We all know that one guy who smells great. He usually has a signature scent and some whiff of an ‘oh-so-good’ air about him. Skincare experts believe every person prefers a rance, something like a scented fingerprint. Well-groomed men thus use long-lasting body sprays to keep smelling fresh. 

From beating the daily hustle to wanting to look perfect for their date, men too, have a lot going on in their lives. In the middle of everything, they do also need to keep a check on their body odor as well. This is where opting for two subtly different grooming products, body spray and perfume, comes into the picture. 


What is Body Spray?

Body spray is a fragrance that keeps the body free from odor for a few hours. It is crafted with fragrant oils and can be used as an alternative to perfumes. Body spray comes in many varieties that differ from perfumes and colognes in terms of formulation and longevity. Many confuse it, but it is a different type of product altogether.

Body Spray vs. Perfume

Although both products mask odor triggered by the excessive sweat on the skin, there is a difference in how they function. Body spray is spritzed on the body and clothes, and deodorants. They are applied to the skin to stop bacterial growth and bad odor. 

But before you take your pick, it is important to understand the following differences as well:

1. Composition: Perfumes blend base liquid and perfume essence. They are made of fragrance and salt. At the same time, a body spray is a mixture of many ingredients that give it a subtle fragrance. A perfume has one strong fragrance that is based on its strongest ingredient. 

2. Ratio: The ideal ratio of the base liquid and the perfume essence is often calculated by the type of perfume you want. For instance, if you are purchasing yourself a bottle of fragrance that reads ‘Eau de cologne,’ the percentage should vary approximately between 5 to 20 percent. 

Perfumes have the highest ratio of perfume essence to base liquid. This differs from body sprays for men with a sharper and long-lasting fragrance. 

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3. Usage: People usually prefer a deo or a body spray because of its antiperspirant properties. It helps reduce the odor from the body and makes you feel fresh for a couple of hours. A perfume works well if you attend a get-together because of its strong fragrance and it is thus applied on the clothes. 

It will not work as well as a deo because perfume is not usually applied directly to the underarms. This is why a long-lasting body spray for men is often an absolute must for athletes, sportspersons, and frequent travelers. It helps in essential sweat absorption and leaves a nice fragrance after spritzing. 

How to Choose the Best Long-Lasting Body Spray for Men?

Every individual has different preferences when it comes to body spray. You would want to pick the fragrance that calls out to you. You own it only when you can relate to it. Smells and fragrances talk to us in languages we can’t say or convey. 

best body spray for men in india

Skincare experts advise that some factors define how a fragrance and its applicability would affect the wearer. These factors are crucial when selecting a men’s body spray too.

a. What’s your skin type?

Men should know what suits their skin before they set out to buy a men’s body spray. The more detailed this answer is, the better it gets for them. The pH of their skin and its texture are other important factors in shortlisting a fragrance. 

For instance, if you have an oily skin texture, the scent you pick will last comparatively longer on your skin. So you can go for a subtle and soothing fragrance. Those with dry skin can pick a stronger and more intense fragrance as the skin will quickly absorb it along with the moisture. 

Pro tip- If you have dry skin, we suggest you also use a natural body wash to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It would also make your skincare routine more effective. You may then back it up with Mamaearth ME Aqua Deodorant for a refreshing experience. 

b. Do you know the art of testing a fragrance?

Once you learn the art of smelling and testing the scent correctly, there is no turning back. Your choices will differ and vary drastically. The ideal way to check a specific body spray is-

1. Spray it on your pulse points – the back of your hand or the wrist. 

2. Now allow the fragrance to settle and wait until 30 seconds. 

3. Once it gets dried, inhale by keeping your nose at least an inch away.

4. If it feels good, buy it.

Pro- tip: Once you enjoy the testing process, we suggest you smell some coffee beans. It will help to stop nullifying your senses by inhaling different scents altogether. 

c. What’s the occasion?

This is one of the most underestimated factors. Knowing which scent compliments your occasion is very important. You may have come across people who smell very fruity and subtle when going out for a jog. After some time, their sweat overpowers the smell of their scent, emitting a very different odor. 

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If you are going somewhere that requires less physical indulgence – such as a casual get-together with friends, you should go for a gentler fragrance. If you plan to go for a physical workout, you should wear a stronger fragrance that lasts longer. 

Buying a body spray for men: 4 Mistakes to avoid

Application of a full body spray for men is easy. But many people commit certain mistakes when wearing any fragrances. So we suggest you check them out and avoid them for a lasting effect on your skin:

1. Are you reapplying your body spray on dirty skin?

We find it essential to use body spray when we want to smell good. However, this is one of the most common mistakes people make almost every time. The fact is that you should never apply body spray to sweaty skin. 

You might start feeling nauseated (and smell just as worse) if you continue this process for a prolonged period. If you need some reapplication, we suggest you take a quick shower and apply it to your body for the best results. 

2. Are you spraying it on dirty outfits?

After coming home from a nice run or a hectic day at work, we know the deep urge to feel fresh without having to change. But some of us take this feeling too seriously and even apply body spray on our dirty clothes. 

The elements of the spray react to the damp fabric covered in your sweat and end up giving a strong, uneasy, pungent smell. The idea is to avoid strong odor produced by the fusion of dirty clothes and body spray. 

3. Are your clothes getting discolored?

Your clothes can lose their shine or become discolored and lifeless with every wash. There is a difference between the two. With time, their color starts to fade, and the weave between the fabric threads loosens its grip. 

However, if your clothes are discolored in specific areas, it is because of the prolonged use of a body spray. So, if you find your back collar, underarms, or torso areas in your favorite outfit discolored, it could be due to your spray.

4. Spraying on dry skin

If you shower with a body wash and quickly apply a deodorant or body spray, we suggest you avoid this. After cleansing, you need some restoration of moisture and minerals. This mini ritual helps shield your skin from any irritation.

So, you can apply a good body lotion before spraying your body with your favorite fragrance. It helps prolong your fragrance’s prolonged existence and isn’t too loud and evident when applied. 

best body spray for men

Introducing Mamaearth Made Safe Certified Aqua Deodorant Body Spray

With a drive to deliver the best body care products, we trust and commit only to the Goodness of Nature. Our skincare range is also formulated with toxin-free ingredients so there is no chance of allergy or irritation on the skin. We have everything you need for an effective body and skin care regime, from body scrub to body masks. 

Our Aqua Deodorant Body Spray keeps you smiling fresh and cool for up to 8 hours. It has three notes: top, middle, and base. It has amazing benefits that make it a worthy buy. It works amazingly well, no matter what time of the day or year it is, and it is well-aligned for everyone. 

Some of them include the following:

Natural fragrance: What’s better than a fragrance derived from natural resources? ME Aqua Deodorant has top notes extracted from Bergamot, Water fruits, and Green Apple. Its middle notes are a mix of scents from lavender, transparent flowers, Marine, and Cypress. Lastly, the base notes include a mix of Cashmeran and Musk. 

Long-lasting: ME Aqua Deodorant Spray is affordable and lasts up to eight hours on your skin. So, if you are going to a party, you can stay relaxed because its fragrance will make you noticeable. It is fresh, strong, and durable. ME Aqua Deodorant is also an amazing choice if you are into sports or physically strenuous activities. 

Certifications: True love comes with no compromises. ME Aqua Deodorant’s natural scents last longer on your skin. They blend well with your texture and make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated or inflamed. Besides, it is cruelty-free, free from harmful toxins, and MadeSafe Certified. It does not harm your skin in any manner. 

That’s not all. Our ME Aqua is free from toxins like sulfates and phthalates, making it suitable for all skin types.


Men usually pick a strong fragrance for their use. But the thing to keep in mind is that hygiene is everything. Applying a men’s body spray on dirty clothes or skin makes it easier for germs to stick to the skin and produce an unpleasant odor. This can make their skin darker in some areas too.

So while shortlisting a body spray, we suggest you look for a scent that will last long and rarely need a reapplication. You should understand that skin type plays a very important role in determining the right fragrance. Once all the factors are considered, it becomes easier to make an informed decision. 

So, no matter your ideal fragrance, choose the one that ticks all the boxes discussed above. That’s because it is always important to invest mindfully in all your skincare regimens. You should smell your best to be at your best! 

ME Aqua Deodorant Body Spray is an ideal pick for men with all kinds of preferences. Whether going for a jog, on a movie date, or just chilling with your friends, this scent never surprises you. It is natural, toxin-free, and MadeSafe Certified as well. 


  1. Which is the best body spray for me

    Men ideally wish for a strong and long-lasting fragrance that eliminates bad odor and keeps the skin sweat-free. We suggest you opt for Mamaearth Aqua Deodorant Body Spray as it brings a refreshing wave of freshness when applied and lasts up to 8 hours. This body spray for men is a MadeSafe-certified grooming product and is safe for regular usage.

  2. Is body spray better than perfume?

    The occasion you are going to wear the fragrance determines the suitability of your choice. For instance, if you are going for a run, you should use body spray. But if you are going on a date or somewhere that requires less physical exertion, you can use perfume. 

  3. How do men apply body spray?

    To apply body spray for men, hold the bottle at a distance of six inches from the skin. Then, spray it on your armpits, chest, and neck. Reapply your scent at any time of the day especially after exercising or playing sports. 

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