Pimples and acne scars can sometimes be cruel because they remind us of our failing skin care practices. Nothing can be more dangerous than waking up to fresh acne breakouts that constantly attract the attention of everyone you pass by or meet. Pimple scars and acne can be very stubborn and even take months to leave your face. Removing pimples and scars can be stressful but it is still possible. 

A few years back, the skincare industry needed to be developed, and only limited options were available. But now, plenty of options are available in the market that help us achieve the perfect complexion. But unfortunately, several signs of aging, such as pimples, fine lines, blackheads, and acne scars come in the way of achieving clean and clear skin. 

In addition, one of the biggest shifts in the skincare industry is the shift to the natural phenomenon of life. This phenomenon is not restricted to practicing only healthy eating habits and doing regular workouts, but it also considers using toxin-free skin care products. You may attain clear and bright skin with healthy practices by using such products and following a healthy lifestyle.

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For example, when removing pimple scars naturally, you can trust natural ingredients such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Niacinamide, Tea Tree, Neem, and Glycerine. If you’re looking for glowing skin, you may opt for Vitamin C, and if you want to get rid of oily skin, you may consider charcoal-based products. 

The development of pimples, scars, and acne probably tells you you’re not taking good care of your skin. Skin is the largest part of our body. Therefore, taking good care of your skin is important if you want healthy, happy, and spotless skin. 

Fun fact: Some people may even start to have acne as late as in their fifties and sixties!

How do Acne Scars Develop?

Before knowing the development of acne scars, you should know about the process of the development of acne. It is a common skin condition that results in regular breakouts of pimples on the face, forehead, chest, shoulders, and upper back. 

When our skin pores become clogged due to dust particles, impurities, excess sebum, and the build-up of dead skin cells, they form pus-filled acne or pimples that penetrate deep inside the layers of the skin. 

When the skin heals naturally through stimulating blood vessels, which involves the various factors leading to skin inflammation, collagen production triggers, when they break down, they leave depressed marks called acne scars and holes in the skin.

Why do Pimples/Acne Appear on the Skin?

Wondering how to remove pimple scars naturally from the skin? To treat them from the root cause, you may need to identify the factors that result in acne or pimple breakouts on the skin. 

Check for yours for the following reasons.

Reaction to a new ingredient: You may have identified a new ingredient or a product likable to your senses, but your skin does not like it. If your skin does not like it, it will try to remove it from your body or skin by forming pimples on your skin. This process is called purging. If you notice the development of pimple scars even after 3-4 weeks, the new skincare product or ingredient is not right for your skin. 

Genetic disposition: Some people are born with acne-prone skin. It is not their fault at all. If your parents suffer from pimples or scars, you’ll likely suffer acne sometime in your lifetime. 

Hormonal imbalance: Chances are that you may have been stepping or are in your teens. This is the time when our body goes through the phase of puberty. During puberty, our body undergoes several hormonal changes, which can change our skin type and make it prone to skin disturbances. Although it takes several years to regulate hormones, pimple-prone skin can be treated with various healthy practices. 

Sedentary lifestyle: Leading a stressed lifestyle in your mid-20s is another factor that may lead to acne on your skin. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of healthy workouts, stress, and other healthy practices can cause various body changes that increase sebum production in the skin. This disbalance leads to acne and pimples.

Dehydrated skin: If your skin often goes dry and is not supplied with essential hydration or moisturization, it may form pimples due to excess sebum on the skin. Apart from using natural moisturizers and hydration for your skin, ensure adequate fluids daily.

Harmful weather conditions: Prolonged exposure to harmful weather conditions, such as dry & humid climates, directly affect your skin. This causes acne, which gets inflamed and irritable in the skin. Also, a harmful environment damages the skin barrier.

How can you Treat those Pimple Marks Naturally? 

If you’re looking for a natural way to treat those zits on your face, you may try natural ingredients such as Neem, Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, or Niacinamide. While you don’t have to use them directly on the skin, you may try products formulated with natural ingredients. 

For removing pimples and scars, you can rely on Mamaearth Acne Marks Reduction Kit completely, as it is safe and toxin-free. It includes the tea tree oil-based face wash, a Niacinamide-based face serum, and an apple-cider vinegar-based face moisturizer. 

Mamaearth Acne Marks Reduction Kit

Acne Marks Reduction Kita

Fights Acne & Pimples | Controls Excess Oil

While we discuss each of their benefits thoroughly, let’s have a small glimpse of each ingredient. Neem helps in purifying the skin and combats the occurrence of acne and pimples. Along with keeping the unwanted bacteria at bay, apple cider vinegar maintains the skin’s pH levels and always keeps the skin toned and hydrated. 

Exploring the benefits of natural ingredients for acne-prone skin

Getting rid of pimples and scars is more challenging than it seems. There are many chances that it may return to the skin after some time. But, if you pick the natural ingredients, you may effectively treat these rigid signs of aging from their root cause. This should be followed by adopting a healthy skincare routine and healthy life practices.

While the latter is a topic to discuss later, first, we will discover the benefits of our hero ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Neem, or Niacinamide. 

1. Discovering the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar 

Naturally extracted by crushing the apples and formulated by fermentation, the apple cider vinegar for skin is backed with powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties that make the skin clean and clear. 

– Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most effective natural exfoliants. They are a great source of AHAs that assist in the gentle purification of your skin by removing dead skin cells from the skin. This keeps the signs of aging away and ensures glowing and youthful skin.

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– It is a mild acid that helps restore the natural pH balance of your skin by combating harmful external factors, cleansing the skin from deeper layers, and providing it with enough hydration. This makes the skin soft, smooth, and supple.

– Apple Cider Vinegar contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help in calming down skin inflammations and provides you relief from sunburns or inflamed skin.

– It is fully loaded with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties that help remove pimples and scars, keep the bacteria at bay and inhibit their formation.

– It eliminates the odor by killing the odor-causing bacteria caused due to sweat.

2. Discovering the benefits of using tea tree oil

Derived from the plant called Melaleuca alternifolia by the steam distillation process of fresh leaves, it is a pale-yellow colored oil and has a fresh camphor-like odor.

– Tea Tree Oil contains anti-inflammatory and microbial properties which penetrate deep into the skin pores, remove harmful toxins, and fight the clogging of pores. It also reduces and eventually removes pimple scars.

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– It contains essential antioxidants that make the skin radiant and glowing.

– It is enriched with hydrating properties that make the skin moisturize up to deeper layers of the skin. 

3. Discovering the benefits of Neem for skin

Neem is a years-old and time-tested plant for your skin. It is known for its purifying and skin-cleansing benefits. In addition, it is a medicinal plant used to formulate ayurvedic medicines, beauty care products, and bathing products.

– Neem is naturally loaded with beneficial compounds and essential antioxidants with antiseptic and healing properties. It helps treat acne and remove pimples and scars without leaving any spots on the skin. It also protects the wound from infections.

– If you’ve oily skin and are suffering from acne, then neem-based face cleaner is perfect for your skin as it unclogs the skin pores and removes the bad bacteria. As a result, it purifies the skin and makes your skin acne-free.

– Artificial soaps do wade off natural oils from the skin. However, using neem-based soap doesn’t remove the skin’s natural oils. Instead, it contains natural fatty acids and Vitamin E that treats dryness and moisturizes the skin.

– It purifies the blood, promotes blood circulation, and encourages collagen production, which averts signs of aging that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

– The antiviral and antibacterial properties of neem reduce skin inflammations and reduce irritation, making the skin healthy.

– It evens skin tone by treating skin pigmentation and reduces the visibility of tan, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Tips for Removing Pimple Scars

Treating your pimple scars and pimple holes and achieving clean & clear skin on your face is easy if you regularly follow a dedicated skincare routine for your skin type. Here are some tips that can effectively remove pimple scars from the skin and transform your dull & tired-looking skin into a young and bright one. 

1. Keep your face clean: Deep cleanse your face with a hydrating face wash. It helps remove the build-up of unwanted bacteria, impurities, and excess sebum on the skin from deep inside the pores.
It would be best to treat your face with the Mamaearth Acne Marks Reduction Kit. Wash your face with toxin-free and natural face wash such as Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash to prevent the occurrence of acne and pimples.

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2. Take a nap every day: Need more sleep? Well, that may result in the formation of different signs of aging on your face. If you desire to achieve beautiful, happy, and young skin, you need to get enough sleep, about 7-8 hours. Sufficient sleep reduces stress and lowers the signs of aging by initiating skin cell turnover.

3. Scrubbing your skin: To achieve healthy and radiant skin, letting your skin breathe is crucial. Getting rid of dead skin cells with a gentle face scrub purifies your skin pores and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells.

4. Doing a facial massage: A regular massage with face oil rejuvenates the facial skin by relieving muscular stress. A regular massage on the face with natural oils reduces fine lines, tightens your skin, sheds off dead skin cells, and reveals a natural glow on your skin.

5. Tone up your skin: An AM-PM skincare routine with the help of face toner that enhances skin health by clearing out the epidermal layers of the skin of any dirt or residue. In addition, it hydrates the skin, tightens the skin pores, balances the skin’s pH levels, and treats various signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and pimples.

6. Take a nutritious diet: Incorporating essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into the diet helps skin cells. It also makes the skin more even textured, healthier, more radiant, and more beautiful.

7. Deliver essential nutrients to your skin: Supplying your skin with essential nutrients via a powerful-packed natural face mask helps you to encounter skin breakouts, removes pimples & scars, and calms down skin inflammations caused by external factors.

8. Forming a habit of working out daily: Besides making your skin cleaner and clearer, regular exercise also benefits your overall health. It helps enhance your blood circulation by releasing the bad toxins from the body that make your skin glow naturally.

9. Use a Water-based & Oil-free Moisturization: With the Oil-free Apple Cider Vinegar Face Moisturizer in Mamaearth Acne Marks Reduction Kit, you can effectively reduce & prevent acne development and pimples. In addition, it keeps the skin smooth and glowing.

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10. Remove makeup before hitting the bed: You may feel very tired and lazy when you return home and might immediately go to bed. But are you aware that sleeping with makeup on your face can worsen your facial skin? It can make your skin dry and dull by damaging collagen.

11. Use a face serum: By applying the Mamaearth Skin Correct Face Serum in this kit, you can permanently fade acne scars, reducing the appearance of skin blemishes. This serum contains Niacinamide that limits the overproduction of sebum and helps decrease pore size. This helps increase the skin’s elasticity by working on fine lines and wrinkles.

Some extra tips you may use:

1. Avoid over-drying your skin

2. Keep track of triggered foods.

3. Do change your pillowcase regularly. 

4. Do calm down the pimples with ice.

5. Avoid squeezing, picking, or popping the pimple.

Wrapping it up

With the above tips, we guess we’ve managed to share every piece of information that will help you remove your pimples and scars. However, do not avoid acne or pimple problems, as they may worsen and lead to other skin problems. Mamaearth Acne Marks Reduction Kit will effectively help you treat your acne, pimples, and other signs of aging and yield brighter, more beautiful skin. 

However, if you’re searching for natural beauty products, you have landed at the best place. At Mamaearth, we carefully formulate the products by choosing natural and safe ingredients for the skin. Mamaearth is home-grown and Asia’s 1st MadeSafe Certified Brand that delivers healthy, glowing skin.

FAQs :

  1. How to remove pimple scars from the face?

    With the help of various artificial treatments, you can effectively remove pimples from your face. However, we advise you to trust natural ingredients and products based on natural ingredients for removing pimples from your face.

  2. Can pimple scars go away?

    Most acne scars fade out on their own as the skin cells start regenerating. However, it is advisable to use anti-acne products to accelerate the process. It is important not to pick the pimples or apply any poor-quality products because that will worsen the scars.

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