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How to use concealer on your face?
For any skin type, it is essential to prep your skin with moisturizer before applying makeup for a flawless look. Apply a bit of foundation according to your skin tone and dab concealer onto the spot or pigmented area you want to hide. You can use your fingers or a blender to apply them finely. Follow it with a loose powder, and you are good to go.
How to choose a concealer?
The general rule is to pick your concealer based on your foundation shade. Beauty experts recommend using one or two shades lighter than your foundation. It should not be too light or dark but perfectly match the foundation. Using too light a shade can make your eyes look chalky. Its formulation also matters. There are three different types of concealers- Liquid, Cream, and Stick. You can choose the formulation according to your skin type. For instance, liquid concealers are best suited for normal, oily, sensitive, combination, and breakout-prone skin types.
What is concealer? (what is concealer in makeup)
Concealer is a beauty product similar to foundation, except that formulation, is slightly thicker and helps hide dark circles, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration. You should always layer concealer on top of your foundation so it does not smudge.
Which is the best concealer?
For a concealer to show the best results on your skin, it should be formulated with nourishing ingredients for a radiant touch on the skin. Mamaearth's Glow Hydrating Concealer does all the job of contouring, highlighting, and color-correcting. It gives your skin a natural and soft finish and provides two times instant glow for up to 12 hours. It is enriched with Vitamin C, Turmeric, and Hyaluronic Acid, and it blends seamlessly into the skin. It covers dark circles, correct redness, and hides blemishes and acne marks.
What is the use of concealer?
Concealer is a versatile beauty product with a thicker consistency. It is a spot-correcting treatment to conceal acne, blemishes, age spots, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. All you need to do is apply a bit of concealer on the spot you want to conceal and dab it using a beauty blender or your finger.
How to choose a concealer shade for Indian skin?
When choosing the concealer for Indian skin, narrow your search according to your skin tone and match the concealer shade for a natural matte finish. A warm undertone is yellow, peachy, or golden. Cool undertones have pink tones, while neutral undertones have no obvious color.
Which is the best concealer for oily skin?
If you have oily skin, look for a concealer that is oil-free and non-comedogenic to blur pores. Narrow your choice to a lightweight formula that offers full coverage and does not make your skin look cakey or creasy. It should be able to give your skin an even look. We recommend Mamaearth Glow Hydrating Concealer, which comes in three shades matching Indian skin tones. It gives you 100% spot coverage and two times instant glow for up to 12 hours. In addition, it blends into your skin without caking or creasing.
Which is the best concealer for dry skin?
Cream concealer works the best for dry and sensitive skin. They offer better coverage because of the thicker consistency. However, if you want to use liquid concealer, you may opt for Mamaearth Glow Hydrating Concealer. Enriched with the natural goodness of Vitamin C, Turmeric, and Hyaluronic Acid, it gives you a burst of hydration for 12 hours. Plus, it is clinically tested to suit all Indian skin tones.
When to apply concealer?
While some find it best to apply concealer before foundation, others dab onto foundation before using a makeup corrector. There seems to be no right or wrong way of applying counselor makeup. It is a personal choice. However, most beauty experts use concealer over foundation to remove any flaws.

Best Concealer For Your Skin Tone and Texture!

When it comes to wearing makeup, most women think of concealer as a magical solution that compliments beauty- and it is. It can give you excellent coverage and a flawless finish for your appearance. From dark spots to blemishes to scars to discolorations, a toxic-free face concealer can hide all the imperfections and provide an illuminating glow to the face. Women also use some chemical-free color-correctors or makeup correctors for a minimal or no-makeup look, these products are also quite similar to concealers in some respects. 

But first, let's understand what concealer is and how it is used for makeup. 

A concealer is a beauty product with a foundation cream to give your skin an even tone, free of scars and blemishes. Although you can cultivate an effective skin care regimen with products like face mask and serums to get that flawless look, using a makeup corrector is a better way to hide acne spots and marks. It lightens hyperpigmented skin, conceals enlarged pores, and provides spot correction. It also creates a base for other makeup products to go well on the skin.

While the best concealer can give you amazing coverage, a poorly chosen makeup corrector can make your look cakey and blemishes more obvious by creating a white cast around the pigmented areas. Hence, the key is to know which type of makeup corrector best suits your skin tone and find the right formulation accordingly. Opting for high-quality skincare products always helps a great deal!

Tip: It is best to avoid the poor quality ones that are often labeled as concealers price under 100 Rupees.


Buy Safe and Toxin-Free Face Concealers Online in India

At Mamaearth, we believe that beauty comes from within. But if you feel more confident hiding your flaws with a layer of makeup, we have you covered. Our paraben-free Beauty Care and Colorcare range are crafted with the Goodness of Nature. We are Asia's first brand to be awarded Made Safe Certification, which means that our skin care products are made with toxin-free ingredients that would not cause any side effects.

 We curate sulfate-free and paraben-free concealer makeup products for you. We also offer a wide range of supporting skincare products like face wash, toners, creams, lotions, and face serums. Our Glow Hydrating Concealer contains natural ingredients such as Vitamin C and Turmeric. Despite such high-quality standards, our concealer price (or concealer makeup price) is still quite budget-friendly and you may order it online using the Mamaearth app.

Our concealer provides adequate nourishment to your skin with anti-inflammatory benefits while giving your skin an instant dose of hydration. It ensures 100% spot coverage and 2X instant glow. Yes, you read that right. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, it gives you a burst of moisturization lasting 12 hours. It seamlessly blends into your skin, thus hydrating it enough, so it stays glass-like through the day. 

So please browse our website for a wide range of products, including sunscreen body lotion, creams, gels, cleansers, etc., and shop for them in the comfort of your home. They would be in line with the concealer price too. 


Concealer Makeup: Tips And Tricks 

Here are some skin care experts suggested tips and tricks you should not miss for a flawless makeup base:- 

  1. Select the right shade for your skin type

To conceal marks, you should try a color shade that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation. It should not be too light or too dark but rather perfectly aligned with the foundation. 

 Using too light a shade can make your eyes look chalky with a white cast on the surrounding areas. If you have dark brown circles around the eyes, you should use a peach or orange color corrector or peach-based concealer that will nullify uneven skin tone.  

  1. The formulation also matters

Just like formulation matters for moisturizers or face cream, concealers too should be hydrating and nourishing. If it is too creamy, it will ensure maximum coverage but make your makeup look greasy. So the idea is to get the best concealer for dry skin that is chemical-free and hydrating. 

 In India, we consider three different types of blemish-correctors as per the formulations:-

  • Liquid:- You should always choose the best concealer for oily skin that covers zits and pimples. It should not create a cakey base or block the skin pores. Buying a light to full coverage concealer online helps because you may check for different finishes such as dewy, matte, and satin.
  • Stick:- Concealer sticks make a semi-solid texture often considered good for pigmented skin. Being easy to use, it can be applied using the dotting method or swiped on in a line of color and then blended. Both the methods provide medium to full coverage. 
  • Cream: This slippery texture cream concealer ensures full to medium coverage. It is available in a palette or compact type packaging. As it comes in a slippery texture, you can use your fingers, concealer brush, or makeup blender to apply it. 
  1. Budget: A concealer price should be economical and not too high. Opting for such a quality-centric yet budget-friendly skincare product would help you spend your money better on other supportive skincare products.


How to prepare your skin before applying Corrector Makeup?

When applying some corrector makeup, well-prepped skin can make a big difference. It may also ensure that makeup will not wear off. Never forget the importance of a good CTM routine, even if you are to wear makeup. Exfoliation lets out dead skin cells, thus giving your skin a natural radiance. Equally important is using a face serum that deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin from within. 

Cover breakouts and zits carefully 

Applying concealer on zits or breakouts can be a real mess. If you want to nullify the redness of breakouts, it is best to use a green-color corrector before applying foundation. On the other hand, orange corrector concealers are better suited to cover dark spots and acne. Use only a small pointy dot to cover the zit. Now, dab the blender around the base of the pimple, and you are done. 

Concealer or Foundation, Which Comes First?

There's still an ongoing debate on what should be put first, but most makeup artists suggest using concealer over the foundation. When you use counselor makeup first, you swipe out most of it when layering on foundation or powder products. Using foundation first allows makeup correctors to provide skin with full coverage. 

  1. Apply some loose powder

Once you apply your concealer, set up your makeup with loose translucent setting powder. Remember that pressed powder can break into fine lines and create a cakey look, thus defeating the entire purpose of applying corrector makeup. 

  1. Concealing the Under Eyes

The best way to use an undereye concealer is to draw an upside-down triangle shape. For this, draw a triangle with the base under your eye and point towards your cheek. The best concealer for dark circles de-emphasizes the under-eye area and highlights facial features. You can use a beauty blender to dab in completely. Allow it to dry and follow it up with a loose powder. 

Recommendation: For dark circles, apply under-eye cream before using any makeup corrector. Some women use nude glow concealer, eye kajal, and nude lipstick, even forgoing foundation to get that no-makeup makeup look. We suggest you buy a color corrector that best matches your skin tone. 


Star Ingredients In Mamaearth'sColor Corrector Makeup Concealer

Enriched with safe and natural ingredients, Mamaearth's paraben-free color corrector makeup products give your makeup a dewy look. Our concealers contain skin nourishing pigments to hide skin blemishes and ensure that skin remains hydrated and glowing for as long as 12 hours.  

  • Vitamin C: This highly trusted antioxidant helps fight free radical damage on the skin. It also lightens and brightens your skin. 
  • Turmeric: Itsanti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of this ingredient do not irritate the skin right after the makeup application. Additionally, it enhances the natural radiance of the skin with regular application. 


Opt for Mamaearth's Best Concealer For Different Skin Tones

Mamaearth has gone that extra mile to craft a beauty care range with super formulations for a blemish-free makeup look. You can check out the website and get your hands on our extensive collection of lip balm, eyeliners, perfumes, and essence serums, amongst others. 

Let's talk about our chemical-free concealer makeup products that are available in three shades for different skin tones:

  1. Glow Hydrating Concealer- Nude Glow

Mamaearth Glow Hydrating Nude Glow sculpts and highlights features while concealing blemishes or skin discoloration. This liquid concealer is lightweight and gives a flawless finish if blended well. Enriched with proven natural antioxidants and brightening ingredients like Vitamin C and Turmeric, our toxic-free makeup corrector gives you 100% spot coverage and a 2X instant glow that stays up to 12 hours.

  1. Glow Hydrating Concealer- Creme Glow

Mamaearth Creme Glow Concealer is a perfect blend of ingredients to give color, definition, and coverage that stays for up to 12 hours. Perfect for all skin types, this creme glow makeup corrector is infused with Hyaluronic Acid that gives skin a boost of hydration. Plus, it is chemical-free, which means it would not cause irritation.  

  1. Glow Hydrating Concealer- Ivory Glow

This Ivory Glow Hydrating Concealer gives your skin a natural and soft finish. It helps with contouring, highlighting, and color-correcting. It is a long-wear formula that boosts radiance and conceals dark spots while hydrating the skin. The result is a flawless finish texture of the skin that does not crack or dry out. 

We welcome you to download the Mamaearth app today to check concealer prices online. Even better, you may also place your orders through the app itself!


Shop the Exclusive Beauty Care Range from Mamaearth

We dream of flawless skin. Acne scars, stress, and early signs of aging all lead to dull and uneven skin complexion. In times like these, you should follow a proper skincare routine that includes nourishing the skin with a face sheet mask, serum, and dedicated face cream for skin concerns. 

Keeping in mind your beauty needs, we have curated a wide range of toxin-free beauty care products to cover up spots and discoloration. Our concealers and foundations are specially formulated with nourishing ingredients that enhance your skin's natural glow. Available in three different shades, our clinically tested makeup correctors are best suited for Indian skin tones. 

We also have other skincare products, including face toner, facial creams, body lotions, scrubbers, and gel. So go check out the website for the best concealer prices and place your order online now! 

Concealer Price List in India

Concealer Products List Price
Glow Hydrating Concealer - 6 ml | Nude Glow Rs 499
Glow Hydrating Concealer - 6 ml | Creme Glow Rs 4 99
Glow Hydrating Concealer - 6 ml | Ivory Glow Rs 499

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on Nov 30, 2022