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  1. How to apply lipstick perfectly?
  2. Gently exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying lipstick or conceal them with a lip primer or concealer. Then go for a lip liner that matches your lip shade, making an X shape on your lip with a liner. Next, symmetrically use it to fill in the X area. Lastly, use lipstick for a longer stay. 

  1. Which lipstick is best for daily use?
  2. You can use Mamaearth Moisture Matt Long Stay Lipstick for your daily routine. Mamaearth trendy, go-to lip shades are known for their 12-hour long stay, 8-hour moisture lock, and smudge-proof experience. Just one glide and you are all set for the entire day. It promises 12 hours of stay on the lips and locks moisture for 8 hours. In addition, this Made Safe Certified range has no harsh chemicals or toxins. 

  1. Does lipstick expire?
  2. All lipsticks have a shelf life of approximately two years, depending on their formulations and type (matte or gloss). An expired lipstick can irritate your lips or cause other skin-related issues, and we do not recommend using it. 

  1. How to choose lipstick?
  2. Your skin’s undertone can help you decide which lip color suits you the best. We recommend checking your veins' color to determine if you have a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone. Green veins mean that you have a warm undertone, while blue or purple veins indicate a cool skin tone. If you cannot decide the color of your veins, you probably have a neutral skin tone. Your go-to lip color should be red, orange, and brown for a warm undertone. However, pop-up pinks make the perfect shade for a cool undertone. Those with neutral skin undertones can go with any color. 

  1. Which lipstick stays on the longest? (or Which lipstick is long-lasting?
  2. Mamaearth’s Moisture Long Stay Lipsticks have a longer stay of up to 12 hours without smudging. It is a lightweight formula that does not make you feel like you are wearing anything on your lips. It also seals in the moisture for up to 8 hours. Mamaearth’s Lip care range is MadeSafe Certified, containing no harmful chemicals or toxins, and is thus safe for regular use.

Your Guide to Picking Perfect Lipstick Every Time

There are two types of women. The first kind prefers lipstick shades, and the other prefers sheer or satin lip shades. Lipstick is the new black because it is both chic and classy. It is a ready-to-go makeup product for many women, whether it’s a glamorous party, an office meeting, a date night with a girlie gang, or a staycation.

Lipstick is a savior in all kinds of situations. Imagine walking around wearing your favorite dark or light lipstick colors and feeling confident in your skin. Just a quick swipe can instantly highlight your facial features. The best lipstick shades are not just a fancy makeover product, they are also an integral part of your personality.

Here are some benefits of using fashion colours lipsticks in your daily routine: 

  • The best ones contain nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Avocado Oil. In addition, they offer deep hydration and an attractive colorful look to your lips. 
  • Glossy lipstick colour shades give you a perfect glide of soft and plump lips. 
  • Lipsticks compliment your outfit. Whether for a professional setup or a romantic date night event, your lipstick can uplift your overall appearance. 
  • Bold colors like yellow lipstick can be mixed and matched to create an ombre lip.
  • A perfect lip shade reflects your personality. So, while there could be a chunk of this colorful stick in your makeup kit, there will be one perfect shade you wear almost every day and everywhere- that one color defines your personality the best.
  • You can always wear light lipstick shades if you want to play with your facial features.Liquid Lipstick dramatic black smokey eyes to rosy pink cheeks, all different makeup colors perfectly complement a velvet light liquid shade.
  • Light shade lipsticks like nude can help you draw a no-makeup look. It can serve as the finishing touch to a barely-there cosmetics look. Besides, nude lipsticks can perfectly compliment gorgeous smokey eyes. The same is true for plum lipsticks too.
  • Wearing the best long lasting lipstick ensures that you don’t require frequent touch-ups. Just one glide and you are good to slay for the whole day. Thus, it saves you from the hassles of makeup touch-ups.
  • It makes the wearer feel confident and powerful. For example, a melon red lipstick shade for girls is usually perceived as the color of boldness and fearlessness. So if you have a bachelorette party to rock on, wear a black satin dress, white pearls, and red lipstick for a chic look.
  • Black lipstick colour says you have a strong personality. It also says that you are comfortable with your appearance and are not worried about what others think of you. It also means you’re confident and self-opinionated. 
  • Lipstick colours, if chosen correctly, can perfectly complement or even brighten your physical appearance by a huge margin. We recommend you consider your skin’s tone and undertone while shortlisting your unique shade.

Mamaearth Lipsticks are one of the top lipstick brands in India that has revolutionized the beauty trend with its unique formulation. Our Moisture Long Stay Lipsticks give your lips soft colors with an impressively long-lasting stay. We want you to have lip makeup that makes you feel confident with its weightless formula for your all-day comfort. So, take your pick from various girlish lipstick shades, such as hot pink and cinnamon nude, and give your lips the perfect dose of love and attention. 

In addition, our lipsticks are formulated with natural and non-toxic ingredients. With a lightweight formula, the lipstick nourishes your lips and seals in moisture for up to 8 hours. You can pick from 9 vibrant and intense color pay-off shades, such as hot pink lipstick that stay on your lips for up to 12 hours without smudging. Just match the color of your lip with lipstick set and you are all set!

Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade Brand for Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Think about the best lipstick brand in India and a series of emotions run through your mind. Picking lipstick as per your skin tone can be quite overwhelming. Which color should you pick according to your undertone when you have a sea of options in lipsticks? In such a situation, a helping guide comes in handy. Well, read Mamaearth's guide on how to pick the best lipstick shade that enhances your personality even more. 

Know your skin tone

Your skin’s undertone can help you know what matt lipstick will suit you the most. The skin's undertone falls into two categories: warm or cool. 
If you have a cool undertone and fair skin, pink lipstick shades and red ones are the best buys for you. On the other hand, if the veins in your skin appear green and your skin is also sensitive to sun damage, then you have a warm undertone. So you can lean towards peach shades lipstick. A comparative mix of both signifies neutrality, and such undertones can go with lip shades of both tones.

Types of lipstick shades according to undertones

1. Lip Shades for warm undertones
If you have a warm undertone, your best lip shades or lip colour lipstick would be bold orange lipstick shades, reds, shades of browns, and peach. A thumb rule is to match your skin tone with the shade you want to wear. For instance, if your skin tone is light, we recommend wearing a paler nude, but for a deeper tone, you can go for a richer nude such as Espresso Brown Lipstick by Mamaearth. 

Peach Lipstick shades colour has a unique way of adding a gush of color to your skin tone. If you have warm undertones, then the easiest way to intensify a lip shade is by opting for a dark peach shade. Warm undertones and peach lipsticks seem to be a match made in heaven. So while you may try next-level fashion with your attire, wearing peach lipstick shades will perfectly balance your outfit and makeup, no matter the occasion. 

2. Lip shades for cool undertones
The best lipsticks for cool undertones are those with a blue or purple hue tint. If you want to wear hot red red lipstick, steer towards bluish reds, and cherry red. For those with cooler undertones and a slightly light complexion, opting for coral peaches enhances skin tones.

Yet another color people with cool undertones can add to their vanity is pink. Mamaearth’s pink lipstick range has Candyfloss Pink Lipstick. It instantly pumps up the skin tone with just one swipe. You can go for two or more swipes if a darker shade highlights your pouty lips well than a lighter shade. 

Tip: Tinted lip balms are always the best option for cool undertones. 

3. Lip shades for neutral undertones
You could go for the color shades that complement both warm and cool undertones if you have neutral undertones. For example, you can go for pink lipstick shades or shades of berry if you have neutral undertones. If you have a neutral undertone, it implies that your undertones are the same color as your actual skin tone.

So for undertones, hit for nude colour Lipsticks that provide a stunning yet subtle contrast to your complexion. Additionally, if you have olive skin, you can experiment with every shade of brown lipstick, such as coffee colour lipstick would be universally flattering. 

Know your undertone
The second step in shortlisting your best shade is determining your skin tone. There are five main types: fair, wheatish, medium, dusky, tan, or deep.

Types of Lipstick shades according to skin tone

1. Lipstick for fair skin tone
If you have fair skin, you can go for red colour lipstick or maybe intense shades of pink. Fair skin tones with pink undertones get well with cool-toned red lipsticks. It will make your teeth look whiter and your smile brighter. Adding to it, professional makeup artists recommend that cherry red lipstick shades are the best for both contemporary and traditional brides.

2. Lipstick for medium skin tone
If you are looking for lipstick shades for Indian skin tones, there are several options to pick from. One of the best things about medium tone is it gets well with almost all shades, be it pink, nudes, plum, and, except dark lipstick shades such as chocolate brown. 

3. Lipstick for dusky skin tone
If you are seeking lipstick shades for dusky skin, intense shades like plum, wine, and berry will compliment your look. But if you want to wear something traditional, then brown or maroon shades are best for dusky skin. However, you should avoid pale and light lipstick shades as much as you can. 
Pro-tip: If you are a traditional or contemporary bride wanting to wear a golden-colored lehenga, applying maroon lipstick shades will suit you well, especially if you have dusky skin. This will give you a classic yet elegant look. 

4. Lipstick for wheatish skin
Wheatish skin tones must glide over best lipstick shades. The best ones are caramel, coffee brown, or dark beige lipstick colours shades. For a bold look, you can also try berry, mauve, red, and maroon colour lipsticks

5. Lipstick for tan or deep shade
Tan or deep lipstick shades for girls would flatter in bright red, burgundy lipstick. Maroon Lipstick colors saturate your lips with a super matt light brown lipstick finish. If you have brown tones with warm complexions, burgundy makes the best lipstick shade for dark Indian skin.

Star Ingredients in Our Long Stay Lipstick

Crafted with the Goodness of Nature, our lipsticks are best suited for dry or chapped lips. They hydrate and nourish lips with Avocado oil and Vitamin E. Besides, they are MadeSafe Certified and have no toxins or harmful chemicals. We are one of the top brands for lipstick, formulating every range with love and care.

Avocado Oil: This rich nourishing ingredient helps moisturize your lips. It contains antioxidants and vitamins like A, D, and E. The antioxidants are primarily responsible for protecting your lips against free radical damage, reversing signs of UV impairment. They also help with collagen production. 

Vitamin E: Pigmentation often affects the natural color of the lips too. Vitamin E prevents the lips from becoming darker and thus keeps them away from losing their natural color. It also boosts blood circulation, thus making the lips softer. It also helps new skin cell formation. 

If you are looking to buy some natural-looking lipstick shades, you may explore our collection online. 

The Art of Wearing Lipstick

Lipstick reflects your personality, whether a bold look or a simple one. So it is always important you pick a branded lipstick shade that compliments your tone and appeals to your overall look. At the same time, you would want to wear it in a way that requires minimal touches-ups and rarely smudges beyond your lip line. So how do we do that? Read on to learn how to apply pencil lipstick or any other lipstick evenly to increase its stay put. 

1. Exfoliate and Moisturize: Liquid lipstick shades do not go well with dry lips or dead skin cells. So, the first step is creating a smooth canvas for your lipstick to stay on your lips. You can make your scrub or buy any scrub of your choice to reduce dryness. Then follow it up with a hydrating lip balm. This will ensure a longer stay and will also keep out dryness. 

PS: You may check the price of liquid lipsticks on our website too.

2. Apply primer: Apply lip primer to protect your lips from dropping uneven lip color. Then outline your lips with a lip liner of the same color as your lip shade. The best way is to create an ‘X’ shape on the top lip with your lip liner and fill this tricky area with a matching lip color lipstick accordingly. 

3. Apply your waterproof lipstick: Go with the lower lip first. Next, press your lips together to spread a little on your upper lip. Lastly, dab with a tissue to remove excess. This lipstick waterproof would stay through rain and high heat.

4. Finish the look: You can apply a clear gloss or highlighter to the lips’ center for an added shine. You can also deepen the color and add shine to your lipstick by applying lip gloss or transparent lipstick

Mamaearth’s Bestsellers

Plum Punch: This shade gives your lips a gothic vibe when paired with dark-colored clothes. This shade stands out against skin tone, so stylists recommend wearing it with dark clothes. Flaunt your style with Mamaearth’s Plum Punch Lipstick shade and say hello to beautiful lips. 

  1. Raspberry Scarlet: A perfect tone of red for a bold look. Mamaearth Raspberry Scarlet Lipstick not only improves your skin tone but also improves your appearance. It is a shade that will never go out of fashion. It is also MadeSafe Certified, which means it is safe for regular usage. It is touted as one of the best shades of lipstick for dark skin
  2. Pink Tulip: A subtle mix of pink and mauve! Mamaearth’s Pink Tulip Lipstick works well for a neutral skin undertone. It is a perfect tone of pink for Indian skin tones. It is smooth, long-lasting, and stays smudge-free for up to  8 hours.
  3. Carnation Nude: It is a beautiful shade of nude. This Carnation Nude Lipstick by Mamaearth has a lightweight formula that seals-in moisture for 8 hours. This vibrant and velvet lipstick touch of carnation nude will make your lip go crazy with fragrance. 
  4. Cinnamon Nude: This natural-looking lipstick shade is your ultimate pick if you want to nail a no-makeup look. It is extremely hydrating and impressively smooth. Crafted with natural ingredients, this lightweight lipstick nourishes chapped lips. In addition, our cinnamon nude lipstick shade gives intense color pay-off to your lips in a quick swipe. 
  5. Lychee Pinkish Lipstick Shades: Pink is one of the most common girlish lipstick colors shades worn by Indian girls. Our crayon lipstick in lychee pink shade is the favorite of most women because it suits all occasions, from casual meet-ups to official get-togethers, weddings, and everything in between. So don’t be afraid to stumble onto statement shades like hot pink lipstick the next time you go for a lipstick hunt. 
  6. Pink Daffodil: If you’re looking for lipstick shades for dark skin or tanned skin, try our Pink Daffodil. It is packed with delicious color and the goodness of natural ingredients. Pink has its variations when it comes to makeup range. You can nail this pinkish lipstick shade by applying a glittery eyeshadow to get that party makeup look. 
  7. Bubblegum Nude: This gorgeous lipstick leaves your lips soft and supple. Enriched with Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, it promises intense color pay-off. It gets well with a medium and fair skin tone. Whether college, work, or a party, this shade works well for any occasion. The combination of subtle eye makeup and Bubblegum Nude Lipstick purely reflects elegance. 

Pro- tip: We recommend opting for Mamaearth Lip Serum to moisturize your lips deeply before applying any lip shade lipstick. It would gently soothe your skin, protect them from sunlight and pollution, and keep them plump. 

It’s all about color and texture at Mamaearth!

Mamaearth is Asia’s first brand to have MadeSafe Certified skincare and beauty care products. We are amongst the best brands crafting skin and color care ranges with only skin-friendly ingredients. Our natural and non-toxic lipstick range comes in three super stylish formulations- Moisture Long Stay Lipstick, Crayon Transferproof Lipstick, and Naturally Liquid Lipstick. Each of the formulations is extremely nourishing and lightweight on your lips. The lip stain is so powerful that you don’t need another glide, just one swipe of any Mamaearth Lipstick is more than sufficient. 

For fun and crazy shades, you can always combine two or more new lipstick shades to make your signature lip shade. Once you learn the secrets of layering different lipstick shades together can be exciting because you will get the double effect of every color of your vanity. When combining different lipsticks, make sure to layer matte formulations first because they stay put to your lips better than creamy or glossy lipsticks. 

So, if you are searching for lipsticks online, stroll through our range of lip shades, such as pink, hot red, and dark maroon lipsticks, among others, to help enhance your facial look. We offer a hassle-free app-based online shopping experience for all our customers. You can view your favorite lipstick price options in one place and then shop from the comfort of your home anytime you feel like it!

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Lipstick Shades List in India

Lipstick Product List Price
Espresso Brown Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Pink Tulip Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Raspberry Scarlet Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Melon Red Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Bubblegum Nude Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Cinnamon Nude Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Candyfloss Pink Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Carnation Nude Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499
Plum Punch Long Stay Lipstick - 2g Rs 499

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on Mar 20, 2023