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  1. Which compact powder is best?
  2. We recommend going for a toxin-free compact powder that helps wipe out the excess oil from the face and gives great coverage. Besides, compact powder with SPF 30 is ideal for Indian skin tones. It would be great if you opted for Mamaearth Glow Oil Control Compact with SPF 30. Approved by MadeSafe, it is free from abrasive ingredients and thus doesn't hurt your skin. It is India's first talc-free compact that comes with a 12-hour oil control formula.

  1. How to choose a compact powder?
  2. You should consider a few things before buying a compact powder. First, always prefer buying compact powder that matches your skin tone. Along with getting a matching shade, you should check the product's expiration date, SPF factors, consistency, and ingredient content. In addition, focus on the coverage that you need from your makeup. In short, compact powder with a lightweight consistency, buildable coverage, and an adequate SPF number gives the skin a flawless application.

  1. What is a compact powder?
  2. Compact powder is one of the most commonly used cosmetic products. It is a lightweight powder that usually comes in powder form. It is used for wiping out the unusual shine caused due to excess oil secretion. It provides an even look by providing buildable coverage to the skin. Formulated with oil-control formula, it helps set and mattify the facial makeup for a longer stay. It is a multitasking product that effectively sets the makeup, eliminates dullness, and covers blemishes, spots, etc.

  1. How to use compact powder? 
  2. Here's how you should apply compact powder to your face: Step 1: Take a fluffy powder brush and drag a small amount of powder. Dust off the excess to save your skin from an ashy look. Step 2: Start from the areas like T-zone under the eyes, and while doing it, be sure to brush outwards. If your skin is dry, avoid powdering your entire face. Step 3: Dab it slowly to set the powder, and repeat the above steps if the powder isn't set. To achieve the desired coverage, go gentle with the brush or blender. Step 4: Finally, brush away the excess powder and try not to drag it with a heavy hand. Set the powder with a setting spray, and you are done.

  1. What is the Mamaearth compact powder price in India?
  2. The Mamaearth compact powder price is Rs. 499.

Guide to Selecting and Buying the Best Compact Powder!

The presence of compact powder in the makeup world is nothing but a stroke of luck for all makeup enthusiasts. This is one product you wish to add to your go-to list for on-the-go touch-ups throughout the day. With its mattifying qualities, it absorbs the excessive shine from your face without taking even a bit from your radiance.

Formulated to boost your natural shine, it is the most convenient way to even your skin tone by providing decent coverage. What makes it a necessity is its effectiveness in providing a base that holds up to several layers of makeup. If you sweat too much, it keeps your sweat under control and easily fits into your makeup routine. However, it is critical to find the best formula to attain a perfect base. From features to quality, and consistency to type, there are various things you should pay heed to while buying a compact powder.

If you have always wondered what comes first in makeup, here's what you need to know. The basic makeup routine should go like this – primer, foundation, concealer, and compact powder. These are the first four steps that set your base like a dream. Compact face powder is the key product that lays out the canvas for other products to blend in. It is ideal for beginners and those seeking a minimal route to beautify their looks. 

Compact powders were a critical cosmetic product during the nineties. Whether it was an annual function or important college fests, it was everybody's go-to product. However, picking the right shade did not matter in those times as much as it does today. Therefore, whether choosing a dry skin compact powder or buying oil-control formula, it is important to buy according to one’s skin type.

Uses of compact powder that work wonders for your makeup

  1. Even out the skin tone - Involving a series of steps, makeup has its way of adjusting to the skin. The best way to put on some compact makeup evenly is by setting the base. It revitalizes your dull and exhausted skin. Next, using a compact with foundation (or without it) works well to even out the skin tone and gives it a flawless and polished texture. However, it also depends on the skin type, the level of coverage you want, and the application you attempt for. Finally, it locks in the radiance, enabling it to shine throughout the day.
  2. Absorbs oil - One of the benefits of using a face powder compact is that it clears out the excess oil from the face. It contains an oil-free formula that brilliantly mattifies the skin, making it appear even and bright. Just one swipe of the application helps prevent the extra shine from the face. However, it is necessary to look for compact natural powder with the benefits of natural ingredients if you want to soothe oily skin.
  3. Great for everyday use - The compact powder makes great daily care essential. With ideal coverage and mattifying quality, it is easy-to-use that gives an instant glow by soaking in the extra oil. So, no matter where you need to head, college or meetings, it helps you achieve an effortless look in no time. Another good thing about using a powder compact is that you don't need to wear a heavy base for compact application. So, if you are looking for a product that gives an instant glow and easy-to-carry, you should search for lightweight and waterproof compact powder.
  4. Fixes makeup - A compact powder can set the base effortlessly and correct many makeup errors. Whether it is the excessive foundation or too much blush, compact powder makeup gives an edge to your appearance. 

If your foundation shades become too dark or light, one stroke of compact powder would help you to even it out. So, remember, when your base starts rubbing off, it's time to harness the power of compact powder uses.

How to choose the best face compact powder?

While choosing a face makeup compact, you should be cautious of a few things. Knowing these factors will help you have the best formula in which your skin can find comfort. Here are the things you should be aware of while buying the best compact powder:

  1. Quantity - First, purchase according to the quantity you need and how much you can pay. Thus, never make any purchase of skincare products without planning the budget. So, make sure to buy an affordable compact powder price
  2. Expiry Date - After checking the face powder price, you should also check for the product’s suitability. Skincare products always have an expiration date, which decides how long the product should last. The expiration date signifies the product's longevity, and one should not use expired products. So, be sure to check the expiry date before using or purchasing the product.
  3.  Skin type - Another important factor to consider while purchasing compact powder is skin type. When buying a color care product, always remember to match it with your skin tone and type. For example, if you buy one shade lighter or darker, it may not blend easily and will oxidize. This would affect your appearance negatively.
  4. Presence of natural ingredients - The involvement of natural ingredients balances the formulation by increasing the nutritional quotient of the product. It is important to add natural ingredients to other cosmetic products as well. So, check for natural ingredients when buying the best compact powder for sensitive skin.
  5. Involvement of SPF - As UV rays continue to damage our skin health, it is important to stay protected. SPF can be a great addition to a compact powder as it effectively wards off the aging signs like blemishes, fine lines, etc. So, always choose SPF compact powder to protect your skin.
  6. Lightweight - Always prefer buying lightweight compact powders to give your skin a natural finish. Heavy formulations may cause breakouts on your skin within hours of application. Besides, lightweight consistency is advised when buying the best compact powder for oily skin.
  7. Consider buying certified products - Product authentication holds the utmost space in skincare. The market is filled with infinite products carrying different brand names and ingredients. See whether the product holds any certifications or not, especially if you are searching for the best compact powder for acne prone skin. Approval from organizations like MadeSafe, PETA, and FDA validates the product's authenticity.

Adhering to these factors would surely help you shortlist and buy the best face compact powder in a hassle-free manner. Be sure to avoid poor-quality skincare products (like the ones marked as compact powder price under 100 rupees). They will do more harm than good.

Choosing different compact powder shades 

With the internet making its space in our life, our knowledge band in makeup only saw a vast improvement. From crafting various shades for Indian skin tones to adding hydrating qualities, the makeup trend has become comforting for everybody. At Mamaearth, we have integrated our virtue of providing quality and safety into our color care range. With MadeSafe certification, this Glow Oil Control Compact Powder with SPF 30 makes an ideal choice for daily use. It is clinically tested and comes in 4 appealing shades promising to help you have a stunning look in just a few minutes.

Celebrating the notion of finding comfort in one's skin tone, we bring an elite league of compact face powder in four different shades. With Almond Glow, we have brought the best compact powder for medium skin tone. Similarly, our Ivory glow makes an ideal choice for a brighter skin tone. In addition, Nude Glow provides a seamless, natural finish, and Creme Glow is considered the go-to product for daily use. 

Here’s what else makes these cosmetic products so special:

  1. Glow Oil Control Compact with SPF 30 | Almond Glow - Are you trying different tricks to keep your makeup intact all day long? Or just seeking one simple step to transform your personality? Here is our Glow Oil Control Compact Almond Glow would do the trick. It suits medium skin tones better and has enhanced oil-absorbing properties that mattify your skin without disturbing its moisture barrier. In addition, the wholesome blend of vitamin C and turmeric make this one-of-a-kind and truly satisfying. So, here's the compact powder for dusky skin you should have right now.
  2. Glow Oil Control Compact with SPF 30 | Nude Glow - Appearing minimal is a trend that never goes out of fashion. With a creamy consistency, it settles into the skin like a dream. It gives a matte brown finish and suits medium to darker skin tones. Being India's first talc-free compact, it imparts an instant glow without irritating any skin type. Whether you have dry or oily skin, it makes an ideal product to give your skin the coverage it needs. So, let your skin breathe easily and radiate its natural glow with our nude glow range, the best compact for oily skin.
  3. Glow Oil Control Compact with SPF 30 | Crème Glow - Devised with a 12-hour oil control formula, our Crème Glow range settles into the skin beautifully to give skin flawless coverage. It is made to improve the skin's radiance to all skin types without disturbing its natural oil. With buildable coverage and SPF 30 sun protection, this compact cream powder makes a good choice for daily use. It may even double up as the best compact powder for combination skin because it is free from talc and other harmful additives. In addition, it covers blemishes, pores, and other unevenness to provide a smooth base. So, try this makeup compact powder, no matter where you are heading, a party or college.
  4. Glow Oil Control Compact with SPF 30 | Ivory Glow - If you are still struggling with finding your exact shade, 5our Glow Oil Control Compact fits your needs. Ivory Glow is designed for lighter skin tones and it gives a natural glow without a cakey look. Crafted with the potent duo of vitamin C and turmeric, this range is a must-try for those looking for a safe and gentle compact range. 

A MadeSafe-certified product, this shade perfectly blends into a brighter skin tone, giving a beautiful glow and smooth skin texture. So, if you are seeking the compact best for dry skin, you should add this to your cart now. 

Star Ingredients that make this range worth trying! 

Crafted with soothing and natural ingredients, our paraben-free compact face powder adds an oomph factor to your makeup look. Being India's first talc-free compact, it is formulated to provide a natural glow. It is packed with an oil-control formula that locks in your radiance, keeping the greasiness away from your face. This is why it is considered the best natural compact powder.

At Mamaearth, we understand the urge to create different makeup looks with a flawless base. With a focus on quenching the need of makeup lovers, we formulated a nourishing range of compacts. It is talc-free and comes with a dewy finish without adding greasiness to the skin. Counting on the Goodness of Nature, it adds a great finish to make your base stay for long hours. You can check out the Mamaearth compact powder price from our website and get yours skin tone suitable one. 

Although it has a matte finish, it doesn't irritate the skin's moisture content. Thus, if you are keen on finding the best compact powder for dry skin, this Glow Oil Control range might help. Besides, the involvement of natural ingredients makes this range soothing, gentle, and non-toxic.

  1. Vitamin C: A highly revered antioxidant that helps neutralize oxidative damage caused due to free radicals. Along with providing radiance and protection from sun damage, it encourages skin regeneration.
  2. Turmeric: The natural brightening agent, turmeric, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is also rich in antioxidants that elevate the skin's natural radiance without irritating its natural moisture barrier.

4 Things to consider while using a compact powder

  1. As soon as you have applied a concealer to your under-eyes, you should also seal its coverage with a compact. If your dark circles are intense, dab the powder first and blend to prevent the crease from developing after makeup. Always choose the correct shades of compact powder that match your skin tone to prevent creases.
  2. Avoid dragging the puff or blender; it will not spread evenly on your face. Instead, dab it slowly to let it sit over the layers. If your skin has become itchy and dry after wearing too many layers, apply it to the areas where the skin emits oil. Layering your entire face with a compact may create an uneven skin texture.
  3. Do not take excessive amounts of compact in one go or it may give your entire face an ashy look. If you have an important event ahead of you, make sure to dab it a bit in the first go and then take a little bit of the amount in your puff in the next step. Avoid applying too many layers.
  4. If you have worn heavy makeup and need a touchup after two-three hours, avoid putting the powder with a heavy hand. Use a combination of face cream compact foundation and concealer to fix your dullness instantly. However, be gentle while setting your base, and always use a setting spray in the final step. 
  5. Pricing is just as important a factor. You should aim for a mix of quality and price for all your skincare or cosmetic products. For example, you may opt for the best compact powder with price and check it against suitability, matching, and expiry date for the best results. No good compact powder brand would ever make you compromise on these features. 

Can compact powders be used daily?

Yes, the use of compact powder foundations is widespread nowadays. It is one of those easy-to-use products that can be used every day without any second thoughts. Removing excess shine from your face makes it an ideal product for oily skin. The best thing about this compact is that it delivers a subtle look and gives a flawless finish in a heavy base. So, if you are looking for an everyday college or office look, this can be your go-to makeup essential. But first, you should have a compact powder that perfectly matches your skin tone. 

In addition, if you are going to use it on a daily basis, make sure to add an SPF-based compact to your routine. Not only does it protect from harmful UV rays, but it also gives the required pampering our skin needs daily. So you should incorporate a high-quality compact into your daily routine. Finally, remember to clean your skin as you reach the end of the day, as it might lead to dullness in your skin.

Why is it beneficial to have a compact powder for makeup artists?

A makeup artist is equipped with all skin-set required to achieve a flawless look. In an array of makeup products, compact powder lends a key role in setting the base. From canceling out the unevenness to fixing minor makeup errors, achieving the desired look is quite impossible without it. A skilled makeup artist understands the prominence of compact powder in makeup. After they finish their makeup masterpiece, it is the obvious product that comes to the rescue in case of any errors. 

A finely milled powder with a subtle finish is critical in makeup. It is something that makes any look stay long. Makeup artists are not only aware of its qualities but also know how to select compact powder shades. Powder with the correct makeup shade adds radiance to the skin's original look. Considering the qualities of compact powder, it is important to buy a shade that matches your complexion. Besides, a powder with hydrating qualities and natural ingredients is more suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is thus considered the best compact powder for oily skin in India.

At Mamaearth, we have prepared a range of compact powder that exhibits the goodness of turmeric and vitamin C. As India's first talc-free compact powder, it is a great product to have in your cosmetic collection. All our faces compact powders offer buildable coverage and a matte finish that blends into your skin like a dream. Clinically tested to suit every skin tone, it also protects skin from UV rays with its SPF 30 protection. Considered the best compact powder in India, it gives your skin a natural finish without hurting your skin's moisture content.

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Best Compact Powder List in India

Compact Powder Product List Price
Glow Oil Control Compact With SPF 30 - 9g | Creme Glow Rs 499
Glow Oil Control Compact With SPF 30 - 9g | Almond Glow Rs 499
Glow Oil Control Compact With SPF 30 - 9g | Nude Glow Rs 499
Glow Oil Control Compact With SPF 30 - 9g |Ivory Glow Rs 499

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on May 29, 2023