As the name implies, foundations are the base of every makeup. Aside from mascara and lip balm, if anything is raved about for its wonders in the makeup world, it is foundation. From setting the base to adding shine, it lays the groundwork for your makeup look. So, if you are searching for qualified advice on using it, this blog post is for you.

Being the cornerstone of almost every trendy makeup look, a foundation helps you create a flawless base that stops your makeup from turning cakey. However, you cannot have the best experience with its application if you don’t have a hand on your perfect shade. You should look for a shade closer to your skin’s color and texture. This is where selecting the right foundation types and shades could help a great deal.

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What is a Foundation?

A foundation marks the starting point in any makeup regimen where your skin gets the proper prep to soak in other cosmetic products. It is used with a matching concealer to create a base on which makeup is applied. It thus helps conceal many skincare issues like blemishes, dark spots, and fine lines to create an even look. Whether loose powder or compact, you won’t achieve the desired look if your foundation application lacks the proper technique. 

Foundations are all about choosing one correct shade. This is much unlike lipstick and eyeshadows where you can be flexible about blending different colors. The correct foundation shade gives seamless application and helps in a smooth dispersion of tonal products. Apart from correcting unevenness, it also expands the stay of other colorcare products

These fundamental functions make the foundation an important cosmetic product. However, they are not a one-size-fits-all kind of product. There are formulations classified on the skin tone, preferred consistency, the coverage you want, and the finish you like. These aspects are centered on the multiple uses of any foundation.

Types of Foundation as per Skin Type

1. Oily skin:

Oily skin finds it difficult to work with cream-based cosmetics, especially when the composition is rich in oil. So, for such skin texture, it is better to opt for powder foundation or oil-free formula. It is a type of foundation that prevents the cakey look and breakouts. It will also cover unevenness and blemishes to give you gorgeous skin.

2. Dry skin: 

Dry skin can hold the foundation for good hours when the consistency doesn’t weigh down the skin. For such types, experts suggest cream foundations or mousse foundations that prevent the makeup from being cakey. It is advisable to focus on attaining a dewy finish and avoid an extreme matte finish. If you are buying a foundation for dry skin, it will help you hide flaky patches.

3. Combination skin: 

People with combination skin can go for a liquid or powder-based foundation. This skin type generates oil around the T-Zone and remains elsewhere. However, it neither gets too oily nor too dry anywhere on the skin. So, we recommend choosing skincare products for combination skin, especially makeup products that stay on the T-zone.

4. Mature skin: 

Mature skin refers to skin that is aging and has concerns like sagginess, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is best to pick a water-based liquid foundation. Liquid foundations settle well in the mature skin and give the perfect finish. You should avoid powder and stick foundation while choosing a foundation shade for mature skin.

Know your undertone

The undertone is an essential factor that hugely impacts the foundation shade selection. Undertone unlocks the science of makeup by providing insights into the skin’s hue. It has nothing to do with the skin’s complexion, as skin tone may get affected by seasonal changes while the undertone remains constant.

Here’s how to classify undertones as suggested by the beauty experts-

– People with warm undertones have a peachy and yellow tone with a hint of a golden glow.

– Cool undertones have hues of pink, red, and blue.

– Neutral undertones have a balanced mix of both warm and cool tones.

The ideal foundation type as per your undertone-

Warm undertone: Always choose a foundation with a yellow or peach base.

Cool undertone: People with cool undertones should wear a pink or blue base.

Neutral undertone: Opt for a neutral shade and avoid a foundation with a yellow base.

foundation types

Understanding the concept of coverage

Are you wondering which foundation is best to achieve desirable coverage? Well, it depends on your skin texture. It is the opacity of the makeup in concealing the skin. Therefore, before buying a foundation, you should know about the effectiveness it offers.

a. Light or sheer coverage:

You can opt for lighter coverage with a foundation if your skin has minimal to zero blemishes or dark spots. Opting for such coverage will enhance your glow and give it an even finish.

b. Medium coverage: 

If your skin tone has blemishes or appears uneven, you may opt for a medium-coverage foundation. It can hide black spots and hyperpigmentation, and help you have a smoother texture.

c. Full or heavy coverage: 

You may choose a heavy-coverage foundation if your skin has many concerns, such as blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. It’s the best choice for special occasions such as weddings, photoshoots, etc.

5 Critical things to master the art of foundation application 

1. Know your skin type

It is crucial to know your skin type when choosing the correct shade. No matter what your foundation offers, it will not give desired results if it is not meant for your skin type. While people with oily skin should go for a mattifying and oil-control formula, a hydrating and dewy finish formula works well on dry skin. 

You may find satin-matte foundations helpful if your skin tends to develop dry patches. Applying such a formula will soothe the dry parts of your face without making it greasy. However, you can use a matte formulation that absorbs oil for oily skin types. 

2. Patience is critical

Your preferred foundation may oxidize after a few minutes of application due to the heat of the skin, causing it to turn ashy. Thus, swatch a foundation and wait for around 5-7 minutes to see how your base will appear after the foundation has oxidized. The foundation that seemed to match your tone may suddenly turn darker. 

While buying foundation, you should use it on your jawbone and give it time to settle in your skin. This will help you determine your perfect unique shade. Aspects like brand and the product’s composition and consistency are also important.

3. Dab, dab, and dab!

The idea of foundation application is all about getting an even skin texture that doesn’t dry out shortly. It is about correcting the skin’s top layer and highlighting the face’s edge point. So, if your base hasn’t settled yet, you should use a hydrating setting spray.

How to do so? Well, you may take a beauty blender and spritz it on your blender with the help of setting spray. Dab it gently on your face to settle the makeup. It would help set the makeup and help it last for a long time.

4. Concentrate on the areas that need the coverage

Before applying the foundation, color correct the areas needing extra coverage. Instead of applying foundation to your face, you should dot it on the blemishes and dark spots. You should also use a concealer with buildable coverage while doing so. We recommend pumping out a small foundation on your hand and dispersing it evenly on your face. 

Now, blend it gradually by dabbing your beauty blender or sponge. Never swipe the foundation onto your facial skin. Following this hack will help with skin discoloration and promote an even skin texture that stays long.

5. Your look matters 

Makeup is indeed about exploring different things and experimenting with different looks. However, going to college wearing heavy makeup will never make sense. The same applies when you have an office meeting, and you have put on a professional look. So, your makeup will depend greatly on the event and outfit you wear. 

which foundation is best

Even if you go for multiple layers to adjust the base, you should start with a small amount to avoid a cakey base. When you have decided on a neutral look, please stick to one layer only and finish it with subtle hues of blush.

Why use a brush/beauty blender? 

After you pick the shade matching your tone, it’s time to blend it to deliver the desired base. Whether aiming for a soft or nude look or donning bright colors, your base plays a vital role. So, you should learn the art of blending to achieve the expected look. You can use a brush or makeup sponge to blend the foundation. 

Whenever you put your foundation on, remember to go gentle while blending. In makeup, minimal is always better, and no makeup artists have ever recommended swiping the foundation on the skin. To achieve a dewy look that doesn’t appear cakey in a few hours, you may mix a small amount of moisturizer in the foundation. This would help distribute the makeup evenly into the skin and save you from all sudden breakouts. 

How to Apply a Foundation to get a Perfect Base? 

The base is the initial point of makeup that sets the tone for other steps. Considering its role in makeup, we cannot go wrong with it. However, some people can keep their makeup fresh for long hours, while others fail. It is thus critical to know the correct way to create a makeup base. 

Here’s how you could get the perfect base: 

a. First, make sure you are applying makeup to a clean slate. Always use makeup on skin that is free from makeup residues.

b. Tone your skin with a nourishing toner and apply a thick layer of moisturizer to your face. Moisturization is the golden rule in makeup.

c. After moisturization and SPF application, you should use a primer according to your skin type. Primer preps the skin for foundation, concealer, and compact powder.

d. If you have blemishes and other irregularities in your skin, you should use concealer on those areas before you apply foundation.

e. If your skin is dry and sensitive, you should mix moisturizer in your base makeup for a dewy and smooth finish. You may also add some highlighter to your foundation to ace your look.

f. Warm up the foundation by mixing it on your palm, especially if you use it as a standalone product. Using this technique helps distribute the product more evenly.

g. Before you go for any other products, you should immediately set the base with loose powder or compact.

h. Just go for one layer to avoid the ashy look where your skin gives an impression of holding too many products.

i. Instead of dragging the product, dab the product by exerting the least amount of pressure. Using a synthetic brush to get a homogenous consistency of the foundation, moisturizer/primer, or setting spray is better.

j. After you complete the process with kajal and mascara, do not forget to set the makeup with a setting spray. It ensures the long stay of makeup.

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What’s more?

Beauty is about feeling assured about yourself and taking every step in confidence. Your aura defines your entire personality no matter where you are heading, be it an important meeting or a coffee date. Makeup is an art to enhance your facial features and gives a subtle glow. If you are looking to glamming up for an important event, a perfect foundation application score. 

With various shades, formulas, coverage levels, and finishes, you may find it a bit complicated to find your shade. The texture of the skin on your neck may differ from that of your facial skin. Once you find your perfect shade, you will hook to it and enjoy your makeup sessions. 

At Mamaearth, our efforts are centered on easing your self-care time by delivering quality makeup and skincare products. You can count on us if you are searching for one of the best foundation brands to get a safe, gentle, and lightweight range of foundations. So, ditch the dullness with our toxin-free, hydrating, and gentle range of foundation and lip serum


  1. How can we measure the quality of any foundation?

    Depending on the skin texture, you should look for the formulation when buying the foundation. To check the quality, always research the ingredients listed on the labels. Makeup applications can be heavy on the skin at times. So, always check its consistency and hydrating qualities. If it is lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, your skin may be able to hold it. You should choose toxin-free foundations because they do not contain sulfates or artificial dyes and fragrances. Being certified by reputed authorities like MadeSafe makes them trustworthy.

  2. How to choose foundation shade online?

    When choosing the foundation shade online, you should identify your skin tones. Online shade detectors always have tone and sub-tone, which are light, medium, or deep. It also contains undertones, depending on whether your skin is warm, cool, or neutral. So, first, identify your skin type and tone. You could have a cool or warm undertone, and you should choose your foundation carefully. 

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