From the first sip of your morning coffee to the last bite of your pizza, teenage girls and women look for lipstick shades that accompany them like their BFF throughout the day. With various shades and variations, lipsticks have been no less than showstoppers for people everywhere. But the days of wax- and pigment-based traditional lipsticks were over the day liquid lipsticks appeared on the scene. 

With their ease of application and effectiveness for longer hours, they have eliminated the need for constantly applying brown lipstick every few hours. With a daily work schedule that keeps us on our toes all day, there is hardly time left for the last-minute touch-ups that save us from looking tired. 

Opting for vitamin C and E-enriched serum-based lipstick is our escape from looking all exhausted and weary every day. Plus, these lip care products are easy to apply and do not hurt the delicate texture of the local skin. 

What is Liquid Lipstick?

A liquid or serum-based lipstick is the better and easier version of your normal lipstick. It spreads evenly on your lips and eliminates the need for a lip liner because of its smooth precision and application. In addition, one may choose from a wide range of color options available and it is easier to apply too.

A crucial step of applying these vitamin-enriched serums is feathering. It is a mistake that some early users may make because they are not used to the fluidic action of these beauty products. It refers to an uneven application of the lip care product that ends up getting all smudged across the edges.

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Applying Lipstick

This may seem a bit too stretched, but applying lipstick is an art. We recommend focusing on the caution areas and being a little more careful of yourself. Here are some big no-nos to avoid when applying lipstick:

  1. Never apply on dry lips: We do not usually care about the hydration of our lips when applying wax-based lipsticks. But, just like our skin needs adequate hydration, our lips, too, need adequate hydration. To avoid them from drying out, you should moisturize them beforehand. 

Hydrated lips offer an excellent base for lipstick application. It prevents the lipsticks from drying up and looking crunched on your lips. It also helps spread the shade evenly on your lips, thus making you look more attractive. Applying these lipsticks on dry lips may make them less effective. 

  1. Avoid applying too much of it: Have you ever seen people on a diet advised to eat in smaller quantities? It helps their body lose the bad fat and retain the good fat to foster healthy growth. Good-quality lipsticks work similarly. 

Applying too much lipstick in the first go makes your lips look too full and overdone. If the application lasts longer, you should apply it in smaller quantities. It is better to do so with your fingers, if required, for a more consistent result.

liquid matte lipstick
  1. Do not rub your lips together: One of the major mistakes to avoid when applying liquid lipstick. Usually, to avoid the delay, we rub the lips together instead of smudging the shade with our fingers. 

This increases the chances of an uneven application and feathering of your lips. It also makes your lipstick look patchy after it has dried up. We know it may seem negligible, but that is the difference between a mistake and a blunder. 

  1. Do not use just water for removal: Using a ball of cotton dabbed in water might seem doable, but it isn’t the correct way. Instead, it would be best if you used a good-quality makeup remover to remove it completely before bed. 


You can also try Mamaearth Micellar Water Foaming Makeup Remover for better results. It helps remove makeup in a hassle-free manner and gently nourishes your skin by removing dead skin cells. 

These mistakes may seem very trivial initially, but their regular occurrence may affect your skin’s natural texture. They may also make you look overdone. If you persist with this mistake, it can cause flakes on your lips and may even cause inflammation.

Why should you opt for a lip serum or a serum-based lipstick?

There is a reason this new innovative cosmetic product is gaining popularity among all influencers and celebrities. It has the following features that would help you have better results from any customary wax-based lipstick:

  1. There’s a shade for every occasion: Lip care products may be limited in number, but liquid lipsticks come in too many shades to count. The pop of colors works well to offer nude, glam, and smoky looks. 

If you need bright shades that add to the summer vibes of your day, you have a basket to pick from. Similarly, you won’t be disappointed if you are headed to work and need nude lipstick shades to pick from. So get them all to mix and match to every occasion you go! 

  1. Opt for a matte texture: Lipsticks featuring a matte texture are easy to apply and last longer on the lips. The finish offered by this liquid matte lipstick is splendid. It makes your lips look gorgeous when it adds to your makeup looks. 

Once applied, you are set for your day without having to worry about touch-ups at all. But with a well-suited liquid matte lipstick shade, you will fly to the moon!

  1. You can try the trends today: From vloggers to celebrities, everyone is still talking about using liquid lipstick, no matter what scenario you need to be in. Today, famous vloggers can’t stop talking about them. 

The reviews are positive and might even compel you to try them. Not only because they are popular but because of their ease of application. They also dry quickly and stay on!

  1. Your budget doesn’t budge: Cosmetics nowadays could be expensive. So you are not alone if you sit online to buy them at lucrative discounts offered because that’s the only way they fit your budget. 

Liquid lipstick shades do not burn a hole in your pocket. They can be pretty inexpensive and fit into your budget effortlessly. You can try our safe, gentle, and toxin-free lip serum range for a naturally amazing experience!

  1. No more about smudges: Do you ever worry about leaving your lipstick on your cup of coffee, pizza, or date? It is because your lipstick lacks the superpower of being smudge-proof.

A serum-based lipstick has the amazing quality of being smudge-proof when applied to your lips. It stays only on your lips, whatever you eat or drink. You wouldn’t have to kiss and tell; it can be your little secret! 

liquid lipstick shades

Try Moisture Matte Long Stay Melon Red Lipstick with the natural goodness of Avocado Oil and Vitamin E.

  1. It lasts longer than your party: A midnight sneak out from your place to crash at a party can be a great escape, but you should first check your makeup. Lipsticks can fade away, but they do not get off your skin completely. 

If you are all game for liquid lipsticks, make sure you have a good makeup remover too. That’s because once you apply the shade on your lips, it will stay there until you remove it yourself. So, if you are sneaking out, you should keep a makeup remover handy because your party may end by dawn, but the lipstick may not! 

  1. No need for a lip liner: Lip liners help you apply your lipstick efficiently without feathering or smudging the lipstick out of the cupid’s bow. Usually, the dry lipsticks or the ones with solid textures need a liner to add an appealing effect on your lips. 

Using the best-quality liquid lipsticks eliminates the need for a lip liner. The former offers easy application and can help enhance the look of your lips using two shades too. It also helps avoid the messiness of applying a lip shade. 

  1. Works equally well in summers, too: The scorching sun and humid weather can sometimes cause your wax-based lipstick to smudge. It is often known as the ‘bleeding’ of your lipstick. 

Not so with these serum-based lipsticks- for they can stick around with you even during the summer season. These lip care products come with a quick-drying formula that helps your colors stay on, regardless of the temperature in your external environment. 

  1. Formulated with a buildable formula: Lipsticks usually look overdone if you have put in more than required. It makes your lips look overly done and not in a good way. Liquid lipsticks are known to be opaque. They are made with a buildable formula that helps absorb the excess lipstick on blotting paper.  So, if you have put on an excess of them, use a blotting paper to remove the extra, and you’re set for the day! 

Some concerns to look after

With benefits come concerns and caution to look after. There are some areas to keep a note of when applying serum-based lipsticks. They are as follows:

  1. Coated with a gloss, it might feather: 

Giving your lips a nice shimmery look may seem easy, but it can be quite a task when using liquid lipstick. If you wish to avoid this, you should apply foundation on the edges of your lips when applying it on your face. Doing so will give your lipstick an anchor to hold on to. 

If, in case, your lipstick begins to bleed, make sure you use a cotton swab and concealer to get rid of any streaks that are left behind. 

  1. It’s a long-stay lipstick, and chances of dryness will persist:

Lipsticks give your face an enhanced look. When it complements your eye makeup, it enhances your beauty in the most expressive terms. If you own a liquid lipstick set, you use it often. You should also know that it may just as easily cause dryness in some cases. You should moisturize your lips with lip balm to avoid such experiences.

  1. They are hard to take off your skin: 

You already know they are effective because they give you the perfect long-stay look for the day. A serum-based lipstick has a liquid texture that makes it more ‘permanent.’ It would help if you used a good makeup remover with a cotton ball or wipe to take them off. It will help remove the color of your lip cracks and help better exfoliate your lips. 

Mamaearth bestsellers to try

Lipsticks are the true expressionists of your beauty. However, some poorly made cosmetics may contain harsh chemicals that could hurt us over a long time. Such products may contain toxins like sulfates, parabens, SLS, or mineral oils. 

At Mamaearth, we have thus discovered a new way to apply makeup safely and harmlessly. Introducing Mamaearth Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick – your added glam for every occasion. Crafted with a burst of colors and immense care, it nourishes your lips with vitamins C and E. 

Here’s why else you should try it: 

  • Stays on for long durations: This lipstick stays on for as long as twelve hours to meet your makeup requirements. So, if you have a late-night party or a long work day to attend, it will last longer than your day. 
  • Intense hydration: We just talked about how drying these lipsticks can be. Mamaearth Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick refutes this theory in the most caring manner. It offers long-lasting hydration for up to eight hours. So, just dab and dazzle along with these beauties.
  • Multiple color options: Who is ever satisfied with just one lipstick shade? We all need a variety to choose from for our vanity. Mamaearth Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick comes in eight vibrant shades to make your day brighter than the morning sun! 
  • Completely safe: No one likes a love that comes with conditions and compromises. Mamaearth Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick range is natural and MadeSafe Certified. It is made with naturally nourishing ingredients that give your lips the love it deserves!


Good-quality liquid or serum-based lipsticks have been the talk of the town ever since their arrival. With precise application and long-stay features, they offer the dual benefits of affordability and ease of application. 

Mamaearth Naturally Matte Liquid Lipsticks have a natural twist to most of their existing characteristics. It not only lasts longer but also provides natural nourishment with care. We recommend you make this product a must-have for your vanity with your love for makeup and creative looks. So pucker up your lips in the shade of nature’s love today! 


  1. How to apply liquid lipstick?

    First, start applying at the center of the upper lip. Fill in the outer edges. Repeat the same on the lower lips. Let it stay thus for a few moments.

  2. How to keep liquid lipstick from drying out? 

    You should first apply a lip balm before applying a lip serum or liquid lipstick to prevent your lips from drying out. 

  3. Which lipstick is good – liquid or solid?

    It is better to opt for liquid lipstick because it is easy to apply, does not smudge, comes in many shades, lasts much longer, offers a matte texture, and eliminates the need for a lip liner. These lip care products work independently of seasonal changes and are well-suited for the summer and rainy seasons. 

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