Think of a cold cream, and you would think of those chilly evenings of the winter. Used for years, these skincare products have always stood unbridled through these years. This white-colored, lightweight, and toxin-free skincare product deserves special mention for its long-lasting authenticity, creamy texture, cotton-like feel, and soothing fragrance.

There was a time when cold creams were made of mineral oil, petrolatum (petroleum jelly), and beeswax. However, the recent developments in the skincare industry have triggered a major change in resulting compositions, which has led to a sharp rise in the effectiveness of these products. Many good-quality creams feature nourishing ingredients such as plant oils and antioxidants, and this has also made other winter-time skincare products more effective.

In winter, the temperature is lesser and dry winds blowing across may sap the skin’s natural moisture. This may cause dryness and inflammation and even cause long-term damage if not cared for. Winter months are known for their dryness and make our skin lose moisture. Thus, the only thing that can safeguard us is using safe and gentle skincare products with hydrating formulations. One should be careful because the formulations often vary and are packed with different oil-to-water ratios than may be adequate.

Why Should you use Cold Cream?

Using cold cream for the face usually gives an impression of heavy moisture made with humectants and fatty acids. It serves the dehydrated and damaged barriers well because it provides hydration. People with irritated and sensitive barriers benefit most from the cold cream and keep using it repeatedly.

As cold cream is a fine mix of moisturizing agents, it eliminates dullness caused due to dryness. As a result, applying winter lotion keeps the skin moisturized, revealing the natural glow of the skin. In addition, creams for winter prepare the skin to bear the dryness caused due to the chilling environment of winter.

Cold creams work best after you have washed your face with a gentle face wash and exfoliated the canvas using a mild face scrub. They work like hydrating lotions to calm the skin after you have removed dirt and dead skin layer. They also help calm the skin cells’ increased sensitivity and raise the hydration level. Our skin may get drier during the winters due to chilly winds, which may also cause itchiness on the scalp. The onset of dryness or redness is a sign that our skin is in dire need of adequate nourishment and hydration.

Winter lotions are an amazing option to level up the hydration quotient and fortify your epidermal skin. However, you may not want to pick up the wrong formulation for your skin. So, it is advisable to look for a whipped texture and creamy formulation with natural humectants and no toxins. You should make a note to use a sulfate-free face wash with a deep cleansing formula. We recommend applying some lotion on a clean facial canvas to improve the penetration of power of the skin.


Always use a face toner after washing your face as it balances the pH level and nurtures pores’ health.

Uses for Cold Cream

Despite their moisturizing effects, there are several other ways cold face creams can contribute to their value. They are versatile, extremely moisturizing, and skin-calming. Due to the presence of lightweight oils and detoxifying ingredients, these skincare products help keep the skin clean and nourished for longer. Using them regularly helps you remove extra oil content from the skin’s outer surface and make it radiant.

best cold cream

Some days, you don’t want to indulge in anything productive. We all have been there and know how these lazy times feel. But, even in those times, we never wish to make our skin suffer. So, this is where using a cold cream settles the need for cleansing and moisturizing. It is better to apply a face moisturizer using a cotton pad.

This practice helps remove all the dirt, impurities, and traces of makeup from the skin. Plus, this practice may also play a significant part in double cleansing. Hydrating lotions feature detoxifying and restorative properties that help wipe out all impurities from the skin. You may note that the best way to derive the benefits of cold cream for night care is to use it every night for at least a few weeks. This would help the skin cells derive enough nourishment from the cream’s nutrients.

Cold cream is primarily used to reduce seasonal dryness on our skin. Some of our body parts like the face, arms, hands, and toes may get drier due to prolonged exposure to chilly winds. This often saps their natural moisture content and makes them prone to inflammation and soreness. Winter creates rough patches on them, thus making them susceptible to various blemishes. Thanks to the goodness of cold cream, you should keep all the worries off your mind. 

For intense moisturization, you should take some hydrating lotion on your palm and rub it on your face to stabilize its formulation. You may now apply a thick layer of face cream on the affected areas and keep it for a few seconds. Next, gently massage it in an upwards direction. You may opt for oily skin cold cream in the face gel category.

Have you tried our safe, gentle, and toxin-free cold creams?

  1. Ubtan Nourishing Cold Cream

This winter, glow differently with Ubtan Nourishing Cold Cream. This is the best cold cream for winter, made with the traditional richness of turmeric and saffron. It brightens, hydrates, and helps repair the skin. This rich-textured cream defies dullness, dryness, and skin irritation. 

Our toxin-free cream works well on the face and body by keeping it moisturized and healthy. The natural goodness of sandalwood and almond oil fights oxidative stress to give you rejuvenated skin. Due to our no-toxin formula, you can soak up the maximum nourishment without worrying about side effects. 

It comprises the following ingredients: 

  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a time-tested ingredient that restores radiance and helps lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Saffron: Saffron is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, and thus may help improve skin tone. It also helps reduce dullness and quickens the process of cell repair.
  • Sandalwood: Equipped with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, sandalwood imparts a healthy shine and efficiently reduces the visibility of scars.
  • Almond oil: A multitasking oil, almond reverses UV damage, provides hydration, and calms skin irritation. Being rich in fatty acids, it also helps improve the skin’s rough texture. 

2. Vitamin C Nourishing Cold Cream

Show dull and flaky skin at the exit door this winter season with our Vitamin C Nourishing Cold Cream. Combining the natural goodness of Vitamin C and Honey, it glides into the skin like magic to hydrate, energize, and nourish. It contains antioxidants and antiseptic properties that help skin clear away impurities and unevenness.

Crafted as a lightweight formula, it easily blends into the skin without making it feel sticky. It is made safe and certified and is thus free from harmful chemicals and toxins that may harm skin health. In addition, it goes deep into the skin tissues and nourishes the skin from deep within. So, if you are looking for the best cold cream for your face in winter, it makes up for an amazing option.

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Here’s why it makes a perfect glow recipe in winter:

  • Vitamin C: Enriched with valuable antioxidants, Vitamin C works well with oxidative damage caused due to environmental aggressors. It also helps cell regeneration, reduces tan, and adds natural radiance.
  • Honey: Honey is known for its skin-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, which also reduce dryness. It reaches deep into the skin to fight unevenness and dullness too.
  • Organic Lemon Oil: Organic lemon oil has antibacterial properties that clarify skin and remove impurities. In addition, it also lessens oil production and improves skin’s radiance.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil contains antioxidants that slow down premature aging and help retain moisture. In addition, they also soften the epidermis and improve the skin’s natural texture.

3. Coco Nourishing Cold Cream

Dry and flaky skin does not stand a chance with our CoCo Nourishing Cold Cream. Holding the skin-soothing goodness of Coffee and Vitamin E, this winter lotion works quite effectively on your skin. With its toxin-free formulation, this hydrating cold cream for dry skin has everything your skin needs when the temperature drops. 

It also has emollients like coconut oil and almond oil. In addition, its lightweight consistency won’t make your skin feel heavy or congested. So, rejuvenate your skin and seal in the moisture right away. It features the following ingredients:

  • Coffee: A potent antioxidant, coffee is a natural detoxifier and rejuvenator. It works deeply to delay premature aging and enhance radiance.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that combats free radical damage and corrects blemishes. In addition, it nurtures the skin cells, making them soft and supple.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut is a rich source of antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, it helps diminish inflammation and protects from infection.
  • Almond oil: One of the most effective solutions for dryness, almond oil works excellently as an emollient. In addition, it prevents moisture loss and scaly skin.


People with dry skin should seek deep hydration to get through the chilly months. Opting for a winter lotion or cream with moisturizing ingredients may help keep their skin nourished and protected. However, in some cases, it may not, and we thus recommend visiting a dermatologist for professional guidance. 

At Mamaearth, we have redefined the virtue of skin care products with our attempt to provide toxin-free care. Be it environmental-friendly face masks or soothing serums, we strive to provide quality and effective cosmetic essentials. So, get your pack of Nature’s Goodness and give your skin the nourishment it needs. 


  1. What is cold cream?

    A cold cream mainly contains four essential ingredients such as water, oil, a thickening agent, and an emulsifier. It is a finely blended formulation mixed in an equal proportion. Prepared to keep the dryness away, it is formulated in such a way as to penetrate the outer layer of the skin. This water-based product is also used as an overnight hydrating mask and a treatment product to fight dryness.

  2. What is the use of beeswax in cold cream?

    Beeswax is a major ingredient found in cold cream. It is what makes a cold cream different from a body lotion. While lotions usually have emulsifying wax that helps the oil penetrate the skin, beeswax effectively picks up excess oil, residual makeup particles, and dirt. Thus, it keeps skin clean and dirt-free.

  3. Why is cold cream called cold cream?

    When you apply cold cream, you will feel a cooling effect on your skin. This is why it is named cold cream. While using the cream, the water evaporates, creating a cooling effect on the skin. In addition, many such creams contain different oils, which is why they are more suited for winter.

  4. Is cold cream suitable for the face?

    Yes, it is. Cold cream comprises enriching humectants and fatty acids that keep skin healthy, soft, and nourished. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it targets dryness, unevenness, and irritated skin barrier.

  5. Does cold cream darken skin?

    No, it doesn’t. Cold cream is devised to soothe dry and itchy skin. It is not meant to work on your skin tone, so it doesn’t affect your complexion. Instead, it adds shine by providing more moisture to the skin cells.

  6. Can you leave cold cream on overnight?

    You should use cold cream as an overnight hydrating mask. Owing to its creamy consistency and moisturizing properties, it works excellently on your skin if left overnight. It works all night to restore shine, hydration level, and glow while revitalizing the skin tissues.

  7. Can cold cream be used as a moisturizer?

    Yes. Cold cream is supposed to function like a hydrating moisturizer that hydrates, repairs, and calms the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It features moisturizing agents, natural oils, and humectants that make your skin shinier and softer.

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