Every skin type, whether oily, dry, or normal, requires some TLC. But when it comes to acne-prone skin, you need to go a step further to build an anti-acne skin care regimen. Excess sebum and clogged pores come hanging along when your skin is oily or acne-prone. So now the question arises, “how to get acne free glowing skin naturally?” Well, we are investigating some common ground rules for it today. We would then top the discussion with some expert tips and our well-recommended skincare products. 

What bothers people when they get acne?

Some people may tell you to buy a specific product (that likely worked for them) or change your lifestyle choices if you want your skin to look healthy. However, skincare never works this way. What has worked for others may not have intended results on your skin. Every skin type is unique and so do its needs. 

How to get Acne free glowing skin naturally? Use Aloe Vera Pure Gel on your face at night. It would help hydrate your skin, prevent acne, and reduce enlarged pores. 

Though it would not always be practical, some may suggest you try everything in the beauty arsenal to address oily skin woes. But have you ever considered how crucial it is to use skincare products that meet your skin’s unique needs? Using any regular product deprives the skin of the necessary nutrients and disturbs its delicate pH.

So what are the things to look for when choosing skin care products? What factors go into picking the best one? Which one suits your skin type the best? So as we look for the most appropriate answer to your issues, let’s address all these queries and any others that might cross your mind.

What causes acne?

Acne develops when sebum and dead skin cells clog the skin pores. This results in the production of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Cystic acne indicates the infection has spread deeper into the skin, as seen by the pore’s enlargement and inflammation. It could worsen if no treatment is initiated, and in such cases, you should see a dermatologist immediately.

Let’s have a closer look at the causes of acne:

Hormonal changes: Hormones play a significant part in regulating how the human body operates, so likely, these changes will impact the skin too. Some hormones over-activate the sebaceous glands, producing excess sebum and increasing the risk of acne. You can treat acne by using a good face gel spot cream.

Nutrition: Our diet has a significant impact on the health of our bodies. Acne, inflammation, and irritation can all be brought on by eating certain unhealthy or junk foods. Therefore, those with oily skin should avoid consuming junk and unhealthy foods.

Various skin types: People with oily skin are more likely to get acne because their skin overproduces oil, which clogs the pores. Although there isn’t an overabundance of sebum secretion in those with dry skin, the skin may nevertheless get clogged.

Benefits of using tea tree for treating acne

Just like your body, the skin needs the ideal daily dosage of natural ingredients. Tea tree oil-infused skincare products make it simple to cure various ailments, including acne, acne scars, inflammation, and much more. So let’s get to the benefits of Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Face Wash for oily skin.

1. Treats oily skin- Acne appears mostly in people with oily or sensitive skin. Tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities that aid in lowering the amount of excess oil on the skin. Additionally, it unclogs the blocked pores, giving you a healthier glow naturally. 

2. Prevents bacterial infections- Tea tree oil’s antibacterial characteristics support its ability to protect the skin from germs that can cause acne and skin inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties also soothe or calm skin inflammation.

Benefits of using apple cider vinegar for treating acne

Apple cider vinegar has recently become popular as an amazing ingredient for acne-sensitive skin. This ingredient offers numerous advantages for skin to help you get clear, acne free skin. Here are some reasons to give it a shot:

1. Helps to balance the pH level of the skin: Apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH levels of the skin, allowing it to produce the appropriate amount of oil. It helps eliminate bacteria that can lead to acne and other skin conditions.

2. Exfoliates skin: By unclogging the pores and averting bacterial growth, apple cider vinegar helps shed dead skin cells. It also contains malic acid to help remove the outermost layer of skin.

3. Eliminates blackheads and acne: Apple cider vinegar’s antibacterial properties support its ability to combat blackheads and unwelcomed acne. Additionally, it prevents the bursts of blackheads on the forehead and nose.

We recommend you pick Mamaearth’s Oil-Free Face Moisturizer for acne-prone skin. It is supported by anti-inflammatory agents like Niacinamide, Acetic acid, and Neem, which help decrease the excess oil that causes acne and pimples. Additionally, it makes skin more elastic, reduces pore size, and treats wrinkles and fine lines.

Recommended Product

Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

Prevents Acne & Pimples | Non-Greasy|Hydrates Skin

Acne Free Skin Care Tips

Following are some tips for acne free skin and minimizing enlarged pores:

Tip 1: Deeply Cleanse your skin: According to experts, cleansing is a crucial step in skincare. By doing so, you’ll be able to get rid of dust and grime on the skin and reduce the likelihood of breakouts. In addition, maintaining a healthy skincare routine, such as cleansing your skin twice daily, reduces oiliness and acne.

Tip 2: Take good care of your skin: It is important to eliminate bacteria that deposit on the skin due to constant exposure to environmental aggressors. These microorganisms may get into the skin, clog the pores, and spread infection. Regular exfoliation removes any bacteria and germs accumulated on the skin’s surface.

Tip 3: Learn about your skin type: Acne may appear on any skin type. However, pimples tend to appear more often on oily skin. Consequently, we advise identifying your skin type before picking the products and treatments for your unique skin.

Tip 4: Wear sunscreen regularly: Remember to put on sunscreen whenever you leave the house. Long-term sun exposure may dehydrate the skin by stealing away all the natural oils. As a result, the skin attempts to make up for this by producing extra sebum, which results in acne and face blemishes.

Recommendation: To treat acne or dark spots on your face, you can opt for Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream. Enriched with Vitamin C, Daisy Flower Extract, Mulberry Extracts, and Licorice Extracts, it helps balance skin tone and eliminate blemishes and acne scars.

Tip 5: Hydrate yourself: The body stays hydrated if you consume 6 to 8 liters of water daily. It also helps the body eliminate toxins and gives the skin a healthy glow. It also helps in the treatment of certain skin conditions, including acne.

Tip 6: Avoid excess exfoliation: Using a face scrub is essential, but over-exfoliating your skin is not advised as it deprives the skin of its natural oils. It can cause redness, inflammation, and irritation. Additionally, this could eliminate healthy skin cells from the skin pores.

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Ubtan Face Scrub

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Tip 7: Toning: Applying face toner is essential since it boosts moisture in the skin and restores hydration. Furthermore, it helps in clearing out various irritants that cause the pores to be prone to bacterial infections.

Tip 8: Moisturize regularly: Moisturizing helps relieve many skin conditions and enhances oil production by activating the oil glands. An acne removal cream will help you cure your acne and related scars if you’re seeking a fix for breakouts. Also, remember to use a face moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun.

Tip 9: Diet: We advise avoiding food that might raise insulin levels because doing so can aggravate acne. Instead, choose veggies and fruits that are nutrient and antioxidant dense to enhance the condition of your skin. 

Do’s & don’ts of a good skincare regime for clean and bright skin 


Let’s start with what you should do.

– Gently rub ice on the acne scars. You can also use a cool compress. 

– Use salicylic acid-enriched skin care products when doing makeup.

– Apply oil-free, water-based makeup.

– A frequent pillowcase change is advised.

– Use an acne removal kit with a face cleanser, a face serum, and an acne removal cream made from natural ingredients.


Here is what you should not do when you have acne:

– Try not to over-dry the affected area.

– Do not use excessive makeup that might clog your pores.

– Keep an eye out for your trigger foods.

– Refrain from using more harsh chemicals on your skin.

– Practice stress-busting exercises.

– Refrain from touching, squeezing, picking, or popping your acne.


We recommend using our Acne Marks Reduction Kit for the best results. The three very efficient skincare products in Mamaearth’s Anti-Acne Kit work to hydrate your skin without removing its natural oils. This package includes a face wash, an oil-free spot treatment, and a complexion-correcting face serum that keeps the skin hydrated and at its ideal pH level. 

Recommended Product

Acne Marks Reduction Kit

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Thus, by minimizing enlarged pores and regulating excess oils, these three products aid in treating acne and pimples. The key ingredients in this kit are Glycerin, Niacinamide, Neem, and Apple Cider Vinegar. All these ingredients help reduce acne, restore the skin’s natural pH balance, minimize inflammation, and unclog pores.

Dealing with oily skin may be easy if you have a potent combination of amazing skincare products. The Mamaearth kit uses a potent formula to address acne and oily skin issues. It has:-

  1. Tea Tree Face Wash– A mild face cleanser is advised for everyday use, particularly when dealing with oily skin. Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Cleanser, containing both Neem and Tea Tree, is the best chemical-free face wash for acne-prone skin. While neem gently cleanses the skin, tea tree’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties help stop frequent bursts of acne and protect skin against dryness and flakiness.
  2. Oil-free Face Moisturizer- This is the perfect pimple-removing cream for difficulties linked with oily skin. It includes essential fatty acids and the skin-cleansing properties of apple cider vinegar, which help cleanse pores, prevent acne, and retain moisture.
  3. Skin Correct Serum– This Skin Correct Face Serum will help keep your skin smooth and clear at home. It fades dark spots and promotes even skin tone with just a few drops. Additionally, it helps achieve your skincare goals by minimizing enlarged pores and controlling excess oil production.

Summing up!

We strongly suggest that you buy a cream that claims to treat acne without leaving any scars. The two primary problems that make managing oily skin challenging are controlling oil and acne scarring. With Mamaearth, this journey becomes much easier. We have an array of skin care ranges including face masks, cleansers, and scrubbers that help deal with most of your skin woes. 

But maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a skincare routine is essential. Avoiding stress, eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and getting eight hours of sleep each day will help keep your skin naturally healthy.


  1. What is the best skincare for acne?

    You should follow a good skincare regime to achieve acne free skin. Cleanse your face first thing in the morning and follow it with the best face exfoliator to cleanse away dirt and impurities. Then, apply your favorite moisturizer and toner for that instant glow and shine. Taking a balanced diet and drinking three to four liters of water would help, just as staying away from stress would.

  2. What skin type does not get acne?

    Skin that is balanced feels neither too dry nor excessively greasy. It doesn't flake, break out easily, or feel tight or oily. Normal-skinned people often have tiny pores and smooth skin and are less sensitive or prone to blemishes.

  3. At what age will I not have acne?

    Acne is more frequent in females between the ages of 14 and 17 and in boys between 16 and 19 years. Most people struggle with acne occasionally for years before their symptoms get better as they age. When a person is in their mid-20s, acne frequently is reduced. In some cases, acne can persist until adulthood.

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