Even though many of us think we do not need a skincare routine, treatment products still need to be added to the game. Thus, facial serums are a coherent approach to dealing with various concerns. They can be a great addition if you are open to expanding your skincare game. Let this blog assist you in knowing how you may apply the serum on the face to get maximum results.

In the daily hustles of our lives, we often fail to add a revitalizing essence to our skincare routine. Besides the usual dilemma of applying serum on the face, choosing the perfect formulation usually seems puzzling. It is better to opt for a serum that suits your skin. Thus, determining your skin type remains the foremost thing to do in skincare.

Our skin requires more nourishment and moisturization to stay firm and radiant as we age. That’s where a serum scores high. The molecules in serums help actives penetrate deeper into your skin to perform better than most skincare products. Let’s learn more about its benefits and application to know more about facial serums.

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Five Benefits of using a Serum on the Face

Are you searching to make your skin care regimen with a sole product that extends its care of hydration, nourishment, and protection? If yes, you should try some toxin-free, active-based serums. They give your skin additional nourishment and moisturization so it stays healthy, glowing, and radiant. 

Lighter in weight than a face moisturizer, a facial serum offers the right balance of nutrients to the skin cells to treat multiple skincare issues. The latter may include dullness, clogging (of pores), itchiness, and sagginess. In addition, it is designed to protect the skin cells from oxidative damage and related skin blemishes. Therefore, such a serum helps treat your skincare issues to help you have a smoother and softer texture.

Let's take a look at some underlying benefits of serum on the face to understand their formulation better:

1. Improves skin texture

Of all the benefits of serums on the face, people usually apply them to boost their skin’s texture. These active-based skincare products reach deeper into skin tissues and, thus, speed up cell function. In short, the prime use of serum on the face provides optimum hydration and enhances the skin's glow.

This is why serums containing Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Kojic Acid, Retinol, Peptides, Bakuchi Oil, etc. are the best. They work effectively on the skin and treat various concerns. In addition, the higher concentrations of actives in the formulation help defy dullness while keeping it bright, plump, and healthy.

Note: Don't skip your serum and moisturizer when applying a face mask. It instantly provides hydration and nourishment to the skin.

2. Combats acne

Another reason to go big on serums is their ability to increase skin's absorption power, thus, enabling it to fight potential concerns. In addition, they offer the right amount of nutrition to the skin to reduce blemishes and the outburst of acne and pimples. Finally, choosing serums with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties boost skin defense mechanisms to fight acne, pimples, and blemishes.

In addition, it keeps the skin pores clean, absorbs the excess oil, and wipes out blackheads and whiteheads. So, while choosing facial serums, you should look for Green Tea, Vitamin C, Collagen, Turmeric, etc. These ingredients work well to fight away acne and zits and also aid in reducing marks caused due to acne.

3. Moisturizes, nourishes, and brightens skin!

Do you know the best way to cope with dehydrated skin texture? The answer is choosing the hydrating formulation that adds to the skin's water content to keep it moisturized and plump. Facial serums with Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Rosehip, Squalane, and Niacinamide help maintain the skin's moisture level. 

They boost skin elasticity, soothe roughness, and speed up skin cell functioning. In addition, serums are designed to hydrate the skin for long hours and fight its tendency to develop dry patches on the skin. They also ward off rough patches, fine lines, and wrinkles from the skin.

4. Reduces dark spots

Among many other uses of serum on the face, the most common is reducing dark spots. We all have fought dark spots at some point in life. Unfortunately, some of us are still struggling with it. Dark spots don’t fade out easily and require a powerful formulation to be treated. 

Dullness is generally caused due to melanin deposits in the skin, making the skin appear darker. Therefore, we recommend using facial serums packed with Retinol, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Bakuchi Oil, Rosehip, etc. They help reduce excess melanin in your skin, giving you an even skin tone.

5. Helps with signs of premature aging

Our skin tends to trek towards aging signs and attract issues like fine lines, crow's feet, and saggy skin. While aging is inevitable and can be graceful, premature aging isn't something one welcomes. Developing aging signs in the early thirties can be devastating. So, it is recommended to treat it with a wise approach. 

Anti-aging serums with antioxidants are the best way to defy premature aging. In addition, you can look for ingredients like Retinol, Niacinamide, Rosehip, Bakuchi Oil, Collagen, etc. These ingredients encourage collagen production and cell regeneration. You should also use face toner and moisturizer for the best results. Thus, a well-thought-out skincare routine is the best way to reverse your aging signs.

How to Choose a Face Serum?

The best way to reap the benefits of face serum is to use it in the correct method. Therefore, you should consider various ingredients and actives while choosing face serum. They prove beneficial in boosting skin health and keeping it in shape. 

Here are some actives and ingredients you should be mindful of to choose face serum:

- Vitamin C: One of the most-shopped ingredients, vitamin C is a natural brightening agent that addresses dullness and sagginess of the skin.

- Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the most trusted antioxidants that nourish, brighten, and protect the skin from deep within.

- Peptides: Known to be building blocks of collagen, peptides work well to improve complexion, soothe irregularities, and keep it bright and shiny.

- Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid provides optimal hydration to skin tissues to keep them plump and nourished.

- Retinol: A potent form of vitamin A, retinol is often recognized for its anti-aging benefits that help keep collagen production in check.

Did you know? Facial serums are crafted to be used at any age. So regardless of age (br it 18 years or 56 years), any woman or man can use a serum.

How to Apply a Serum on the Face?

Here's how to nail the technique of applying serum on the face: 

Unlike thick face creams or moisturizers that may require massage to get into your skin, serums should be dabbed in your skin. First, however, it is important to deeply cleanse your skin using a sulfate-free face wash to begin the application process. Next, it is time to tone up your skin with a hydrating toner to soothe your pores. 

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Next, you should take about 3-4 drops of serum on your palm and dab the serum all over your face. Lastly, complete the process by applying a thick face gel or moisturizer to seal the benefits of facial serum.

In addition, it is important to use SPF daily as it helps protect your skin from oxidative stress. Therefore, it is better to include exfoliation in your weekly skincare routine. In addition, it would help to buy a nourishing face scrub and mask to grant your skin additional care. 

Facial serums for a radiant, bright, and healthier complexion

a. Ubtan Face Serum

Stay ahead in your skincare game with our traditionally favored glow recipe, Ubtan Face Serum. It blends the rich combination of Saffron, Turmeric, and Niacinamide, all known for their multiple skin benefits. While turmeric and saffron fight dullness and deliver a natural glow, niacinamide helps lighten spots and soothes pores. 

It is our best serum for pigmentation removal on the face. Additionally, it helps relieve dull, dry, and flaky skin texture. It also protects the skin from sun damage, brightens the skin texture, and assists in cell repair. So, bid farewell to all your skin worries with this amazing skincare product.

b. Skin Illuminate Face Serum

Have UV rays been unkind to your skin? What better way to replenish your lost glow than trusting the power duo of Vitamin C and Turmeric? To bring your radiance, we have wrapped the goodness of vitamin C, Squalane, Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract, and Turmeric in a bottle. 

Recommended Product

Skin Illuminate Face Serum

Highly Potent Vitamin C | Gives A Radiant Glow

While Squalane effectively lubricates the inner skin cells, Vitamin C and Turmeric work together to provide natural luster to your skin. In addition, Nymphaea Flower Extracts strengthen capillaries and help reduce irritation and redness. So, reach out to the natural goodness your skin longs for!

c. Skin Correct Face Serum

It's glow o'clock with our Skin Correct Face Serum. Prepared with nourishing ingredients such as Niacinamide, Ginger Extract, Zinc PCA, and Glycerin, this safe and gentle serum is all you need to shine bright. The goodness of Niacinamide and Ginger Extracts helps reduce large pores, evens the skin, and soothes skin irritation. 

Likewise, the presence of zinc PCA works to retain the skin's moisture and balances sebum secretion. Glycerin, being a natural humectant, locks in moisture to give supple, smooth, and plump skin. So, let your skin breathe comfortably by keeping this serum by your side.

d. Green Tea Face Serum

Up your skincare game with our Green Tea Face Serum! Enriched with high-end ingredients like green tea, rosehip, collagen, and black oats, this serum promotes cellular turnover and boosts glow. The healing goodness of green tea and hydrating qualities of collagen let your skin defy dullness and irritation to achieve a beautiful glow. 

Recommended Product

Green Tea Face Serum

Increases Cell Regeneration | Hydrates Skin

The presence of black oats nourishes the skin, and collagen keeps the skin smooth and plump. Made with natural goodness, this serum ensures to replenish the nutrients to your skin naturally. Fast absorbing and non-sticky, this serum is wonderful for your skin!

e. Rice Face Serum

Here is the secret to a glass-like skin texture- Rice Face Serum! It is packed with rich glow-enhancing ingredients such as Rice Water, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Black Oats. These ingredients act together to elevate the skin texture and prepare the skin to fight away roughness and dullness. 

In addition, it is Made Safe certified; thus, you will see no toxins in the formulation. This powerful formulation effectively evens the skin, diminishes the pores, and targets dullness and spots, giving a flawless skin texture.

f. Aloe Vera Face Serum

Say Aloe to radiant skin with our Aloe Vera Face Serum! Made to address concerns like dull and dry skin, this serum feeds the skin with the right amount of hydration and nourishment. It amalgamates ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tangerine Peel Extract, Ashwagandha, and Niacinamide, all known to boost skin health.

Recommended Product

Aloe Vera Face Serum

Hydrates | Boosts Collagen | Reduces Pigmentation

The serum penetrates deep into the skin to strengthen the elasticity of the skin and reduce premature aging signs. In addition, the involvement of ashwagandha, a powerful antioxidant, helps lighten the dark spots, soothes irritation, and evens the skin. So, relax your skin with the calming effects of this formulation.

g. Retinol Face Serum

Turn on the glow with our Retinol Face Serum. Revered for its age-defying attribute, retinol is one powerful ingredient that combats skin irregularities to retain the natural glow. Our Retinol Face Serum also exhibits the natural goodness of Cottonseed Oil, Bakuchi, Linseed Oil, and Retinol. 

Combining potent ingredients, such as crow's feet, saggy skin, and smile lines, work well for premature aging. In addition, it also raises collagen levels, revives a youthful glow, and keeps skin tissues moisturized and nourished.


Our skin needs the care and comfort of nourishing ingredients to retain its natural radiance. The fundamental rule of skincare can do wonders for skin health. While cleansing and moisturizing are critical, treating skin is essential to fight potential concerns. With permeating properties, facial serums are absolute game-changers that treat skin tissues deeply.

At Mamaearth, we have crafted a powerful yet calming range of serums to assist you in your skincare journey. So, easily reach your skincare goals with our gentle, toxin-free range of serums.

FAQs :

  1. When to apply the serum on the face?

    Facial serums should be added to both AM and PM routines. However, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to decide the best combination of varying formulations. In addition, it is vital to note that serums should be applied on damp skin. You may use hydrating toner before using serums for a better application.

  2. How does serum work on the face?

    Serums usually come with a water-like consistency that does not take time to get absorbed into the skin. They reach deep into skin cells with effective penetrative properties to provide hydration, nourishment, and strength. As a result, it helps the skin return to its natural skin texture and radiance. In addition, it contains loads of antioxidants, moisturizing agents, and brightening agents that keep skin tissues healthy and moisturized.

  3. How much serum to use on the face?

    We recommend using two to three drops of serum on the face. A few drops can easily cover the entire face to give positive results for your skin. Besides, more than three drops won't speed up or enhance your expected results.

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