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  1. Which kajal is best for the eyes?
  2. Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal is best for the eyes.

  1. What are the benefits of applying kajal to eyes?
  2. Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal stays if 11 hours, is smudge-free, waterproof, vegan, and MadeSafe Certified. Also, Mamaearth eyebrow pencil protects your eyes from infections and makes them radiant.

  1. What is the Mamaearth Kajal Price?
  2. Mama earth kajal price staring at Rs.299.

  1. Is kajal good for eyes?
  2. Yes, Mamaearth Eye Kajal is good for all eyes as it has soothing and nourishing ingredients. It can also protect you from the sun’s UV radiation and other environmental hazards like dust and pollution.

  1. How to apply Mamaearth Kajal in eyes?
  2. Here are the directions to use Mamaearth Kajal. First, twist the stick twice and apply kajal by gliding it over your lower lash line and waterline. After that, repeat the same process with kajal eye pencil for the upper eyelid for better elevation. Next, build up the color for a bold and intense look.

  1. What is the Mamaearth eyeliner pencil Price?
  2. The mamaearth eyeliner pencil price in India is Rs.399.

Best Eye Kajal Eyeliner Pencil Online at Mamaearth

Wearing a kajal can make your eyes pop, giving you a special look. If you are the one who wants to make a statement with your overall appearance, then applying eye kajal is an obvious pick. From a simple stroke to complex makeup like smokey eyes makeup, a good eye kajal eyeliner pencil can glam you up in a few minutes. Also known as soorma in Hindi, this simple eye makeup products have redefined women’s makeup over the past few years. Be it a smokey, bold, dramatic, or just a thin appearance, one can achieve better results with a good-quality eyeliner. 
All beauty fanatics are always on a hunt to find the best eye kajal that gives a long-lasting finish and is smudge proof kajal. You might not be a makeup professional in your day-to-day routine, but opting for the best eyeliner can surely take you a bit closer. It has become necessary in every makeup box, and no other skincare product can beat its charm and relevance.
Best Waterproof Kajal instantly enhances a woman’s beauty. Women may or may not apply heavy makeup, but they will surely use kajal. Eye Kajal makeup makes for an amazing option, especially when a magical sweep can transform their look. Kajal or Kohl or Surma is a piece of bridal eye makeup that adds depth to the eyes that have existed for a long time and across boundaries. Whether traditional or contemporary, it forms a part of our makeup routine. From the natural ones to the herbal ones, there are many new kajal pencil brands around us, and most of them promise to give your appearance a new look.
To deliver the best makeup experience, we have developed toxin-free eye kajal for sensitive eyes that will surely up your eyes. Enriched with the best natural ingredients, these eyeliner pencils are great, safe, long-lasting, and smudge proof. If you are searching for the best eyeliner, you can opt for Mamaearth’s toxin-free color care products for the best experience.

Benefits of Using Eye Kajal 

  1. Rich in Vitamin C: Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants that help heal the eyes and make the eyelashes thicker, darker, and blacker. The eye pencil helps the eyes relieve stress and tiredness, provides essential nourishment, and makes them more attractive.
  2. Contains Antibacterial Properties: Backed by natural ingredients such as castor oil and kajal eye pencil helps heal the skin area around the eyes and relieves dryness or irritation (caused by any harmful element or irritant). Also, it helps strengthen and relax the lens and eye muscle which helps to improve eyesight. 
  3. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Ingredients such as chamomile help refresh your eyes and soothe any burns around and inside the eye area. Also, pencil eye drawing relaxes irritated and swollen blood vessels because of over rubbing and helps to improve the overall functioning of the eyes. 
  4. Reduces Dark Circles: Applying the best kajal for eyes will protect your eyes from getting dark circles. It cleans the eyes of salt deposits from tears and removes makeup residue trapped under the upper and lower eyelids.
  5. A Smudge-Proof, Sweat Proof, and Waterproof Product: Eye kajal is a makeup product that does not harm the eyes if applied carefully. Today, a sweat-proof eyeliner pencil comes with smudge-proof and water-proof technology to avoid sweat or tears messing up a bad look on your face. 
  6. Enables Easy Application: Unlike other makeup products that need some time and effort to provide a toned look on your skin, best eyeliner is a one-stroke applicator. You can easily glide a stroke with practice to create a traditional, cat-eyed look or a smokey effect in less than 3 minutes.
  7. Long-Shelf Life: The price of an eye pencil is affordable and pocket-friendly, but it is an investment that retains its magic for long. Therefore, you can enjoy your many kajal moods at an affordable purchase and add our Mamaearth eyeliner pencil in your makeup routine.
  8. Travel-Friendly Companion: You should always be ready for any situation wherever you go out of your home. The waterproof eyeliner is a highly lightweight and firmly packed product as it can be the best travel makeup essentials. You can pack them in your wallet or office bags without experiencing leakages or discomforts. 

Types of Eye Kajal That Glide Effortlessly

  1. Pencil Kajal: This is the most common colors skin care product that women in India pick. It comes with thin and thick tips and works best to sketch a matte look across eyelids to create a smokey-eye effect.
  2. Gel Kajal: If you prefer wearing thick-textured kajal on your eyelids, a gel-based kajal is a must-buy. It is available in pots and pencils – color your eyelids in exciting shades. 
  3. Liquid Kajal: Liquid kajal is a thin brush and liquid pot. It works best for women who can balance their hands to play well with delicate strokes. 

Things To Consider When Buying the Right Eyeliner Pencil

Are you wondering how to shortlist the best kajal in India for your eyes? Here are some points that you should consider before buying one for yourself.

  1. Always Give Priority to Safety: Choose the eye kajal safe for delicate skin and is clinically tested and approved by dermatologists. To ensure your eye’s safety, you should buy the best kajal for eyes that is made of natural ingredients. The kajal eye pencil should be free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.
  2. Easy Application is All You Need: A good eyeliner pencil should be easy to apply. However, it must have a smooth texture that can promise effortless gliding on the waterline and eyelids. 
  3. Smudge-Free: Do you know which the best kajal for your eyes is? The eye liner kajal that provides smudge-free performance for 10-12 hours. It is essential to enjoy the bold look for a long time.
  4. Waterproof: Do you want to become a panda, especially on humid days? If not, make sure that the eye kajal you choose is suitable for every season and does not run down on rainy and humid days. 

Star Ingredients in Our Color Care Range

  1. Rose Oil: It nourishes and softens lips naturally. Its anti-inflammatory properties heal chapped lips.
  2. Shea Butter: Enriched with Vitamin F, it soothes dry & chapped lips and protects them from UV damage. 
  3. Cocoa Butter: Aids in improving skin’s elasticity and provides hydration. Coca is an amazing antioxidant that helps in repairing and soothing your lips. 
  4. Vitamin C: A powerhouse of antioxidants that offers essential nourishment to your eyes and makes them radiant.

Get That Bold & Confident Look with Mamaearth’s Goodness

Be it a house get-together or a daily getting ready for the workplace, the eye kajal is an important color care product in the ladies’ regimen. It gives a bold and confident look for 12 hours. But one should keep in mind to buy the eye kajal or eyeliner pencil that is smudge-free, waterproof, and made with natural ingredients. That is why opting for Mamaearth products makes such an amazing choice. This brand offers a wide range of safe, gentle, and toxin-free body care products such as Hair Oil, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Lip Balm, Perfumes, and much more. We highly prioritize our selection of natural ingredients only and avoid including harmful substances and artificial fragrances. 

Trying Out Mamaearth Eye Kajal Bestsellers

Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal

If you are looking for water-proof and smudge-free kajal, this is one of the best eyeliner in India. This Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal effortlessly glides on and adds shine and rich color that lasts for 11 hours. Backed by natural and soothing ingredients like Chamomile and Vitamin C, provide care and color. It does not smudge and gets you a waterproof stroke for intense eyes. Vitamin C is a powerhouse of antioxidants that offer essential nourishment and glow. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe eye irritation. Made with natural ingredients, it is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. 

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Eye Kajal Products Price List  

Eye Kajal Products List Price
Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal with Vitamin C & Chamomile for 11-Hour Smudge-free Stay Rs 299
Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal Kohl Pencil With Castor Oil and Chamomile For 11-Hour Smudge-free Stay with Free Sharpener Rs 499
Ubtan Face Wash with Turmeric & Saffron for Tan Removal – 100ml Rs 249
Tea Tree Facewash for acne and pimples, 100ml Rs 249

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on May 30, 2023