Hair texture that is bouncy, lustrous, and sleek is a dream resting on everyone’s wish list. Thus, it is critical to obey the basic rule of haircare. You may be sorted with your favorite cleanser, oil, and conditioners, but there is still room for more pampering. This is where you need a well-formulated hair serum. If you are still wondering what hair serum is, here is a blog that might help! 

Haircare is a holistic process involving oiling, cleansing, conditioning, and treating. Our hair is affected by multiple factors which your shampoo or oil alone cannot defy. What works as a protection is a well-curated hair care routine that promises total nourishment. Made with moisturizing agents, they are super-hydrating and an absolute frizz-fighter, taming flyaways and frizzes.

Primarily, hair serums work well to make hair more manageable, meaning less breakage and more volume. If you haven’t included this in your routine, here is a blog that may convince you to add one. 

Do you know? Hair serums that are formulated with Keratin and Biotin can help improve the health of hair. 

What is Hair Serum and What is it Formulated with?

Hair serums usually come enriched with essential oils, biotin, phytoextracts, etc. It imparts moisture to strands with other nourishing hair oils or moisturizing agents. In addition, it helps lock in the moisture to keep the strands moisturized while protecting the hair from UV exposure, styling tools, and pollutants.

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Hair serums are a big thing in hair care now. Their compositions are devised considering the basic needs of hair to fight dryness and damaged cuticles. Women or men with chemically treated hair find the moisture-lock qualities of hair serums helpful. In addition, their ability to detangle hair helps nourish the scalp and hair, making it softer and thicker. They are usually silicone-based hair care products that nourish the fibers and provide essential nutrients to the scalp. 

Whether styling, softening the tresses, or untangling the knots, using a high-performing serum can greatly help. However, you should always prefer using it to the lengths of your hair and avoid using it directly to the roots. Using hair serum on the roots may make your hair stickier and greasier.

Its softening properties help effectively seal down ragged hair cuticles to deliver them with intense nourishment and conditioning. As a result, it adds additional shine and suppleness to the hair length and makes it appear voluminous and sleek.

Will Hair Serums help with Hair Growth?

Even though genetic factors determine overall hair health, providing hair with topical nourishment can alter the way they are meant to grow. They also directly affect the natural growth rate and quality of hair. Typically, hair loss is a result of multiple factors. For instance, one can suffer from hair loss due to stress or overthinking, while some may experience it due to certain medications. 

On top of that, many hair fall cases have been seen in women in their postpartum and menopause. The hair follicles can usually be impacted to the extent that they may stop growing. However, with the right kind of hair care products, you may improve its quality and restore its health. While hair serums are best known to add shine, hair conditioners are made to condition the tresses.

Here are some of the best-known uses of hair serum:

– It delivers a gorgeous sheen to your strands and intense nourishment to the scalp.

– It helps reverse the damage caused due to UV rays and other environmental triggers.

– It wards off hair breakage and protects hair from being damaged and lifeless.

– It adds volume and flexibility to try different hairstyles.

– It untangles the nasty locks, making them more manageable and sleeker.

– It can transform your rough tresses into voluminous, silky hair in no time.

Benefits of using a natural serum for hair

1. Repairs damaged hair

A toxin-free hair serum is your best bet to retain the moisture in your hair. From taming frizz and flyaways to adding shine, they are designed to make your hair look healthy. They also help treat split ends and weakened hair follicles. 

Our hair serums are enriched with natural extracts and hair growth oil extracts that stimulate blood circulation. In addition, these active-based products give a protective sheath to seal in moisture and repair the adverse effects of heat-inducing tools.

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2. Improves hair growth cycle

Poor lifestyle choices and environmental aggressors are two main causes of hair fall and dry hair. Thus, curating a targeted hair care routine is imperative to surpass the negative effects of external triggers. 

In addition, using a natural serum for hair is considered an effective remedy to block the activity of 5 alpha-reductase, which causes hair loss. In addition, these serums come loaded with moisturizing agents and growth stimulators that help grow dermal papilla cells. As a result, these cells boost the growth of hair follicles. These amla hair products for natural hair range improves hair growth by treating them naturally.

3. It helps define curls

People with curly hair find it difficult to maintain their curly tresses. From keeping them untangled to defining their volume, they need a fair amount of attention to be managed. Our hair serums have nourishing ingredients that help lock in the wave to define the tresses better.

It is critical to opt for serums with trusted ingredients that make it easier to manage curly waves. However, you may also trust hydrating oils like jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, and argan to change hair texture positively.

4. It helps with chronically dry hair

Hair serums deliver adequate nutrition to lend softness to brittle and rough locks. It helps untangle the nasty knots and works as an amazing way to add life to dull hair. It doesn’t need to be washed away, so it works well to relieve knots and bring luster to the lengths of hair. A natural hair serum for frizzy hair is ideal as it contains keratin and biotin. 

They work best for dry and lifeless strands, keeping hair frizz-free. When applied on damp hair, it makes combing easier, making hair more manageable after hair wash. It also strengthens the hair’s tensile strength and makes it appear healthier with every use.

5. It protects against heat and pollution

Living in a humid climate weakens the scalp, makes our hair drier and causes more hair fall. In addition, UV radiation and pollution make the situation worse. Thus, sticking to a hair care routine that includes cleaning, conditioning, oiling, and masking is critical. While hair shampoo cleanses the scalp and root, oils stimulate blood flow; serums elevate hair quality.

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A good-quality natural hair serum should contain oils like jojoba, lavender, and castor that help nurture the scalp and soften the strands. While oils detangle hair, biotin and keratin help protect hair cells from UV rays.

How to use a Serum on Hair?

Using a serum on hair rightly enables the strands to absorb the nourishment of the ingredients, helping hair fight the targeted woes. If you are worried about the process of applying hair serums, here are a few steps you should follow to achieve the best results:

Find a product that matches your hair type

It is important to find the best serum that suits your hair type, whether oily, normal, or dry. We suggest using serums made with nature-backed ingredients such as castor oil, rice water, coconut oil, biotin, onion oil, etc. In addition, we are home to a wide array of gentle, toxin-free products you might be searching for. 

At Mamaearth, we house hair serums enriched with potent and gentler components and hair growth oil that help elevate the shine and strength of your hair. In addition, they nourish, strengthen, and protect the hair, keeping it shinier, stronger, and healthier. So, choose a well-formulated natural hair growth serum that suits your hair type. 

Wash your hair properly

Start with basic cleansing to remove dust, grime, and excess sebum on your scalp- these irritants affect your hair’s texture. Next, you should opt for a safe and gentle duo of hair shampoo and hair conditioner to get the job done. While cleansing is basic in your hair care routine, conditioning also plays a great role in keeping your hair shiny and healthy. 

Cleansing and conditioning prepare your hair to absorb the goodness of a serum. For any products to work, make sure you are applying them on clean and dirt-free hair. So, ensure to prep your hair nicely before applying a hair serum.

Now apply the serum

The next step focuses on the even distribution of any serum for hair:

– You should distribute the product evenly on slightly wet strands. This makes its effect more long-lasting.

– Now pump out a few drops of the serum on your palm and rub it nicely using your fingertips. Rubbing it warms up the products and helps them spread evenly to your hair.

– Now, while applying it to your hair, apply it from root to tip. Ensure to apply it gently without exerting any pressure on your scalp.

– Finally, allow your hair to absorb the nourishment of the formulation and gently comb the hair afterward. Brushing your hair helps blend the product and untangles the knots.

Additional tips for applying the hair serum 

Here are some tips you should adhere to while applying serum to your locks:

– While buying serum, opt for a renowned brand that uses gentle and effective ingredients. You may take feedback before opting for any brand.

– Prefer using the serum on the length of your hair and avoid using it on the roots. In addition, try not to rub the product on your scalp.

– Serums are not supposed to be applied on unwashed or dry hair. So, wash your hair thoroughly and use it on your slightly wet hair.

– While applying serum, make sure your hair is not dripping wet. Instead, air-dry your hair and keep it a little wet to make it more absorbent.

– Always comb your hair after application, as it helps blend the formulation evenly into your hair. In addition, it helps deliver shine to your hair, making it appear beautiful and voluminous.

Hair Serums: Our Bestsellers

1. Onion Hair Serum

Are you searching for a remedy that meets all your hair care needs? Here’s our Onion Hair Serum to comply with all your haircare qualms. Be it controlling hair fall or keeping your strands frizz-free; this onion hair serum is all your hair needs. It is enriched with a natural blend of onion seed extract, biotin, olive oil, and d-panthenol. 

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These ingredients work together to deliver a sleek and frizz-free look while being gentle on the scalp. Besides, the sulfur in the onion helps with hair thinning and breakage and strengthens the scalp. 

2. Rice Wonder Water 

If your hair longs your strength and shine, here is what you need to try. Made with the Goodness of Nature, this serum harnesses the potency of rice water to reduce breakage and promote shine in strands. In addition, the presence of castor oil and keratin improves hair’s elasticity, keeping the shine and softness intact.

It is rich in minerals and keratin, making hair less prone to breakage. So, let your hair imbibe the goodness of rice water and retain its shine and softness with every use!

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Healthy Hair Growth Signifies Positive Health

Beauty experts believe our hair tells a tale of our overall being. It adds so much to our personality and signifies how well our immune system is functioning. Therefore, a concrete hair regimen is critical to fix various haircare troubles. In addition, our lifestyle preferences and dietary choices should be positively aligned with our hair growth cycle.

At Mamaearth, we hinge on the Goodness of Nature in your daily life while cutting off toxins. Our hair care range is free from harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral dyes, artificial fragrances, silicones, etc. From nourishing hair masks to oils and serums, we strive to make your hair care journey easier and safer. So, experience the gentle hair care ride with us and claim the natural goodness we happily endow!


  1. What is the purpose of hair serum?

    Hair serums are formulated to be applied on damp hair. Frequent usage of serums reduces tangles, nourishes the strands, and lubricates the rough strands. Their low pH level helps bind hair fibers together and thus prevents frequent hair breakage. In addition, they contain moisturizing agents and growth stimulators that provide strength and shine to hair and protect it from environmental aggressors. They are thus an ideal product that defines the volume of hair, thereby allowing you to try different hairstyles.

  2. What is the difference between hair oil and hair serum?

    Hair serums are designed to fight frizz, roughness, and dull strands. It is a hair styling product that softens the strands and provides shine to the overall length. As a result, this makes an ideal styling product that makes hair appear sleek and voluminous. Hair oil, on the other hand, contains essential nutrients that are supposed to work on the root and the scalp. Hair oils are meant to penetrate the hair to nourish and protect the hair, while hair serums are used to style and soften the strands. 

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