Zero hair breakage is a closed function of healthy hair growth and is a much sought-after result aimed by many hair care enthusiasts. While we all dream of having a good hair day every day, it seems unachievable. Relatable enough? It sure is.

We all have very dynamic lifestyles these days. From getting the most expensive machines to getting instant filter coffee to not having time to brush your hair before hitting the bed, the hustle is real. This article will discuss the concept of hair breakage, its causes, and possible treatments to combat it. Read along!

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Definition - What is hair breakage?

When your hair strands snap and look ragged, get split instead of being healthy from the scalp to its ends, the condition you face is known as hair breakage. It makes your hair look brittle and deficient in nutrition. You could have this hair problem if you face hair thinning issues and see short hair strands stuck in your comb while combing your hair or styling. You may also see some split ends on the hair strands. 

It is easy to confuse frequent and excessive hair fall with hair breakage. Although the difference between the two is minute, yet significant enough to differentiate them. Hair experts have simplified it for us, and we are here to help you understand them better.

Hair fall Vs. Hair breakage - What’s the difference?

- Concept: Hair fall is the hair loss trouble you face when your hair follicles become finer and weaker, thus reducing the volume of your hair. On the other hand, hair breakage is slightly different. It is the breaking of your hair shaft. It makes your strands smaller and results in split ends too. 

- Causes: Hair fall could occur due to many reasons. They could range from genetic issues to bad diet or improper lifestyle. Sometimes, stress could also be a factor. Hair breakage has many causes, such as mishandling your hair’s natural health. In addition, it can also be caused due to using hair styling or coloring products excessively.

- Effects: Hair fall results in hair loss troubles, reduction in hair volume, and hair thinning. It may also lead to permanent baldness if not treated in time. On the contrary, hair breakage can reduce hair length, causing split ends, roughness, and hair damage. 

Causes of hair breakage

1. Poor eating habits: Who would ever say no to those amazing fries or that last slice of pizza you fought to get your hands on? But sometimes, eating a lot of junk food may adversely affect your hair health adversely. So, the next time you see split ends forming on the ends of your tresses, give the ratio of junk food you had for a larger portion of the month.

2. Excessive hair brushing: Are you a little picky about how your hair has to look for the day? Do you end up brushing your hair every time it gets a little messy? Excessive brushing is one of the main reasons why hair breakage occurs. Studies have shown that you should brush your hair as and when required and not throughout the day. 

3. Using regular towels: Have you been using the same towel to dry your hair that you use to dry your body with? The standard towels are usually very harsh on our hair. Compared to our skin, our hair's texture is fragile and more prone to breakage when dried with regular towels. 

4. Too much stress: Be it hair loss or hair breakage, stress is linked to both of them internally. Studies have shown that having a highly stressed lifestyle or daily routine can often lead to hair breakage and permanent damage to your tresses. 

5. Irregular visits to the salon: A nice haircut and a quick makeover add to a high dose of positivity for the mind and body. Unfortunately, as busy as life can be, these visits to self-care to the salon often tend to get irregular, calling for hair breakage. Sometimes, all you need is a regular haircut!

6. Too tight hairstyles: Feeling like making a messy bun or a high ponytail because they just don’t get off the trend list? As amazing as these hairstyles are, you need to understand that too-tight hairstyles do not do justice to your hair health. Instead, they damage your hair shaft gradually, resulting in hair breakage. 

7. Excessive dryness: Lack of adequate moisture makes your hair more vulnerable and prone to breakage and damage by external aggressors. Many factors can make your hair condition worse than it already is, and this is where using a hair conditioner could help. 

8. Overuse of hairstyling products: From those hot curls to silky smooth and straight hair, if you already have a style picked for every occasion, you are a pro. But amidst this chaotic adventure is your hair’s silent signal calling for a break. Overusing heating and styling products can cause severe hair damage if the hair strands are not backed with adequate nourishment later.

9. Thyroid troubles: Thyroid troubles are of two kinds - hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The former is one where there exists a lack of vital thyroid hormones related to hair growth. If you face hair breakage too often, you may need a health checkup to take the right action. 

Solutions for hair breakage

You may think that hair breakage isn’t treatable, but it is. If tackled correctly, it is a condition that will help you bring back your hair’s natural health. Here are some of the most long-lasting and proven remedies for hair breakage of all time:

- Intake of a balanced diet: Many underestimate the power of eating all kinds of food. Some of us prefer proteins, and others believe fibers are more important. The catch is that both nutrients are equally important and you should find an intelligent mix of the two in your diet. This will offer the required nutrients necessary for hair growth.

For instance, you should include a fair share of pulses for protein, leafy green veggies for essential vitamins and minerals, and fruits for fiber. It positively impacts your hair growth and pushes your body toward a healthy diet.

- Balance the stress: Attending last-minute meetings, setting up urgent deadlines, and working late can be more stressful than usual. Decluttering your work schedule and managing your priorities can help you reduce stress levels. In addition, it helps in improving hair health internally. 

- Carry your natural style: Who said your hair must look perfect all day? Let those tresses be as they are. Quit using excessive heating or styling products and chemicals on your hair. Your hair - be it wavy, curly, straight, or twirly, feels best when it is natural. Let them flow because being you is the new cool!

- Trim those locks: If you aren’t too comfortable with changing your looks every time you visit the salon, this is one of the best treatments for hair breakage. Trimming helps remove split ends, naturally making your hair look even and voluminous. So, it may be chop-chop time if you think your long tresses are not flowing as they should be.

- Deep condition those tresses: Lack of moisture and hydration comes from less or no hair conditioning. This makes your hair look dull, dry, and more vulnerable to the external environment. After a head wash, your hair is vulnerable and could break just as easily if it is not provided with adequate conditioning soon after. It is better to use a hair conditioner that works towards protecting your hair effectively. 

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- Use the right products: Sometimes, using the wrong products can have a catastrophic effect on the hair. Check for the shampoo you pick for your hair type. Also, use a hair conditioner that complements the cleanser you picked for yourself. The right combination of hair care products is the key to treating your locks well. 

- Use the products right: While many think we use these products correctly, we don’t. Knowing the correct sequence of products, usage quantity, and directions to apply is vital to see the desired results. You may have the right products, but it might be a waste of useful resources if you aren't using them right. 

- Improve your sleep cycle: Although you manage everything at your own pace and comfort, sometimes there is a big compromise of a good night’s sleep. When you sleep, you give your body time to recharge and repair the cells that have been damaged throughout the day. Cutting down during this time will adversely impact your hair and body. 

- Brush your hair right: You may have heard the importance of brushing your hair at least a hundred times a day. It is a myth. Facts state that you should only brush and comb your hair while styling or when needed. Doing so helps keep your hair strong, smooth, and free from damage. Known to be one of the most amazing hair breakage remedies, try it for yourself and see the magic unfold.

- Loosen up the style knots: Tight and rigid hairstyles can make your tresses suffer a lot more than you know. Try making loose knots, braids, or a lighter, messy bun that feels comfortable. It would make you feel lightheaded and a lot more fashionable than you think you can be! 

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If you are still up and surfing the Internet to get your answer to how to stop natural hair breakage, you need to pause and turn towards nature. It may be the last resort for all your hair troubles, but trying the solutions it has to offer will only help you better.

We bring you closer to the Goodness of Nature. Our skincare and hair care products are natural, free from hazardous ingredients, and have long-lasting benefits. We thus recommend you try our Hair Fall Control Kit to get rid of your hair care woes.

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Mamaearth Hair Fall Control Kit

As we just mentioned, the importance of using the right products, Mamaearth Hair Fall Control Kit comes with a power-packed combination of three amazing products. It consists of the following:

a. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil: As oiling is the first step to follow before cleansing, this hair growth oil comes with natural ingredients that nourish and nurture your hair. It primarily contains Onion Seed Oil that helps improve blood circulation and hair growth. 

It also hydrates your hair and keeps the scalp happy and nourished. Being crafted with natural ingredients, it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins that may hamper hair growth and is not tested on animals. Also, it can be used by both men and women.

b. Mamaearth Onion Shampoo: A safe and gentle hair shampoo that keeps hair fall and breakage at bay. Mamaearth Onion Shampoo caters to your hair fall and growth needs. It also contains Redensyl, which helps boost hair density, increases its volume, and shields it from external environmental damage. 

It cleanses your hair with complete care and is free from Parabens, Sulphates, SLS, SLES, and artificial fragrances. It makes your tresses look happy and healthy with nature’s love. So, lather, rinse, repeat!

c. Mamaearth Onion Conditioner: A conditioner that promises healthy hair growth. Mamaearth Onion Conditioner has the goodness of Plant Keratin, which helps create a protective barrier for your hair. It also softens and smoothens your hair naturally by giving it a nice bounce! So, soft, silky, shiny hair is just a conditioner away! 

If you wish to restore your hair’s health quicker, try using Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask. It helps restore the lost nutrients from your hair and gives it a naturally shiny and healthy look! 

Summing Up!

Hair breakage is easier to tackle if you need more time and resources. We know that traditional hair care methods may seem like an awful lot to do, but you can achieve your hair goals by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using the right products. 

Self-care may not be your priority today, but do not let it fade from your to-do list forever. Hair care and self-care go together, and they complement each other well. So why not take a step toward them today? Happy hair days to you!


  1. How to stop natural hair from breakage and shedding?

    If you want to stop natural hair from breakage and shedding then you can mamaearth hair fall control kit for hair growth and scalp nourishment.

  2. What is hair breakage?

    When your hair strands snap and look ragged, get split instead of being healthy from the scalp to its ends, the condition you face is known as hair breakage. It makes your hair look brittle and deficient in nutrition.

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