Think of a day when you met someone with clear and blemish-free skin. You would be inadvertently drawn to them and get mesmerized by their presence alone. Their personality would further enthrall you with its magic. Chances are you would find your heart in your boots, ruing why you did not curate and follow a skincare regimen any time before. The more you talk to them, the more excited you would become to follow a regimen for yourself.

Human nature is a complicated subject. Not so with skincare- it may seem not easy at first but it surely comes with its rewards. People with clear skin understand this distinction and it helps them stand shoulders above everyone else. They spend a bit of their precious time doing things that improve their appearance. They know their skin type and texture and can sense if they might face a few issues shortly.


Awareness is the key

Skincare experts believe that awareness is the key to having an ideal skincare routine. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Its variants are nails, hair, sweat glands, and oil glands. When your skin needs something, it sends signals that help you identify it. For instance, if you have dry and flaky skin, your skin needs more hydration. If you have oily skin, you should use products that help remove excess sebum. It will thus always help you if you stay abreast of our tips for clear skin.

What is Clear Skin?

Wanting clear glowing skin is normal, but merely wishing for it won’t be sufficient. One should also understand the importance of following a consistent skincare routine. It is just as crucial to match it with toxin-free skincare products that keep your skin hydrated, plump, and beautiful. Repeating this daily rule is the surest way to get the best results with your skincare plans.

Most people think they have clear skin if their skin texture is smooth and even and it is free from acne breakouts, pimples, or dryness. However, there is a lot more that goes into the making of one’s appearance. It isn’t always flawless skin with no imperfections that get the heart, the list runs miles beyond that too!

Features of flawless skin

Clear skin comes with some significant characteristics. Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail:

  • Sufficient hydration: If your skin does not turn dry, tight, and flaky after using a face cleanser or any other skincare product, chances are that your skin is sufficiently hydrated. Hydration is the key to happy and healthy skin. The more you are hydrated, the better it gets for your skin cells to function throughout the day.
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  • Sun protection: Do you apply sunscreen on your face? If you do, it’s a good practice and you should continue it. SPF protection for our skin is necessary but it should not be limited to the times when we step out. We should protect our skin even when we are out for a late-night drive, running early for work, or doing our daily chores. The sun’s harmful radiation penetrates the walls of your house too and it is best to safeguard ourselves from it.
  • Just stay present: If your skin does not itch, it doesn’t dry, or it produces too much oil but stays put – this shows that your skin is doing fine. Whether you put on a little makeup or not, it remains the way it is. It is one of the essential characteristics to take note of. When your skin comes with flawlessness, it brings you home to immunity from every sensitivity. 
  • Better texture: When your skin shows consistency in tone and texture, you can pat yourself on the back for flawless skin. You look skin clear, your face looks smooth, and even with the same texture, you already have healthy skin!
  • Even color: When the skin color is the same throughout, you can relax and sit back because this is a positive sign concerning clear and healthy skin. You may have natural clear skin since birth. But if you have been maintaining it using clear skin products and maintaining skin hygiene, you are playing your A-game. 
  • No dead skin: The absence of dead skin cells is a sign of having healthy skin. Despite any changes happening in your external environment, if you have been exfoliating your skin regularly, chances are you already have happy and glowing skin. 

Myths Related to Clear Skin

We all come across different theories about having flawless skin. Next, we will discuss some myths based on skin clear products and ideologies. But, first, let’s take a look at them all:

clear skin
  1. Myth: Men don’t have flawless skin: The fact is that men with clear skin, though they might need to work a bit harder for it. You may thus find some of them with a detailed skincare routine, a proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle. 
  1. Myth: Your food intake doesn’t affect your skin: They say, “what you eat is what you become” Your diet directly affects your skin and its texture. For example, it conveys its displeasure when you eat a lot of junk and fried food by the formation of acne. If you eat healthy food, green veggies, and stay hydrated, you will see your skin having a natural glow that needs no makeup! 
  1. Myth: Wearing makeup causes dark skin: No data specifically says makeup ruins your possibility of having clear skin. However, it would help if you washed your hands and face before you prep your skin for makeup. It assures the application of cosmetics on a clean face with clean hands.
  1. Myth: The teenage era is for skin troubles: Some of us believe that we have all kinds of skin troubles during the teenage years, nothing before or after that. This myth is widespread in Indian families. However, you must know that it isn’t necessarily true.
    You can be a teenager and yet have flawless skin. If you have been aware of what your skin needs, then finding products for clear skin wouldn’t be an issue, and using them as required will help you maintain healthy skin for a longer time.

How to Get Clear Skin?

Naturally clear skin is a gift. However, maintaining it requires your attention, time, and dedication. Clear skin tips and tricks aren’t hard to define or apply, but consistency with them is essential. So let’s take you through the best clear skin routine and some of the best skincare products we have in stock:

  1. Cleanse and Care: Your facial skin goes through a lot of withering when it comes in touch with the external environment. The weather, climate, heat, and pollution affect your skin in many more ways than we can define. That is where cleansing your skin with the best clear skin face wash plays a significant role in maintaining your skin’s good health. 

When you wash your skin, you should remove all the dust, dirt, and impurities that make your skin look dark and dull. This process helps in cleansing clogged pores, enables skin repair, and makes your skin look fresh, bright, and clear. 

  1. Exfoliate and Energize: Using a face wash for clear skin isn’t always enough. Following an exfoliation routine is equally important. When you use a face scrub, you intend to wash away all the dead skin cells from your face.
    This process helps energize your skin cells, making them look younger, brighter, and more youthful. In addition, scrubbing gives your skin the energy it needs to kickstart the day. 
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  1. Tone & Thrive: When you use a face toner, you give your skin the love it needs. It helps in uplifting your skin, keeping it soft, firm, and youthful. It helps accelerate the process of skin repair and cell regeneration and assures younger-looking skin with every application. 
  1. Moisturize & Mesmerize: After all the complex processes of cleansing, scrubbing, and toning comes moisturization of your facial skin. The moisturization helps in adding the hydration your skin just lost in the processes mentioned above.
    You must use a clear skin cream that gives your skin the essential moisture, nutrition from vitamins and antioxidants, and a natural glow that makes heads turn at you anywhere you go! 
  1. Mask & Magnetize: Masking is therapy in any skincare routine. When you wash your face with a cleanser, your skin loses its natural oils and impurities. A face mask helps restore all those essential nutrients the fastest way. It gives your skin suppleness and makes it look younger than before. Sometimes, people use a clear skin face pack which can also be a healthy alternative for skin care.

Mamaearth Products to Try!

Mamaearth has a beautiful yet diverse range of skincare products with something in store for everyone. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for face cream or even a face gel. For having clean and clear skin, let’s take a look at some of our bestsellers that have made us achieve happy customers across the globe:

  1. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash

Bright and beautiful skin is just a wash away with Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash! Crafted with the goodness of unique natural ingredients, it brings you home to soft, smooth, and toned skin every day. Its key ingredients include:

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  • Turmeric: Filled with splendid anti-aging benefits for the skin, Turmeric is a powerhouse of vital antioxidants that nourish your skin naturally. It encourages skin regeneration and provides firm skin with every wash. 
  • Vitamin C: If you have ever wanted a natural cleanser for your skin, you must have heard that Vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally brings you more transparent and brighter skin in several citrus fruits. It helps in removing dead skin cells and adds a lovely freshness to your face. 
  • Aloe Vera: The botanical king has more nourishing properties than we can enlist here. It has several anti-inflammatory properties that help calm irritated skin, add adequate hydration, and work as an excellent face moisturizer. 
  1. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Mask: 

Illuminate and beautify your skin with the Goodness of Nature! Using a face mask helps add a natural glow to your face but also helps in nourishing your skin with vital vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Mask should be your one-stop solution for soft, even, and younger-looking skin. Let’s take a look at the key benefits offered by its hero ingredients below:

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  • Glycerin: It helps your skin to retain moisture for a more extended time. Glycerin works by giving your skin the adequate amount of hydration it needs without causing any harm. 
  • Turmeric: Loaded with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, it helps in providing all-round protection to your skin. It helps in natural healing by nourishing it with vital antioxidants and minerals that give your skin its natural glow. 
  • Vitamin C: Known to be one of the most celebrated vitamins of skincare, Vitamin C has impressive skin-nourishing properties that you have no idea of. It cleanses your skin naturally, unclogs pores, and provides a natural solution for dull skin, aging, and pigmentation.


Skincare is a complex concept to understand and deal with. But once you can comprehend what your skin needs, you are halfway through the process. Knowing your needs, identifying the right skincare products, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the pillars of having good skin hygiene. 

We all have busy lifestyles that keep us on our toes all day long. But once we are into self-care, we must find time to maintain happier and healthier skin. Clear skin comes by making sure you are following the correct procedure. You may have healthy skin by birth, but once you are consistent with your skincare routine, you decide to protect your gift. 

With our skincare range, this becomes a lot easier. We bring you home to natural love, gentle care, and toxin-free nourishment from nature like no other. It commits to giving you the best of both worlds in the easiest way possible. So take a step towards skincare today and see the magic it brings you! 


  1. How to get clear and glowing skin?

    Clear and glowing skin can be achieved by following a healthy and balanced diet, maintaining a good skincare routine, and having a stress-free lifestyle. It gives you long-lasting results with assurance.

  2. How to get clear skin overnight?

    Clear skin means having no impurities or dead skin cells that can clog your pores. It takes a dedicated skincare regimen for your skin type and texture. We suggest you try Mamaearth’s Vitamin C Sleeping Mask for faster results. However, if you want consistency, you can try Mamaearth’s Vitamin C skincare range for faster and more effective results.

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