Isn’t flipping bouncy locks a matter of pride? It means a lot to us to flaunt our healthy and get thicker hairs. Some are genetically blessed, while some are out there, doing their best to drive their hair care ride. We are thus presenting our best thick hair tips to achieve thicker and fuller locks that you will love to flaunt. You can follow these thick hair growth tips at your home and they won’t require any elaborate arrangement.

It isn’t easy to single out one reason that could negatively affect our haircare plans. It could be due to pollution, hectic lifestyle, inadequate nutrition, stress, and irregular sleep cycles. Haircare experts believe it usually takes a sum of all these conflicting factors. If not for anything else, the changing weather conditions may also play their part.

So how can we protect our hair from such challenging factors? If that’s even possible, can we do something to attain long and thick hair too? We advise that it is indeed possible but it would need you to make some smart changes to your current hair care regimen. 

Why does our hair lose its volume?

Our skin and hair are made from a naturally-occurring protein called keratin. Our hair contains 15% water, 6% of lipids, 78% protein, and 1% pigment. A major difference in these relative compositions may cause sudden changes in the hair texture. 

Everyone’s hair texture is different. Some people have naturally very thick and bouncy hairs, while some have thin and flat hair. Here are some major causes of why our hair tends to lose its volume over the years.

The three underlying causes of hair fall are:

  1. Genetics:

This is the most common cause of hair thinning and fall. If thin hair runs in your family, thickening your natural hair type could be quite a task. However, your hair may improve and appear strong with rightly chosen products and the correct diet.

  1. Hormonal imbalance: 

Another factor that may affect your hair and bring down its quality. It can cause hair breakage and fall in both men and women. However, women are on the radar mostly due to menopause and pregnancy. The cure is to meet certified experts to upgrade the lifestyle.

  1. Stress: 

Stress management hurts our hair’s texture, and could leave it dull and damaged. When the stress level goes up, our body often experiences hair shedding. The excessive hair fall calls for treatment and some improved lifestyle hacks. The treatment helps manage stress levels to control hair damage.

If you see hair all over your floor, it’s time you need to meet a dermatologist to rule out the possibility of any medical conditions. If it is due to stress or inadequate lifestyle preferences, you should craft a healthy hair care routine for yourself: 

How to Thicken Hair?

  1. Use gentle cleansing products 

Achieving thicker hair includes care, consistency, and a lot of patience. Cleansing is a critical step in hair care that supports healthy hair growth and a clean and healthy scalp. This is why a proper care routine hinges on using non-toxic products like sulfate-free hair shampoo

Some poor-quality products may contain harmful chemicals like sulfates to make a foaming formula. It may irritate your eyes, aggravate dandruff, and inflame the hair cells. So it is better to use safe and gentle hair care products to make hair thicker and stronger. 

  1. Use toxin-free shampoo

People dealing with excessive sebum buildup should opt for clarifying shampoo. Hair thinning occurs due to many factors, and one of the leading causes is the lack of care granted to oily hair. It is designed to clear out the excessive sebum and oils from hair, so it may not be an ideal pick for dry hair types. Using hair shampoos made of natural ingredients can keep the scalp clean and dirt-free without hurting the natural pH. 


You should also be careful of some chemically-enriched products that claim to make hair thicker in a few weeks. Such thicken hair for women products are often branded and are not worth consideration.
  1. A proper diet is important

Adequate nutritional intake is the most important factor contributing to positive hair growth. Haircare experts advise a balanced diet comprising healthy fats, omega 3’s, and Vitamins (B5, C, D, and E). These nutrients would help grow thicker and healthy hair. 

Dermatologists often prescribe vitamin supplements to ensure your hair gets adequately nourished. In addition, it is important to binge on fruits and veggies. You should also eat healthy food, and ditch junk food and cola drinks.

  1. Avoid coloring treatments

Using harsh chemicals weakens our strands and affects our scalp. Since color and bleach are enriched with harmful chemicals, you should avoid frequent hair bleaching. Such toxins may weaken your hair roots and cuticles, causing excessive hair fall.

  1. Avoid over-brushing 

Many people believe in brushing because it makes hair manageable and smooth. But, contrary to popular belief, over-brushing your hair might hurt the follicles. Uit happens the same if you brush your hair too vigorously. Your hair indeed needs gentle brushing to remain manageable and untangled. 

Combing wet hair or brushing hair every hour won’t do you any good either. So, gently massage your scalp, cleanse it with a sulfate-free cleanser, and limit your hair brushing to twice a day.

  1. Oiling and massaging 

Oiling accelerates hair growth by improving blood circulation, strengthening hair follicles, and providing more nutrition. Massaging the scalp with nourishing oils will do wonders to your hair. The advantage of the massaging technique goes beyond repairing roots and lubricating strands. 

Since ancient times, oils have made their way to hair care with nourishing properties. Chemical treatments, bleaching, or hormonal disbalance aren’t friendly to our scalp health. This is why people turn to the nourishment of good-quality hair oils to keep damage away from hair health. 

  1. Stop consuming alcohol and smoking

It is best to avoid smoking and alcohol. Smoking heavily can limit the blood supply to the scalp, causing abnormal hair fall. Eating oily and unhealthy foods is also equivalent to the damage caused by drinking alcohol and smoking. 

It is a fact that a healthier lifestyle is the way to go in the current times when climate fluctuations and environmental hazards, UV rays, and pollution have been a concern. So, cut out the alcohol and cigarettes to get thicker and stronger hair

Presenting Some Simple-to-follow Thick Hair Tips!

You may believe that taking care of your hair is only possible by getting a treatment at the saloon. Well, it might help you greatly, but what if you can have that salon-like shine at home? Improving hair texture indeed asks you to adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes several factors. However, here is a tried and tested trick that helps to enhance the hair’s texture: 

  • Massage your scalp with a nourishing and cold-pressed hair oil for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Take a fresh towel, dip it into hot water, and wrap it around your hair after trapping the steam
  • You can change the towels during the process if you feel the heat isn’t sufficient enough
  • Unwrap your head and gently move your fingertips on your scalp to speed the blood circulation on the scalp
  • After a gentle massage for 5 minutes, rinse off your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. This will help remove dust, grime, sebum, and other toxins from your scalp 
  • Take apply some conditioner to your strands and your tip
  • Wash off your hair after keeping it for 10-15 minutes, depending on your hair type
  • Let your hair dry naturally, and ensure to apply hair serum on your hair on your damp hair for a smooth combing

Doing this once a week improves your hair texture and blood circulation. This would neatly sum up a spa treatment. Another pro tip would be avoiding styling products or blow dryers. We recommend adhering to these simple rules for a month, and they will help increase thickness of hair. You may also use a toxin-free nourishing hair mask to strengthen hair roots and reduce dryness.

long and thick hair

Reduce stress 

Many studies conclude that a surge in stress levels heavily influences hair growth. It also leads to many untoward results like premature graying or frequent hair fall. This could make your hair seem to lose the charm and bounce that it once had. Thus, it is critical to be in shape mentally if you wish to have thick hair. 

Stress management is one vast topic to get the hang of. However, you can start engaging in hobbies you are fond of, like painting, dancing, or reading a book to get started with it. The second thing is to reach out to those who understand you and can talk to you about anything. Interacting personally is the best cure to keep your anxiety at bay. Then, do yoga, exercises, and meditation -these activities will help keep your mental health in check.

Hair care products that promote long and thick hair

  1. Onion Hair Oil 

You may try our Onion Hair Oil. It controls hair breakage, prevents split ends, and repairs dullness. This toxin-free hair growth oil primarily features onion, a powerhouse of essential nutrients and vitamins which helps with hair growth. It is also enriched with Castor Oil, Amla Oil, Bhringraj Oil, and Almond Oil, providing nutrition to the hair roots and making them stronger.

  1. Happy Head Shampoo

Our Happy Heads Shampoo is worth investing in. It repairs the scalp, strengthens the hair cortex, improves blood circulation, and adds bounce to your hair. It features Horse Chestnut, Bhringraj Extracts, Amla Extracts, and Biotin that help add shine. 

They also cure itchiness and dryness in hair. This shampoo also offers enhanced antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent dandruff and lice. We recommend following it up with a toxin-free conditioner and hair oil for the best results.

  1. Rice Water Shampoo 

Our Rice Water Shampoo is made with the nourishment of Fermented Rice Water, Keratin, Wheat Protein, etc. These ingredients act together on the damaged scalp and rough tresses. It provides strength to hair follicles and promotes newer strands to growth. In addition, it also improves blood circulation and heals the irritated scalp.

  1. Onion Conditioner

Our Onion Conditioner is a powerful assembly of ingredients like Onion, Coconut, Sweet Almond Oil, and Coconut Triglycerides. It helps control hair fall and prevent hair breakage and split ends. In addition, this hair conditioner treats dull and damaged hair and strengthens the follicles.

  1. BhringAmla Hair Oil

An Ayurvedic mix of 15 medicinal herbs, our BhringAmla Hair oil helps you increase the thickness of your hair. It is beneficial in repairing frizzy and tangled hair and stimulating blood circulation. In addition, its regular use helps keep the hair appear glossier, bouncy, and thicker.

Recalling the key highlights from the blog  

  • Keep your diet healthy 
  • Avoid tight pony or bun
  • Use gentle hair care products
  • Limit the use of styling products
  • Protect your hair with a wide hat or scarf 
  • Avoid hot showers
  • Massage your scalp
  • See a good doctor

Wrapping up

Thicker hair and bouncy locks are a dream of everyone. However, the unstoppable waves of varieties and options may cloud your purchase decision. And opting for a product that suits our hair type is the research you don’t want to mess up with. First, however, follow these tips for hair growth and thickness.

Since harmful chemicals may cause various side effects, you should use hair care products made of safe and gentle ingredients. There is always a perfect match for every hair type, and once you find your perfect products, you will look no further. 

  1. How to make your hair thicker?

    Thickening hair isn't an overnight process. Hair thinning occurs due to many factors, including genetics, poor diet, excessive use of hot tools, and environmental triggers. Experts advise taking proper nutrition, using toxin-free hair care products, and avoiding heating tools to improve the quality and density of hair. They also advise using a volumizing and clarifying shampoo to cleanse the scalp. You should also massage the scalp with safe and toxin-free hair oils made of Coconut, Olive, Rosemary, Onion, Jojoba, and Almond.

  2. What is thick hair?

    The average thickness of human hair is 0.003-0.005 inches, and anything below this standard is considered thin and flat hair. Thick hair refers to the density or volume of hair. If you have fuller hair or have healthy growth on your scalp, it means you have thick hair. It has been said that the volume of a ponytail represents the thickness of hair.

  3. Can thin hair become thick again?

    Yes, it can. However, if it is genetics, it is nearly impossible to change the volume of your hair, but you may work on issues like hair breakage, split ends, and hair fall. You should work on your health and wellness quotient to make your hair thick again.

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