin cells, it prevents hair follicles from clogging the skin pores. Furthermore, using salicylic acid for blackheads removal also helps eliminate dead skin cells without damaging the skin.

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2. Azelaic Acid: Azelaic Acid may be found in various foods, including barley, wheat, rye, and other grains. It is renowned for curing skin inflammation and eliminating skin bacteria. It also helps strengthen the skin’s cellular structure against blemishes.

Did you know? Blackheads have nothing to do with your age. They are thus not limited to teenage alone. 

Best Skincare Regime for Clear and Healthy Skin

1. Cleanse your face twice a day: Maintaining healthy skin starts with driving out pollutants, sebum, toxic buildup, and dead skin cells. After that, cleanse your face with the best products. It helps avoid acne by using an Activated Charcoal Face Wash to keep pores away from clogging. We recommend washing your face at least twice a day.

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2. Avoid over-exfoliation: Regular face scrubbing is not advised as it may do more damage than good. It could cause irritation, inflammation, and redness. Using a face scrub for blackheads removal helps eliminate good skin cells from the skin pores, putting them at risk for scars.

3. Toning: A face toner is important because it helps in a thorough yet gentle exfoliation of the clogged skin pores. Additionally, it also helps cleanse various irritants that cause the pores to be favorable to bacterial infections.

Tip: An optional recommendation is to use face masks once a week for glow and healthy radiance. 

4. Daily use of face moisturizer: Hydrating the skin surface helps improve dry skin, reduce acne, and assist in managing oil production by the oil glands. An acne removal cream will help you eliminate acne scars and blackheads. Remember to use a face moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. 

Tip: You should use a face gel to calm your open pores and acne. It can be best used once or twice a week per your skin type.

5. Follow a personalized diet plan: We advise avoiding foods that might raise insulin levels and cause acne to flare up. It is better to choose leafy greens that are nutritional and filled with antioxidants. Furthermore, drinking about four liters of water every day is crucial.

Although these are among the essential skin care guidelines you should follow for clear skin, we are confident that if you follow a skincare routine and use our Acne Marks Reduction Kit to reduce acne marks, which comes with our natural Acne Removal Cream, Tea Tree Face Wash, and Skin Correct Face Serum. It will help you lose acne and blackheads.

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Some Recommendations:

An anti-acne or anti-pimple cream promotes pore cleansing by eliminating congestion. Moreover, it removes irritants and dead skin cells and purifies fatty acids from skin pores. The secret is choosing a face cream for pimples that gently cleanses the troubled region and helps restore the skin’s natural breathing ability.

Therefore, we recommend you opt for our Anti-Acne Kit, which helps eliminate blackheads and treats acne easily. Three highly efficient skincare products from Mamaearth make up the Anti-Acne Kit, which helps to hydrate skin without removing its natural oils. 

It includes a face wash, an oil-free spot treatment, and a complexion-correcting face serum that keeps the skin hydrated and at its ideal pH level. Thus, these three products help treat blackheads, acne, and pimples by minimizing enlarged pores and managing excess oils.

The major ingredients in this kit are Glycerin, Niacinamide, Neem, and Apple Cider Vinegar. They help reduce acne, restore the skin’s natural pH balance, clear skin clogs, and blackheads, minimize inflammation, enhance skin tone, and repair free radical damage. 

In addition, this product is free from harmful chemicals and toxins like parabens, silicones, phthalates, and mineral dyes, just like all other Mamaearth products. So what are you waiting for? Grab your kit today.

Summing up!

The main issues that make oily skin challenging to manage and live with. However, this process becomes much simpler with Mamaearth. But besides using a pimple-removing cream or anti-acne kit on hand, you should also switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Your skin will stay naturally healthy and radiant if you avoid stress, follow a diet rich in green and leafy vegetables, stay hydrated all day, and get eight hours of sleep every night. So let’s harness the Goodness of Nature to combat oily skin. Cheers to fantastic skincare and healthy skin with Mamaearth!


  1. What are whiteheads and blackheads?

    They have blocked pores that need to be cleansed of sebum and dead skin cells. The whitehead is in a closed pore, whereas the blackhead is in an open pore. This is because the blackhead has been exposed to the environment in an open pore.

  2. What are blackheads made of?

    Acne has a type known as blackheads (medically known as acne vulgaris). They are open skin pimples that collect extra oil and dead skin. Although they appear to be caused by dirt in the bump, the dark spot is caused by an uneven light reflection off the obstructed follicle. Blackheads most frequently appear on the face, neck, nose, back, and chest. 

  3. What happens if blackheads are not removed?

    If you do not remove blackheads from your skin, you risk contaminating yourself with germs and toxins. Your blackheads can grow or even spread along with facing scarring or inflammation. It can also harm you by allowing the bacteria to enter the pore and developing an infection. 

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