From flowy braids to beautiful pigtails – your tresses define your style statement the way you want it to, right? But, sometimes, light or thin hair makes us take a backseat from experimenting with different hairstyles. This article will discuss how you may make your hair thicker by following some proven tips. With the right tips, you should give a look on these amla hair products range for healthy hair.

Pollution, climate change, and sometimes even a stressful lifestyle can give us a reason to be too exhausted to look after our hair. Once this occurs, the health of your tresses tends to go from bad to worse. Can using toxin-free hair care products (and adopting some healthy lifestyle practices) offer lasting results? Can we improve our hair health using simple but concrete measures? We think it is certainly possible. Stay with us as we take you through the details. 

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Poor hair health: Underlying causes 

Hair thinning, split ends, premature graying, and itchy scalp - are some of the major signs of bad hair health. But what can be the causes of its deteriorating health? Let’s know our answers below:

1. Genetics: Sad but true, genetics play a vital role in determining your hair’s natural health. If you have had a history of your parents or grandparents facing hair thinning or other problems, you might too!

2. Hormones: Our hormones are essential for our physical growth and the health of our tresses. Your hair may suffer if you have recently hit puberty, are going through pregnancy, or have any event requiring major hormone fluctuations. 

3. Medication: Protein medications, supplements, or any high medicine dosage may often hurt your body and affect your hair health. Any medication taken without legal consultation from a doctor can also be a big risk to your tresses. 

4. Stress: An internal yet powerful factor that needs to be mentioned. Stress can cause premature graying, hair loss, and even dandruff. You should check for these changes in your physical appearance if you have had a stressful lifestyle lately- they only alert you to the internal damage that awaits. 

5. Diet: Stressed out or feeling emotional - if junk food is your only comfort, you are in for a rough ride. A poor diet that barely involves any proteins, vitamins, or other essentials can take a big toll on your hair’s health. 

6. Treatments: Exploring new colors on your hair? Giving it the heat too often to try new and amazing looks for the day? As they say, ‘excess of anything is bad,’ we agree. However, if you keep heating and doing chemical treatments on your hair without any nourishing backup, your hair’s health might deteriorate. 

Now that you have a fair idea of the causes of poor or damaged hair quality, we also want to highlight what an ideal hair care routine looks like. Using some amazing hair care products, let’s put together something magical for you:

Fun fact: Hair is the second fastest-growing tissue in the human body. It ranks only next to the bone marrow. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Hair: All you need to know!

#Step 1: Oiling - Applying oil to the hair roots and scalp is one of the most effective ways to nourish your hair. It helps your tresses breathe free from dryness and improves blood circulation. In addition, using a good hair growth oil can work wonders on your strands. 

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If you want the best oil for thick hair, go for the one with natural and nourishing ingredients. You should apply it for at least a few hours before washing your hair. After that, it would be best to follow the process for at least two months to see effective results. 

#Step 2: Washing - Nourishing your hair using hair oil is vital, but cleansing your tresses regularly is also necessary. If you are someone who does not believe in hair hygiene, it’s better to start now. If you do not regularly cleanse your hair using a good hair shampoo, your scalp might get greasy, dusty, and full of dead skin cells.

A good hair cleanser works towards cleaning your scalp, maintaining hair hygiene, and giving your scalp a breather from dirt and other impurities. You should use good shampoo at least twice a week.

#Step 3: Conditioning - Have you ever noticed that long and thick hair may look too dull? No, right? That’s because anybody who owns that hair length works diligently towards maintaining its health. A hair conditioner is your way to protect your tresses from getting dry and tangled by also providing them with essential nutrients. 

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After cleansing, your hair loses its natural oils, nutrients, toxins, and dirt. It is thus an exhaustive process that makes your scalp weak and your hair prone to breakage. A conditioner helps in providing instant strength to your hair, smoothness, love, and a shiny bounce! 

#Step 4: Dabbing - While you may have conditioned your hair with a nice conditioner, your hair still needs protection from external environmental aggressors. Good hair serum helps you achieve it effortlessly. It helps keep your hair from getting tangled and adds shine and softness to your tresses with care. 

This thin, watery, magical liquid knows what your hair needs. It is non-sticky and helps add vital nutrients to your hair with every application. Thus, if you need to make your hair look flawless, apply it earlier in the day.

#Step 5: Masking - Thick, natural hair results from proper care, maintenance, and a balanced lifestyle. While most of us would stop at the previous step, this secret hair care product will be a bonus. A good hair mask is one of the fastest ways to bring back soft, smooth, and nourished hair.

It hydrates your hair deeply and eliminates the existence of split ends. It also adds a natural luster to your hair, making it look healthy. Finally, it gives your hair a good, voluminous look that makes every head turn your way in awe! 

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How to get Thick Hair Naturally?

When looking for the meaning of thick hair, we could say hair that is not sensitive or prone to hair breakage, damage, graying, and other problems. It would look shiny and healthy every time it is let loose. 

Let’s look at some of the ways to achieve it naturally:

1. Sleep well: Is work making you stay up late? Do you love enjoying a nice movie when everyone else goes to sleep? Well, good sleep is extremely important for your hair. When you sleep, your body goes into repair mode. It starts the healing process for all the cells and tissues damaged during the day due to daily wear & tear.

However, if you stay awake and get less sleep, your body will have less time to start the process. As a result, you might feel exhausted and lethargic for the coming day. On the other hand, a night of good sleep can give your hair the repair it needs.

2. Balanced diet: Who doesn’t crave a cheesy burger or a plate of hot loaded fries? We all do. But having them regularly and skipping on the real nutrition isn’t something your hair needs now. 

There are essential nutrients and vitamins present in your veggies that help in improving your hair’s health. You need each one of them to maintain your hair. Overdoing or lacking in any of them might end up giving adverse results. 

3. Stay relaxed: We understand how work pressures and other urgent priorities can be. But we also want you to understand that you are underestimating the impact of stress on your health. 

Cut short those long working hours, and give yourself a break as and when needed. You should practice yoga and meditation or even take more vacations than you did to create a healthy balance between work and life. 

4. Natural ingredients: Nature has an answer to everything. All you need to do is ask. Hair care is only completed by using the right products. Once you know what suits your hair needs, half the battle is won!

We suggest you go for toxin-free hair care products that have more percentage of natural ingredients. Using chemically-enriched products may give you short-term gains but will destroy your hair from within. Instead, using natural ingredients will not have any side effects and only add to your nourishment. 

5. Hair hygiene: Just having the perfect products isn’t important. Using them regularly to maintain your hair and scalp’s health is also equally vital. Once you start using them, your hair looks better and healthier.

What is the importance of maintaining hair hygiene anyway? Well, if your scalp is clean, it helps better absorb all the nourishing nutrients you have been working on. It also ensures better blood circulation, stronger roots, and thicker hair. 

Mamaearth Bestsellers

At Mamaearth, we prefer bringing you closer to the perfect blend of Nature’s Goodness and modern technology. This is because we know that we live in a dynamic era where not all of us have the time to explore the route to better skin and hair health. 

We have curated some bestsellers that have been winning hearts and minds everywhere. Made with natural love and care for your skin and hair needs, our products are diverse, and we have something for everyone. 

Let’s look at our bestseller: Mamaearth Happy Heads Shampoo: 

Are you seeking healthy hair and a nourishing scalp? Well, look no more. Introducing Mamaearth Happy Heads Shampoo - an ideal hair cleanser for happy and untangled hair. 

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It has the goodness of Biotin, Horse Chestnut, Amla Extract, and Bhringraj Extract that unite to fight all your hair troubles effortlessly. It helps in adding a nice bounce to your hair, making it look naturally beautiful. In addition, it improves your scalp health and gives your hair a beautiful luster. 

The best part about this shampoo? It is free from harmful chemicals and toxins and is not tested on animals. In addition, it is versatile and suits all hair types. So, if you feel you need a good dose of natural love, it is time you switch to this hair cleanser!

Summing Up!

‘How to get thick hair?’ - is a question with multiple answers. But your hair health depends on many of them combined. From maintaining a healthy lifestyle to taking time for self-care, you need to do them all consistently!

Using the right hair care products is also included here. Knowing the right products for your hair involves looking into several different factors like checking for ingredients, harmful toxins, suitability, budget, etc. Regarding suitability, we mean suiting your hair type and texture. 

Regarding your budget, consider that you can afford to buy the product repeatedly. Lastly comes your comfort. This involves checking for any complexities involved in usage or inconveniences when traveling. 

Hair care is a complex concept. But with the correct products, it does become easy to follow. Sometimes, all you need to do is make the right choice. Then, using a better, healthier, and sustainable alternative is good for you and the coming generations. 

Mamaearth’s haircare range is meant for you. It is diverse, natural, and solution-oriented. We have a solution for each, from dryness to intense hair damage. All our products are free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, SLS, SLES, artificial colors, and fragrances. 

Self-care often takes a backseat when it comes to meeting other priorities. But you should know you can’t pour from an empty cup. So give yourself the love and care you deserve. Go healthy, go natural! 


  1. How to get long and thick hair?

    You can achieve long and thick hair by following healthy hair care regimes and opting for natural and safe products. Taking a nutritious diet, sleeping properly, and staying away from stress is equally important.

  2. How to make hair thick?

    One must regularly massage their scalp to enhance blood circulation to the scalp. Using a good and natural hair oil helps deeply nourish your hair, thus helping in hair growth. Also, don't forget to follow a good diet and proper schedule and prevent stress to get the best results. 

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