What do we need to kick start our day? Maybe a cup of coffee and some jogging could make up for a fine morning. But even with everything in place, a pimple staring back at you in the mirror can be a total mood spoiler. Yes, we all have been there, and it usually hurts a lot because most acne or pimple treatment solutions do not help us have the desired results.

As we all wish to get rescued from the acne crisis, there are many remedies we try and ditch in the process. Some seem effective and some don’t. In this blog, we have listed down everything you need to know about pimples on body,  their types, causes, remedies (or treatments), and even some skincare product recommendations to tackle them. Next, let’s explore the other side of the discussion.

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Types Of Pimples

Pimples are the most common skincare issues that result from congested skin pores, excessive sebum, bacterial infections, and dead skin cells. This is much different from acne, which is a long-term skincare condition in which the oil glands can cause inflammation. This may result in cysts, blackheads, pustules, or blackheads. 

Pimples form blemishes and dark spots when they are gone. There are majorly three types of pimple marks that we might get affected by: 

1. Miniscule Bumps

They are blackish, tiny, and flat. They usually are small and heal with time. Thus, they don’t need any medically-aligned pimple treatment. 

2. Boxcar or Rolling Scar

These pimples are generally converted into a deep scar and may attack the deeper skin cells. They end up with a white head that leaves a stubborn scar caused due to collagen loss in the skin.

3. Cyst Like Pimples

The cyst-like pimples cause red-brownish marks and often occur due to hormonal disbalance, and are contagious. Therefore, washing your face twice, not more than twice a day, and using only sulfate-free face wash when rinsing off is recommended.

Causes Of Pimples Marks

Being one of the most commonly discussed skin concerns, pimples are hard to get rid of. Dermatologists advise that pimples often result from poor personal hygiene, which worsens with improper dietary preferences, inadequate sleep patterns, and high-stress levels.

  • Excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands may clog skin pores. This traps dead skin cells that rot over time to cause pus-filled pimples.
  • A bacterial infection usually leads to bumps and pimples on face. Bacterial infection may be caused due to unclean skin surface.
  • Skin inflammation and internal aggressors like allergies and other infections may give rise to blemishes, pimples, and breakouts. 
  • Aerated drinks, processed sugar, excessive oily food, white bread, and white rice can also cause more oil secretion on the skin, thus causing pimples and acne. 
  • Excessive sweating and an imbalance of testosterone hormones can result in excessive sebum production in the body, leading to hormonal acne and breakouts. You can try retinol products for anti aging skin problems.

The occurrence of pimples on face is not the only problem to deal with. It invites additional skin care issues like dark spots, irregular skin tone, dullness, or textured skin. It happens for various reasons, out of which lack of personal hygiene sits at the top of the list. 

Accumulated dirt and germs can cause breakouts and inflammation. But factors like overproduction of sebum, premature aging, and excessive exposure to UV rays are other pimple causes that make treatments more difficult. Here are some home remedies that may help counter all these factors to relieve us from skin woes.

How to Remove Pimple Marks?

It is a safer bet to opt for some safe and effective pimple-removing tips to ease inflammation and treat acne faster. Here are some simple options you may try:

1. Tea Tree Oil Treatment

Mix two drops of Tea Tree Oil with a carrier oil like Coconut, Almond, or Olive Oil. Store this nourishing mixture in a dropper bottle and apply it to your face. After 30 minutes, rinse your face with water or use a sulfate-free face wash. Apply this once daily, and do not skip moisturization and sunblock.

Note: Avoid using Tea Tree Oil solely or in undiluted form as it may irritate your skin.

2. Ice Pack Treatment

Wrap an ice cube in a cloth and dab it on your face. Be gentle when applying on pimples. Keep dabbing the ice on your face for 30-50 seconds. It will help shrink the pimple faster and calm your affected area. Use it once or twice daily to achieve faster results. You may also use a cold compress on the acne if you don’t want to avoid the mess.

3. Honey Treatment

Take one tablespoon of Organic Honey with ½ tablespoon of Cinnamon Powder and mix it until you get a thick paste. Apply it to the affected area and let it stay for 20-30 minutes. Next, wash your face with cold water and apply a thick layer of moisturizer.

4. Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour or gram flour can also help with pimples, especially if you have oily and acne-sensitive skin. This face pack helps absorb excess oil from the skin without interrupting the skin barrier. To make it, mix one tablespoon of chickpea flour with water or rose water and apply it to cleansed skin. Keep it for 10 minutes and rinse it off. 

5. Aloe Vera Gel

If painful acne flares up too frequently, you should try aloe vera face gel. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties effectively reduce acne and soothe irritation. We recommend using our Pure Aloe Vera Face Gel for acne and inflammation.

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6. Almonds

This superfood has antioxidants, vitamin E, and minerals, making it an important ingredient in face scrubs. It helps to restore the skin’s natural radiance, giving you acne-free skin. Mix two tablespoons of fine almond powder, yogurt, and honey with a pinch of ground clove. Slather this scrub on your damp skin, gently massaging for a few minutes. 

Mamaearth’s Anti-Acne Products 

Instead of relying on home remedies, opting for a specialized skincare product that helps treat pimples and acne is better. The only point worth noting is that you should choose only safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare products made using natural ingredients. 

At Mamaearth, we take your skincare issues very seriously. We are home to a wide range of safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare products that prevent such blemishes and help you look glowing. Here are five amazing anti-acne products you may try to get the best results.

1. Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash

To treat pimple scars, it is important to maintain the best hygiene standards, which start with keeping skin clean and germ-free. We advise you to opt for our Tea Tree Face Wash, which is nourished with a richness of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, and Neem. 

With soothing ingredients for sensitive skin, this face wash efficiently combats acne-causing germs from the face, revealing a smooth, fresh, and shiny complexion. More importantly, this face cleanser is enriched with antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal pick.

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2. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Toner

While cleansing and moisturizing are discussed much, toners haven’t been given much attention. So, let’s break this myth by buying a nourishing toner. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Toner is designed to refine pores, maintain skin pH, and improve complexion. 

It is an effective skincare product to wipe out pimple marks and a great product to remove excess oil and dullness. This is because it contains most-after ingredients such as Aloe Vera Extracts, Witch Hazel, and Cucumber, all of which go deep into the skin cells to nourish it.

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3. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum

To address various skin concerns, we welcome you to try our Skin Illuminate Face Serum that features Vitamin C, Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract, Turmeric, Squalane, etc. Squalane detoxifies the skin deeply, Turmeric and Vitamin C help fade acne marks. Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract promotes skin cell regeneration and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Please note that Vitamin C Face Toner and Skin Illuminate Face Serum work more effectively after you have cleaned your facial skin of acne and pimples. 

Tip: Niacinamide serum reduces inflammation, evens out skin tone, and restores the skin’s.

Pimple Removal Cream for Oily Skin

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Moisturizer

Opting for an oil-free composition is a golden hack for oily and pimple-prone skin. We present you with an ideally-formulated Oil-free face moisturizer with Apple Cider Vinegar. Encompassing the goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar, Fatty Acids, Cetearyl Octanoate, and Betaine, our Apple Cider Vinegar Moisturizer imparts optimal hydration while working on the nasty spots and redness on skin.

Fatty Acids keep skin hydrated and velvety in composition, Betaine works on early signs of aging, and Cetearyl Octanoate heals the chapped skin and unclogs the pores. Apple Cider Vinegar is the main ingredient. It makes the formulation an impeccable option for acne-prone skin by regulating sebum production and soothing acne, bumps, etc. 

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2. Bye Bye Acne Face Cream

Featuring Willow Bark, Salicylic Acid, Neem, and Soybean, this face cream helps to give your skin a long-lasting moisturization while reducing acne. This pimple remove cream is extremely lightweight, quick-absorbing, and does not leave your skin with excess grease. Regular use of this cream helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells buildup, reduce excess sebum production, and soothe inflammation. 

3. Tea Tree Spot Gel Face Cream

This dermatologically tested formula helps clear active acne with the goodness of Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid. In addition, it helps unclog trapped pores and soothes inflammation or swelling around the acne. It also has Licorice Extract, the antioxidant properties of which help to reduce post-acne hyperpigmentation. Lightweight and effective, this healing spot kills acne-causing bacteria and controls excess oil, promoting clear skin. 

4. Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

Bye Bye Blemishes Cream is a kind escape from those nasty pimples hurting our skin health. From serving a neat matte look to soothing the irregularity on the outer surface, this cream holds a lot of wonders for acne-prone skin.

Featuring the goodness of Mulberry Extract, Geranium Oil, Daisy Flower Extract, and Vetiver Oil. While Vetiver Oil and Mulberry Extract address premature aging and deliver ample hydration to the skin, Daisy Flower Extracts and Geranium Oil work on acne while correcting unevenness.

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Oily skin is more prone to get acne due to excess sebum production. Our skin loses its firmness with time and becomes host to several woes, like acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes. So, give your age clock a well-deserved rest and shield your skin against all the damage, as your skin deserves natural and graceful aging.

At Mamaearth, we work towards curating skincare products that help address most of your skin woes with our gentle approaches. We have a range of skin and beauty products, including cleansers, toners, face masks, and serums, that help achieve your skincare goals without any side effects. Shop from the comfort of your home and get goodness delivered to your doorstep.


  1. How to remove pimple marks?

    To remove pimples on face, it is important to keep skin clean, oil-free, and moisturized. It is best to treat pimples with products enriched with antibacterial and skin-healing ingredients. These include Tea Tree, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mulberry Extract, Vitamin C, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, and Neem. You can also explore some proven home remedies like ice packs, turmeric, and honey paste to soothe inflammation and pimples. Observing proper hygiene and avoiding touching your pimple or face is also advisable. 

  2. What is a pimple?

    Pimples are small pustules or papules developed due to congestion of sebaceous glands. They usually affect people in their adolescence. However, people at any age can be affected with pimples due to unclean epidermis, bacterial infections, and clogged pores often cause pimples and acne.

  3. How can I remove pimple scars from my face naturally?

    To naturally wants to know how to remove pimple marks, You should cleanse your face twice daily. For quick results, use ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, turmeric, honey, cinnamon, etc. For example, you may apply Tea Tree Oil to your face and let it sit for half an hour. Then, rinse it off with water and you can also try rubbing aloe vera on your face as it calms your face with its cooling effects and antibacterial properties.

  4. What is the difference between pimples and acne?

    Acne is a chronic skin condition that occurs when the base of hair follicles gets congested with sebum and dead skin cells. On the other hand, pimples are a type of acne that appears like tiny zits. In addition, acnes are a long-term skin condition, whereas, in many cases, pimples may be tackled easily compared to acne.

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