Witnessing too many hair strands in your comb regularly isn’t pleasant. While losing a few strands every day is normal, it can get concerning if the number increases every day. Most people facing such issues get worried with questions like ‘why hair fall occurs?’ or ‘what is the reason for excessive hair fall?’ We are trying to find some answers to these questions in this blog today.

Experts say alopecia is a multifactorial condition that can be localized or disseminated and is the heavy hair fall reason commonly talked about. When a person notices excessive hair fall on his scalp, it is known as localized hair loss. However, there are instances when hair thinning occurs initially, and then excessive hair breakage begins as a rapid process. While most conditions are recoverable, some can also lead to permanent hair loss. 

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A major concern is persistent and extensive hair loss. Even while it affects more men than women, the latter are just as frustrated and dissatisfied by the amount of hair they shed daily. It has all kinds of causes, symptoms, and treatments that we know of today. You need the correct identification.

Other hair issues, including dandruff, dryness, hair thinning, and graying, may follow temporary or permanent hair loss. Because of this, many dermatologists advise using onion oil to treat scalp problems and promote hair growth with its regular usage.

Which Hair is fall control Oil Effective for you?

The good news is that you may use various hair fall control oils to treat these problems. However, you should first identify if you have any underlying medical disorders that can be contributing to your hair loss.

There is many a reason of hair fall. The following are the most common ones:

a. Problems caused by stress

b. Nutritional adequacy

c. Medicine side effects

d. Unsuitable hair care products

e. Failing to adhere to a successful hair care routine

f. Using excessive amounts of hair care products

g. Thyroid disease or a hormonal imbalance are underlying medical disorders

Once you have identified the main reason behind hair fall, you should hunt for a hair fall control oil that will easily allow you to address the problems. It’s also essential to adhere to a hair care regimen designed to address your unique hair care requirements and that, when followed consistently, will achieve the desired results. 

Why is it important to follow a good hair care regimen?

No matter the reason for hair fall, it is crucial to incorporate a hair fall control oil into your routine if you are experiencing frequent and excessive hair loss. Hair oil, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, and a hair mask are essential components of a proper hair care regimen. Together, these haircare products help to stimulate healthier hair quality. You should also add a hair growth serum to your regimen. 

Here is a list of almost everything you will need for a hair care routine:

1. Hair Oil: Head massages offer therapeutic benefits and are thus effective in combating hair loss. You should warm the oil to prevent hair loss, then apply it from the scalp to the ends of the strands. 

Massaging the scalp may enhance blood circulation and let it nourish your hair follicles. You may let the oil sit on your hair for at least an hour before cleansing and conditioning for the best results.

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2. Shampoo and conditioner: As vital as oiling your hair is, cleansing it with a gentle and nourishing shampoo is equally necessary. The secret to a healthy scalp is maintaining its hygiene regularly. 

Since you are applying the same ingredients, using shampoo and conditioner from the hair care regimen will provide better results when used consistently.

3. Hair Mask: To provide your hair the care, love, and attention it needs, you should use a hair mask once a week. A hair mask is a potent mask rich in oils and butter, giving your hair the nutrients it needs relatively quickly. To give your hair the shine and luster it needs and enjoy a spa-like experience at home, you may apply it at least twice a month, depending on your hair type.

Sticking to a hair-care regimen for at least two months is necessary to see desired results. You may choose a hair growth serum in addition to applying a hair fall control oil since it will stimulate the growth of your hair while maintaining its overall health and strength. Mamaearth’s Onion Hair Oil supports a healthy scalp with the right proportion of acid to alkalinity.

It nourishes and regulates sebum production to minimize scalp infections that are the major sudden hair fall reason. It nourishes the scalp while maintaining the proper pH balance and absorbing nutrients and antioxidant boosters. It can also be paired with our Onion Hair Serum, and the latter may be applied every week for the best results.

How to pick the Ideal Hair Fall Oil for you?

We completely agree with the statement, ‘go with your gut.’ It’s possible that you sometimes need help understanding why your instincts speak to you so strongly. However, you may make the best decision with the help of your gut instincts.

But what about when you struggle to choose the best hair fall oil? This is the time to rely on the Goodness of Nature. You could receive the best nourishment possible in its purest form by bringing home the best of both worlds.

We advise knowing more about your hair care issues and learning more about them. For example, if your hair requires hair fall control and faster hair growth, you should know why you are losing them in the first place. You should then opt for a hair growth oil that addresses all these problems. So keep your hair requirements in mind, be aware of your hair issues, and you’re good to go!

Now that you have chosen the best hair fall oil, you must be aware of the benefits of oiling, which are listed below: 

– A hair oil massage stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, helping in deep exfoliation and boosting overall hair growth.

– Your hair will experience less stress and wear and tear if you oil it regularly. In addition, it would also make the strands softer, protect them from drying out, and make them appear shinier.

– You may strengthen your hair by stimulating the follicles and roots with a safe, gentle, nourishing hair oil. This would also eliminate flakiness and frizz from the scalp. You may avoid many haircare problems like dandruff and split ends by giving your hair a frequent massage with an oil of your choice.

Did you know? Your hair oil will only add vibrance and bounce to your color-treated hair. It also helps in making it last longer!

Benefits of using Mamaearth’s Onion Oil for Hair Fall Control:

Onion is rich in sulfur and antioxidants. Because our hair follicles require a continuous source of this vitamin to be strong and healthy, this fact is very important in hair care. It makes more sense when considering the rising popularity of onion hair oils. People are looking out for these products, for they provide freedom from harmful chemicals.

Here are a few additional advantages of using onion oil that you should think about. Some of these are the most important elements that make it the ideal oil for hair growth. So, let’s look at those key points and see what they signify, we’re convinced that these expert pieces of advice will help you make a better decision.

1. Due to its antioxidants, onion oil promotes the hair’s growth cycle, particularly by enhancing the activity of certain enzymes that reduce hair fall.

2. It speeds up hair growth and cures damaged hair. Using it frequently can also effectively prevent and cure baldness.

3. The high sulfur content of onion oil helps prevent hair loss, split ends, and thinning hair. Additionally, it controls the pH of the hair, preventing premature graying.

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4. In addition to ensuring that your hair is properly hydrated, using our Onion Oil For Hair Growth also enhances the quality of hair cells due to the sulfur content.

5. It nourishes the scalp and boosts blood circulation, promoting longer, healthier hair growth.

6. Along with combating infectious diseases and dandruff, a frequent massage of onion oil for hair growth on the scalp may effectively promote hair regrowth.

7. Using onion oil is beneficial for hair growth; it is a natural solution that strengthens and hydrates your hair while promoting rapid growth.

8. The benefits of onion oil can be increased by combining it with other essential oils. For example, it might be mixed with coconut, almond, or olive oil. In addition, your hair will remain healthy, strong, and shiny if you use onion oil for hair growth.

9. Onion oil improves scalp health and may be used as a conditioner before shampooing. It works as a natural hair conditioner to tame frizz and prevent dryness.

Some Recommendations!

Despite their well-known pungent smell, onions may be better suited for regular hair maintenance. According to studies, onions’ anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities may stimulate hair growth from the roots or alter hair’s appearance by cleansing your scalp.

Our new and improved Onion Oil will make your hair shinier, softer, and healthier. It’s time to enjoy healthier, stronger hair by applying it every night before bed for the extra benefits of Onion, thanks to a new, lightweight, non-sticky composition with a long-lasting effect.

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Onion oil contains a variety of additional minerals, including potassium and antioxidants. As a result, they may help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. In addition, the best hair oil for hair fall might help clear up clogged hair follicles and promote better hair growth if combined with Redensyl.

Mamaearth’s Onion Oil is also free of harmful chemicals that might slow down hair growth, such as silicones, parabens, mineral oil, and dyes. This attribute makes it safe to use on chemically-treated or heat-treated hair too. Due to our strategy of eliminating pollutants and dangerous chemicals, Mamaearth’s Onion Hair Oil can be used every day for the best results.

A word of advice!

The use of onion oil for hair growth is generally considered safe. However, use onion oil cautiously if you are allergic to onions. Onions can irritate the skin, even among those who are not allergic to them. Depending on how well the product works, you can feel redness and irritation as a side effect. 

Mixing onion oil with an ointment like aloe vera or coconut oil can be prevented. Additionally, several medical treatments may enhance a person’s sensitivity to onion oil. We recommend starting with a skin test or speaking with a hair care specialist.

Summing up!

Who doesn’t desire gorgeous hair? Whenever it comes to addressing any hair problems, onion care is beneficial. However, the odor of raw onions may bother you, so it could be worth trying an onion hair oil that has been thoughtfully crafted. 

We hope you keep these factors in mind the next time you shop for the finest hair growth oil. Our haircare range is an excellent place to start if you’re already uncertain and need guidance. We are a trustworthy brand and offer a wide range of MadeSafe- FDA-approved hair oils that you may choose from.


  1. Why does hair fall from roots? 

    It could be the outcome of genetics, hormonal changes, infections, or a common part of aging. Even though anybody can lose hair on their head, males are more likely to do so. Baldness often refers to a significant loss of scalp hair. The most frequent cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss as people age.

  2. Why does hair fall in winter?

    The dry air outside, which drains your scalp of all its moisture and makes it dry, is the main culprit behind excessive hair loss in the winter. Dry hair from a dry scalp results in hair loss, breakage, and damage. Your scalp will become itchy and unclean due to dandruff, which is also caused due to a dry scalp.

  3. Why does hair fall in the monsoon?

    The hair absorbs hydrogen as a result of the atmosphere's dampness. Due to the chemical sensitivity of hair to airborne hydrogen, excessive hydrogen absorption during the monsoon season causes brittle, fragile hair that falls out.

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