Happiness is flipping naturally straight hair with no tangles. Some women are born with soft and smooth tresses while others often struggle with unruly hair. Then comes the special cases of curls, straight, and short hairs, and they all prefer to style themselves in their own beautiful ways. We suggest that next to the expensive salons, you may also avail of some amazing curly hair smoothening at home.

These solutions run on the back of curating a personalized hair care regimen and help tame frizz with regular application. Our experts add that you should also consider changing your lifestyle and dietary preferences. We also recommend that you opt for matching toxin-free hair care products to boost the effect and look just as flawless as you want!

Do you put too much effort into styling your hair every morning?

Salon-like straight hair has always been in trend, making women want to try so much on locks. From home remedies to using styling tools, the list of things we do for gleaming and healthier hair could run for miles on end. However, these procedures work differently for everyone because we all have different hair types and textures.

We have different hair growth levels, hair texture, volume, and length. Curly or coarse hair needs more expert treatments than any other hair type. So, the only thing that comes to the rescue is hair smoothening for men. It helps cure the dryness and unruliness of the hair and provides it with adequate nourishment.

What is Smoothing hair?

Hair smoothening is a specialized chemical treatment to tame unruly and unmanageable hair. It’s done by professional hair stylists using a formaldehyde solution to saturate the hair strands with moisture. The strands are then blow-dried and straightened with a flat iron. This helps out the cuticle and delivers lost protein into the strands, thus making them smoother and shinier. 

Unlike hair straightening, hair smoothening is a quick solution for someone wanting naturally straightened hair. The latter reduces frizz and dryness, though it takes over three to five months to complete. It does not give you as much straight hair as that offered by a permanent hair smoothening solution.

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Types of Hair Smoothening Treatments

Any hair procedure that uses keratin protein for straightening hair is called keratin hair treatment. There are two different types of hair smoothening procedures that target keratin fibers to improve hair texture. They are called Brazilian Blowout and Thermal Hair Conditioning.

Both treatments use the same strategy of applying a chemical relaxer to break the disulfide bonds between the hair. The resulting gap is then sealed with the chemicals using a flat iron for a glossy finish. A hair care expert may opt for various chemical relaxers for different hair textures or types. 

Here are the two types of treatments you may opt for:

1. Brazilian blowout (or Keratin Treatment)

Brazilian blowout or Keratin treatment involves using chemical solutions like methyl glycol or formalin. This process releases formaldehyde vapors in the air when a hot flat iron is applied to the strands. 

It does not change the hair’s tensile structure, as happens in other permanent solutions. Instead, this process coats the strands with a layer of keratin. This flattens the cuticle and reduces damage or dryness, thus making the strands smoother and shinier.

Did you know? Keratin is a naturally-occurring vitamin that your body produces naturally. It makes your skin, nails, and hair stronger. 

2. Thermal Hair Conditioning

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Japanese hair smoothening replaces the internal bond of hair. The hair’s cellular structure looks like a spiral staircase that is shinier when healthy. In this treatment method, the strands are straightened by coating them with a glycolic acid derivative called thioglycolate. These chemicals may break the natural bonds between the hair’s atoms, and this change can be made permanent by applying heat.

The hair care expert then applies another layer of chemicals to lock in the newly formed bonds. Left for some time, this will make the existing strands permanently straight. It would also preserve the original texture of your hair. The only drawback of this treatment is that it may cause some protein loss due to the chemical relaxers. 

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8 Benefits of Hair Smoothening

Smoothening of hair is said to be less detrimental to hair than straightening. However, overdoing the keratin treatment or a lack of post-hair treatment can make your hair frizzier. The key advantage of hair Botox or Keratin treatment is that it can be used on chemically treated hair. It is incompatible with other chemical relaxers used for hair smoothening. 

We advise you to consider the following benefits of smoothening curly hair-

  • It makes your hair look naturally straight and smooth. 
  • It adds strength to dull, lifeless, and limp hair. 
  • It aligns hair and prevents alterations, keeping the hair structure intact. 
  • The hair tangles very less, leading to reduced hair breakage and loss. 
  • It saves you time with no need to use straighteners daily in the morning. 
  • Adds shine and luster to the locks, making them manageable. 
  • You can always go back to your previous hairstyle
  • Impressive results for every hair type. 

Side Effects of Smoothening Hair At Home

While long or short hair smoothening appears to be the simplest and easiest way to save you from the mess that comes with frizzy hair, it is certainly not the best option. Here are some of the most common side-effects of smoothening your hair:

  • Hair fall: Chronic hair fall is the most common hair smoothening side effects introduced to the roots. It makes the hair follicles wear out and fall off from the roots. This leads to frequent and excessive breakage (or hair fall) before and after hair smoothening treatment. Done incorrectly, it could even make the strands lose their natural strength.
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  • Dry and damaged ends: People think of hair smoothening as a shortcut to manageable hair. However, the excess use of heating tools during the treatment could result in a loss of moisture from the follicles. This often leaves the ends dry and damaged.
    Certain toxic chemicals may penetrate the scalp and weaken the roots even more and thus make the hair brittle. So, you should use a nourishing and toxin-free hair oil before rinsing or availing this treatment. Regularly oiling your hair will protect the hair from external damage. 
  • Dandruff: The worst thing post-hair smoothening is a dry and flaky scalp. Dandruff can affect your hair health, dominating other hair woes. The chemicals used during the treatment leave residue on the scalp, manifesting as dandruff flakes. Try our apple cider vinegar for hair dandruff range for your hair and keep them healthy and shiny.
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  • Dizziness, watery eyes, and skin rashes: The harsh chemicals may cause nausea and dizziness. The sensitive part of your body makes the skin susceptible to allergic reactions. Formaldehyde makes the epidermis layer of the skin itchy or red. Rashes, watery eyes, and allergic burns are common among people with sensitive skin.
  • Alterations in hair’s natural texture: Using amino acids and disulfide bonds between the hair break and rebound repeatedly. This could undo the excellent result of the treatment and make your hair straighter. It may also worsen the natural texture of your hair.
  • Hair discoloration: You may not notice every side effect immediately; some appear later in life without any cause. Applying chemically-enriched hair products (like hair serums, hair shampoos, and hair conditioner) can also lead to premature graying.

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  • May jeopardize health: Everything comes with pricing, and so does beauty. According to research, using formaldehyde for hair smoothening may cause lung problems like asthma. Inhalation of the gas produced by this chemical can cause breathing and other respiratory issues.
  • Stress: Hair smoothening requires commitment. You need to invest time, money, and energy to care for smoothened hair and prevent external damage. The stress required to maintain that shine takes a toll on your everyday activities. You have to buy special shampoos, hair serums, and conditioners to ensure the effect does not disappear.
  • Greasy hair: Greasiness or oiliness is another unwanted clause linked to hair smoothening. You have to apply specifically formulated serums to maintain the hair texture. Consistently using these serums may make your scalp greasy, allowing the scalp’s natural oils to be produced in abundance to cope with waste buildup.

Post Hair Smoothening Care Tips

Building an effective hair care regimen can help shrug off the side effects of hair smoothening. So we sat down with a group of influencers and beauty experts to get all the details on post-hair smoothening. 

This is what could work for you:

  1. Chemicals like sulfate and phthalates can negatively impact hair’s health, making them crimped. So, always use sulfate free hair shampoo to rinse off your hair. Use tap water to retain moisture. 
  2. The first wash should be after 48 hours of hair smoothening or straightening. 
  3. Do not tie your hair in ponytails for at least two days to prevent limp. 
  4. Ensure your hair stays straight while you sleep. Do not tuck your hair behind the ears. 
  5. Do not wash your hair for the next three days.
  6. Avoid coloring your hair for the next six months or so. 
  7. Opt for a wide-toothed comb or padded brush. 
  8. Take care of your chemically-treated hair using a smoothening hair mask or head oil massage. 
  9. Limit styling tools to prevent additional heat from penetrating the scalp. If you wish to blow dry your hair, use it in a cold setting. 
  10. Apply hair serum after every rinse to protect your hair from external damage. 
  11. Do not oil-massage your hair for the next 15 days. You may use hair growth oil to nourish your hair with nourishing ingredients after this period. 
  12. Get your hair trimmed once in three months. 

You can use Mamaearth Rice Water Hair Mask to hydrate and strengthen chemically treated hair. Made with the Goodness of Nature, it doubles up with the famous Southeast Asian skincare remedy called rice water. It is made of fermented rice water, milk protein, and keratin that help repair damage and smoothen hair.

Wrapping Up!

Hair smoothening treatments have taken over the world. But well-favored as they may be, you should educate yourself about this procedure’s benefits and side effects. You should also follow it up with personalized post-hair treatment care. One should opt for toxin-free hair smoothening products that are formulated for chemically treated or smoothened hair. 

You can check out Mamaearth’s exclusive range of hair care products crafted with the goodness of nature. Our safe, gentle, and toxin-free range helps repair the bonds between the hair and nourishes them with potent ingredients. So get your pack of goodness now! Choose this argan care range products range and add them in your haircare routine.


  1. Is smoothening good for hair?

    Yes. Hair smoothening is better than permanent hair straightening. It makes hair look naturally soft, makes it manageable, provides nourishment, and adds shine to the lifeless or limp hair. It does not alter the hair's internal structure but only smooths out the cuticle. 

  2. How to reduce hair fall after smoothening?

    Regardless of which type of hair straightening procedure you want to work on, the hair can only manage a certain amount of chemicals and heat. So you should give your hair that extra TLC to prevent hair shedding. You should also follow a post-hair care routine to condition and hydrate your hair.
    You should use a toxin-free shampoo, wash your hair with tap water, and apply leave-in conditioner, serums, collagen, and polypeptides especially formulated for chemically treated hair. Opting for toxin-free haircare products (like those offered by Mamaearth) will help improve your experience. Humectants also help retain moisture in the hair, thus helping control damage.

  3. What is the difference between hair straightening and hair smoothening?

    Hair smoothing and straightening are chemicals used to smoothen or straighten untamed and unruly hair. Hair straightening involves applying two or more layers of chemicals to change the internal bond of hair and then flattening the hair with a hot iron. It breaks the bonds in the hair, straightens them, and seals the newly formed bonds.
    Hair straightening is permanent compared to its counterpart, hair smoothening which does not introduce so many harsh chemicals to the follicles. Besides, it adds a coat of keratin onto the shaft to smoothen the cuticle. As a result, it leaves the hair naturally straight, soft, and smooth. Although the results may vary from individual to individual, the procedure lasts for 3-5 months.

  4. How long does hair smoothening last?

    The effects of hair smoothening are temporary and typically last for several months, depending on your hair type, the products used, and proper post-treatment care.

  5. How does the hair look after smoothening?

    Smoothening makes hair look naturally soft, removes frizz, gives shine, and adds strength to lifeless or limp hair. It does not change hair structure, instead delivers protein to make hair straight and tangled.

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