Tip: Have you found yourself picking a Nude lipstick that may be beautiful otherwise but ends up making your face look dull or awkward? Some other day, you chose a perfect lipstick shade that perfectly defined your personality and upped your confidence. Life’s usually like that. We are thus offering a detailed guide for picking the best lipstick shade as per one’s skin tone. It would help you choose the perfect shade that goes with your personality and outfits.

Women love using lipstick, Kajal, and mascara, as three of their most used cosmetics. Your favorite concealer, foundation, or even compact can make a difference. The effective plan blends both of these approaches. Today’s market offers a wide range of lipsticks for different skin tones and choices. The trends in lipstick continue to evolve and grow, featuring glossy and matte brown lipstick shades.

“I have done enough makeup”, said no girl ever! 

There will always be that bluish shade, a favorite smoky eyeliner pencil, a face highlighter you need, and nail paints to go with your outfit. If you have a few basic colors to complement your outfit, you can buy a new range of shades.

The demand for natural matte lipsticks is rising off the roof. Women and teenage girls need lip shades that are easy to carry, lightweight, and nourishing. Considering the diverse variety of shades of matte lipstick on the market, finding a product with all these properties can take time and effort.

What to Keep in Mind when Purchasing the Perfect Lipstick Shade?

You should consider a few factors while picking your ideal lipstick shade. This will help you have a mini makeover too. Therefore, it’s essential to understand which shade complements your skin tone the best. Then, you should pick lipstick shades that suit your skin tone and attire well.

The best colors for someone with a light complexion are neutrals, vibrant colors, and pastel pinks. However, cherry red and mauve shades make people with medium complexion look their best. Those with warmer skin tones should opt for deep purples or browns. We recommend opting for a lip color, tone, and shade deeper than your natural lip color.

How to Find the Right Lipstick for my Skin Tone?

It gets difficult sometimes to choose the perfect lipstick shade among the many available, especially if you’re purchasing them online. But you should choose the shade that best matches your skin tone and enhances it. 

Here’s our color lipstick guide for various skin tones to help you choose the best lip color:

1. Know your skin tone- Understanding your skin tone is the first step in selecting the ideal lipstick shade. The four primary categories are light, medium, tan, and deep. Lipstick colors that look stunning on most women are coral, peach, nude, and dusty red. 

A medium skin tone is best complemented by berry, rose, cherry red, and mauve colors. Individuals with a deep skin tone will dazzle in brown and purple tones like plum, caramel, wine, and reds with blue undertones, while those with tanned skin should fully wear bright red, coral, and deep pink lip shades.

2. Know your skin’s undertone- Selecting the right lipstick color depends equally on learning your skin’s undertone. Undertones can be classified as either cool, warm, or neutral. To find the right shade, you’ll need to try several times. 

You may also see how the undertones contrast with your skin tone by putting a few shades of the same color on the inside of your hand.

  • Warm or pale undertones: If you possess olive skin, warm undertones, or yellow undertones, choose a lipstick shade in one of the following warm shades: Orange-red, brick-red, and terracotta red will help your skin look more youthful and radiant. 
  • Red or blue undertones: A cool lipstick with bluish or purple undertones is ideal for a cool complexion. We advise you to try a deep plum shade and learn more about the red lipstick guide for skin tones. It is a bright cherry red shade that tends to pull more toward blue than orange or perhaps toward berry shades like raspberry.
  • Neutral undertones: They blend in smoothly with many different shades. Know more about the shades of lipstick guide for skin tones. If you have a neutral skin tone or are unsure of your undertones, you should try lavender for a better result. You should try pinkish tones for light skin and berry shades for deeper complexions. It would still be effective if you wanted to try something new.

3. Consider your lip’s shape: While choosing the ideal lipstick shade for you, attention should also be given to the shape of your lips. For example, people with thin lips should avoid dark shades and glossy and creamy lipsticks. It makes their lips appear smaller. Conversely, your lips could look fuller if you apply a lighter shade.

Glossy and glittery textures will also make lips appear larger. Always shape the lips well with a lip liner pencil before applying lipstick. You should experiment with various colors and textures when purchasing lipstick to see the most comfortable.

color lipstick guide for skin tones

Explore different types of lipsticks for different occasions:

Which lipstick stays on the longest? Which contains more nourishment? Which one has the safest ingredients? The answer to all your questions is here, with a helpful guide to purchasing lipsticks.

  • Lip tints – Do you want your lipstick to look completely natural on your lips? If so, lip tints could help you have better results. They need relatively little care and don’t need to be touched up frequently during the day. The best feature is that these lip stains and tints come in many shades and colors.
  • Sheer lipstick- Anyone who enjoys adding a little sparkle to one’s lips first switches to sheer lipsticks. These lipsticks are enhanced with nourishing and moisturizing elements to keep your lips soft and supple all day. Since sheer lipsticks contain a lot of oil, they may look lighter in reality than in the packaging. However, they are excellent for daily use and only require a few daily touch-ups.
  • Liquid lipsticks- Liquid lipsticks are ideal for applying precise and sharp lines. They will suit you the best if you want well-defined lips and are sick of layering lipsticks.
  • Glossy lipsticks- Glossy lipsticks, as their name indicates, have a glossy, watery finish that nourishes the skin on your lips profoundly. These lipsticks are a wonderful combination of gloss and color that could help your lips appear fuller. 
  • Matte lipsticks- In contrast to shiny lipsticks, matte lipsticks are opaque. These lipsticks are excellent for camouflaging lips that have an uneven texture. The best-quality matte lipsticks are known for their minimal oil content, smooth texture, powerful color payoff, and long-lasting qualities.
  • Cream lipsticks- Creamy lipsticks provide the ideal level of satin lipstick moisture and the appearance of matte lipstick. Women with tiny lips benefit greatly from wearing cream lipsticks since they have more wax to prevent themselves from drying out. These adhere to lips quite easily and nurture them all day.
  • Frost lipsticks- Frost lipsticks often come in considerably milder colors and contain a tiny amount of glitter that reflects light. If you frequently use them, you should opt for the ones that come with a moisturizing formulation. This would help negate the effect of their heavier texture that might cause some dryness issues.
  • Moisturizing lipsticks– Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Glycerin are moisturizing ingredients that keep your lips nourished and hydrated. Using lipsticks that feature these ingredients will make your lips glossier and healthier.

Benefits of using natural matte lipstick shades regularly: 

Natural matte lipstick shades provide several advantages. One may have soft lips all year long if one wears lip-nourishing matte lipsticks daily. Our natural matte lipstick is one of the most moisturizing natural Colorcare products you can use on your lips.

  • Nourishes with essential oils: Sebum, the natural oil that keeps our skin moisturized, is produced by the sebaceous glands on our skin. Our skin dries out when these oil reserves are consistently depleted. Using a natural matte lipstick rich in natural components is better to replace the natural oil reserves. It also works during hot weather.
  • Defends against sun exposure: The tissue on our lips may suffer from the sun’s UV rays. Collagen, a protein that makes our skin firm and youthful, may also be impacted by this.
  • Protects against frequent weather changes: Unexpected, major temperature changes may also harm our lips. Always keep a natural matte lipstick on hand to hydrate, heal, and give your lips the color they need to shine in any scenario.
  • Cures dry and dull lips: Because your lips are thinner than your face, they heal faster. To cure chapped and dry lips, you should use natural matte lipstick. Along with ensuring sufficient hydration, it will accelerate the overall recovery of your lips.

While addressing these important topics, we should keep in mind a few beauty and skincare products that should be part of our skincare routine for deep nourishment and care.

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Choosing season-appropriate lipstick shades:

It will be beneficial if you choose pink, nude-ish orange, and warm-toned lipsticks throughout the winter. Additionally, the colors look good on almost any skin tone. You should consider using lipsticks made of creaming and nourishing ingredients to moisturize the lips if they are dry and flaky. 

Here are some steps you could follow to take good care of your lips:

  • Even while matte lipsticks stay longer, they can make each line stand out. You should avoid matte lipsticks if your lips are already dry.
  • Use a lip balm before applying matte lipstick if you want a more finished look, or use matte lipsticks that hydrate your lips without feeling heavy and dry.

Our Matte Lipsticks are a perfect fit in this case as they nourish your lips from the inside out without feeling heavy or sticky. They are manufactured using the best natural components. We offer a wide range of matte lipsticks that continuously last up to 12 hours and are available in nine gorgeous shades. The lightweight formulation thoroughly hydrates and nourishes your lips and locks in moisture for up to 8 hours.

These lipsticks are enriched with the Goodness of Nature. This helps them provide deep nourishment, hydration, and beautiful lip color. Our products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins that make them safe for daily use. These lip care collections are the perfect mix of color and care, and are curated specially for you!

List of ingredients that nourishes and hydrates your lips naturally:

Finding the perfect lipstick is similar to finding your BFF. We have three lipstick types perfectly made for different occasions and have unique formulations. These include – Mamaearth Moisture Matte Longstay Lipstick, Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick, and our all-new addition to our lipstick collection, Hydra-Matte Crayon Transferproof Lipstick. 

The lightweight formula of these lipsticks nourishes your lips and keeps them moisturized for up to 8 hours. These lipsticks are available in different vibrant, intense matte lipstick colors that stay on your lips for up to 12 hours without drying them out. Our products are toxin-free and safe for regular use. The following ingredients are found in these natural and safe lip care products:

  1. Moisture Matte Longstay Lipstick: 
  • Avocado Oil: It has powerful antioxidants and moisturizes lips.
  • Vitamin E: It provides the skin with nutrition and hydration.
  1. Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick-

Try some splash of color and tenderness to pucker up your lips! The naturally matte lip serum from Mamaearth isn’t your typical liquid lipstick. It features Vitamin C and Vitamin E that help moisturize the lips and provide them with a matte color. 

The naturally matte lip serum is both efficient and soothing. You can have attractive, moisturized, and nourished lips with only one stroke. Make them truly yours by picking from eight delicious hues.

  • Vitamin C: With a proven history, this antioxidant lightens and reduces the darker tone of lips.
  • Vitamin E: It hydrates and nourishes dry lips, promotes cell renewal, and reverses free radical damage, providing lips that are smooth and supple.
  1. Hydra-Matte Crayon Transferproof Lipstick-

With our Hydra-Matte Crayon Transferproof Lipsticks, you’ll see a pop of vibrant shades to beautify your lips. The Hydra-Matte Crayon Lipsticks are formulated with beneficial Hyaluronic acid to moisturize your lips for 12 hours for a luscious pout. Enriched with argan oil, our crayon lipsticks slide gently on the lips and hydrate them for a nourishing matte finish. 

These simple-to-apply crayon lipsticks have a lightweight, transfer-proof, and waterproof formula that hasn’t faded or smudged in clinical tests. These lipsticks, which come in gorgeous shades ranging from delicate pastels to high-drama colors, were designed to complement every Indian skin tone.

  • Avocado oil: It nourishes and hydrates lips and is high in vitamins E and A.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A powerful humectant that seals in moisture to keep lips smooth and supple.

Summing up!

These amazing beauty products transform your look and improve your makeup choices, whether you’re seeking a soft tint or a powerful lipstick shade. You should be careful while choosing lipstick to consider the shade, occasion, and advantages that each lipstick offers.

And once you’ve found it, you’re ready to throw a party to remember. Now that you are familiar with the features of each type of lipstick, you should pick your favorite color and grab attention every time you wear it!


  1. How do I find the right lipstick for my skin tone?

    It depends on the shape of your lips, your makeup, and your preference for matte- or gloss-based lipsticks. You should also match your skin tone with it.

  2. What lipstick suits a neutral skin tone?

    If you have a neutral skin tone or are unsure of your undertones, you should try lavender or lighter colors. 

  3. Which type of lipstick is best for beginners?

    You should begin by applying lighter-tinted lip gloss. Even though your lips won't glow, you will at least feel as though you have lip product on. Lip gloss offers the last-minute touch-up that wipes off the lip’s top skin layer. 

  4. How do I find my natural lip shade?

    For optimum results, test lip colors under natural daylight on the inside of your arm. The undertones of everyone's skin are either pink (cool) or yellow (warm). Finding a lipstick hue that will make your complexion sparkle and whiten your teeth requires understanding your undertone.

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