Activated Charcoal Face Wash: What is it & Why Should You Use It?

what is activated charcoal

The current skincare trends are surely in favor of opting for natural and toxin-free products. People are switching to skincare products that would help them have better experiences and cause no harm even with regular usage. So, What is Charcoal? Activated charcoal is one such skin care ingredient because it acts like a magnet that effortlessly draws out toxins and pollutants from the skin cells.

Is it not too difficult to figure out how such an ingredient would work for skincare? Won’t it make you appear all blacked out? What if it sticks to the skin and wouldn’t come off? Questions like these are obvious but also misplaced because using an activated charcoal-based face wash differs from rubbing charcoal on one’s face. 

Due to its ability to address multiple skincare concerns, activated charcoal is considered one of the most rewarding ingredients in skin care. It is most commonly used as a face cleanser because it helps draw out toxins from the skin pores and improves the skin’s texture. These charcoal face wash benefits are even more pronounced during the rainy season when the higher humidity levels may cause more issues for people with sensitive skin.

Such skin care products come riding on activated charcoal’s natural ability to draw out impurities from the skin cells. They become even more effective with the addition of natural ingredients like Clay and Coffee, and may exfoliate the skin and drive out impurities.

What is Activated charcoal?

Charcoal is extracted from coal, petroleum, coconut shell, etc., and has no skincare benefits. However, it is a completely different story with activated charcoal, which is a processed form of coal. The latter is preheated and then treated through activating chemicals like lemon juice or calcium chloride through a predefined process. 

This turns it into a fine, black-colored powder with enhanced absorbent properties that help draw impurities from the skin cells, and thus works best for people with oily and damaged skin. You may note that it has little to no odor. 

Activated charcoal is a microporous carbon derivative that is created by preheating charcoal to very high temperatures, say up to 6000 to 900 degree Celsius. It is then exposed through oxygen with temperatures up to 1200 degree Celsius. Some industrial procedures also mix charcoal with Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Calcium Chloride, and Zinc Chloride passed through 250 degree Celsius. 

These two procedures make the charcoal microporous and help it adsorb a lot of gasses and impurities on its surface. One gram of this activated carbon can hold up to 3000 square meters of gases, a process better known as gas adsorption.

Did you know?

There are various benefits of using activated charcoal skin that one may avail to get relief from dull, tanned, and oily skin, especially in the rainy season.

10 benefits of Activated charcoal for regular skincare

It is quite simple to use an activated charcoal-based face wash for routine skin care. Its regular application offers multiple skincare benefits, no matter your skin type or texture. We welcome you to explore the following benefits of using an activated charcoal face wash. You may note that these benefits would also depend on the composition of the face wash chosen and the absence of harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens.

Here are some of the benefits of using activated charcoal benefits for routine skincare:

  1. Removes impurities from the skin

    Activated charcoal for the face can pull out bacteria and toxins from the skin pores and thus help eliminate impurities. Many skin experts advise using it regularly to help you have smoother and brighter skin.
  1. Treats acne and pimples

    Activated charcoal has enhanced antibacterial properties that help remove microbes from the pores. Additionally, its face mask can lessen acne and enhance the texture of your skin.
  1. Minimizes or closes open pores

    Open pores may make your current skincare issues way more terrible than they actually are. Using activated charcoal to remove such facial issues can lessen or unclog pores on the skin of the face. 
  1. Helps control excessive oil in the skin

    Excessive oil production in skin cells can be problematic, especially for teenagers struggling with hormonal imbalance in their face and body. Applying an activated charcoal face mask or a charcoal face wash may help reduce excess oil production and control sebum production.
  1. Reduces blackheads

    A combination of dust, bacteria, and minor skin conditions that have built up over time may lead you to develop blackheads or whiteheads. They are clogged skin pores with a hardened interior, and it takes a super-effective skin cleanser like activated charcoal that could draw out such toxins.
  1. Deeply cleanses the skin

    If your skin barrier is dehydrated, it means that it needs some naturally nourishing ingredients. We recommend using an activated charcoal-enriched face wash to cleanse your skin thoroughly, leaving no room for impurities and dirt on the skin. It also wipes out the makeup residues, environmental impurities, and dirt from the skin pores in a hassle-free manner.
  1. Effectively treats acne and blackheads

    Clearing cystic acne can be best accomplished using a charcoal face wash. These cyst-based bumps occur when excess sebum and germs accumulate in skin pores and harden the local layer of skin cells. While this is a medically sensitive condition, it still helps to use a charcoal face wash in this condition. It would effectively flush out the toxins from the skin cells and dissolve the hardness, thus ensuring a proper redressal of the skincare blemishes.
  1. Brings instant brightness

    An activated charcoal face wash illuminates the deeper skin cells with its skin brightening properties. It gently cleanses the damaged skin cells to reveal newer and fresher cells, thus completing the exfoliation process. Using it twice a day helps bring out new skin cells and improve appearance.
  1. Effective on textured or oily skin too

    Waking up to congested skin pores and excessively oily T-zone isn’t the best way to start the day. But this is also just where opting for an activated charcoal-based face wash helps a great deal. It helps treat issues like clogged pores, textured skin, and blackheads that hit us the most in the rainy season. This face wash also regulates the production of sebum in the skin cells.
  1. Soothes skin inflammation

    With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, charcoal face wash also benefits the skin by treating skin infections and killing acne-causing bacteria. Not only does it also reduce acne marks and blackheads, but it also soothes rashes and inflammation, and redness. The charcoal face wash is also effective in hydrating dehydrated skin and the concerns caused by it.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of using activated charcoal for facial skin, let’s take a deeper look at what it is. We would also offer some insights on how this black-colored skin care product could be used for the best skincare experience and how our Charcoal Face Kit fits the bill. 

How is charcoal useful for routine skincare? 

Activated charcoal can absorb impurities, which is why it is also used to reduce whiteheads and sun tanning. Its sane and regular application detoxifies the skin cells from excess moisture and greasiness to reveal a blemish-free complexion. This face wash works the best in the rainy season when excessive humidity may cause the skin pores to get blocked or inflamed. 

Due to its penetrative properties, an activated charcoal-based face wash acts as a great detoxifier, exfoliator, and brightening agent. When infused in a face wash, it gently hydrates damaged skin, offers deep cleansing, and refines the skin pores. Its regular application saps excess moisture and sebum from the skin cells and thus keeps you away from greasiness.

Presenting Mamaearth’s Charcoal Face Wash for Oil Control!

Oily skin could be quite a responsibility to carry, especially if you are a teenager or a working professional. It is often not easy to live with that characteristic sticky and oily face every time you sit for a couple of hours or wake up after a night’s sleep. It is always made worse if you spend a few hours in the sun, be it due to work or play, and your skin becomes all sticky.

While it is not possible to get rid of your skin texture or type, it surely is possible to keep the issue of greasiness to a bare minimum. This is just where opting for a safe and toxin-free face wash helps greatly. We would thus like to welcome you to opt for our Charcoal Face Wash for Oil Control to eliminate dust, grime, and pollutants from your face. 

Powered by Pollution Defense Formula, it also helps unclog skin pores and detoxifies the skin of pollutants and excess oil. This activated charcoal-based face wash also comes enriched with Coffee, Clay, and Tea Tree oil to encourage new skin cells and drive out dead skin cells. The presence of tea tree oil ensures that the skin is not left dried after every cleansing session, and it thus nourishes the skin cells and powers them with its antibacterial properties.

Our Charcoal Face Wash powers your skincare regimen by keeping the pores clean, hydrated, and germ-free. It features a unique ‘Pollution Defense Formula’ and enhanced oil control features that revitalize skin cells and remove the dead skin layer. 

Its high concentration of Activated Charcoal soaks up the extra oils from the skin, reduces black and whiteheads, and promotes collagen growth. This safe and toxin-free face wash is enriched with Coffee, Clay, and Tea Tree Oil, which provide anti-inflammatory properties to soothe inflamed and sore skin cells gently.

Here are some more reasons why this face wash makes an ideal face wash for oily, dry, and combination skin: 

  • It effectively combats the damages caused by pollution and UV rays.
  • It cleanses the skin gently and draws out the toxins from the skin.
  • It minimizes the enlarged pores, making your skin appear healthy and plump.
  • With the Goodness of Nature, it helps fight skin troubles without causing side effects. 
  • Its super-effective composition promotes cell turnover rate and stimulates collagen growth.

“Those who wear black live a colorful life!”

Given some indispensable charcoal face wash benefits, it would not be wrong if we name it a game-changer in skincare. This powerful carbon-based product is equipped with a host of skin-pleasing properties that nurture the skin’s health and maintain its firmness and radiance. It’s time you develop a liking for this magnetic skin care product and sail away for a better complexion.

Summing up!

It should also be noted that there could be some perceived differences in the results because of different interrelated factors like eating habits, sleeping patterns, anxiety, and exposure to sunlight.

We recommend using face washes and face masks made of this toxin-free ingredient to draw out dirt, grime, and pollutants. It would also help shrink the pores to have a clear and blemish-free appearance. 


  1. Is charcoal good for your face?

    Ans. Yes, it is good to use charcoal on your face. According to some beauty experts, a charcoal face mask can aid in removing dirt and pollutants from your skin because studies have shown that activated charcoal can absorb toxins from your body. Decreases acne outbreaks. Your pores may get clogged by a buildup of bacteria and sebum (skin oils), which will cause outbreaks.

  2. Is charcoal good for skin whitening?

    Cleansing the skin's pores with activated charcoal helps remove the oil, debris, and germs that have clogged them. It is well known that activated charcoal works wonders for removing blackheads and acne, lightening scars, minimizing oiliness, and even whitening teeth.

  3. Can charcoal darken my skin?

    The charcoal powder keeps your skin flawless and helps remove impurities from the pores. Unfortunately, many individuals use activated charcoal powder on their skin, which can occasionally leave a black mark.

  4. Can charcoal remove dark spots?

    Additionally, because of its extraordinary exfoliating abilities, activated charcoal aids in the removal of dead skin cells, lessens the visibility of black spots, and thoroughly cleans the skin. Additionally, it controls excessive sebum production on the skin without over-drying it.

  5. Is charcoal face wash good for daily use?

    Yes, charcoal face wash shows results when used regularly. It contains activated carbon that wipes out bacteria, toxins, and impurities from the skin, thus keeping the skin free from impurities. Using charcoal regularly helps purify the skin, cleanse clogged pores, and reduce blackheads.

  6. Is charcoal face wash good for skin?

    Yes, it is. There are many benefits of charcoal face wash. It relieves skin from skin problems like tanning, pimples, and dark spots. It cleanses the skin pores and improves the skin’s complexion by clearing out the impurities. Charcoal is known for its exfoliating and brightening properties too, and it also removes dead skin layers to promote a higher cell turnover rate.

  7. Does charcoal face wash darken skin?

    No, a charcoal face wash doesn't darken the skin. Instead, it brightens, hydrates, and nourishes the skin from within. In addition, charcoal boosts the complexion by exfoliating the dead skin and detoxifying the overall texture.

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