Do you often get intrigued by makeup tutorials? Well, makeup is an art that includes various skincare products to improve facial aesthetics and appearance. One such product known to offer a controlled yet transformative effect is face concealer. It is an equalizing product that reduces the darkness on the under eyes and helps hide its uneven pigmentation. So, this blog explains what a concealer is, its uses, and its application.

As the name suggests, concealer helps us conceal dark circles and redness on our facial skin. It is a championed makeup products that serves many purposes in many makeup processes. Flexible, multitasking, and effective, it is one of those skincare products that you can’t do without. If you haven’t used it, here is a blog that will take you through everything about this multitasking product. 

What is a Face Concealer and What does it do? 

Face concealer is a versatile product that corrects skin tone by covering dark circles, fine lines, and blemishes. It is often called a skin perfector that gives generous coverage to deliver a flawless base. It is mostly applied to the areas that need coverage before the foundation application.

A concealer is similar to a foundation, except it comes in thicker formulations to help hide dark spots and other problem areas. In addition, it is available in various formulations to suit various skin types. So, it should be picked and used in makeup depending on the skin texture. The following section explains various types of makeup concealer to help you find your perfect pick.

Types of concealers

1. Cream concealer

Cream concealers provide heavier coverage owing to their dense consistency. It settles perfectly on oily skin and easily covers problem areas. It effectively hides active acne, dark circles, scars, and hyperpigmentation to give a flawless makeup base.

2. Liquid concealer

The most popular one among all types, this liquid concealer makes an excellent choice if you want to get trendy makeup looks. It offers buildable to full coverage, covering blemishes, dark circles, and acne marks effortlessly.

POV: You should avoid opting for a matte finish if you have dry skin. It may irritate the sensitive skin barrier and cause dry patches.

3. Stick concealer

Renowned for offering on-the-go coverage, stick concealers are ideal for oily and combination skin textures. It comes with a semi-solid consistency that offers sheer to medium coverage. So, own this concealer in your makeup collection to get a bright skin texture.

4. Balm Concealer

Give this balm concealer a try if you have dry skin. It stays put on your skin for long hours and settles well to give a dewy finish. In addition, due to its balm-like formula, its dense formulation offers better coverage and prevents creases on the skin. 

Pro tip: If you have dry skin and the foundation looks cakey, apply a moisturizing face serum once you have cleansed your skin. This will keep your skin hydrated for a long time. 

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Advantages of using the best concealer on the face

a. Blurs fine lines

Fine lines and crow’s feet are natural and inescapable. Lack of hydration and poor skin health further make it look prominent, creating uneven patches in makeup. This is where concealer scores. Opting for it with generous coverage evens the skin, thus giving a smoother base. 

We recommend applying a few dots under the eyes and gently patting with your beauty blender or finger. Here’s a little secret- always use a nourishing face cream before you start your makeup. This will give your makeup a dewy look.

b. Highlights cheekbones

Concealers are meant to provide maximum coverage while covering unevenness on the face. It can serve you in multiple ways, and one such makeup concealer hack is to accentuate your cheekbones. You can use this trick after finishing off the base makeup. Mix a bit of highlighter and concealer. 

Now, apply it to your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose. This will help highlight your facial aesthetics. Additionally, make sure to choose a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

Note: If you want maximum coverage, it would be better to exfoliate your facial skin first. You may use a face scrub to cleanse deep-hidden impurities in the facial skin. Using it will allow better absorption of skincare products like moisturizers and foundation.

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c. Contours the face well

If you want perfectly sculpted jawlines, concealer is what you should hop on to. You should choose a shade darker than your natural complexion to use this contouring trick. You may apply it to the side of your nose, right below your cheekbones, and your jawline. 

Next, blend it using your makeup puff and get a perfect chiseled effect. We recommend using a creamy concealer formula and mixing a few drops of setting spray so it stays on your face for a long time.

d. Creates a smooth canvas for eyeshadows

Eye makeup is a major highlight of any makeup look. Dark circles and fine lines make blending tough for eye products. Thus, having a concealer for dark circles with medium to high coverage is crucial. 

Concealer offers precision and flexibility that help smoothen the base for eye makeup. Additionally, it aids you in creating different eye looks. So, dab the product if you wish to achieve eye makeup that lasts and doesn’t turn ashy.

e. Covers dark circles

Makeup creates an illusion of glass-like skin with no scars and dark circles. However, creating picture-perfect makeup requires a seamless blending that covers your dark circles and blemishes. Thus, we suggest using a brightening concealer to make your under-eye more awake and radiant. 

All you need is a concealer with medium to maximum coverage suiting your skin concern. Initially, go with a minimum amount of product and then for another layer, if needed.

f. Fixes makeup mistakes

Sometimes our kajal smudges or lipstick spreads while doing makeup. Thankfully, just one stroke of concealer helps clear away all the makeup errors we make while applying products. So, if your lipstick and eyebrows aren’t shaped perfectly, you know what to do. 

Besides you can also use a concealer if your eyeshadow hasn’t settled properly. It is meant to be corrected if your eye makeup looks messy or needs re-application.

g. Offers a smooth lipstick application

Applying a smoother lipstick look can be difficult with dry and pigmented lips. Pigmentation is quite normal. However, excess dryness makes it tough to blend the lipstick correctly. Thus, it is important to smoothen your lips before applying lipstick. The best use of concealer is to create a smooth and even base for lipstick application. 

Tip: You should dab some concealer on your lips before applying your favorite lipstick for a more uniform coating.

Opting for the best concealer for the face

Whether concealing problem areas or creating a flawless facial aesthetic, concealers can do it all. When used correctly, it can benefit you in several ways. For example, no matter how low you are on sleep, it hides your under-eye flaws like a pro. In addition, this concealer makeup is one product that works well in correcting various skin concerns, giving you desirable results in makeup. 

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So if you need concealer for dusky skin or any other skin type, it always turns out like magic if applied rightly. The key is to get an ideal formula that works on your skin texture and blends it well. If you are new to makeup or having difficulties applying concealer, here is a brief guide on how to use a concealer. 

Let’s have a look at the following:

Step# 01: Prep your skin well

No matter what makeup look you are attempting for, nude or heavy, focus on your skin hygiene. Skin hygiene implies taking care of the ideal skincare steps, cleansing, moisturizing, and scrubbing. In addition, we would advise using a sulfate-free face wash to clean your skin and pat your facial skin dry. 

Now, tone it well with a hydrating toner and moisturize with a nourishing face gel or moisturizer. You cannot skip applying a face moisturizer to attain a dewy look. So, keep up with your skincare and get a glowing, smooth base.

Step# 02: Don’t skip the primer

While doing your makeup, always prep your skin well with a hydrating primer. Always remember, it always comes after face moisturizer. Primer gives your makeup a strong grip to remain settled on your face and helps blend the foundation well on the skin.

However, in makeup, it is necessary to wait for a few minutes before moving on to the next steps. For instance, once you have used face toner, wait for your skin to absorb the nutrients well and then apply the next product. 

Step # 03: Conceal your problem areas

Now comes the critical step. After prepping your skin, dab some concealer on the eye area, dark spots, scars, and blemishes. Then, take your beauty blender to dab the product gently on your skin. Next, you may use your fingertips to deposit the product on your skin evenly.

Try to cover all the problematic areas for an even tone. After concealing your dark spots, go for a foundation application. Use your foundation brush to set the base rightly.

Step #4: Brighten your under-eye

Under-eye areas may create flaws in your makeup if you don’t blend the products well. Using the best concealer on the face adds vibrance to your skin, boosting the complexion. Thus, apply one additional stroke of concealer on your creases and under the eyes after a foundation application. 

We recommend drawing two upside-down triangles beneath your eyes with your concealer and filling them with the product. 

Attain a dewy look with our Glow Hydrating Concealer

It’s time to make head turns with your picture-perfect makeup look. With our Glow Hydration Concealer, attain a base that lasts, looks dewy, and doesn’t turn cakey. It contains the richness of Vitamin C and Turmeric that brightens the complexion quickly. 

It also features hyaluronic acid that gives a burst of hydration that lasts 12 hours and delivers instant brightness. This makes this concealer stay gentle on your skin. As India’s first MadeSafe-certified concealer, it comes in three appealing shades for every skin type too. 

The best thing about this makeup product is its lightweight consistency and gentle composition, promising a color with care. It delivers flawless skin that makes you feel comfortable throughout the day. So, avail of this product that brightens, hydrates, and makes your skin appear glossier than ever. 


Concealers, whether you want a minimal makeup look or heavy applications, are necessary. Off late, it has become the favorite among makeup enthusiasts. It adds elegance to the face, defines facial features, and highlights the cheekbone and eyebrows.

At Mamaearth, we strive to raise the moisture quotient of your face through our color care range. These products contain a richness of hydrating and nature-derived ingredients. From offering hydrating face masks to lip serums, we have everything you need to make your facial features look beautiful. Thus, trust the coverage and gentleness that these products have to offer!

Additionally, we have extensive skincare products, including cleansers, hydrating facial masks, serums, scrubs, and moisturizers for different skin types. So shop the goodness pack from the comfort of your home and make your skin look healthy and radiant.


  1. How to select a concealer shade?

    To find the right concealer shade, knowing your skin tone, undertone, and skin concerns is important. While skin tone implies your skin complexion, the undertone is the subtle hue underneath the skin surface. Skin undertones can be classified as cool, warm, or neutral. To find your undertone, you may undertake a vein test. In this test, you need to observe the color of your wrist veins in natural light. 
    For example, blue or purplish-looking veins suggest a cool undertone, while greenish-looking veins indicate a warm undertone. Furthermore, if your veins match your skin tone, you will likely have a neutral undertone. So, it is advised to pick up concealer according to the undertones and skin tone for a seamless blend.

  2. Where to apply concealer?

    You should apply concealer across the mouth, under your eyes, above your creases, and across the bridge and center of the nose. It also highlights facial features if applied above and below eyebrows and cheekbones. It can also hide your problems like blemishes, scars, acne, pimple marks, etc. 

  3. Why is concealer used? 

    Concealers are designed to lessen blemishes, cover dark circles under the eyes, and hide skin discoloration. In addition, it corrects fine lines and dark spots, creates a smooth base for eye makeup, and conceals the pigments on the lips.

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