Dark circles, discolorations, and dark patches on one’s face are unwelcome signs of a weak skincare routine. But developing crows feet under eyes is something much worse than that. These fine lines appear under the eye sockets and are difficult to remove using makeup. It is not even possible to apply a heavy layer of makeup to the local skin.

These signs usually come around with age and get harder to remove with the passing years. Crows feet are called thus because they look like straight lines running haphazardly in random directions. They look like creases on the skin and are most easily visible when you are smiling or crying.

Crows Feet Occur Under and Around The Eyes 

These blemishes are a cruel antithesis to all age-defying endeavors and may quickly render even the best anti-aging products look worthless. You may want that natural look with a dark shadow under your eyes but this blemish would make it much worse. This is what makes crows feet so very unwelcome. 

The crows feet are one of the most common skincare issues and may appear as early as mid-to-late-twenties. After that, they get deep as years pass on. In addition, various skin problems on the face, such as blemishes, acne scars, or pimples, can significantly change how you feel about your skin.

What are Crows Feet?

Crows feet are the thin lines that are unnoticeable and start to appear at the outer corners of your eyes. They begin as fine lines around the eye and become prominent with time. It is helped by the condition that the skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face. This causes the facial muscles to lose more moisture and shrink from the corners of the eyes. 

There are two types of facial lines that cause crows feet:

  1. Dynamic facial lines: These lines are caused due to facial muscles. Expressions such as smiling and crying may cause dynamic lines to form as outlines around those expressions. These lines may also develop on the forehead while squinting. Dynamic lines disappear after one has made a certain facial expression. 
  2. Statical facial lines: This type of crows feet wrinkles and becomes worse with the sun’s harmful UV rays. They may also be caused due to squinting or frowning. Static lines are long-lasting and stay on the face until they get treated professionally.

What Causes Crows Feet?

The human way of making facial expressions requires repetitive expansion and contraction of our facial muscles. This causes wrinkles. But there are some other reasons too for this phenomenon and we are explaining them next:

  • Aging: One of the facts about the human body is that they age with time. This is due to the chronological order of aging and photoaging. Our skin was healthier, plumper, and firmer when we were kids or teenagers.
    But as we age, our skin loses its elasticity due to reduced essential nutrients such as collagen and elastin. As the deficiency of these essential nutrients increases in the skin, the epidermis begins to form the face crows feet.
    • Deficiency of nutrients in the skin cells: The presence of proteins such as collagen and elastin are essential to maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity to your skin. Lets’ see how they support our skin health. 
    • Collagen- Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein that is made of essential amino acids. It provides structure to the body’s skin, hair, nails, bones, ligaments, and other body parts. This protein is found within the body’s connective tissues and provides skin cells the strength and volume they need.
      This protein accounts for 75% of our body weight, but with age, it decreases, resulting in the loss of support and suppleness. It also gets affected by a variety of environmental stressors. 
  • Elastin- Like collagen, elastin production in the skin gets affected as age increases. Elastin promotes the skin’s elasticity and does not retract as much once stretched. Therefore, the skin stays wrinkled even when your muscles return to resting, causing the crows feet
  • Less secretion of sebum: Our sebaceous glands reduce sebum production with age. This sticky layer of oil keeps our skin moisturized and hydrated. Regularly moisturizing the skin helps prevent dry and flaky skin, thus preventing crows feet. 
  • Reduced fat content in the skin cells: The aging process is natural and it begins by reducing the fat content in the skin cells. The fat content in the dermal White Adipose Tissues (dWAT) decreases, thus reducing facial volume. This also causes the tissues to drape over and form creases or folds on the skin. 
  • Reduced GAGs and PGs in the Skin: Apart from elastin and collagen, several other essential proteins such as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and proteoglycans (PGs) are present in the skin.
    These water-binding sugar molecules between the dermis and epidermis layers keep the skin texture firmer. Reduced GAGs and PGs with age could make your skin more prone to crows feet eyes
  • Other Disorders: Prolonged exposure to UV rays, genetic disorders such as excessive dryness, and lifestyle disorders such as poor diet, inactive daily routine, or insufficient sleep can also contribute to this issue.
crows feet wrinkles
  • Act Stronger if you see Crows Feet on Face 

While makeup can be a temporary fix to other signs of aging, the crows feet face can get worse with time if not treated. Unfortunately, getting old is a natural part of life that cannot be overlooked. As our age increases, our skin also gets older, which makes the signs of aging more prominent.

The good thing is that you may get rid of these fine lines on your face with some lifestyle adjustments. We will guide you through some qualified guidance on the topic and how you may adopt a healthy lifestyle practice. We would also offer qualified advice on adding a toxin-free anti-wrinkle cream to treat these signs of aging more effectively.

Preventing Crows Feet on the Face: Easy Tips You Can Follow

Normal aging is an inherent part of life. No one cannot avoid it or stop it. However, crows feet can be delayed with some of the healthy lifestyle tips. These tips can be used both before and after the formation of these blemishes. 

  1. Follow a balanced diet: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to the skin’s vitality and overall well-being. Healthy foods such as essential fats, proteins, vitamins, and oils offer various health benefits. They also help reduce cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk. 
  2. Limit sugar intake: Excess sugar levels in the blood bind collagen, preventing it from functioning through glycation. It leads to the breaking down of protein as sugar generates inflammation.
  3. Keep your skin hydrated and protected: Hydration is the key if you want to go a long way in preventing signs of aging. Dry skin is prone to losing elasticity much faster than hydrated skin, resulting in wrinkles. It is best to avoid smoking because it dehydrates the skin cells.
    One should keep one’s body hydrated by drinking three to four liters of water daily. It also helps to apply a lightweight moisturizer with antioxidants and SPF to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays. This lightens the crows feet on face.
  4. Avoid washing your face all the time: We advise you to avoid washing your face more than two times a day to keep its protective barrier intact. The latter safeguards the skin’s store of essential moisture, natural oils, and protective lipids. They help keep the skin adequately hydrated and thus prevent signs of aging. 
  5. Practice facial exercises: Consult your eye and skin specialist to learn about some facial exercises that help you get healthy skin. Some easy-to-do exercises will strengthen your muscles around the eyes and prevent crows’ feet.
what are crows feet

Getting rid of Crows Feet using Natural Remedies

  • Natural acids: Natural acids such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) are derived from fruits. This helps shed dead skin cells and other toxins faster. This helps in revealing younger and healthier skin.
    Some more potent AHAs and BHAs promote collagen production, thus helping treat crows feet. One can opt for fruits with citric acid or glycolic acid, or hyaluronic acids, such as lemon juice and green tea. 
  • Eye creams with natural ingredients: With advanced science, many brands have started offering natural skin care products with incredible benefits. They contain essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin (A, C, and E), Green Tea, or peptides. An anti-wrinkles cream contains natural ingredients and is a safe option for sensitive skin. 

We advise you to opt for Mamaearth Bye Wrinkles Face Cream, enriched with Green Tea, Collagen Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycerin. This anti-wrinkle face cream effectively treats wrinkles and fine lines, maintains skin elasticity, and makes skin firmer.

  • Hydrating products: Next comes up the products that can plump up your skin, which can only be done with water-binding ingredients. You may thus opt for skincare products made of Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, and Aloe vera.
    They are humectants that absorb the water, keeping them plump and bright. They will also help reduce the appearance of crows feet and treat wrinkles.
crows feet around eyes

How to get rid of Crows Feet?

Skincare experts believe getting rid of crows feet is possible by following a skincare routine designed to provide deep hydration and nourishment. We are offering some of the integral aspects of such a regimen below:

  1. Cleanse properly: The first step is to cleanse the dirt, excess oil, and any makeup residue built on the topmost layer of the skin. Use a good-quality face wash made of natural ingredients and gently cleans your skin.

We advise you to opt for Mamaearth Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash, enriched with the goodness of Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid, and Neem. This face wash helps purify the skin gently, calming down inflammations and removing the excess oil on the skin. It kills any bacteria on the skin too.

  1. Exfoliating your face: Exfoliating your skin with a potential face scrub helps deeply cleanse your skin, allowing healthy skin cells to grow. Grounded coffee seeds work as an effective and inexpensive exfoliating body scrub. 

Scrubbing your face with a scrub prevents the occurrence of crows feet around eyes. We advise you to opt for Mamaearth Ubtan Face Scrub, backed by natural ingredients such as Turmeric, Saffron, Walnut, and Coconut Oil. It helps gently exfoliate the skin by removing the impurities and letting the skin breathe. Mask up: Wearing a face mask might not be so important to you, but it is a highly effective way to treat crows feet in both men and women. If you seriously want to get clean and plump skin, we advise you to apply a hydrating or anti-aging face mask for 15-20 minutes.

Opt for a Mamaearth Rice Water Bamboo Sheet Mask, enriched with Rice water and Coconut Milk. It effectively lends a clear and bright skin by hydrating it deeply.

  1. Balance out your skin’s tone: An effective face toner is vital for a skincare routine as it rejuvenates the skin by providing certain nutrients and initiating a deep cleansing action. Consider opting for Mamaearth Green Tea Face Toner, backed by Green Tea and Collagen. It helps tighten the skin pores and maintain the skin’s pH levels.
  2. Wear an SPF-enabled moisturizer: Do not forget to give your skin adequate hydration after clean-up. It helps in locking up the moisture in the skin. It is better to opt for a face moisturizer that contains sun protection formula to provide the skin with hydration and protection at the same time.
  3. Apply an eye cream combo: The best way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face is to add an effective eye cream for crows feet. You may pair it with a face wash and a face serum too.
    We recommend opting for Mamaearth Skin Illuminating Face Serum and Bye Bye Dark Circles Combo. It contains Vitamin C helps reduce fine lines and provides a radiant glow.

 Pro Tip: If you ever feel under-hydrated during the day, get a refreshing boost of moisturization with hydrating face gel. It will boost hydration and soothe skin inflammation.

Summing up

We smile, laugh, cry, and make many more facial expressions that leave memorable memories. The appearance of crows feet results from skin aging, a natural process that no one can prevent. However, a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of your skin can go a long way in delaying multiple signs of aging.

  1. Why do I have crows feet?

    Excessive usage of muscles that control your eyes when you squint, smile, or frown can cause early wrinkles around the sides of the eyes, known as crows feet, to form. Genetics and lifestyle also play a part in forming crows feet.

  2. At what age do you get Crows feet?

    Some people might get crows’ feet from their skin in their mid-twenties. Otherwise, it is normal for crows feet to form when people are in their thirties.

  3. Can you get rid of Crows feet naturally?

    Of course. You can use various natural ways to get rid of crows feet naturally. For example, one can opt for fruits with citric acid or glycolic acid, or hyaluronic acids, such as lemon juice and green tea.

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