Shikakai (also known as soap pod in English) often ranks among the most trustworthy traditional remedies for almost any haircare issue. Along with its companion Reetha, this prominent Ayurvedic remedy finds several takers in the Asian subcontinent. Many haircare experts too adore this natural root for its astounding ability to empower hair roots and drive our toxins.

Its sane and regular shikakai uses for hair could even help draw out some of the worst and long-standing issues on the scalp. For example, if you have been to the North Pole and back to find a cure for your hair’s dryness and dullness, you can try washing your hair with a soap pod thrice a week. You might also want to pair it up with Reetha (Chinaberry in English) and lemon to reduce infections and dryness.

Did you know? The best thing about shikakai is that it works equally well for all hair types and textures and people of all age groups.

What is Shikakai?

Shikakai or soap pod is a proven, traditional Indian ayurvedic herb known for its multiple medicinal uses in skin and hair care. Also known as Acacia concinna, it is native to Asia and occurs as a climbing shrub. It has oblong-shaped dark brown pods, bipinnate leaves, and pink flowers. 

Soap pod is a gentle cleanser that wipes away dirt, grime, and excess sebum from the scalp without disrupting the scalp’s natural oils. It also hydrates hair from the roots, providing relief from dry scalp and itchy scalp. 

Besides being of utmost value to hair, Ayurveda vouches for its usefulness in holistic wellness. Shikakai helps treat common hair care issues like dryness, dullness, frequent and excessive hair fall, and split ends.

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Nutrients of Shikakai

The shikakai plant is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants that help promote faster hair growth naturally and help maintain its luster. Ayurvedic texts suggest that this medicinal plant could reduce bacterial infections, and help eliminate inflammation or itchiness. 

In addition, its antibacterial properties stop bacterial growth on the scalp, thus reducing inflammation and itchiness.

Why Shikakai is good for hair?

Shikakai NutrientShikakai Benefits
AntioxidantsHelps improve hair growth by maintaining the collagen in the connective tissues of hair follicles
Vitamins (A,C,D,E,K)Support hair growth and provide nourishment to the hair follicles
Antibacterial and antifungalPrevents scalp infections and conditions such as psoriasis, eczema
SaponinCleanses hair, add sheen to the hair and makes them silky

Shikakai Benefits for Hair

Here are some excellent uses of shikakai for hair growth. 

1. Controls hair fall

Pollution, harsh climate, excessive use of styling tools, and stress often weaken the hair follicles. Persisting with such triggers could make our hair prone to breakage. This is why teens and young adults experience more hair fall than their parents.

An ill-advised and excessive use of chemically-enriched shampoos and conditioners may also aggravate the situation. By using a soap pod, one may reverse this onslaught and have better results for one’s hair care plans. This shrub’s antioxidants and vitamins nourish hair follicles and prevent them from becoming coarse. 

2. Prevents dryness

Native to Asia, this climbing shrub moisturizes hair roots. It acts like a natural surfactant that gently cleanses hair follicles, reduces excess sebum, and retains moisture. Since it also maintains hair’s natural luster, it is an ideal treatment for dry and dull hair. 

Among some of the least-known of shikakai benefits for hair is that it also helps in hair regeneration. Applying it directly or using a toxin-free shampoo containing this ingredient could help significantly in this respect.

3. Detangles hair

Textured and damaged hair gets tangled easily. Such detangled or intertwined hair tends to fall or break more easily, and combining such hair seems overwhelming. This medicinal shrub cleanses your scalp gently and helps it retain adequate moisture. This makes detangling easier than ever.

4. Cleans scalp without affecting the natural pH

Using harsh cleansers can remove our scalp’s natural oils and hydration. Applying a paste of shikakai, amla, and reetha helps remove dust, grime, and excess oil from the scalp. Its regular application will make your hair healthier and stronger. It may also help treat excessive dryness or itchiness on the scalp.

4. Slows down premature graying of hair

One of the trickiest of all hair care woes is premature graying. Grayness results from a lack of nutrients on the scalp and worsens with stress and seasonal changes. 

Smart and judicious use of shikakai in one’s hair care regimen can delay premature graying and enhance the longevity of the hair. This shrub has vitamins (A, C, D, E, and K) and antioxidants that decrease oxidative stress on the scalp.

5. Prevents split ends

Most of the chemically-enriched hair care products offer unfavorable results in due course of time. The best way to get past it is to get a haircut and use a nourishing hair serum or oil afterward. One may avoid split ends by working on one’s health and wellness. 

Using shikakai oil for hair could also help. It contains many antioxidants that play a perfect foil to flyaway or split ends. Regular use of soap pods on the scalp could also reduce the hygral stress caused by the free radicals on the scalp. In addition, it would also boost sebum production in the scalp, thus making hair roots stronger.

6. Promotes faster hair growth

The hair needs proteins and moisture to grow. Shikakai benefits hair by making it thicker and stronger. It naturally promotes volume, rejuvenates the sebaceous glands, and prevents free radicals from damaging follicles.
So, if you want to increase the length of your hair, you should include shikakai in your hair care regimen. Or you can also use a shikakai-based sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for the best results on your hair. Try argan care range products for improving hair growth.

shikakai benefits

Recommendation: Give a try to our Mamaearth Rice Water Shampoo, made of natural ingredients like rice water, keratin, and wheat protein to repair damage hair.

7. Treats dandruff and reduces white flakes

Dandruff is quite prevalent in all parts of the world. Haircare experts advise that using a soap pod-base shampoo helps nourish the scalp and relieve signs of dandruff and itchy and dry flakes. Its antifungal properties also reduce fungal infection and reduce itchiness and hair loss. 

8. Protects hair follicles

Hair growth instigates at the bottom of the hair follicle, which comprises protein cells. One of the crucial ingredients that boost collagen synthesis (a structural protein in the skin) is vitamin C. Thankfully, shikakai is saturated with vitamin c, which nourishes hair and promotes better health. 

9. Heals wounds faster

Because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, shikakai provides a soothing solution for the inflamed or infected scalp. It also helps with slight scalp cuts and abrasions. Its regular application also helps to maintain the pH level of the scalp. 

10. One-of-a-kind hair cleanser

Shikakai gently rinses off the impurities. Unlike chemical-laden soaps, it swipes off dirt, pollutants, and grime from the scalp. It also acts like a natural cleanser because it retains natural oil from the sebaceous glands without making the scalp dry and itchy after the hair wash.

Mamaearth Shikakai Hair Care Range

We use the goodness of shikakai in our hair care products to give your hair much-needed love and care. It is a traditional solution to address the most common hair concerns. Made with safe and natural ingredients, our hair care range effectively treats many hair care issues.

Enriched with herbs, nourishing and essential oils, our shampoo and conditioner penetrates deeper into the scalp, repairs split ends, promotes and strengthens hair, and restores softness regardless of hair type, length, and texture. You can also check out other products, such as hair masks or serums, to coat your locks with nothing else but nourishment. 

Let’s have a quick look at our Amla, Shikakai and Bhringraj hair oil , shampoo, and conditioner. Our BhringAmla range has Shikakai to saturate hair follicles with vitamins and minerals. 

BhringAmla Hair Oil

This super enriched hair oil is a blend of 15 Jadi Buti, including Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai, Manjistha, and Neem. This product keeps your hair stronger and healthier. It is 100% natural which is why it nurtures the roots, controls breakage, and reduces dandruff. The oil also slows premature graying and dullness, giving you black and bouncy hair. 

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You can use it along with Mamaearth Hair Growth Oil or Booster to amplify its results according to your particular concern. It is also safe for chemically treated hair. It is made of natural ingredients and is thus safe for chemically-treated and colored hair. 

  1. BhringAmla Shampoo 

This intense hair repair treatment is an herbal blend of Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai, and Brahmi. This hair shampoo is specially formulated with oils crafted with an ancient Ayurvedic process called ‘Kshirpak Vidhi.’ It is a process in which ‘Kshira’ or cow milk is combined with ayurvedic herbs, cooked, and prepared with patience. This amla hair products range is best for hairfall and hair growth.

With the goodness of medicinal herbs and natural oils, BhringAmla Shampoo nourishes hair from root to tip. It makes the hair healthier and stronger from root to tip. It prevents gray hair, softens strands, moisturizes flyaway hair, and improves scalp health. It also enhances hair growth and increases volume, making your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Safe for chemically treated hair: This shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and toxins such as Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, & Dye.

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  1. BhringAmla Conditioner

Mamaearth BhringAmla Hair Conditioner takes care of lifeless hair. Hair that is exposed to sun damage, pollutants, and heating tools becomes unmanageable even more. And here comes to the rescue- our BhringAmla range of hair care products for hair nourishment. 

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This hair conditioner revives hair to its natural color, boosts keratin synthesis, and makes locks softer and shinier. 

It is extremely moisturizing, so regardless of your hair concern, Mamaearth BhringAmla and Shikakai range make a one-of-a-kind solution. It is suitable for all hair types, so if you have frizzy or lifeless hair that needs to be tamed, this product is worth a try. 

Summing up

Oils extracted from herbs have a special significance in the context of Ayurveda. They tend to be extremely potent for improving hair health and scalp environment. Ayurvedic hair care is just one part of holistic self-care. This is why we focus on the Goodness of Nature to help you have the best hair care experience at home.

Shikakai is one such herb with amazing benefits for hair. So if you want to pamper your hair a little more, you should opt for shikakai for hair enhancement. 


  1. Is shikakai good for hair?

    Shikakai is an Ayurvedic herb that is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. It promotes hair development, controls hair fall, battles dandruff, and adds bounce and sheen to lifeless hair. Shikakai is used in many shampoos and conditions for its rich content of saponins. This natural foaming agent gently cleanses the scalp and maintains a healthy hair environment. Plus, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of this “fruit for hair” tame itchy or irritated scalp.

  2. What is Shikakai?

    Shikakai, or Acacia concinna, is an Indian Ayurvedic herbal medicine. It has a host of benefits for the skin and hair. As a result, it is extensively used in hair treatment and health. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins (A, C, D, E, and K), shikakai works like a gentle cleanser for hair. It nourishes the scalp, fosters hair growth, and prevents premature greying.

  3. How to use Shikakai?

    Shikakai powder can be used in two ways for hair wash. You can use it along with other herbs such as Heena, Reetha, and Amla to make a nourishing hair Lep. However, if you want to save yourself from the mess, you can use natural shampoo with shikakai as an ingredient.
    We recommend you opt for Mamaearth BhringAmla Shampoo enriched with the goodness of Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai, and Brahmi. These ingredients have relevance in holistic hair growth. The time-tested Ayurvedic components in the shampoo ensure that the scalp is cleansed thoroughly, the roots are strengthened, and the hair receives maximum enrichment. Plus, this sulfate-free shampoo penetrates deep within the roots and stimulates the hair follicles, leading to improved hair growth.

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