Your lips speak of dreams, ideas, and how amazing the world can be through words. But can you imagine when the lips are dry, flaky, or unhealthy? While your skin and hair care are on point, your lips are often forgotten. If you commit to having those plump lips, restoring the original skin of your lips is very easy with just a few steps.  

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Plump lips provide your lips with thickness and hydration, good health, and suppleness, like the skin. We often try to cover up dark and damaged lips with lipsticks or try lip fillers, an artificial and expensive treatment. While natural treatments are quite effective and safe, you should also consider following a lip care regimen. 

Did you know that pink lips are considered a sign of good health? They also mean you eat a nourishing diet and choose a well-balanced lifestyle.

What makes lips darker?

Our lips appear pink because they contain thin, delicate skin with blood vessels nearer to the surface. Excess melanin deposits in the skin can give your lips a darker and unhealthy appearance. You can heal discolored skin on your lips using safe, gentle, and effective lip care products.

But first, let’s pay attention to the reasons behind the discoloration and darkened lips:

a. Excessive smoking: A ‘Smoker’s Lips’ syndrome can cause lip darkening. A cigarette is formed using 4000 toxic chemicals like nicotine that cause discoloration of the lips. They increase melanin synthesis and make lips darker. 

b. Excessive alcohol consumption: Consuming alcohol in excess can also cause hyperpigmentation on your lips. However, such issues can also occur due to medical conditions such as serious liver issues.  

c. Pregnancy: Excess melanin production can also be triggered due to chloasma that causes dark patches on the lips and facial skin. This condition occurs during pregnancy only and gets rectified within a few months. 

d. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays: The main cause of darkened skin is excessive exposure to the Sun’s UV rays which triggers melanin production in the skin cells. The same rule applies to the lips as well. In the case of skin, you may apply a skin-brightening cream, and when it comes to getting beautiful plump lips, you can apply a natural lip balm.  

e. Lack of hydration: A dehydrated body isn’t healthy. A persistent lack of moisture in the skin cells can also make the lips dry and chapped. They could also get dark if you regularly peel your lips which you should avoid. 

f. Improper food intake: Our sedentary and stressed lifestyles have taken our time to consume proper nutrient-enriched food, which helps us cure many prevalent diseases in our bodies. A proper supply of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12 can more effectively cure lip pigmentation (or darker color of lips). 

Lip Care @ Home

Like achieving beautiful, smooth, and supple skin, having beautiful pink lips without any makeup has become a dream of many. They can be achieved very easily by using some products enriched with natural ingredients and making small changes in their lifestyle. 

Here are some simple tips that you can use to make your lips redder:

a. Scrub & exfoliate: Our lips also require a gentle exfoliation session with a natural lip scrub. It helps remove the dead skin cells from the lips and layers under the skin, which get clogged with dead skin, dust, and excess sebum. You should exfoliate the lips once a week and see the magic yourself. 

plump lips meaning

You can easily create a homemade scrub using sugar, essential oil, and honey. Apply it with a soft toothbrush on your lips in a circular motion, and then rinse it after 5 minutes. It will keep your lips soft and moisturized. You also can get a safe and gentle product like ours (Vitamin C Natural Lip Care Kit), which comes with a gentle lip scrub and lip mask.

b. Hydration is important: Keeping yourself hydrated is the primary and crucial step that will help you keep the dryness away from your body. Consuming water will ensure both, and will keep your skin cells healthy. In addition, it will thus prevent the lips from getting darkened and chapped. 

c. A lip balm is your BFF: If you notice, lips are the most exposed part of our body as we do not always cover our face. Therefore, frequent moisturization is crucial to keep them free from dryness. In addition, the lips are the most sensitive part of our body and tend to lose moisture faster than the skin. 

Therefore, applying a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher regularly will ensure the effective repair of damaged and darkened lips. It would also make the lips look more nourished. 

d. Coverage is a need: Protecting your skin and lips from environmental aggressors and foreign invaders is the first step to achieving plump and healthy lips. When protecting your lips from makeup application, you need to cover your lips slightly with almond or coconut oil. 

Since these remedies can be time-consuming, you can apply a nourishing lip balm instead. It will create a protective layer on lips, prevent them from drying out, and keep them hydrated. 

e. Use green tea: Are you aware that green tea treats tan or discoloration? Yes, it contains essential polyphenols that protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging. Scrubbing a bag of green tea can restore damaged lips. In addition, it also helps to treat discoloration, restore hydration, and soothe inflammation. 

f. Aloe Vera Gel and Turmeric: Aloe Vera gel is a time-tested natural skin-treating agent which benefits the skin in many ways. For example, Aloin in aloe vera gel lightens the effect of pigmentation, calms down the inflammation on the lips, and hydrates the skin cells. 

Turmeric is an Ayurvedic herb that reduces the effect of melanin and prevents bacterial infection. Mixing turmeric and milk can easily create a paste for your dark lips. Wash it off with water after 30 minutes.

g. Lemon can’t be forgotten: We’ve seen the effectiveness of lemon in the past for the skin. It is a natural bleaching agent which treats dark lips, helps clear out unwanted toxins from the body, and gives a natural glow. It is rich in vitamin C, which helps provide immunity to the skin cells and makes them resilient against seasonal changes.

h. Berries are here for supple lips: Having blueberries and strawberries regularly can give you plump lips that are extremely soft and hydrated. Loaded with essential antioxidants and vitamins, it enables it to lock in moisture easily and provides color to your lips. 

Lip Care Routine for Plumper Lips

You can get those pink lips with makeup, but if you want to get those natural plump lips the without any artificial treatment, you need to follow a simple lip care routine for healthy lips.

Cleanse your Lips: Cleaning your lips is the first and foremost step before you move ahead with the rest of the procedure. It removes traces of pollution, lip makeup, or tinted lip balm you have worn. You can easily clean it with a natural makeup remover with natural ingredients such as rose or niacinamide. 

Exfoliate them well: Scrubbing off the dead skin cells from your skin is the best way to remove the dead skin from your lips. Choose natural lip scrubs formulated with essential emollients and tiny sugar particles. Apply a lip scrub with a brush or finger gently, massage it for 20-30 seconds, and gently remove it after 5 minutes. 

Mask up: Masking your lips before will supply you with the essential nutrients to the skin; it seals the moisture in your lips and locks the hydration in them. If you can find a perfect lip mask for your lips, consider trying Mamaearth Natural Lip Care Kit with Lip Scrub & Lip Mask. It gently exfoliates and then nourishes the lips.  

 – Moisturize your lips: Since our lips need constant hydration, applying a lip balm is very important. Lip balms have been formulated to help moisturize and prevent dryness in lips due to environmental factors. They are loaded with essential oils and kinds of butter that penetrate deep into the skin and restore their health. 

You can pick from a wide range of nourishing lip balms, such as Mamaearth Ubtan Tinted Natural Lip Balm, which intensely nourishes the lips, heals dry and chapped lips, and provides hydration for 12 hours.

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Protect your lips: After applying the lip balm, it is essential to cover your lips with sunscreen to reduce the damage and protect it from harsh environmental elements.

Do’s & Don’ts

You might use the best available products to get the desired results but might be disappointed. There are a variety of factors that can be responsible for degraded lips. Here are some of the best do’s and don’ts to give you baby-soft and smooth lips. 

  • Drink three to four liters of water to keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Exfoliate your lips once or twice a week according to your convenience. 
  • Choose the right lip care products.
  • Moisturize them regularly with a lip balm that contains SPF. 
  • Reduce your caffeine intake. 
  • Avoid chemically-enriched products.
  • Never go to bed without removing makeup. 
  • Avoid smoking. 
  • Do not peel or lick your lips.
  • Don’t over-moisturize. 

How to apply a lip care product while doing the makeup?

Whether you’re experimenting or finally deciding to enhance your looks, here are some tips and tricks to ease up your makeup journey. While deciding the Colorcare products you want for your makeup, keep in mind to choose the ones that are safe and natural. 

Step 1: Prep & prime

After applying a hydrating moisturizer on your skin, do apply primer on your face. They come in various forms, such as gel, cream, or spray. It helps in creating an even base for your makeup by filling in fine lines and large skin pores. It protects the skin by preventing makeup from getting into pores. 

Step 2: Finesse & foundation:

While the foundation is available in liquid, cream, or powdered form, its role is to even out your skin tone and smoothen the skin and present it with a natural appearance. Remember the coverage level when buying the best foundation for yourself.

Step 3: Express & eye:

A kohl pencil is one essential product that you’ll find in a girl’s bag. It completes the purpose of defining the eyes properly. Applying it the right way can enhance your eyes. If you want to give it an intense look, apply it twice but do remember your lash line.

Step 4: Cover & conceal:

The role of a concealer is to conceal any visible unwanted imperfections, such as acne spots, dark circles, and blemishes. In addition, it gives additional coverage and even tones your skin. 

Step 5: Care To Compact:

Apply a compact of your choice, be it liquid-based or powdered form, to get a radiant, glossy finish. You want your lips to look plump, beautiful, and healthy. Well, that does not happen overnight. Using a lip serum, you should regularly apply the lip balm to get plump lips and lock the hydration in them. Then, to make them attractive, you should swipe on natural and toxin-free lipstick.

Wrapping Up

Lip colors are natural and do not require treatment unless they are not affected by seasonal changes. However, to maintain healthy and plump lips, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating properly, taking preventive measures, and maintaining frequent hydration.


  1. Are plump lips attractive?

    Yes. Plump lips are attractive compared to their drier counterparts which may be bruised, inflamed, bleeding, or even hurting. Therefore, a dedicated lip care routine for plump lips is important. 

  2. What's the most attractive lip shape?

    Not appropriate as per brand image.

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