Your little one’s skin is sensitive and prone to rashes. Hence, the never-ending quest to find the best baby products. Products that are gentle, nourishing, and protect your baby’s skin. And one such product is a baby powder that could stop diaper rashes and bacterial infections. It is all the better if the powder also contains arrowroot powder.

The worldwide trend of online shopping has also sent many parents to turn to safe and toxin-free baby care products. This is why baby talcum powders made of arrowroot powder are becoming popular. They are gentler and soothing and absorb more moisture to keep the baby’s skin clean and tidy. 


What is Arrowroot Powder?

Arrowroot is a tuber known for its culinary and medicinal arrowroot powder uses. Its powder is derived from the rhizome of the plant. It is washed, drained, scaled, and reduced to a pulp. It is then strained and processed to separate the starch, which forms a fine, flour-like powder once dried. 

This naturally-occurring starch-based plant contains amylopectin and amylose – two of the richest forms of starch. The presence of these two starches makes the tuber rich in iron, zinc, fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, and phosphorus. It also has a high protein content that gives it a silky texture and cooling effect. 

Arrowroot is a key ingredient in several traditional healing practices. It is known for curing wounds, detoxifying renal arteries, boosting digestion, strengthening immunity, and reducing minor skin irritations. Its powder has also found its way into the cosmetics world and is frequently used in talcum powders because it absorbs sweat and moisture.

arrowroot powder uses

Its absorbent, gentle and nourishing nature also makes it ideal for babies. Since it is a natural product, there is an extremely low risk of triggering irritations that could cause any discomfort to a baby. And if irritations occur, arrowroot powder would help soothe and heal the inflamed skin. 

Did you know? It acts as a thickener and softener in emulsions, while in creams and lotions, it helps brighten and mattify the texture. Arrowroot has also proven helpful in products that cater to oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. When combined with essential oils, arrowroot powder can also help mask odors.

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Benefits of Arrowroot Powder for Baby’s Skin

The baby’s skin is tender and absorbs nearly 60% of what you apply to it. So, you should make the right choices when choosing baby products. Therefore, it is necessary that you opt for baby care products. They should be free from nasties like sulfates, parabens, and fragrances. 

Baby powder is one of the essential baby products one chooses for their little one. Not only does it absorb moisture, but it also keeps diaper rashes and skin infections at bay. It also smells nice and thus keeps the baby free from malodor.

There are many other benefits of using arrowroot dusting powder for babies too, and we are listing them next:

  1. It helps to absorb moisture

Wet diapers accumulate moisture, thus encouraging bacteria growth and causing rashes and skin infections. And you really would not want a cranky baby, would you? Arrowroot has enhanced absorbent properties that prevent moisture buildup and reduce the chances of bacteria growth and itchy rashes. 

  1. It soothes and prevents irritated skin

Arrowroot has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin that works wonders on irritated skin and helps make your baby comfortable and happy. Preventing diaper rash also keeps away issues like inflammation and fungal infections.

  1. It can help to treat skin conditions

Arrowroot powder is gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin, even that affected by psoriasis and eczema. It is demulcent and can thus soothe irritated and inflamed skin. 

This naturally soft powder is rich in iron, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B6. In addition, it softens and heals the skin, which explains why it is a superior baby skincare product.

  1. It nourishes the skin with regular use

One of the best benefits of arrowroot powder is that it can also be used to nourish a baby’s skin. Since their skin cells are constantly regenerating and replacing dead cells, infants and toddlers often have to cope with dry skin that is itchy and uncomfortable. Arrowroot feeds the skin the nutrients it needs to alleviate this discomfort.

benefits of arrowroot powder

Is it safe for the babies?

Yes. Using arrowroot powder for babies offers long-term healthcare benefits too. This is why most manufacturers are now using it to phase out its talc- and cornstarch-based counterparts for baby’s skincare products. 

Arrowroot is a starch-based rootstock that has deeply nourishing properties. While it does not have any side effects, we suggest it is always best to consult a pediatrician before introducing a baby to something new. 

Arrowroot Powder Uses for Babies

Arrowroot powder uses for babies skin. It is known for its culinary applications as well as its medicinal benefits. Doctors also advise it to improve heart and kidney functions, heal wounds, detoxify the kidneys, boost digestion, and strengthen the immune system.

In addition, it is used to quicken weight loss, improve sleep quality, and boost cognitive functions. This starch-based powder is also used in skincare and cosmetic products because of its anti-inflammatory properties. These are some of the most common arrowroot powder uses that we know of.

Arrowroot sits at the top of the list of ingredients for skincare products. In addition, it is frequently used in certain culinary delights to thicken mixtures. 

Its gentleness, absorbent, nourishing, and drying properties make it a sought-after ingredient for face masks, deodorizers, face and body powders, acne treatments, dry shampoos, and cosmetics. We thus recommend that you add to your skincare schedule to avail its benefits.

Arrowroot Powder Skin Benefits

Arrowroot powder is gentle and nourishing. It is packed with vital nutrients that give the skin the nourishment it needs. It also absorbs extra moisture from the skin cells and offers cooling and drying properties. This helps soothe and heal inflamed skin faster. 

When used regularly, this starch-based powder improves skin texture, hinders excessive oil production, helps prevent acne and pimples, and enhances the skin’s natural glow. Its absorbent abilities also make it a key ingredient in deodorizers as it helps prevent the growth of odor-creating bacteria. 

This starch-based rootstock powder has several culinary, medicinal, and skincare applications. It is a rich source of nutrients like iron, zinc, fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, phosphorus, and proteins. 

Arrowroot powder benefits include:

  • Helping with digestion and other ailments along with helping improve heart and kidney health.
  • Boosting healthy digestion and immunity.
  • Healing wounds, detoxifying.
  • Calming skin irritations.

It also boosts cognitive functioning, improves sleep quality, and helps weight loss. In addition, when applied topically, arrowroot powder can have a drying and cooling effect. 

Summarily, its benefits extend to cosmetics and skincare as well. It is a popular ingredient in cleansing, cooling, and deodorizing products. It is also beneficial for babies and is used to help prevent diaper rash and soothe sore gums when teething.

Does it dry out the skin?

Arrowroot powder is known for absorbing sweat and moisture. However, it does not strip away the skin’s natural moisture. On the contrary, it penetrates deep into the skin and sticks to the toxins, paving the way for moisture and other skincare ingredients. 

Arrowroot powder contains vital nutrients like zinc, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B6, potassium, folate, and proteins. It is also rich in antioxidants and thus helps boost the cell regeneration rate and reduces dark spots. 

It also helps lighten scars and is known to improve skin texture, hinder excessive production of oil, help prevent acne and other skin problems, and help bring out a natural, healthy glow. It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, including a baby’s. 

Arrowroot Powder or cornstarch? Which one is better? 

Arrowroot powder is extracted from the rhizome of the arrowroot tuber, while cornstarch is derived from corn kernels – in most cases from the seeds of genetically modified corn. Both are thickening agents. 

However, cornstarch requires a higher temperature for thickening because of its high protein and fat content. But arrowroot can even be stored at room temperature. This is why it can also replace cornstarch as a thickening agent in cooking.

arrowroot powder for babies

Is Arrowroot Powder good for diaper rash?

A diaper rash can be uncomfortable for your little one. It is usually caused by the accumulation of moisture in wet diapers, which encourages the growth of bacteria. As the infection spreads, it makes the baby’s skin inflamed and full of rashes.

Arrowroot powder is highly absorbent and works towards preventing the buildup of moisture and reducing the chances of bacteria growth and thereby rashes. It clings to the toxins and thus helps in faster removal of the irritants when you bathe your baby.

Did you know? Since arrowroot powder has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to soothe irritated skin and help heal sores and rashes. This is why it may even be applied to the inner thighs of a baby.

Comparison with Cornstarch & Talc

Talcum powder has been a standard ingredient for babies for several decades. And though it is a naturally occurring material, it has become controversial because of its connection with the contaminant asbestos. This aspect has led to parents hesitating to buy it for their babies.

Cornstarch, on the other hand, is usually made from genetically modified corn – it is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. Its powder also contains minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron that can help to stimulate the regeneration of healthy skin cells. And last but not least, cornstarch powder can maintain the healthy functioning of the skin.

Using arrowroot powder for babies’ skin is becoming a vastly accepted alternative. It has a more refined and silkier texture as compared with cornstarch. It is gentle, making it compatible with even the most sensitive skin. Since it has a similar consistency, it is easy to work with. This starch-based powder also has additional benefits for the skin that help keep your baby happy and rash-free.

So, what is the takeaway?

So, should you trust using arrowroot powder for skin care routines? Yes, and by all means. It comes highly recommended by centuries of traditional medicine and has proven its worth. It is a natural yet powerful ingredient that protects and nourishes your baby’s skin, reducing the chances of rash-induced crankiness and discomfort. 

Arrowroot has been a long-standing cosmetic ingredient because of its many benefits for the skin. These benefits have also translated into the baby skincare space. That said, it is always best to check in with your pediatrician before introducing your baby to something new.

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The presence of oatmeal in this dusting powder acts like a natural skin protectant that helps to soothe dry and itchy skin. In addition, the presence of corn starch helps it have enhanced antimicrobial properties to keep infections and niggles away. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Arrowroot Powder?

    Arrowroot powder or arrowroot flour is derived from the rhizome or underground root of the arrowroot tuber. The rhizome is grounded and then processed to create a fine powder with a silky texture known for its culinary and medicinal uses.
    It is known to heal wounds faster, detoxify the kidneys, and improve the heart’s condition. It also boosts healthy digestion and immunity, and calms down skin irritations. It also helps in weight loss, improves sleep quality, and increases cognitive functioning. 

  2. What is Arrowroot Powder used for?

    Arrowroot has a long-standing history of culinary and medicinal uses. As flour, it is used in preparations to help with digestion and other ailments. Rich in nutrients like iron, zinc, fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, phosphorus, and proteins, it is also used to heal wounds, detoxify, improve heart and kidney health, boost healthy digestion and immunity, and calm skin irritations.
    Topical applications of the powder have a drying and cooling effect. Arrowroot powder benefits extend to cosmetics and skincare as well. It is a popular ingredient in cleansing, cooling, and deodorizing products.

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