We often turn ignorant about our skin health when engrossed in our professional life. In such times, makeup seems to be the only rescue to cover up the skin’s irregularities. But do you know wearing makeup 365 days a year can also be unhealthy for you? To get naturally flawless skin, it is important to focus on what our skin is trying to convey. So, in this article, we have shared 20 natural beauty tips for teenage girls and women. 

Every woman wants their skin to glow. However, our skincare regimen often takes a backseat with an improper work-life balance. It might seem overwhelming to spare some time when you come home to your children after work, cook, and prepare for the next day’s hustle. We get you! Being a working woman can be tough, but let’s be honest; we also enjoy this roller-coaster ride.

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The only thing we forget while doing all this is taking care of our skin. Ever since the concept of makeup has advanced, natural beauty tips seem to be absent from the foreground. Remember when our grannies would spend their Sundays hopping into some kitchen remedies and calling it a self-care day? Those remedies were the real reason behind their ever-glowing skin. 

But as we grew, we let slip all that precious knowledge passed on to us by our grandmothers. Those beauty tips are the real essence of nature. So here we have brought you those beauty tips to help you enhance your beauty products

Beauty Tips for Girls of Every Age

A skin care regimen is strongly recommended if you want healthy and youthful skin. Sticking to a dedicated skincare regimen helps restore your skin’s youthfulness and ward off signs of aging. Apart from clinging to a concrete skincare regimen, here are some beauty tips to stay ahead in the skincare game.

1. Treat your skin with raw milk

Raw milk is known for its soothing and moisturizing properties. Its fats and lactic acid content brighten the skin and keep it calm and moisturized for a long time. Lactic acid is a gentle exfoliator that helps shed dead skin cells, leading to softer skin. In addition, raw milk has been used for ages as a bathing agent that helps remove dirt from the skin without stripping the skin’s essential oils. 

2. Use aloe vera gel 

Exposure to environmental aggressors damages the outer layer of the skin, making it inflamed or sensitive at times. Aloe vera face gel is rich in vitamins, minerals, lignin, saponins, and many other constituents that treat sunburn and inflammation. It also helps fight signs of premature aging on the skin. In addition,  it can be used daily at bedtime for smooth, supple, and younger-looking skin. 


Our Aloe Vera Gel has a multitude of benefits for skin and hair. It is pure and works like magic for irritated, sensitive skin or scalp. It is packed with Vitamin E and Glycerin to shield the skin and scalp against moisture loss. Additionally, it prevents dandruff while giving you a healthy scalp. Best suited for all skin and hair types, this Aloe Vera Gel has no harsh chemicals and is devoid of toxins, parabens, and mineral oil.

3. Besan and Honey Pack 

Besan has been a vintage constant when it comes to glowing skin. Besan-honey pack is not just a regular face pack. It has a host of benefits for dry skin. Besan or gram flour is alkaline, which is proven to be highly beneficial for maintaining the skin’s pH balance. It ensures that the skin gets rid of dirt, toxins, and other impurities. Honey is a powerful antioxidant and humectant, so it layers the skin with its protective abilities. 

4. Banana Face Pack

This superfood is abundant in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Applying a banana and honey face pack twice a week helps address fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. To begin with, mix half a banana with one tablespoon of honey until the lumps get cleared. Then, apply it all over your face and let it stay for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse off with tap water. 

5. Rice Face Mask

This long-forgotten ingredient is an important component in Korean skin care. It helps reduce enlarged pores, brightens the complexion, and gives you glass skin. To make your rice face mask, take one tablespoon of rice flour, oats, honey, and milk. Blend them all to make a thick paste. Now apply it all over your face and let it stay for 10 minutes. Then, rinse off for an instant glow.

beauty tips for teenage girl

6. Chilled tea bags to depuff under-eyes

If you are sipping green tea and throwing away the pack, hold on. Those tea bags can be a cost-effective beauty tip for girls’ faces or puffiness around the eyes. Green tea has antioxidants known to reduce oxidative stress in the skin. Put the bags on your eyelids, relax for 5-10 minutes,  and play the music while the tea bags lay their magic.

7. Cleanse carefully

Face wash helps cleanse the skin of dirt, dust, and grime that stays on the skin all day long. So, it’s important to understand your skin type before you buy any regular face cleanser. If your skin is oily, you need a gel-based cleanser that sweeps excess oil without disrupting the skin’s pH. For dry skin, face cleansers with moisturizing agents work the best. 


To get your hands on the Goodness of Nature, we suggest you try our Ubtan Face Wash. It features Turmeric, Walnut Beads, Carrot Seed Oil, and Saffron to get you beautiful skin with natural ingredients. It is extremely nourishing, does not disrupt the skin’s natural barriers, and suits every skin type. In addition, Walnut Beads exfoliate the dead cells from the skin, leaving it refreshed and bright.

8. Use a face toner

Face toner comes in handy when you have dry and lifeless skin. These products help maintain the skin’s pH level, boost hydration, and cleanse deeply rooted impurities without depriving the skin’s essential oils. This means face toner does not irritate the skin. Instead, it introduces moisture to the skin and prepares it to soak up products in your post-cleansing ritual. 


You can also try our toxin-free Niacin Face Toner to reduce acne marks and tightens open pores. It is formulated with the power of Niacinamide, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Citric Acid to give you clear and healthy skin with every usage. Use it post-cleansing to top free radical damage and tighten enlarged pores with its clarifying and hydrating formula. It works equally well for all skin types because it is free from harsh chemicals. 

9. Moisturize well


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Every skin type needs moisturizer to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, including oily skin. Slathering a nourishing body or face moisturizer protects your skin from harsh weather conditions and environmental stressors. Not using a moisturizer means inviting woes like dry or dull skin, which can further trigger signs of premature aging. So, it is a good idea to use one before bedtime.


Bringing you the age-old skincare secret, our Honey Malai Cold Cream is a non-sticky formula that adds shine to your skin. It has Honey and Malai, the potent humectants that seal moisture into your skin. This face cream adds a healthy milky glow to your skin, resulting in buttery soft, smooth, and radiant skin. That’s not all, for our Honey Malai Cold Cream is MadeSafe Certified too. 

10. Gentle hair cleansing

Chemical treatments like straightening can damage your hair. Environmental aggressors also add to hair and scalp damage, causing premature graying. Instead, switch to natural products to maintain the scalp’s pH and soften the capillary fiber in your hair. For example, you can use fermented rice water (or rice soaked in water for 24 hours) to strengthen the scalp and bring shine to the hair. 


Our Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner helps rinse all your hair woes with the goodness of fermented rice water. It helps improve your hair texture by adding elasticity, increasing volume, and giving it a healthier appearance. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fermented rice water is a revered East Asian ingredient that strengthens roots and repairs damaged hair. 

11. Cure dry and flaky lips with a lip balm

Your lips are a part of your facial feature, and you wouldn’t want to ruin your look with unhealthy lips. Regardless of how good your lipstick shades is, it will seep if your lips have cracked lines. So it is important that you exfoliate your lips with a damp toothbrush. Then slather your lips with a nourishing lip balm to ensure they receive their share of hydration. 


You can also try our Nourishing Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm for soft & supple lips. It is 100% natural & MadeSafe Certified and gently heals dry and chapped lips. It is enriched with Cherry, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and Castor Oil to help reduce inflammation and free radical skin damage. It even nourishes your lips with vitamins A and E.

12. Balanced diet

The diet you take directly affects your skin’s texture. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will help you get younger-looking skin, besides enhancing your natural beauty. Skincare experts too suggest eating fresh fruits and vegetables for brighter skin. If you don’t like raw fruits, you can also drink juices to meet your nutritional needs for gorgeous skin. 

13. Staying hydrated 

When you stay hydrated, your body naturally flushes out toxins from the body. It is also known to enhance skin elasticity and reduce signs of roughness and dryness. 

14. Get your beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is not a vague concept. This is because the skin goes into repair mode when you sleep. During this time, increased blood flow and improved collagen synthesis are important for healthy-looking skin. Besides, all the skincare products you apply before bedtime penetrate well and show effective results. So, be sure to sleep for six to eight hours every night.

15. Face-steaming

Facial steaming is a home-based treatment that cleanses and nourishes the skin simultaneously. It opens up pores and loosens any dust buildup in the deeper layers of the skin. So if you want to get glorious results without having to visit a spa, this might help. The warm water and perspiration dilate the blood vessels and boost circulation. This delivers oxygen to the skin, thus giving you a healthy glow. 

16. Wear natural makeup

Some cosmetics (like foundations and concealers) come laden with harmful chemicals and toxins that may clog the skin’s pores. So you should use gentle, safe, natural makeup products to cover blemishes and brighten your tone. You may explore our makeup range- it’s hypoallergenic and crafted with the Goodness of Nature.

17. Protect yourself from the sun

Ultraviolet rays jeopardize skin cells’ DNA. Prolonged exposure to sun rays pushes your skin towards aging and elevates the risk of skin cancer. To help yourself, wear SPF protection whenever you step out. 

Even if you are working from home, sitting in front of the blue lights emitted from the laptop will affect your skin. So, never let a day pass without a healthy dose of SPF-based sunscreen.

18. Exercising

Regular exercise improves skin elasticity and gives you a radiant complexion. The toxins you sweat out help keep your skin clean. When we are stressed, the skin loses its elasticity and suppleness. 

It makes the skin’s outer layer thinner and deeper layers thicker, the opposite of what happens with premature skin. Thus, it promotes younger-looking skin. Also, burning calories helps manage stress and anxiety. 

19.Eat less salt 

You are probably not hydrated enough if you have parched or dry skin. Sometimes dehydration emerges from eating salty nuts or foods. Excess sodium in your diet can pull out moisture content from the skin’s cells, leaving it dehydrated. So, it is advisable to keep a check on your salt intake. Drink enough water to compensate for water loss and use moisturizer to address dry skin. 

20. Yoga poses

You can practice yoga at home if you seek mental and physical fitness. It is a smart, safe, and tested way to get smooth and acne-free skin. The asanas in yoga relax your breath and muscles and calm your mind. 

This goes a long way in improving your lung health too. Here are some of the common Asanas you can try at home- Halasana, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana, Bharadvajasana, and Trikonasana. 

Pro-tip: With all these beauty tips for young girls and women, it is also important to practice exfoliation. Ensure to exfoliate your skin once a week with a face scrub. It can help get rid of dead skin cells that stay on your skin and make it look rough and uneven. Massage the facial scrub in a slow circular motion with very light pressure to exfoliate. You may opt for our safe and gentle face scrubs for a better experience. We recommend trying Ubtan, Charcoal, Tea Tree, or Coco face scrubs today!


Beauty doesn’t just come from your facial appearance; it also manifests in how you care for yourself. Being occupied with hectic life abducts you from appreciating yourself. Self-love is important to keep you going from all the toss of lives. It starts right with taking care of your physical and mental health. Meanwhile, building an effective skincare regime and religiously following natural beauty tips would add to your self-care. 

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