Glamorous or unfiltered – no matter what your look for the day is, you will always switch back to your natural skin for most of your day. But, if you do not follow a face care routine, you might feel uncomfortable when you are not your natural self. Imperfections may be beautiful too, but they can’t beat the glory of naturally flawless skin.

A busy lifestyle, urgent priorities, and tough deadlines can be difficult to handle. Skincare sometimes takes a back seat when trying to make both ends meet. However, as your face is the most exposed to the external environment, you should pay attention to the signs it gives you. Read along to learn about having a routine and everything in between.

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What is a Face Care Routine? 

Simply put, a face care routine is one where there is something for every skin need. When followed consistently, it involves six major steps that can give you naturally healthy skin to come home to. While there are several discussions made on what an ideal face care routine should look like, here’s the one we thought you should know:

#Step 1: Cleanse – The first step of every skincare routine starts with a clean slate. Cleanliness helps in improving your skin’s hygiene and boosts the freshness of your skin. So, you should wash your face with a mild face wash before applying other skincare products or cosmetics. 

We have a diverse range of face cleansers that suit every skin type. They also target various skin problems such as acne, pimples, dull skin, etc., with natural ingredients to give your face an even skin tone and blissful radiance. We suggest you use a safe and gentle face care face wash twice a day to get effective results. 

#Step 2: Exfoliate – Skin exfoliation is a process that helps in the deep cleansing of your facial pores. It helps remove dead skin cells from your face and gives it a bright, rejuvenating look. 

You should use a mild, gentle face scrub to remove the pile-up of dead skin and give your skin a bright and revived look. 

We recommend you try our Ubtan Face Scrub to eliminate stubborn dirt, dust, and dead skin cells. It has a perfect blend of turmeric and saffron, and a few antioxidants that remove dullness and help you have a glowing appearance. 

Exfoliation is a need to keep your face from looking dull, despite the exposure it gets. We suggest you use a facial scrub twice or thrice a week for four to six weeks to see the best results. You will see naturally healthy skin is just a few steps away when followed with care! 

#Step 3: Uplift – The cleansing process may remove all the dust, grease, and impurities from your facial skin, but it also removes its natural oils that provide nourishment. As a result, your pores are open, and it causes your skin to sag down. You must use face toner to prevent the after-effects of cleansing rituals.

A toner helps lock your skin pores with nutrition, nourishment, and essential skin benefits that keep your face from looking dull and aged. Instead, it uplifts your skin and adds a youthful glow to it. You can try our Vitamin C Face Toner to let the Goodness of Nature help you have a better appearance.

This skincare product is essential and should be used at least twice daily to achieve effective results. It is third in line and should always be handy in your vanity. Do not worry about the greasy feeling, as it has a watery texture that absorbs quickly into your skin without putting in too much effort. 

#Step 4: Hydrate – Adding the hydrating nutrients to your face after the toner absorbs well into your skin is necessary for your skin’s hygiene. This is where using a face cream comes to your rescue. It helps give your skin the love it needs after the rough cleansing process. 

Our toxin-free face moisturizer work well for all skin types and help fix common skincare issues. For example, our Vitamin C Day Cream brings you home to bright and beautiful skin with every application. It promotes an even skin tone and helps in keeping dryness at bay. 

Similarly, our Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream fights hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. It has the natural goodness of Mulberry Extracts and Vitamin C gives your face a smooth, even, and toned look. They work as excellent anti-aging effects and help reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

A face cream helps keep your skin hydrated and supple throughout the day. It prevents flakiness and patchy skin by nourishing your skin with the best ingredients. Use it twice a day consistently to see the results. 

#Step 5 – Under-eye care – The skin beneath your eyes is far more delicate than on your face. It may not seem important initially, but the signs of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle show up there. From panda eyes to puffiness, it is a long journey to mention, but we have a solution for you!

You may try Mamaearth Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream for all your under-eye skin troubles. It has the goodness of Cucumber and Peptides that help make the skin look younger, brighter, and healthy. In addition, it also helps treat dark circles, puffiness, and saggy skin with ultimate care and comfort. 

You should use this skincare essential at least twice a day, every day, to achieve the best possible results. It will give you naturally younger under-eye skin with every application. 

#Step 6: Shield – The final and most important step in every skin care regimen is to shield your skin from the external aggressors of the environment. Face skin care is complete and guarded with sunscreen. 

Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun but also guards your skin against radical damage. It keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy despite exposure to the external environment. 

Many of us think sunscreen won’t be right as it might leave a white cast on your skin. However, our Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen is designed to suit Indian skin in every manner. It is non-greasy and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It also has the natural goodness of Carrot Seed Oil & Turmeric, adding a glow effect to your skin. 

Myths related to face care routine

Myth 1: Exfoliation is a daily requirement – A while ago, we discussed how important it is to exfoliate your skin. But we would reassert that you do not need it every day for it may cause more harm than good if you do it excessively. 

Using a face scrub every day is not a good idea. Exfoliation may help remove dead skin cells, but it certainly removes the natural oils of your skin that provide nourishment. As a result, it depletes your natural reserves and may also turn your skin type dry. 

You should opt for weekly exfoliation cycles in your face care routine. This would keep the dead skin cells from piling up too often on your face. It would also ensure better absorption of the nutrients present in your skincare products. 

Myth 2: Washing your face with water is enough – Water is magical in its beautiful way. But more than washing your face, you should opt for nourishing skincare products like face washes and face mask with it. This is important because face care tips often involve using a gentle cleanser to protect your face from dirt and dust. 

While water will help remove the greasy effect, the cleanser helps you get rid of stubborn dust and add a natural vibrance to your skin tone. Also, our range of face cleansers helps achieve skincare goals easily. 

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For instance, our Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash adds a natural glow to your face with the goodness of Vitamin C. It uplifts your skin and adds a clearer effect. Similarly, our Tea Tree Face Wash targets acne and pimples. It also helps purify oily skin and gives a non-greasy effect naturally. 

Myth 3: Eye creams are a waste of time: Using an under-eye cream is just as important too. It should have the right blend of nourishing ingredients and be formulated well to serve your eye care needs. You should thus check for caffeine, cucumber, and other natural ingredients that boost healthy under-eye skin with every application. 

Another point worth considering when using eye creams is that they should address the concern you are looking for. For instance, if you want to get rid of dark circles, caffeine can help you quite well. But if you have other priorities, you must also check the ingredients before investing. 

Myth 4: You don’t need sunscreen in the cold & windy weather – A popular myth that has been raising eyebrows for a while now. But the fact is, there is no season when you do not need sunscreen. 

Sunscreen must be applied on your skin even when you are indoors all day. With environmental exposure, you need it even more. No matter what the season is, applying sunscreen to your skin is vital because it helps fight radical damage. 

Tackling oxidative stress and harmful after-effects of the UVA & UVB rays, sunscreen protects your skin from them. It prevents tanning of your skin and keeps it healthy and glowing all day long!

Myth 5: Face toners are only for people with acne – The most irrelevant myth of all time. No matter your skin troubles, using a face toner is necessary for all skin types and textures.

You may use a toner with a different texture or quality, but using it is essential as it keeps your skin free from signs of premature aging. In addition, it helps uplift your skin and gives a youthful radiance that stays all day long. 

However, people with oily skin woes need to pay extra attention to what they feed their skin with. But it doesn’t change that everyone following an extensive face care routine needs it to achieve happy and healthy skin. Try our coffee products in india for acne prone skin.

Myth 6: Face creams are not a necessity – You eat food to satisfy your hunger, but do you give up water completely? Following a similar analogy comes your face care cream. No matter what skincare products you use, you can’t fill in what a face moisturizer provides your skin. 

A moisturizer can look like a face gel and be extremely lightweight yet effective. It gives hydration and care to your facial skin like no other product. Using them just twice a day is more than enough for your skin to absorb essential nutrients and vitamins needed for your skin to breathe. Also, if you have dry skin, try using one that eliminates this problem. 

We recommend opting for our recently launched Aqua Glow Gel Face Moisturizer With Himalayan Thermal Water and Hyaluronic Acid for 72 Hours Hydration. It has a non-sticky and gel-based formulation that gives 72-hour hydration. It features Himalayan Thermal Water, Hyaluronic Acid, and Aloe Vera that keep the skin soft and supple throughout the day. 

Summing Up 

A face care night routine looks exactly like the one we discussed before to follow during the day. Skincare comes with different complexities that not everyone can keep up with. But, once you get the hang of it, you can’t go a day without it. 

Different skincare products have varied qualities, and it is important to have them all. While some of us believe that not using them will keep our skin better, it is just not the case. Although we just busted some major myths that skincare or a face care routine evolves around, many more exist. 

But, apart from following a routine, it is vital to use the right products. If you use the right ones, the results might differ from what you expected. This is where our skincare range comes into the picture. 

We bring you home to natural goodness and benefits. We formulate safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare products using natural ingredients to nourish your skin. Our products are certified by MadeSafe, FDA, and PETA. In addition, we give back to society by planting a tree for every order we receive. 

Self-care and skincare go hand-in-hand. We know that meeting urgencies may make your priorities take a backseat. But caring is the first step towards creating a sustainable future. We took ours, have you?


  1. How to take care of your face during the winter season?

    Our facial skin is exposed to seasonal changes, pollution, and other triggers. It is important to cleanse and nourish it with good-quality skincare products. Switching to a healthy diet, avoiding stress, and getting adequate sleep also help. We suggest starting with a Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing or CTM routine. It should comprise face wash (twice a day), face scrub and face mask (once a week), and moisturizing (twice a day)- for the best results. Be sure to use safe and gentle skincare products that do not contain any toxic ingredients.

  2. How to take care of pigmentation on the face? 

    You should first ascertain the cause of hyperpigmentation on your face. It could be caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun rays, pollution, and inadequate nutrition. You should use a face wash twice a day and a face scrub once a week to cleanse your skin of dead skin cells and toxic buildup. We suggest you try Mamaearth’s Ubtan-based skincare products for the best results. 

  3. How to use a face mask in skincare?

    A face mask is one of the quickest ways to add nutrients to your skin. It adds nutrition, nourishment, and radiance, making your face look brighter and more radiant. First, wash your face with a sulfate-free face wash suiting your skin type. Next, Pat your face dry and apply a generous layer of face mask. Keep it for 15 minutes & wash it off with water. For best results, use it twice a week.

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