A messy bun, high ponytail, coloring it up – are you running out of ways to hide premature graying of hair? Times are changing, and so are our lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, not only these sedentary lifestyle habits are taking a toll on our health, but they are degrading it. While hair graying is inevitable, you can delay it by following healthy habits. 

Gray hair strands were once believed to be a sign of aging, but not anymore. Instead, aging has been more prevalent in young people (age 20-30) and teenagers in the last two decades. While many factors contribute to this phenomenon, stress still tops the list. Whether you realize it or not, our hair gets damaged daily by the pollution and heat of styling tools.  

The loss of Melanin causes the Hair to become Gray Prematurely 

Gray hair occurs due to the absence of a pigment called melanin in the hair. However, millions of hair follicles on your skin and hair contain melanin. For some people, ashy gray hair is a major hair color trend, but it is a major cause of concern. If you want a permanent solution for premature graying of hair, then Henna is the most popular dye used worldwide. 

Nowadays, people are opting for natural and toxin-free solutions as artificial-based solutions do not work beyond a point. In addition, the availability of thousands of brands in the market may overwhelm you when picking the right hair care product.

This blog mentions everything you want to know about premature graying of hair, how to treat it with the goodness of henna, and how to set up the right hair care routine. 

What is melanin in our bodies?

Melanin is a natural pigment that colors our skin, hair, and eyes. The level of melanin in your body depends upon your race, ethnicity, hormones, and the amount of exposure you or the previous generation had. The lower the pigment levels in your body, the more the chances are that your hair will turn gray sooner. 

It is produced in the skin’s lowest epidermis layer (Stratum Basale). Known as Melanocytes, these are the special cells that produce small packages or granules called melanosomes. Therefore, it is quite crucial to maintain the levels of melanin in our bodies. 

What are the Causes of Premature Graying of Hair?

Let’s get to the root of the premature graying of hair and identify the factors contributing to insufficient melanin production.

1. Hormonal imbalances: This is one of the most underlying reasons that may cause hair loss and turn your natural color into gray at an early age. Major hormonal changes caused due to several conditions, such as disturbed thyroid glands, pregnancy, or menopause, can cause reduced melanin production and turn your hair gray.

2. Nutritional deficiencies: An imbalanced diet can also accelerate hair graying as it reduces melanin production in the hair. While eating healthy is crucial to keep up with your overall health, it is also important for preventing premature graying. 

Regular intake of several essential antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, calcium, and Biotin ensures your hair doesn’t go gray. In addition, foods such as fish, vegetables, and curd help balance the body’s elements.

3. Environmental and lifestyle factors: Exposure to harmful and extreme conditions for prolonged periods, such as UV rays, polluted air, stress, excessive and much more, can take a heavy toll on your health. Nowadays, this has become one of the common reasons for the premature graying of hair.

4. Usage of artificial hair products: Haircare products like shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful artificial chemicals such as Phthalates and Sulphates can turn your gray eventually with regular use.

These toxins harm the scalp and weaken the hair follicles. In addition, artificial hair products contain chemicals, hair dyes, and bleaching agents that reduce natural melanin synthesis in the hair.

5. Psychological factors: Psychological or emotional factors such as grief, anger, mental stress, and fear can sometimes be uncontrollable. They can result in premature graying.

6. Oxidative stress: Oxidative stress is one of the leading causes of premature graying of hair. It occurs when there is an imbalance between the antioxidants in the body and free radicals. 

When there are more free radicals in the body than several essential antioxidants, it contributes to premature graying. In addition, several factors, such as excessive smoking or drinking, obesity, and exposure to environmental aggressors, can lead to long-term oxidative stress. 

How to Reverse Premature Graying of Hair?

There are a couple of solutions or therapies that you may want to try, ranging from an external application, internal medications, and changes in lifestyle and diet that will help reverse the premature graying of hair. 

So check them out, as we mention a few of them ahead: 

Products prescribed by experts: If you’re experiencing ashy and rough hair, we may advise you to consult a hair expert who will prescribe a dedicated hair care routine by determining the type of graying and underlying causes. 

A hair expert will also give/recommend particular shampoos, conditioners, oils, serums, hair masks, and nutritional hair supplements that suit your hair type. 

Essential Oils: Natural essential oils such as Brahmi oil, Bhringraj oil, Amla oil, Castor Oil, or Henna Hair Oil help produce and maintain melanin levels. This helps rejuvenate hair roots and restores nourishment in the hair and scalp. This development, in turn, slows down the cycle of premature graying of hair. 

If you’re looking for a remedy for treating premature graying, you can pick Mamaearth Henna Hair Oil, loaded with the goodness of Henna and Coffee. It nourishes the hair follicles and protects them from going gray.

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Food Sources: Regularly consuming nutrient-enriched foods and supplements can help avert hair graying. These vitamins and minerals include Biotin, Vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Iron, and Selenium have high catalase content. 

Cosmetic Natural Shampoos: Naturally-treated shampoos contain several ingredients that impart color and texture to your hair locks. Hair cleansers containing Hibiscus, Amla, Triphala, and Henna impart several nutrients to the scalp, effectively balancing the deficiency of minerals required for melanin production, thus preventing premature graying of hair.

Why should you use henna oil for hair?

We all pine for long and shinier locks that never go gray, but are we treating them correctly? When picking the best oil for premature graying of hair, Henna Oil is best for the hair as it helps much more than you’ve ever imagined. 

It helps prevent and treat premature graying of hair. Instead of spending money on costly hair treatments, you can go pro in treating your skincare or haircare concerns if you pick natural ingredients. 

Extracted from henna leaves or powdered henna, this hair oil works like magic for your hair. It is believed to make your hair stronger, shinier, and healthier, and helps retain the natural texture of your hair. It is next in effectiveness to applying liquid henna mehndi on the hair.

Henna hair oil benefits you should know 

Henna oil for hair is an ancient and time-tested hair care champion that effectively benefits the hair and provides you with good hair. 

Check out the following benefits of hair:

Promotes hair growth: Henna hair oil contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If applied regularly on the scalp & hair, it promotes hair growth exponentially. It provides effective nourishment that improves follicle health, treats hair thinning, and prevents dryness. 

Fights hair fall: By unclogging the clogged pores on the scalp, Henna hair oil helps combat hair fall by encouraging scalp health. It regulates pH levels and supplies hair with essential nutrients that make the hair stronger. 

Effectively treats dandruff: With an incredible antifungal and antibacterial characteristic on the scalp, Henna hair oil soothes and calms down any inflammations on the scalp health and treats dandruff, scalp itching, and other hair concerns. It also helps remove dust and grime from the scalp, thus preventing dandruff. 

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Treats frizziness: Loaded with moisturizing properties, henna hair oil keeps your hair follicles & hair shafts moisturized and locks in their moisture. It also forms a protective barrier around each of your hair shafts. Therefore, when other hydrating substances are used on the hair, frizziness can be decreased drastically. 

Restores hair color: Henna hair oil also helps treat premature graying of hair. In addition, henna hair oil naturally dyes out your hair with a hint of luxurious brown and red colors. This blocks out color molecules and prevents hair strands from becoming gray. 

Adds volume and shine to hair: If you want to add luster and weight to your strands, henna oil deepens the hair follicles and adds luster, shine, and volume. It also promotes healthy hair development. 

Makes scalp healthier: Applying Henna hair oil helps regulate your scalp’s pH levels and oil production. It also unclogs the hair follicles, removes excess oils, and restores normal sebaceous gland activity. 

Tips for setting up healthy hair care practices

Are you making all the efforts and still unable to reverse graying of your hair? One of the many reasons could be that you must do it all correctly. Adopting the right hair care ritual is the key. 

But let us tell you that it won’t work as you may have a different type of hair, scalp, climatic conditions, or concerns. Well, for treating premature graying of hair, here are some of the hair care tips that will help you build a perfect hair care routine. 

1. Knowing your hair type and requirements: If you’re looking for dedicated hair solutions for your hair type, you should consult a hair expert. They will help you identify your hair type & concerns and select the right hair care products. In addition, we advise you to pick natural toxin-free products such as Mamaearth. 

2. A hair oil massage: One of the crucial steps to attaining healthy hair that does not lose its color, shine, and strength is to apply hair oil regularly twice or thrice a week. Hair oil acts as an essential food for the scalp and hair. 

Massaging the hair growth oil gently onto the scalp and leaving it overnight helps in promoting blood circulation, enabling soft, smooth, and frizz-free hair. 

It would be advisable to pick a natural, 100% toxin-free, and safe oil for your hair, such as Mamaearth Henna Hair Oil. It contains Henna, Coffee Oil, Indigo Oil, and Almond Oil. It helps delay premature graying of hair, imparts a natural shine, deeply nourishes the scalp, and keeps infections at bay. 

3. Clean scalp and hair: The next step is to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Wash your hair with gentle, natural, toxin-free shampoo such as Mamaearth Henna Shampoo. Cleanse your hair with lukewarm water.

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4. Eat good food: Eat a healthy and balanced diet that maintains your hair color and keeps up with your health. 

5. Essential conditioning: After washing your hair with a shampoo, effectively condition it with a natural, gentle, and 100% toxin-free hair conditioner, such as Mamaearth Henna Conditioner for your hair. 

6. Sun protection: Shield your hair from harsh sun rays by wearing a cap when out. You may also use an umbrella if you are going out with your friend.

7. Masking greatly helps: Pamper your hair with a hair mask. The moisture the conditioner provides may wade off as our hair and scalp may come in contact with environmental aggressors.

By applying a hair mask, you ensure deep conditioning of your hair, which can provide a permanent solution for premature graying of hair. 

8. Relax and unwind: Avoid taking the stress and using chemical agents for dyeing & styling your hair. 

9. Apply a hair serum: Protect your hair with hair serum as an SPF-based moisturizer. It also ensures protection from UV damage & heat-styling tools and imparts shine to your hair. 

10. Maintain your inner health: Keep up with your inner health, such as poor digestion and improper liver functioning, which may lead to premature graying. 

It’s a Wrap

We hope that now you’ve been impressed with the ability of henna oil for premature graying of hair. Apart from being used just as Mehndi for your hands, it can benefit your hair also by making them stronger, longer, and shinier. Moreover, you can use henna oil with other oils as it greatly benefits your scalp and hair. 

We suggest you choose a hair care brand that is home-grown and natural such as Mamaearth. It is Asia’s 1st MadeSafe Certified Brand that formulates natural ingredients and helps get healthy and lustrous hair. Also, the brand aims to spread goodness in India through its sustainability actions.


  1. Can premature gray hair be reversed?

    Age and genetics determine the chances of reversing the effects of premature graying. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, then with some precautions and remedies, you can effectively reverse the premature graying of your hair. Using safe and gentle hair care products would also serve you well.

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