Matching your makeup with your outfit can be fun, especially if you are a makeup enthusiast. Brown lipstick can be the first thing that comes to a girl’s or woman’s mind when she starts getting ready for the day. But it can be daunting unless she has figured out her skin tone and which light lipstick shades work best for her. Also, adding color to the lips can make your face look more appealing.

Text on image: Matching Light Lipstick Shades and Skin Tones

Lipstick is one of the most versatile products a makeup kit could have. It instantly glams up your look. With style and grace, it lends your personality the confidence to go out and perform the best in the world. Whether you need a quick touch-up or a gorgeous party look, Nude lipstick is the only beauty product any woman or teenage girl would use.

This little beauty product never fails to enhance your looks and beauty. That’s why most women and teenage girls carry the lipstick they like or the one that complements their outfits. With various colors, textures, and shades, picking the correct light color lipstick shades for your skin may become overwhelming. 

This article will be a perfect guide for clarification when looking for shades at a cosmetic shop. This article will discuss the importance of lipsticks and their types, the perfect shades for your skin tones, and how you can apply them correctly. We would also be discussing some tips to keep them healthy.

What are Good-Quality Lipsticks made of?

Formulated with wax, oil, and colored pigments, lipstick is a universal cosmetic that enhances the look and texture of your lips. While pigments provide the color, waxes provide shape & a distinct texture, and essential oils add moisture. From dark pigmented shades to light lipstick shades, different types of lipsticks can transform your personality.

Did you know? The first lipstick was made and used over 5000 years ago. It was worn first by Sumerian women & men and made by crushing the gemstones. 

Benefits of lipstick

Apart from providing a long-lasting impact on your look instantly, lipstick has even more benefits than you can imagine. Let’s have a look at them. 

1. Offers sun protection: Many lipsticks can shield your lips against harmful UV rays. As lips do not contain melanin, they are even more vulnerable and can easily get harmed if exposed to various environmental factors. Lipsticks contain a Sun Protection Formula (SPF) that helps save our delicate lips. 

2. Provides hydration: It surely lends color to your lips, but do you know that these lipsticks are backed by essential oils that keep the lips hydrated throughout the day? It helps in keeping the lips soft, supple, and glow brightly. Nowadays, lip coloring sticks come loaded with natural ingredients such as Vitamin E or aloe vera. 

3. Makes you look confident: Applying your favorite lipstick can make you look young and confident when stepping out of the house. It is an effortless beauty product that smoothens your lips, gives them a defining color, and nourishes them. 

4. Gives them a definition: Whether you prefer a dark color shade or a light lipstick shade for yourself, applying lipstick makes your lips look fuller. It enhances the shape of your lips, conceals & lines the lips, and helps them appear thinner or thicker. 

Types of lipsticks

Why use one lipstick when we all have unique personalities? From using crushed gemstones to extracting colors from flowers and vegetables, the beauty world has surely come a long way. Nowadays, you can opt for millions of lip shades, formulas, and textures. Lipsticks are a small product but can be categorized into eight types:

1. Matte Lipsticks: Desire to have intensely-colored lips? Matte lipsticks can be your go-to beauty product as they contain intense pigmentation and stay a little longer on your lips. So, they have got you covered for the whole day. But it tends to dry out the lips as it contains less oil. Therefore, you should hydrate your lips when picking the matte shade for the day. 

2. If you need a long-lasting yet effective lipstick that lasts through the day, you should try our Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick range. It comes in various shades, both light and dark. It offers a 12-hour stay, provides hydration, and doesn’t get smudged.

3. Sheer or Satin Lipsticks: If you don’t like the intense color on the lips and prefer a light swipe of color, then sheer or satin is your best pick. Enriched with moisturizing agents, it keeps you hydrated and offers a smooth appearance and a light touch of color to your lips. It is perfect for the day when you want to keep the daylight and a no-makeup, preferably. 

4. Creamy Lipsticks: Want to keep your lips hydrated with a vibrant touch of color? Then, get creamy lipsticks for your lips as they glide on your lips easily and offer greater coverage. Infused with moisturizing agents, they are available in various vibrant colors for lips. 

5. Tinted Lip Balm: Whether you’re a lipstick person or not, you should n0t forget to apply the lip balm on your lips daily, especially if you tend to get those dry and chapped lips often. Get yourself a lip balm that adds a beautiful hint of your favorite color to your lips and offers a proper hydration dose. 

6. Lips Tints: Not a lipstick fan but want to flush vibrant colors to your lips? Available in a variety of colors, lip tints can be your go-to thing as they add a hint of color to your lips. In addition, they are low maintenance because they don’t require touch-ups and offer a long stay on your lips.

7. Glossy Lipsticks: While rice-backed products can effectively provide you with glass skin, lip gloss is something that would offer your lips a wet or glass-like finish. Gone are the times when they were thick and sticky. Nowadays, lip gloss is very light and keeps your lips hydrated all day. If you want to define your lips, you can even layer the lip gloss of the same shade on the lips. 

8. Lip Liner: Ever experienced lipstick bleeding where it comes out of the boundary of your lips? If you have, then here’s a perfect solution for lipstick. Lip liners increase the longevity of your lipstick makeup. It helps prevent your lipstick from bleeding out, restores the health of the lips, and defines them properly by making them plump.

9. Frosted Lipsticks: Frosted lipsticks are the ones that reflect and make your lips glitter and sparkle, making them look plumper and fuller. It is mostly used when doing the proper makeup. They add extra shine to the lips but can cause dryness on your lips. Do remember to moisturize your lips before applying the frosted lipsticks.

lipstick light shades

Lighter Lipstick Shades are Often more Effective

Perfect lipstick will automatically make you look beautiful without extra makeup. But we should try to understand our complexion and the shades that go with it. Whether you’re constantly looking for a dark or light shade of lipstick or are confused, we’ll help you discover the best shades. 

Here are some tips you should remember while picking the shade for yourself. 

Step 1: Pay Attention to your skin tone

The first step will be to look at your skin closely. We know you see your skin daily, but examining it in natural lighting is quite effective as it helps identify the different skin tones. Do not forget to compare your facial skin because it is always exposed to the sun’s UV rays. 

Step 2: Know your Undertones.

While you think applying lip shades on the underside of your arm and comparing them under natural lighting is the only thing you need to identify your skin tone, it is not just that.

Our skin has pink (cool) or yellow (warm) undertones. Finding a shade of lipstick that will make your complexion glow is essential. You can look closely at the veins on the underside of your wrist in natural light. Those with slightly bluish-colored skin have cool-toned skin, while those with slightly green-colored veins have warm skin.

Step 3: Pick your favorite (light) shade

As you have identified your skin tone and undertone, let’s now put them together and choose a shade for your skin. Do match the skin tone with the shades that complement them in the best way. 

Light Cool: Trying subtle looks; light colors such as pinks and mauves will look better on light skin.

Light Warm: You can pick warm reds and wine shades for light warm skin.

Medium Cool: You can opt for light lipstick shades for an even skin tone. This includes cool-toned reds, nudes, and vibrant pink. 

Medium Warm: For those with a little more warm-toned skin, nudes, oranges, and reds will make your complexion glow. 

Dark Cool: Colors such as plums, berries, and cool-toned reds can make your skin glow perfectly. 

Dark Warm: Shades such as warm red, wine red, and orange will look naturally good on you.

Step 4: Complete your makeup

Giving a fuller look to your lips after applying lipstick makes them appear even more beautiful. You can opt for different finishes, such as matte or glossy finishes.

How to Apply Lipstick Properly?

Lipsticks are an essential part if you want to have a complete makeup look. Although it is a common product, applying lipstick is an art. Let’s get to know how you can apply lipstick correctly:

Step 1: Make your lips ready: 

While we focus mostly on our hair care or skincare routine, we often forget about our lips. However, as they are the most delicate part of our face, it is essential for us to maintain a lip care routine. 

Mamaearth Rose Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm

Rose Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm

12-Hour Moisturization | Heals Dry & Chapped Lips

You should exfoliate your lips and offer them a regular dose of hydration with a nourishing lip balm. Also, you can buy a tinted lip balm that contains an SPF. For example, we have Mamaearth Rose Tinted Lip Balm or Mamaearth Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. They are loaded with natural ingredients, offer 12-hour moisturization, and heal dry & chapped lips. 

Step 2: Setting the base:

With the help of a lightweight concealer that matches your skin tone, try to set the base by applying it on your lips. It acts as a primer and restores the lip skin by filling in any cracks. It provides a smooth base, cures pigmented areas, and prevents lipstick from bleeding outside the lip line. 

Step 3: Applying the lip liner:

Define your lips by outlining them with a lip liner. It gives a perfect shape and assists in the easy application of lipstick.

Step 4: Time for the lipstick:

It is time to apply the main product. Choose your favorite lipstick formula and dark or light color lipstick shade. You can apply the lipstick straight from the tube or use an applicator brush. If you’re applying straight from the tube, swipe the lipstick across your upper lip from the center to both corners. Repeat the same procedure for the lower lips. Avoid going over your lips with multiple lips. 

light colour lipstick shades

Step 5: Mop up any excess

Use a thin layer of soft face tissue and separate the layers of the tissue to make it even thinner. Then, hold it between your lips and press down. This will help remove the extra product & oil from your lips and prevent the transfer of lipstick to your consumables. 

Makeup: Do’s and Don’ts

a. You should never skip the primer that makes the skin smooth. It helps in creating a perfect base for makeup.

b. Make sure you always opt for foundation shades that go with the rest of your body. 

c. You should use a little foundation, or your face may look very cakey.

d. We suggest you wait, allow the makeup to dry, and apply a compact powder to your face.

e. Avoid applying another coat of eyeliner to the one you’ve already applied.

f. Remove it using a wet brush and then apply it.

g. Avoid using dark-colored lipsticks on thin lips as they make the lips appear smaller. Instead, you can use light color lipstick shades

Summing Up 

Well, there is more when discussing lipsticks. One cannot deny that lipsticks are an important part of makeup products. The beauty world has taken the beauty game to the next level. You can demand anything you want, and it will be available to complete your look. Be it soft and subtle for daily wear, or if you want to create a style statement with plump lips, lipstick is a quick and simple way to amp up your lip game. 


  1. Which lipstick suits the light grey dress? 

    Grey is a neutral color like black and white. It goes with various lipstick colors such as red, pink, mauve, and nude-colored lipsticks.

  2. Which is the best light shade lipstick?

    Candyfloss Pink, Plum Punch, Pink Tulip, Raspberry Scarlet, Melon Red, And Espresso Brown are some of the best light shade lipsticks.

  3. What shade of lipstick looks natural?

    Nude lipstick shades are used to create a more natural appearance. But this pick takes it to the next level with a sheer formula that adds a subtle hint of color. 

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