As highly as maintaining hair and scalp hygiene is talked about, hair cuticles are the backstage heroes who aren’t known by all. Most of us confuse their resemblance with hair follicles, but they are different. A cuticle is the hair strand’s outermost layer that offers a natural color and protects it from damage.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a hair cuticle is a layer of dead cells that surrounds the strand and serves as a protective covering. The scaly-appearing cells that make cuticles overlap and protect the other layers forming a single hair strand. These microscopic cellular structures help us have stronger and shinier hair.

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Hair Cuticle- Meaning

The outermost covering of a hair strand is called the cuticle, and hair follicles are found deep within the scalp. Because they are the hair’s outermost layer, people can identify their health by looking closely. 

Therefore, taking care of your hair’s cuticles with suitable products and grooming procedures is critical for maintaining healthy and stronger hair. So, let’s examine the anatomy of your cuticle hair to learn what distinguishes a healthy cuticle from an unhealthy one. We would also look at how it relates to hair dryness and if we could use any good hair care products to improve its health.

Hair structure – What does it constitute? 

Learning a little science will help you appreciate the composition of a single hair strand. It will also help us illustrate the idea of cuticles. There are three microscopic layers of each hair strand. The medulla, located in the middle of the strand, is the deepest layer and comprises loosely packed cells. 

1. Next comes the cortex. The area in the center of your hair fiber surrounds the medulla and comprises keratin proteins and structural lipids. The cuticle layer of hair surrounding the cortex protects the general structure of each strand. It forms the majority of the mass of the hair strand.

2. There are three layers to a particular strand of hair, but only the cuticle is visible to the naked eye. It acts like a barrier to ensure the integrity of deeper layers. It also helps determine how shiny and silky (or frizzy and lifeless) your hair is.

3. Each strand consists of a hair root and a hair shaft. The latter can be seen emerging from your scalp. Since it resides inside the scalp and reaches the deeper layers of the epidermis, the root is the portion of the strand that we cannot see.

The cavity in the scalp that keeps each hairstyle in place is known as a hair follicle. Each hair stands up because of the muscles attached to it. Your head is sensitive to cold weather, friction, and hair pulling since a hair follicle includes several nerves. When hair is removed, the empty one regenerates new hair and restarts the hair growth cycle.

Healthy hair cuticle: What does it look like?

Now that you understand what a hair cuticle is, you might be curious about identifying its health. A healthy cuticle should be smooth and reflect light with ease. It should also reduce friction caused by rubbing hair shafts against one another. This is where using nourishing hair care products is so important. 

The thickness of a healthy one will be consistent from the root to the tip of each strand. A healthy cuticle may be identified if you look at a single strand and notice that it is just as smooth and thick at the end as it is at the beginning. However, if you observe that the texture of your hair becomes thinner and less uniform as you go towards the hair tip, you may have a hair condition with hair cuticle damage which is unhealthy.

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How to make hair cuticles healthy and stronger?

Healthy hair is composed of thin layers of cells overlapping like roof tiles. These tiles, however, crack and become sharp when hair is damaged. This comparison will make sense if you have examined a hair strand under a microscope. The damaged hair strands resemble an unwound piece of rope.

Cuticle damage is usually caused by repeated chemical processing and heat damage from styling products. As a result, you can have issues like frizz, dryness, breakage, and split ends. The texture of your hair shafts might also change due to improper grooming practices and environmental damage. Such factors weaken the overall structure of your hair.

But how exactly do these habits change the cuticles of your hair? The cortex must undergo a chemical reaction for the hair to experience chemical changes during procedures like dyeing, straightening, or hair styling. To reach the inner cortical layer, these harmful chemicals should easily break the outermost layer of hair cells. 

The cuticles are naturally covered with an oily substance known as sebum, which protects the hair cells from drying out. It is of special significance during drier seasons like summers and winters and helps when humidity levels are too high. Thus, the protective sebum is removed when the hair cortex is damaged. Therefore, the cuticle of the hair should be closed to return to its original, healthy form.

Which is the best hair conditioner for treating and restoring healthy hair cuticles?

Despite the extra time you spend showering, hair conditioners are always considered your hair’s BFF. Nevertheless, despite having a wide variety of hair care options, their significance is still widely acknowledged. They become especially important when we think of damaged hair cuticles. 

We also recommend that adding a safe and gentle hair conditioner to your hair care regime could do wonders for your hair. They are the best way to achieve healthy and lustrous hair. However, finding the best hair conditioner might often take a lot of work, depending on your hair type. So, we have some reliable facts to help you make the right decision for your hair cuticle health. 

Hair Conditioners: Types & Functions

Do conditioners work? What type of conditioner is best to use? Let’s look below for some of the best-suited solutions:

1. Regular Conditioner- It may also be known as a rinse-out conditioner because it should be rinsed with water after a short period. It is the best hair conditioner for those who want hydration and shine on normal hair texture. Their primary advantages are that they protect the hair cuticles from UV-induced heat and heat-styling damage.

2. Deep Conditioner- Because of its moisturizing properties, this type is regarded as the best hair conditioner for frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. It could also contain the finest butter, oils, and other moisturizing ingredients to treat and restore damaged hair follicles and cuticles.
They should be used for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. They also have a more concentrated formulation, which makes them better suited for damaged and chemically-treated hair.

3. Leave-in Conditioner– A leave-in conditioner works as a nourishing moisturizer and is ideal for frizzy hair types. It is not intended to be washed off the hair, as the name implies. Instead, it is left there for some time so your hair gets detangled, feeling nourished and smooth. In addition, using a leave-in conditioner protects your hair from environmental triggers like pollution and harmful UV rays.

Try Mamaearth’s Bestselling Safe and Toxin-free Hair Conditioners!

It is critical to choose the best brand for you now that you know the conditioners that work beautifully for your hair cuticles. After researching and gathering consumer feedback, we have a list of our best-selling products that our customers love. These products have given amazing results because they are gentle and toxin-free.

You should go for our hair care range if you look forward to treating your hair and achieving healthy hair cuticles. First, you should use them after using a safe and gentle hair shampoo to improve your hair care results. Then, depending on your hair type, select a hair conditioner and give it some time to work.

Our conditioners, which incorporate safe and gentle ingredients, might be your perfect hair care partner and help you achieve healthy hair cuticles in no time. To address a variety of hair care concerns, we provide a wide range of gentle, toxin-free hair conditioners, whether it’s enhancing the benefits of onions or providing apple cider vinegar for hair. 

To help you understand more, we’ve picked a few of our top-selling conditioners:

1. Onion Hair Conditioner– Are you looking for the ideal hair conditioner to maintain your hair without affecting its moisture content? Then, you should opt for Onion Hair Conditioner and let your tresses enhance your mood. 

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Sulfur-rich onions have antibacterial properties that gently wash and moisturize your hair, helping to take good care of your hair cuticles. It also contains a ton of triglycerides, coconut oil, onion, sweet almond oil, and onion, all of which cure hair loss and encourage growth.

2. Eggplex Conditioner– Mamaearth Eggplex Conditioner provides you with the goodness of natural ingredients to provide your hair with the love and care it deserves. The Eggplex Conditioner, made with egg protein and collagen, strengthens and provides shine to your hair naturally.

The Eggplex Conditioner is high in egg protein and moisturizes and strengthens your hair. The collagen in the conditioner produces a protective layer on your strands, enhancing the overall texture of your hair. You are ready to achieve your desired hair that is healthier and more beautiful right out of your dreams!

3. Almond Conditioner- Who hasn’t heard of the advantages of almonds? It is a nutrient that has magical effects on skin and hair health. So bring home the benefits of our Almond Conditioner and add flawless luster to your hair texture. 

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Mamaearth Almond Conditioner includes Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and Cold-Pressed Almond Oil. They provide the much-needed moisturization and nutrition to the dried hair strands and make them shinier. Therefore put an end to your anxieties about haircare and order your package immediately!

4. BhringAmla Conditioner- Mamaearth BhringAmla Hair Conditioner is specifically designed to restore your hair follicles and provide intensive nourishment to your hair roots. It is powered by the natural goodness of Bhringraj, Amla, Sweet Almond Oil, Shikakai, etc. We recommend using it after our BhringAmla Shampoo for the best benefits, and then let it sit for a while before shampooing your hair.

5. Rice Water Conditioner- The rice water formula is well-known for aiding hair growth due to its superior moisturizing qualities. Mamaearth Rice Water Conditioner contains high-quality ingredients such as Fermented Rice Water, Keratin, and Coconut Oil.

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These ingredients help restore damaged strands and make your hair shinier. If you are struggling with split ends, hair breakage, or dull hair, then it can be your best hair conditioner. It works just as well for weak and breakage-prone hair.

Wrapping up!

The core of a hair care routine is a hair conditioner. Adding moisture to your hair makes it less tangled and makes it appear more lustrous and healthier. Hair conditioners strengthen the follicles and hair cuticles with a layer of protection, enabling the hair to grow and avoid breakage easily. Stay calm while choosing the right conditioner for your hair.

Therefore, we urge you to try out our selection of hair care products. As the first brand to offer Made Safe-Certified products in Asia, we cautiously produce products without toxins like Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oils, and Sulfates. Therefore, incorporate our Hair Conditioners into your hair care regimen and flaunt your gorgeous hair!


  1. What is cuticle hair?

    The outermost layer is called the cuticle. The cuticle protects the inside of the hair strand from damage and is composed of flattened cells that overlap like the tiles of a terra-cotta roof.

  2. How to fix hair cuticles?

    Use natural, protein-rich hair masks made of eggs, butter, or avocados to moisturize your hair and repair damaged hair cuticles. You can also go natural by applying coconut or olive oil to your hair.

  3. How to restore hair cuticles?

    The common cooking oil, olive oil, is also extremely popular for hair treatment. It has been proven that oils may smoothen the cuticle and rehydrate the hair. According to some reports, olive oil, in particular, can smooth hair and restore lost moisture.

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