We are all sorted with a preferred shampoo and conditioner that leaves our hair smooth, bouncy, and lifted. However, it won’t hurt to grant our hair that extra pampering to achieve the softness and thickness it deserves. Of all hair care products, hair serums appear to be one step ahead. From smoothening the texture to adding ease to styling sessions, these active-based hair care products play a huge role in hair care. This blog will highlight some important information on choosing the best hair serum, its uses, and its application.

Getting hair shown in a shampoo commercial isn’t a one-step process. Your hair’s texture is affected by various factors, including UV rays, excessive usage of harmful chemicals, pollutants, etc. While coping with the environment remains challenging, replenishing hair into its real texture is even tougher. What works as a remedy in this situation is how we tackle the targeted concerns. 

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Reduces Frizz & Tangles | Minimizes Hair Breakage

First, it’s important to figure out the hair type and the cause of the issue before settling for an effective treatment plan. Adding a serum to your hair care routine makes your hair manageable and reduces frequent hair fall. In addition, it can strengthen those nasty split ends that make our hair look flat. Packed with hydrating agents, this haircare product is super-moisturizing and helps tame flyaways and frizzes easily.

What is Hair Serum, and what is it usually made of?

Hair serums are usually packed with phytoextracts, essential oils, biotin, etc. When combined, it lends plenty of moisture to the hair to lubricate the dehydrated scalp and frizzy strands. It also helps seal the strand’s moisture and protects the hair from UV exposure, styling treatments, and pollution.

Most people prefer using the serum for hair growth due to their potency to fight dryness, lifeless tresses, and damaged cuticles. In addition, women or men with rough hair or chemically-treated ones find the anti-frizz qualities of a hair serum helpful. Equipped with the ability to detangle hair, it nourishes the scalp and hair, making it shinier and softer. It is usually a silicone-based product that provides the hair with a coating to nourish the fibers. Whether styling, untangling the knots, or softening the tresses, using a good-quality serum for hair is a great help. However, you should not apply it directly to the hair roots, or it may make your hair stickier and greasier.

Its softening qualities help effectively seal down ragged hair cuticles to provide them with adequate conditioning. As a result, it defines the texture of hair, gives it a smoother texture, and makes it appear smooth and voluminous.

Will hair serums make your hair grow?

Genetics plays a critical role in determining the pace of hair regrowth, which differs from one person to another. However, do not ignore that multiple factors lead to drastic hair fall. Typically, hair loss is caused due to hormonal issues. For instance, one can experience hair fall postpartum or due to overthinking and stress. 

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The hair follicles are usually affected to the extent that it may stop hair growth. Therefore, you cannot use a serum for hair to promote faster hair growth, but you can still use them to improve the quality of your hair follicles.    

Summarily, here are some of the best-known uses of hair serum:

– It lends a noticeable sheen to your hair and provides intense nourishment to the scalp.

– It reverses the damage caused by UV rays, pollution, and other environmental stressors.

– It wards off frequent hair breakage and safeguards your hair from being rough and lifeless.

– It gives the flexibility and volume to try different hairstyles.

– It unlocks the nasty tangles, making them more manageable and less prone to damage.

– It transforms your bad hair day into a good one in no time.

Using a serum for hair: Benefits

1. Repairs damaged hair

Hair serums are an effective remedy to repair damaged scalp and hair. From taming frizz and flyaway to nourishing hair follicles, they give it a fuller volume. They are also helpful in averting the spread of split ends that can weaken hair follicles. 

A good-quality serum for hair contains essential oils and natural extracts that nourish hair, repair dead skin cells, and stimulate blood circulation. These active-based products also provide a protective sheath to lock in moisture and tackle the adverse effects of styling tools.

2. Improves hair growth cycle

Hair growth depends on various factors; thus, we should practice a healthy lifestyle and employ a targeted hair care routine. However, these serums are considered an effective remedy to block the activity of 5 alpha-reductase, which contributes to hair loss. 

In addition, choosing a well-formulated hair growth serum for women and men helps stimulate dermal papilla cells. These cells play a huge role in regulating the development and growth of hair follicles. 

3. It defines curly hair

People with curly hair are always worried about their curly tresses. From managing it to keeping it untangled, it requires attention to look after curly hair. But if you have such concerns, worry no more. Again, switching to serums could help lock in the wave and define better hair volume. 

Note: You may also back it up with hydrating hair oils like sweet almond, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and argan to bring noticeable changes to hair texture. 

4. It relieves chronically dry hair

Hair serum provide essential nutrition to relieve dry and brittle hair, untangling the nasty knots. You may opt for the leave-in ones that can be left overnight to give lifeless hair the volume it needs. Serums containing keratin and biotin are usually best suited to keep the tresses frizz-free. 

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Boosts Hair Growth | Adds Strength & Shine

When applied on wet hair, combing the strands is easier, making it more manageable after hair wash. Besides strengthening hair’s tensile strength, the serum makes hair appear healthier with every use.

5. It protects against heat and pollution

We have a humid climate made worse by UV radiation and pollution. These factors affect hair health, weaken the scalp, and cause more hair fall. Thus, it is critical to adhere to a hair care routine. 

A good-quality serum for hair should contain oils of lavender, castor, and jojoba that help soften the hair and nurture the scalp. While such oils detangle hair, keratin and biotin have the properties to provide hair the complete production from UV rays.

How to use a Serum on Hair?

Using a serum for hair correctly allows the strands to absorb the nourishment of the ingredients it is made of. If you wonder how to use hair serum rightly, here is a series of steps that you may follow to get the best results:

a. Find a product that matches your hair type

It is very important to find the best serum that compliments your hair type, whether dry, oily, or normal. We advise buying serums made of nature-derived ingredients. You may opt for ingredients such as castor oil, rice water, onion oil, coconut oil, biotin, etc.

We are home to a wide range of products for all your hair care needs. Our serums are enriched with potent ingredients and hair growth oils that help boost the strength and shine of your hair. In addition, it protects, nourishes, and strengthens the hair, keeping the tresses healthy and shinier.

b. Wash your hair properly

Start with a thorough cleansing if you seek a solution to detoxify your lifeless tresses. A good hair cleanser and hair conditioner will yield wonders to your hair health. While cleansing is a non-negotiable step in the hair care routine, conditioning also plays a great part in hair care. For any such product to work, make sure your hair is dirt-free.

After cleansing, conditioning prepares your hair to soak in the goodness of a serum. So, ensure your hair is all prepped up before using it.

c. Now apply the serum

The next step focuses on the even distribution of any serum for hair:

– Here’s the golden rule of applying a serum to your damp hair- you should apply it evenly on slightly wet strands to increase its effectiveness. This also makes its effect more long-lasting. 

– Now pump out a few drops of the serum on your palm and rub them properly with your fingertips. Rubbing it warms up the products and it spreads nicely into your hair.

– Now, gently apply it to your hair, from root to tip. While applying, ensure to go with gentle hands and exert the least pressure.

– Let the hair absorb the nourishment of ingredients and gently comb the hair to blend the product. Brushing your hair untangles the locks, this gives it a healthy and beautiful shine.

– We recommend repeating the process at least once every 15 days for the best results.

Our Bestsellers!

  1. Onion Hair Serum

Do you want a solution that complies with your hair care needs? From treating hair fall to keeping hair frizz-free, here is what soothes your rough strands- Onion Hair Serum! It deeply conditions hair with a natural blend of Onion Seed Extract, Biotin, Olive Oil, and D-Panthenol. Its gentle composition is safe for colored and chemically treated hair, delivering a sleek and frizz-free look. 

The sulfur in the onions effectively tackles hair breakage and thinning and provides strength to the scalp. So, let those good hair days return to you and make you fall for your tresses.

  1. Rice Wonder Water

Rice Wonder Water width=

Detangles Hair in 7 Seconds | Reduces Breakage

The secret that made everyone swear by it is here now- Rice Wonder Water! Seasoned with the care of nature, this serum is equipped with potency to reduce breakage, encourage shine, and strengthen the scalp. In addition, it exhibits the goodness of fermented rice water, castor oil, and keratin, all of which improve the elasticity and shine of hair. 

Rich in minerals and keratin, this serum promotes shine, making hair more manageable and less prone to breakage. So, give your hair the nourishment of nature with the wonder of rice water.

Things to remember

Here are some tips you should know while applying serum to your locks:

– Always go for a renowned brand when purchasing hair products. Whether applying hair shampoo, conditioner, oils, or serums, rely on the brand crafting products with effective ingredients.

– Avoid using serums on the roots of the hair; always apply them to your length. Also, do not rub it on your scalp.

– Serums are not supposed to be applied on dry and unwashed hair. Therefore, make sure you have washed your hair before applying them.

– Never layer your serum when your hair is dripping wet. Instead, apply it when your hair is damp and a little moist to absorb the goodness of formulations.

– Always comb your hair gently to distribute the formulation evenly into your hair. It delivers instant shine to your hair, making it look beautiful and voluminous. You can also try Mamaearth Castor oil for hair growth.

Key Takeaways 

The well-being of our hair relies on the attention and pampering we give to our hair. So while a good hair regime is critical, keeping our lifestyle preferences and dietary needs healthy is the need of the hour. Toxin-free hair care products provide the best nourishment to the hair cells.

At Mamaearth, our attempts are focused on sustainable products to provide toxin-free ranges to comfort hair and skin health. Our products are free from harmful chemicals like silicones, parabens, mineral dyes, artificial fragrances, etc. From nourishing hair mask range, and oils, we offer the best form of the Goodness of Nature. Being certified by Made Safe and PETA makes it even better.


  1. why we use the serum for hair?

    Hair serum relieves dry, flaky, and brittle locks. It reduces tangles and breakage, nourishes the scalp, and makes hair more manageable. Its low pH level effectively holds the hair fibers together to reduce hair damage and breakage. Besides, the nourishing ingredients in the serum should protect your hair from the damaging effects of styling tools, sun, pollutants, etc.

  2. When to apply the serum to the hair?

    Hair serums are supposed to be used after every hair washes on damp hair. Using hair serum on a damp lock from mid-lengths to ends lubricates hair strands, making it appear bouncier and shinier.

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