Hair Fall Control Kit

Reduces Hair Fall | Boosts Growth |Nourishes Scalp
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Product Description

Say hello to beautiful hair, every day! Stress, pollution & unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to many hair troubles, hair fall being the most common one. It’s time to say goodbye to hair fall with Mamaearth’s Hair Fall Control Kit. Enriched with the natural goodness of Onion, the Hair Fall Control Kit is the ultimate solution to hair loss and thinning. Let nature’s goodness be your first choice for hair fall control. Enriched with Plant Keratin this kit replenishes and strengthens hair follicles, repairing its natural structure. Onion is known to be rich in Sulphur, Potassium & antioxidants, which help in accelerating hair growth. Infused with Coconut, the kit also has nourishing properties that penetrate deep into the follicles and promote hair growth & scalp health. Safe for colored & chemically treated hair, the products in this Hair Fall Control Kit are free of harmful chemicals & toxins such as Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens, and Mineral Oil & Dyes.

Onion Hair Oil – 150ml
Onion Shampoo – 250ml
Onion Conditioner – 250ml
Beauty Bag

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Menka Bhurra Jul 26, 2023
Verified User
I've struggled with dry skin and hair fall for years, trying numerous products without much success. But this hair fall solution for dry skin is a true game-changer. Not only did it address my hair fall issues, but it also nourished and hydrated my skin. The results have been remarkable – my hair feels thicker, and my skin is no longer dry and flaky. I highly recommend this solution to anyone dealing with similar concerns.
Utkarsh Singh May 26, 2023
Verified User
I was doubtful at first, but this hair fall solution has exceeded my expectations. My dry skin used to make my hair brittle and prone to falling out, but this product has turned things around. The formula is gentle on the skin and hair, and the improvement is visible in just a few weeks. My hair fall has significantly reduced, and my skin feels moisturized and healthy. I'm thrilled with the results!
Geeta anandFeb 28, 2023
Verified User
I've always been on the lookout for a solution that addresses my hair fall and dry scalp problems together. This product is a true blessing – it not only curbed my hair fall but also hydrated my dry skin. The lightweight formula is easy to apply and doesn't leave any greasy residue. My hair feels stronger after trying this hair fall solution, and my scalp's dryness has disappeared.
archana Feb 21, 2023
Verified User
i am so impressed with the hair fall control kit. i've been using it for a month now and i've noticed a significant reduction in hair fall. the shampoo and conditioner are gentle and leave my hair feeling soft and nourished. the hair oil is the real hero of this kit - it helps to strengthen and protect my hair from damage. i love that this hair fall solution is affordable and easy to use. i would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective and affordable hair fall solution
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