Puckered lips, dreamy eyes, and just the right outfit for the occasion – getting things right comes as second nature to you if you are a perfectionist. But, after all the chaos, a voice tells you when something isn’t right. From under-eye wrinkles to dark lips, there isn’t anything that does not have a solution. This read will discuss how you can naturally return to your gorgeous pink lips! 

Our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our face compared to most of our skin. This is because they are thinner, don’t retain hydration, and are too exposed, unlike the rest of the skin. As a result, our lips don’t have the same natural oils as the rest of the skin, making them quickly dry, chapped, dark, and cracked. That is why it is important to take extra care of dark and pigmented lips. 

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Causes of Dark Lips

A pigment called Melanin provides color to our skin and hair, which is also responsible for darker skin tone or dark lips. When the body produces more melanin, it produces a darker skin tone. There are a variety of reasons which are responsible for triggering the excess melanin production in the skin, causing darkened lips. 

Let’s discuss some of those causes ahead:

1. Not providing them with enough hydration:  

We have discussed the key role of hydration in balancing skin and hair health. It is quite essential because it helps make lips plump. Unlike our skin, our lips need much more hydration as they can’t retain moisture for much longer. Dehydration can make them appear dry and cracked. Therefore, drinking plenty of fluids and applying natural lip balm can keep them hydrated.

2. Not deep cleansing those beautiful lips:

Practicing a dedicated healthy skincare routine is essential for healthy skin. In the same way, a lip care routine is essential to follow if you want to keep your lips plump and beautiful. Gently exfoliating your lips with the help of a lip scrub assists in getting off the dead skin cells on the surface of the lips. It also provides the ground for new skin to breathe. 

3. Exposure to UV rays:

Dark lips are a condition mainly caused due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. This triggers excess melanin production in the skin cells and makes the lips darker. Therefore, just like a moisturizer with an SPF is non-negotiable for skin, a lip balm with an SPF is too essential for shielding your lips from harmful UV rays.

4. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption:

Besides being a reason for cancer and various other ailments, smoking also injures the sensitive skin cells in your lips. It is also a major reason for dark lips if you have noticed a dark line that forms carefully around the lips of people who smoke regularly. This is because nicotine and tar in tobacco get transferred to the lips, encouraging excess melanin production on the skin. This makes the lips dark over time. 

Consuming alcohol regularly may cause dehydration in the body. Not only does it cause some serious health effects, but it causes the body to lose fluids. In addition, it can dehydrate your lips, crack them up, and eventually lead to dark corners of your lips

5. Not able to figure out the right products: 

If you’re maintaining a proper lip care routine and still not getting the right results, there’s only one thing that can be blamed- your set of lip care products. Using artificially-sourced products may leave you with some allergies and may not take care of your lips properly. 

causes of dark lips

We recommend that you invest in natural lip care products that’ll help nourish the lips. You can opt for natural, safe, and dermatologically-tested products such as Mamaearth Tinted Natural Lip Balm, loaded with the goodness of Turmeric and Saffron. It offers 12-hour moisturization, effectively heals pigmentation, hydrates, and heals chapped lips.

6. Licking your lips:

Yes, dark lips can occur from constantly licking your lips, which may lead to hyperpigmentation. Due to the constant licking, our saliva might moisten our lips, but it also dries up them quickly, making them chapped and dry. 

7. Deficiency of essential vitamins:

However, if you’re not paying attention to what you eat, it can be one reason for dark lips. If your body isn’t supplied with essential nutrients and vitamins, your skin, lips, or even hair may face aging issues. They may lose their elasticity.

10 tips that would help a lot!

Unlike the rest of the skin, which is covered with 16 layers, our lips are covered with 3-5 layers of cells. Also, they don’t contain sweat or oil glands which can keep them hydrated always due to the lack of moisture and excess melanin production in the skin. Less moisture leads to dark, discolored, and hyperpigmented lips.

A perfect pout is only achievable when you have the right canvas to play on. So, apart from wearing your favorite lip colors, if you want a healthy pout, you also need to maintain a healthy lip care routine for dark lips and adopt some changes in lifestyle that would give you naturally healthy lips.

First, you should follow what you’re not following from the causes mentioned above that result in the darkening of lips. Then, with some easy remedies, lifestyle changes, and natural-sourced products, you can transform your lips into healthy ones and plump them again. 

Tip 1: Try a lip scrub:

Just like purifying your skin is important in getting rid of dead skin cells and other impurities, exfoliating your lips regularly with a lip scrub can help get rid of dead skin cells and effectively lighten dark lips by making them brighter and suppler. You can create a homemade lip scrub using lemon, honey, turmeric, and milk. 

Tip 2: Massage regularly with essential oils

Massaging has nourishing benefits for the skin. Be it a massage for your bones, skin, hair, or lips, it can improve blood circulation, which assists in achieving healthy lips. A gentle massage with coconut or almond oils at night will give supple and hydrated lips in the morning.

Tip 3: Keep them adequately moisturized:

Applying a hydrating and natural lip balm on darkened lips protects them from sun exposure, supplies them with effective hydration, and saves them from becoming dry and cracked. Also, a lip balm lightens dark lips by providing them with effective nourishment, which softens lips and treats pigmentation.

Tip 4: Try honey. It helps reduce inflammation

Backed by several anti-bacterial properties and healing benefits, honey can effectively cure damaged lips. Also, applying it saves your delicate lips from several foreign invaders that crack up the lips.

Tip 5: Drink three to four liters of water every day

Keeping yourself hydrated from the inside is as important as it is from the outside. Regularly drinking water keeps your body hydrated and healthy as it helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins and impurities from the body.

dark lips removal

Tip 6: Use a lip mask or lip gel: 

Applying lip masks on your lips is a great way to pamper delicate skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and nourishes the lips by lending them various nutrients. It also helps extract any impurities from the deeper layers of lips that make them brighten. 

You can create various lip masks at home with the help of natural ingredients such as strawberry, pomegranate, or lemon juice. Otherwise, you can opt for a safe and natural solution – Mamaearth Vitamin C Natural Lip Care Kit with Lip Scrub and Lip Mask, which helps get plump lips by gently exfoliating them and providing them with the complete nourishment they need. 

Tip 7: Remove your makeup every night before going to bed:

We know the urge to lie flat on your bed once you reach home after a busy day. But we suggest you wait to go to bed before getting rid of the makeup. Keeping makeup on your skin for long hours can dehydrate your skin, and even lipstick can darken your lips over time.

Tip 8: Check for the right ingredients:

When picking the product for our body, we advise you to pick the ones that do not contain artificial ingredients, such as harmful chemicals. You should also opt for lip care products that contain natural ingredients, such as fruit extracts. 

Tip 9: Enhance your gut health:

What we eat exactly describes what we will become. Therefore, our dietary habits will have a direct impact on our skin and our lifestyle. Internal inflammation can result in dark lips and a dark tongue. Avoiding processed, sugary, and non-organic foods will help you build a healthy diet that will assist removal of dark lips.

Tip 10: Prime up your lips: 

Most women forget to apply a primer on their lips before applying lipstick. A natural and hydrating primer such as coconut or almond oil helps set up a smooth base for the lipstick. It also acts as a protective barrier and shields your lips from getting dry and chapped.

Setting up a lip care routine for healthy lips

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you should maintain a dedicated lip care routine and skincare routine to keep your lips healthy. It is an easy lip care routine to ensure smooth, happy, and hydrated lips.

Step 1: Remove your makeup gently: 

If you’ve come up from work or a party and want to keep your lips intact, gently remove the makeup and lipstick from your lips with a natural makeup remover. You should use a wet wipe or damp cotton to remove the makeup, as a towel may cause itching.

Step 2: Scrub off the bad part of the lips: 

With the help of lip scrub, exfoliate your lips and clean off the dead skin and impurities on the lips and one’s deep inside the layers of the lips. Take a small swipe of lip scrub on your finger and gently massage it onto your lips in circular motions. Do remember to exfoliate your lips once a week. 

Step 3:  Apply a Moisturizing Lip Balm: 

Religiously following an AM-PM moisturizing routine maintains the hydration levels in the lips. As makeup and scrubbing snatch the moisture and essential oils from the lips, it becomes important to rehydrate them with a nourishing lip balm. A lip balm constantly keeps the lips moisturized and fights dryness in the lips. Remember to pick the one with a broad-spectrum sun protection formula that protects you from UV rays.

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Lip balm also supplies them with essential oils and butter that penetrate the skin and rejuvenate the health of the lips. Mamaearth has a wide variety of lip balms for both: tinted balms for your office looks and those that intensely nourish at night. You may try our Ubtan Lip Balm which offers 12-hour moisturization and helps heal dry and chapped lips. It features turmeric, honey, saffron, and coconut oil that moisturizes the lips and prevents them from darkening.

Step 4: Rejuvenate your lips: 

Applying an overnight lip mask at night can be a great idea as it is highly palatable. It contains essential oil and butter that help in restoring them overnight. Our lips shed off dead skin automatically when we are asleep. Applying a nourishing lip mask at night can heal your dry, chapped, and dark lips and transform them into soft and supple ones.

4 Creative makeup tips 

As we’ve mastered applying makeup, it’s time to test some hacks that can change your overall look. 

1. Try a colored eyeliner: Got bored with the same old black eyeliner? Try changing your current shade to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You can also interchange your old black color with olive green, light green, or indigo to match your skin tone. 

2. Trying the wet looks: If you’re a fan of getting those dewy and wet looks for beautiful portrait pictures, dot your foundation and concealer all over the face and blend it well. Then proceed with your favorite shades, blush, and highlighter.

3. Contour with a matching compact powder: With the contour stick, sharply carve out your cheekbones and jawline that can give you a snatched look.

4. Don’t forget the lipstick: Lips, too, deserve to be part of the best version of your face when it comes to looking best. You need to apply the lipstick that suits your makeup and skin complexion.

If you’ve dark lips and need lipstick for dark lips, you can opt for bright colors, such as orange, and nude lipstick with rich undertones. After applying lipstick, lock the hydration in the lips with the lip serum

Wrapping It Up

Anyone can suffer from dark lips, as it is a common condition. However, by paying special attention to the right care and products and adopting preventive tips, you can avert the condition of dark and damaged lips. Keeping up with a lip care routine and adopting healthy lip care products are the two main activities you can do to take care of your lips properly.


  1. Why are my lips dark around the edges?

    Darkening of the lips can be the result of hyperpigmentation. This is a typically harmless condition caused by an excess of melanin. Lip hyperpigmentation may be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, inadequate hydration or nutrition levels, or excessive smoking.

  2. How to apply lipstick on dark lips?

    If you’ve dark lips, use a nude/flesh-colored lip pencil to line the lips or to fill in the uneven patches before coating them with your favorite lipstick.

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