The best approach to making your skin look flawless is to apply the best-matching foundation shade. You might need to use an applicator or a brush for the means, and also a good application technique. But before that, you should also shortlist some foundation shades per your skin tone from the vast array of available products. Here’s how you can do that with ease!

There are several shades of foundation, and each shade is tailored to a certain skin tone. If applied correctly, the foundation may make you seem stunning, but if applied inappropriately, it can ruin your otherwise party-ready look. Applying the wrong shade of foundation makes you seem painted or caked.

Therefore, the first step in selecting the proper foundation shade is to know your skin tone. In that case, let’s begin. You may find some help in choosing the right foundation shade for your skin tone in this article.

Note: You may get a better appearance using a foundation with compact.

What is a Foundation?

A foundation is the first step in any makeup routine since it prepares your skin to absorb additional cosmetic items. It forms a base for applying makeup when mixed with a matching concealer. It improves appearance by covering various blemishes like pimples, dark spots, and fine lines. 

Picking the right shade for a foundation is important. Unlike lipstick or eyeliners, you cannot combine multiple shades. Therefore, a flawless foundation application and even distribution of tonal products are made possible by choosing the right foundation shade. In addition to correcting unevenness, it prolongs the effectiveness of other Colorcare products.

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A foundation serves these essential purposes. But it is not a skincare product that’s meant for everyone. It rather requires a careful assessment of one’s skin tone, consistency, desired level of coverage, and skin texture. 

How to Choose a Foundation Shade?

1. Know your undertone: Choosing the correct and best-fitting foundation shade depends on your skin tone and shade. People use these terms to describe their skin tone and foundation. 

The colors that peek through and give your skin a general tint are called undertones. Your skin’s color has nothing to do with undertones; it may vary with the seasons or if you obtain a fake tan, but your undertone will never alter. Warm undertones give the face a general peachy, yellow, or golden shine, while cool undertones give the complexion tints of pink, red, and blue. 

Warm and cold tones are spread equally in neutral undertones. Checking your undertone may be achieved through various easy methods, such as holding a white piece of paper near your face or observing the color of your veins. To accurately identify your undertone, do these tests, and then implement the best to choose the right foundation. 

2. Know about your skin type: Choosing a beauty product also depends on your skin type. There are four primary skin types: combination, oily, and dry. Applying the foundation appropriate for your skin type is essential. For example, one that reduces excessive oil production and has a matte texture is best for oily skin.

A foundation for dry skin delivers moisture without making the face oily. Choose foundations with a satin or dewy finish. Combination skin benefits greatly from smooth or satin-matte foundations, which provide a glow to the dry parts of your face. It does not offer a shiny glow though.

Note: If you want to look natural but looking to add a hint of colour to your lips then a nude lipstick is the perfect option.

3. Learn about your coverage requirements: Using a full coverage foundation for every makeup look is unnecessary. You should note that picking up a foundation depends on its coverage, which might be light, medium, or full. 

Choose a transparent or light coverage foundation if you only want to even out your skin tone rather than conceal everything. 

– Choose full-coverage dark foundation shades to conceal your imperfections, spots, and hyperpigmentation. This one seems the most skin-like and natural.

– With its full coverage and saturated color pigments, our Glow Serum Foundation offers a flawless look. A foundation with medium coverage resides in the middle and may frequently be built up to full coverage.

4. Pick a foundation’s shade from swatches: How often have you purchased a foundation after testing it on your hand or cheeks to see that it completely mismatches your neck? It appears unnatural and gives the impression that you are wearing a mask to have a foundation that does not match your neck. 

Applying it along your jawline is the easiest way to prevent having a harsh line. It would also help you have a distinct shade on your face and neck. To do so, apply some foundation to your jawline to cover your cheek and neck. By doing this, you can determine if the foundation matches your skin tone properly.

5. The secret is to be patient: The heat from the skin causes the foundation to oxidize after a few minutes, thus turning it orangish. To avoid this, it’s crucial to apply the foundation before it oxidizes to see how it will look. 

The foundation that initially matched your skin tone can become darker. Thus, before choosing a foundation the next time you’re at the shop testing them out, dab some on your jawbone and let it sit a few minutes to sink in.

Identifying your skin tone

The three primary categories of skin tones are light, medium, and deep. Regardless of our region, Indians usually have medium skin tones. You may note that darker skin tones are more common in Africa, whereas light skin tones are found in the Caucasian region.

Beige, tan, honey, and others can further categorize medium skin tones. It is difficult to find foundation shades for dark skin. But by following these essential guidelines, you can find the ideal shade for your skin tone. The term ‘skin undertone’ describes the natural color that appears through the skin’s surface from below. They are of three types: warm, neutral, and cool. 

Here are several techniques you may follow to figure out your skin’s undertone:

1. The wrist test or the vein test- It involves examining your veins’ color. These undertones can be explained in three ways:

– Warm- They are warm if they have a green or olive shade. This indicates the yellowish and golden shade under your skin.

– Cool- It makes you look trendy if they are purple or blue

– Neutral- You have a neutral undertone if you cannot identify the dominating color. In this shade, your vein shows a yellow and blue shade. 

The shade of the veins on your wrists may be used to determine your undertone and help you identify your ideal foundation shade. This test is difficult to understand but is the best way to determine your perfect foundation shade. You have a cold tone if you see blue veins flowing beneath the skin. You may have a neutral tone if you see a combination of green, blue, and purple veins.

2. The sun test- It indicates that you have a cool undertone if the sun causes your skin to get red. In contrast, you have a warm undertone if you tan quickly in the sun. We have a solution for frequent travelers who cannot determine their complexion because of sun damage or burns. No, not the sunscreen—even if you have a tan, we can still help you identify your undertone.

If you get completely red because of the sun, you have a cold undertone; if you turn brown, you have a warm undertone. These are the proper methods for choosing your skin tone and obtaining a flawless foundation, preventing your face makeup from looking gray or becoming darker. 

How to pick a Foundation’s shade?

Finding the ideal foundation shade becomes much easier once you know your skin’s hue and undertone. Most likely, you now have a few different foundation color options. Therefore, trying the shades on your skin is recommended to discover the ideal match.

Pick three colors that work well together to start. Next, draw a few small lines with a little of each color on your jawline (keep some space between them). Don’t simply think about your face while making the final choice; additionally, think about your neck. The foundation you select should match your face and neck color perfectly.

How to choose the most appropriate Foundation shade?

Remove the two swatches from the three that you don’t like. Then, apply the chosen shade evenly across your jawline and dab a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover across the area. You’ve found the right foundation if you can’t distinguish between it and your skin. But if you see a distinction between the two, stay away from this shade. Repeat the procedure until you discover the best-fitting shade.

How to make your foundation seasonally resistant?

Winters and summers call for different foundations for makeup. Our skin tone is darker and lighter in the summer and the winter. Therefore, it’s time to change foundations as soon as you notice that your favorite foundation needs to be fixed as intended. 

Knowing the types of foundations that will work for you is also helpful while getting ready for the season with your vanity. For instance, use oil- or cream-based foundations rather than mousse or water-based ones if your skin gets quite dry throughout the winter. Be sure to pair it with our lip balm and lip serum for the best results. 


Mamaearth’s Glow Serum Foundation, a thin foundation for normal to oily skin, minimizes pores for a natural matte finish. It has seven distinct colors and a 12-hour wear time to accommodate Indian skin tones. Made of natural ingredients, it provides a burst of color and tenderness that stays on to provide two times instant glow.

Take advantage of this foundation’s ideal buildability, allowing you to transition from sheer to thick coverage quickly. Wear the skin you feel most at ease with. Additionally, it has many skin-brightening qualities because of how beneficial Vitamin C and turmeric are. 

This unique, lightweight serum mix makes your skin rapidly hydrated, giving you a dewy, beautiful base free of greasiness or cakiness! Also, don’t forget to check out Mamaearth’s Colorcare range

Recommendation: Try Mamaearth Matte lipsticks Range and add velvety, smooth and supple finish to your lips.

Summing up!

Applying the right foundation can make or break your appearance, whether looking for a casual, everyday look or glamming up for a big occasion. Finding the ideal foundation is one of the most difficult aspects of purchasing makeup due to the wide range of hues, textures, formulas, and coverage levels available. 

The foundation will always stand out in your makeup collection, whether you have oily or dry skin or a light or dark skin tone. We hope the above-mentioned quick tips will make it easier for you to pick a foundation and become a foundation-buying expert in no time!


  1. How to find the perfect foundation shade?

    Follow these few steps to find the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone. Identify your skin tone. Determine your undertone. Perform a test on naked skin. Start with selecting the ideal foundation for your skin. Examine in the natural daylight. Make changes when the seasons change.

  2. How do I know my skin shade for foundation?

    When you gaze in the mirror, hold a white piece of paper on your face. Your skin has a warm undertone and color if it appears yellow next to the paper. You are cool-toned if you have a pink flush on your face. If you cannot choose between the two, your undertone is neutral.

  3. Should the foundation shade be lighter or darker?

    Beauty experts say your foundation should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. This is because when you add bronzer or contour, the foundation combines everything and gives your face a flawless look.

  4. How do I know if my foundation is too light or dark?

    You should ask for a sample, then test it on your jawline once you get home. When the color matches perfectly, it means that you've discovered the ideal shade. If you've chosen a shade that's too light, it could give the impression that your face is covered in an additional layer of skin.

  5. Should the foundation be lighter or darker than the face?

    If you're unsure, always use a slightly lighter tint than your skin tone. Doing this may keep your body's overall tone from seeming darker than your complexion. When uncertain about two shades that can appear too bright or too dark, it is the safest option to choose a lighter one.

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