No matter if you are a skin enthusiast or a newbie, face toner is something you would have probably heard of. It has now evolved into a multitasking product that was originally devised to eliminate the traces of impurities from the face. From calming the skin to keeping the pores’ health in check, using toner on the face has become a necessity for all skincare enthusiasts.

A toner is a fast-penetrating water-based liquid that comes enriched with potent ingredients to keep skin health in shape. It appears and feels like water, but toners usually encompass added elements such as glycerin, antioxidants, and acids. You may note that an effective toner generally comes free from alcohol.

Beauty experts say choosing a mild toner without alcohol offers many skin benefits. But wait, what exactly are they, and how do they restore skin health? Later in the blog, we explained the use of toner and put out some recommendations from our satisfying range of toners. 

What is a Toner for the Skin, and What does it do? 

If you are new to skincare, toner is something you may have come across while shopping or surfing the net. It is a water-based liquid made with skin-pleasing and hydrating agents such as cucumber, aloe vera, etc. Its popularity has grown lately due to its promising effects on skin health.

– It effectively combats rough patches, refreshes the skin’s appearance, and helps retain its moisture level. The best thing about toner is it does not irritate the skin texture or cause dryness. Instead, it gives a sense of satisfaction and a cooling sensation if applied with well-formulated toner.

– Toner also prepares the skin so you can layer your skin with a high-end face moisturizer. 

– Using toner regularly clears out the traces of makeup and pollutants that may be there while cleansing. In addition, it refines pores more efficiently, ensuring that the skin is fed with essential nutrients.

One of the most incredible benefits of toner is its cleansing and hydrating properties. This nutritious liquid can make your skin radiant and free of redness. 

Usually, a toner works like a pore-tightening agent that helps the skin to appear healthier. So, the primary use of toner on the face is to soothe the pores by relieving congestion. The key is to have a product that is compatible with your skin texture and free from toxic ingredients.

Where does a Toner fit in your Skin Routine?

Toners work best when sprayed directly on the face after washing the face thoroughly. Following a cleansing or double cleansing routine is critical for toners to work. This is because they improve the skin’s penetrative abilities, making it more receptive to absorbing nutrients. 

In addition, they work to lock in more moisture and correct the pH level, especially if you are using a face scrub. The duo helps close your pores after you exfoliate the dead skin layer. In addition, it also plays a significant role in calming the skin texture after exfoliation.

Toners should come with a pH-balanced formula as it sets an excellent foundation for other skin care products to blend in. They should also be user-friendly so people can easily spray the formulation on their faces. Once you have applied the toner, you should use a face cream or moisturizer to shield your glow with a power-packed SPF.

Which Facial Toner should you use?

Choosing the right toner for the face doesn’t have to be complex. One of the simplest things you can do is choose natural products and avoid certain ingredients. However, some ingredients or elements do not go well with every skin type. They may cause unwanted flare-ups of existing issues and dry out the texture. Here are some ingredients you should be mindful of while buying face toner.

Stay clear of:

Alcohol: Alcohols usually yield a drying effect on the skin and are considered the potential cause of making the skin dry. In addition, it worsens inflammation and irritates sensitive skin.

Benzoyl peroxide: Benzoyl Peroxide is used to combat acne and fight infections. However, it may hurt sensitive skin and irritate its skin condition.

Fragrances: It is best to avoid artificial fragrances as they may cause more harm than good. So, see the ingredient list thoroughly before getting a toner.

Phthalates and parabens: These two chemicals are low-cost preservatives and are considered toxins in skincare. It may leave your skin with rough patches and unevenness.

Star Ingredients in Mamaearth’s Face Toners

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has always been considered the most critical ingredient to attain the long-lost glow. When infused in a toner, it works as a therapy for dull and matured skin. Besides, what’s better is to reap its benefits through soothing skincare products.  

Recommended Product

Vitamin C Face Toner

Tightens Open Pores | Restores Skin’s pH Balance


Who doesn’t adore the cooling effects that cucumber yields on the skin? Owing to its enriching properties, cucumber works best when infused in toners. It contains water and essential antioxidants, which act as a boon to manage matured and dehydrated skin. So, if you find toners formulated with cucumber, don’t hesitate to buy them.

Aloe Vera 

Skin toners are the best way to calm dehydrated skin texture. People with dry skin often include finely formulated toners in their skincare regimen to keep their pores health in line. However, aloe vera is preferably the most advised ingredient for dry skin. It works best for people with dry skin.

Rose water

Recommended Product

Rose Face Toner

Detoxifies Skin | Tightens Open Pores

Some people have great faith in rose water regarding skin wellness. Rose water is known for its skin-calming properties that revive skin moisture and natural glow. It has all the critical restorative properties our skin seeks to remain healthy and moisturized. It would be great if your skin gets the nourishment of rose water through toners.  

Witch hazel

Witch hazel has long been used in skin care to promote pores’ health. It helps clarify blemishes, refines pores, and calms skin’s sensitivity. When mixed with other nourishing ingredients such as rose water and cucumber, it lays promising brightening effects on the skin. It also balances the skin’s pH and keeps it hydrated and nourished for long hours.

Recommended Product

Niacin Face Toner

Reduces Acne Marks | Tightens Open Pores

What is the use of face toner? 

1. To balance your skin after cleansing: 

Face cleansers may strip away the moisture from the skin, drying out the skin intensely. This is why using a toner makes more sense than ever. Toners have a pH-balancing formula, hydrating agents, and therapeutic properties. Using it daily prevents skin dehydration while revitalizing the skin tissues to appear fresh and brighter.

Pro tip: It would be best to use a safe and toxin-free Oil free face wash made of natural and mild ingredients.

2. To restore the pH balance of the skin

Our skin is acidic in nature, with an average pH ranging from five to six after cleansing. Due to the harshness of many cleansers, the pH level of our skin often goes off track. To restore the natural pH balance, the skin works harder to stay moisturized, and this results in excessive sebum production. This is where toners pitch in as they effectively restore the pH balance of your skin.

3. To help the skin in retaining moisture

Skin toners are packed with hydrating agents and humectants, which help in binding moisture to the skin. Plus, it prepares your skin with nutrient-enriched products like face serums, face gels, or moisturizers. Toners enhance the penetration capacity of the skin, making it more absorbent and healthier. So, opt for water-based toners with hydrating ingredients to bind the water to your skin.

4. To prevent acne

Irrespective of skin type, our skin may get affected by congested pores. It usually happens due to the excess production of sebum, unclean skin, and the usage of aggressive products. Moreover, unmanaged sebum build-up may cause acne and pimples. 

Recommended Product

Tea Tree Face Serum

Prevents Acne Breakouts |Controls Sebum Production

Toners are the ultimate way to manage sebum production and prevent skin breakouts. In addition, its nourishing properties help fight inflammation and redness.

5. To soothe irritated skin

Be it the scorching temperature of summers or the drying winds of winters, our skin always bears the damages of climate change. The application of toner may calm your skin and revive its natural moisture. 

It works well for sensitive skin barriers as it has astringent properties that do not cause any harm to irritated barriers. If your skin is feeling dry or inflamed, be sure to offer your skin a calming touch of toner.

Our Bestsellers

Vitamin C Face Toner 

If you are searching for a calming skin toner, here is what you may try- Vitamin C Face Toner. Blending the ingredients such as Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Cucumber, and Aloe Vera Extracts, this toner provides soothing effects on your skin. 

It also works on targeted skin woes like open pores, dullness, and irritated skin texture. In addition, regular use helps you have a plumper, healthier, and shinier skin texture. 

Rose Face Toner

Don’t you love the cooling and nourishing effect of rosewater? Bearing in mind the miraculous effects of rose water on skin health, we bring a full league of rose toner. Loaded with antioxidant properties and brightening agents, this toxin-free toner hydrates, energizes, and moisturizes your skin. From detoxifying to plumping up your skin, this toner has everything your skin needs to shine brighter.

Niacin Face Toner

If you are tired of using almost everything to unclog your congested pores, here is what you should keep by your side. It relaxes skin tissues and pores with nourishing Niacinamide, Aloe Vera, Citric Acid, and Witch Hazel. 

This skincare product helps correct uneven tones, pores, and pimple marks while helping skin retain a youthful glow. So, treat your skin with the skin-healing benefits of niacinamide and aloe vera.

Final Thoughts

Toners have cemented their way into skincare with their skin-soothing benefits and rejuvenating properties. Besides diminishing the appearance of pores, they are extensively recognized for creating a flawless base for makeup. So we advise you not to skip toners even when you apply a face mask or do face exfoliation.

Like cleansing and moisturizing, toning up the skin is necessary today. Our skin is bound to endure considerable damage due to external aggressors. Due to consistent damage, it loses its charm as the pores become densely congested. Besides following a healthy cleansing and moisturizing routine, toning your skin regularly yields promising results on skin health. The most important use of skin toner is to prevent skin dryness, as it usually contains moisturizing agents.

At Mamaearth, we have curated a fantastic range of face toners to soothe your pores and nourish your skin cells. Keeping in mind the diverse demands of different skin types, we have brought formulations for every skin type. So, identify your skin and give your skin health a surge of nourishment.


  1. When to use toner on your face?

    You should always use a toner after washing your face and before putting serum or moisturizer on your face. You can gently squeeze some amount on your plan and pat it on your face. Ideally, you can add toner to both your AM and PM routine after cleansing your face.

  2. Why use toner on your face?

    Applying toner to your face helps eliminate all the traces of impurities and germs. It has cooling effects on your face, leaving it feeling supple, clean, and refreshed. Some cleansing agents cause disturbance in the pH level of the skin due to their acidic nature. Adding a toner to the skincare routine calms the sensitivity, balances the skin's pH, and restores moisture. In addition, a soothing toner boosts skin's radiance and unclogs congested pores.

  3. How to use skin toner?

    Here's how you can use skin toner: start with eliminating all the dirt from the skin by a thorough face cleansing. After washing your face, tone your skin with a hydrating toner. Next, apply a moisturizer layer to lock in the face toner's essential nutrients. Now, complete the process with a well-formulated SPF.

  4. Can we use a toner daily?

    We should use a toner daily to keep skin hydrated, supple, nourished, and healthy. Toners come packed with pH-balanced formula and skin-adoring nutrients. These properties help with congested pores, acne marks, and rough patches.

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