Are you a makeup enthusiast? Do you love slaying your day like a fashionista? If you are a teenage girl or a working woman, chances are you would not start your day without matching your lipstick with your attire. Glamorous or nude, smoky or cool – any makeup look is incomplete without using the right nude lipstick color that complements your creativity. 

Applying makeup application is a piece of art. It needs precision, dedication, and expertise to master the much-needed style statement and create that signature look. With simpler steps and the logic behind them, it will get easier for you to grasp the concept. We are mentioning a step-by-step method you may use to boost your lip care routine. This would be preceded by how you may know your perfect lipstick color and skin tone.

Mamaearth Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick

Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick

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How to determine your skin tone and undertone?

Simply put, your skin tone is the color of the surface of your skin. Your undertone is the softer base color below the top surface of your skin. So you could have light, fair, medium, or deep (or dark) skin tone. Then comes a sub-classification of skin undertones. You could then have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. 

To determine your skin tone, here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. The jawline test: Your jawline may help you correctly determine your skin tone. All you need to do is wash your face and check this area under natural sunlight. The resulting perception could offer a light, medium, or dark appearance. 
  1. Ask your friends: Your friends know you better than you know yourself, isn’t it? Turn this saying true by paying a little attention to what they say about your skin. For example, if they say you look ‘fair,’ you have a light skin tone. 

But if they keep telling you, ‘you’re tanned’ or ‘you should not go out in the sun,’ chances are you have a darker tone. If winter makes your skin look pale, but summers make you look freshly tanned, chances are you have a deep skin tone. 

Now that you know how to determine your skin tone, here are some ways that may help you know your undertone. They are:

  • Test your veins: The veins on your wrist can be an ideal storyteller for your undertone. If they appear to be blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone. Similarly, if you have blue veins, you have a warm undertone. You may have a neutral undertone if it can’t be determined. 
  • Take the jewelry test: If wearing silver jewelry flatters your skin, you have a cool undertone. But, if gold jewelry makes you look radiant, you have a warm undertone. If both metals complement your complexion equally, you have a neutral undertone. 
  • The white paper test: You can test your skin’s undertone using plain white paper. Hold the white paper against your face and see if it looks yellow. If it does, then you have a warm undertone. However, if your skin appears slightly pinkish, you have a cool undertone. 

Being presentable is one of the biggest parts of everyday routine. Looking correctly dressed, wearing the right makeup shades, and using your best-suited hairstyle simultaneously make you look confident and beautiful. 

This is why knowing your skin tone and undertone is essential. It helps pick the right brown lipstick shades when applying cosmetics to your face. It also helps you select the outfits more carefully because you would tune yourself to select the ones that go well with your skin tone. 

Have you ever applied a foundation shade that suddenly made your skin look shimmery gray? Everything depends on knowing your skin tone and undertone well, from compact shades to using the right concealer. Once you do, more than half of your cosmetic troubles will be gone.

Hair stylists often show you shades that make your face look radiant. That is because they can easily determine your skin tone and undertone and give you a look that complements your face and skin. Whatever you want – streaks, highlights, or just a simple touch-up- depends on your skin. 

How to prep your lips before applying makeup?

Skincare involves cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face. But somewhere between these lines, we forget that our lips also have skin and need care and attention. Here’s what you should be doing to keep them supple and beautiful before applying makeup:

  1. Clean your face: The thumb rule of every skincare guide – cleanliness always comes first. We recommend you wash your face with a mild and gentle cleanser to wash away the dirt and skin impurities. It ensures that you are starting on a clean slate. 
  1. Exfoliate: It would serve you well if you washed your lips while washing your face. After you have patted them dry, you should take a toothbrush (with soft bristles) and gently rub it back and forth on them. This would help remove dead skin cells from them and give your lips a fresh look.
  1. Moisturize: Once you pass the exfoliation step in your lip care routine, moisturize your lips with a good lip balm. Usually, when you apply lipstick or lip gloss on dry lips, they might look dry and quivered up. 


You may make your lips look fuller and prettier with deep moisturization with Mamaearth’s Tinted Lip Balms in its color care product range. 

Now that you have prepped your lips, you should apply a primer to make your look last long without worrying about melting it on your face. Once it sets on your skin, you can apply the right shades of foundation, Kajal and concealer to cover the dark circles and give an even skin tone to your face. Next, apply some kohl to add a precision look to your eyes, and then apply a lip serum to complete the simplest and easiest makeup look!

You can always add variations to pep up your look. For example, you may apply some eye shadow on your eyelids to enhance the expressionist in you or apply a winged eyeliner to give your face the raw sophistication it needs. No matter what your look is, it is completely up to you. Don’t forget to spice it up with your smile!

best lipstick color for indian skin

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color?

Lipstick colors are in plenty these days. You name a shade, and you will see the number of variations that already exist in the market. Lipstick helps in giving your lips a vivid yet authentic look. It completes your recreated makeup look in a better way. 

Picking a lipstick color for fair skin can sometimes be as difficult as selecting a lipstick color for dusky skin. Your complexion plays an important role in determining which shades complement you the best. While you may start by selecting your preferred color, here are some other factors that you should also consider:

  • Know your skin tone: Nothing is more important than determining your skin tone. Once you know your skin tone and undertone, you will automatically understand which shades suit you best. In addition, you will have a better understanding of what gives your skin a better vibe altogether! 

If you have a fair skin tone and a cool undertone, opting for bright and radiant colors (like magenta, red, or pink) will give your skin a beautiful glow. However, if you pick a lipstick color for darker skin tones, you should pick more nude shades to give your face a peppy vibe! 

  • Know your undertone: Knowing your skin tone isn’t enough. Being aware of your undertone is equally important. It helps in finding the right shades for your lips. For instance, if you are looking for a lipstick color for brown skin with a warm undertone, you should try deep nude or dark pink shades to complement your skin. 

Bold shades for a dark skin tone and warm undertones can be dark red, bold pink, and lavender to give your lips a nice touch of beauty and sassiness. But, of course, your undertone is crucial in determining your makeup choices. From lipstick colors to eye shadows, it helps you have a more comprehensive collection.

  • Know your shape: The shape of your lips is important to consider when choosing lipstick colors for yourself. There are different shades for every shape. 
  1. Top-heavy lips: If your upper lip is heavier than your lower lips, enough to look fuller and plumper, you have top-heavy lips. You can use a bright shade on your lower lip and a slightly darker shade on your upper lip of the same shade to give your lips a nice, fuller look! 
  1. Bottom-heavy lips: If your lower lip looks healthier and plump than your upper lip, you have bottom-heavy lips. You should apply a shade that works well for your undertone, with a little tint of nude shade in the center of your upper lip. 
  1. Asymmetrical lips: Asymmetrical lips are quite common, and to make them look even and perfect, the steps are quite simple. First, you should pick the lipstick shade as per your undertone. Then, outline your lips with a lip liner in the same shade to add a fuller look and apply lipstick within. 
  1. Thin lips: Thin lips usually complement lighter shades better than flashy or dark colors. You can use subtle hues of red and pink. Nude shades will also look great on you!
  1. Plump lips: Plump lips complement dark shades better than light or nude lipstick colors. Glossy shades can make them look too flashy and might not work well with your outfit. 
  2. Know your hair: Your tresses flow carefree all day long. But do you think sometimes you love a lipstick shade, but it doesn’t look the same after you’ve worn it? Sometimes, your hair color might not add the right glam to your lips as it should. So, see what works great for you and complements your hair color simultaneously!

Mamaearth Colorcare Range

Mamaearth Colorcare products range introduces a wide range of lipstick colors, eyeliner, and various cosmetics to give you the best look for the day. Committing to the Goodness of Nature, we strive to give you the best innovation and natural secrets for maintaining your skin’s health. Here are some bestsellers for you to try:

Mamaearth Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick: Pucker up your lips in hues of vibrant, beautiful, and long-lasting shades of beauty. Crafted with a lightweight formula, this beauty is easy to apply evenly on your lips. It moisturizes your lips for up to eight hours and provides a long, 12-hour stay. In addition, it is natural and smudge-proof. 

Mamaearth Moisture Matte Longstay Lipstick

Moisture Matte Longstay Lipstick

12-Hour Stay | 8-Hour Moisture Lock | Smudge-Proof

Some of its key ingredients include:

  • Avocado Oil: Offering intense moisture and hydration to your lips, this natural oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It shields your skin from environmental aggressors and keeps your skin supple. 
  • Vitamin E: An essential vitamin in your skincare diary, Vitamin E is the shield you need to protect your skin from pigmentation. It keeps your lips soft, smooth, and healthy naturally. 

What’s the best part about choosing these lipsticks? Well, they are natural and completely safe for all skin types. Mamaearth Moisture Matter Long Stay Lipsticks are cruelty-free, toxin-free, and MadeSafe Certified. 

Summing Up!

Happy and healthy lips often speak for the confidence present in your personality. They represent your face subtly and with expressions. However, once you consider doing makeup, you should ensure the lipstick colors you choose are ideal for your skin. 

Your skin tone, undertone, and hair color determine your perfect shade. The shape of your lips helps in the hacks you can try to add a fuller look to your lips. If you are looking for a lipstick color for dark lips, you still need to consider the abovementioned factors. 

Our natural products attempt to make things easier and more sustainable for your skin. With this diverse lip care range, we are here to provide something for everyone, following a daily routine for maintaining skin hygiene for your lips. 


  1. How to choose lipstick color for Indian skin?

    Indian skin or not, picking a lipstick shade is highly dependent on factors such as your skin tone, your undertone, your hair color, and the shape of your lips, as we mentioned above. 

  2. What lipstick color goes with a green dress?

    Different shades of red and pink as per your skin tone and undertone might work with a green dress. However, ensure you also keep a tab on other factors, as mentioned above. 

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