Eye makeup creates an unmatchable appeal on the face that leaves everyone mesmerized. Soft hues and minimal attempts deliver a fashion-forward subtleness that amp your fashion story. If you wonder how to create a soft and simple eye makeup look, this blog post might be for you. So it’s time to bring out your brushes and learn some basic yet effective natural eye makeup tips. 

To achieve a perfect simple eye makeup look, you need to practice the basics until you learn the blending process right. All we need in eye makeup is a well-defined crease with a nice blend of colors and a thick yet defining wing. If you’re worried about the tools, we recommend starting with a palette with a few shades, an eye brush, kajal, and mascara. 

So ladies, let’s get to the details and learn eye makeup step by step to give your eye some much-needed drama and glam. But first, let’s learn the 5 min eye makeup tutorial for everyday looks.

5-minute Tutorial for Simple Eye Makeup! 

The simplest way to achieve a minimal look is to line your upper waterline with your kajal and smudge it with your brush. It will look trendy yet subtle for an everyday office look. You may don this look with a lip serum or nude lipstick, as soft hues go a long way in makeup. 

Recommendation: If you want an intense black formula, we recommend using our Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal. Made with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C and Chamomile, it glides effortlessly to give a sharp definition to your eyes. This MadeSafe-certified kajal does not contain any harsh toxins and gives your eyes a bold appearance with its 11-hour-long stay formula.

Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal

Easy Eye Makeup Steps for Beginners

Step 1: Use an Eye Primer

How do you accomplish a simple yet effective eye makeup look, and where should you begin with? Well, it would help to begin with the basics: you should get an eye primer and apply it around your eyes. This is how your eye makeup will stay put for a longer time. If you start with your eye makeup, eye primer will go after the face primer. Using these two separately will help distribute the makeup evenly on every corner of the face. 

A primer would create a smooth surface for the concealer to glide on easily, and it would also lay an even canvas to create a simple eye makeup look. After applying an eye primer, you may conceal and set your eyes with a translucent powder.

Step 2: Choose your Blending Tools

To create an eye makeup look, it is necessary to have good makeup brushes on your vanity. However, there are people out there who use their fingertips to create different eye looks. You can have a small and flat eyeshadow brush for simple eye makeup. We suggest you use a brush if you’re at a beginner level for a smoother and more precise makeup application.

Next, take one small and medium-sized blending brush to blend different shades and create smokey effects. On top of that, buy a smudger brush just in case you wish to go heavy for a smokey look. Remember, seamless blending counts on the makeup brushes you use.

Step 3: Choose Basic Shades

After creating a smooth base, choose a nude or minimal color from your eyeshadow palette. If you intend to do simple eye makeup, go with basic shades. You can always play with colors while doing eye makeup. However, simple minimal colors are never off the trend. So, take an eyeshadow brush and drench it in the nude color in brown or orange shade. Apply it on your creases and blend until it gives nice nude hues. 

Another way to create a minimal look is to take a lighter shade from the eyeshadow palette and a darker shade from your contour palette. Now, add a hint of gray, blue, or black on the outer corner to add a definition. 

Tip: If you have put on bright lipstick, you should go easy on color options when it comes to simple eye makeup. It will highlight both your lip shade and eye makeup.

Mamaearth Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick

Step 4: Time to Color Your Lash Line

When your eye makeup on the crease is done, it is best to focus on enhancing the lower lash line. Choose a mid-tone shade and start gliding your brush inwards until you get a definite line. Now, you may add a touch of kohl close to your lash line for more depth. These two shades will give an impression of naturally big eyes. For the upper lash line, you may go with a thin line or a smudged look, keeping in mind your fashion statement. 

Moreover, if you have overdone your eyeshadow game, you can leave the lining part on the upper waterline. Always remember to keep it subtle to get a perfect simple eye makeup look. 

Fun fact: Contrary to popular belief, your eye shadow can match your eye color. For instance, the brown eye would surely pull off the brown eye shadow. Matching hues make a strong statement.

Step 5: Contour Your Eyes

Contouring is a great way to create dimension to your eye makeup because if done well, it can accentuate your facial features quite dramatically. To create it, choose the darkest shade and blend it from the outer corner of your eyelids. While blending, ensure to glide it toward the crease. 

Keep blending it until you get a perfect nude color. Then, you may use brown eyeshadow to correct the application. Blending is the most critical thing you should get the hang of to achieve a perfect look. After contouring, rub off the extra product outside your creases. You may use makeup tape if you want a perfect, error-free application. 

Step 6: Add a Wing

They say, never say ‘no’ to a wing. Whether a simple eye makeup look or a big event, winged eyes always amp up the fashion game. After dolling up your crease, ensure your lash lines are treated accordingly. To create a wing, take eyeliner and line a neat, straight line on your upper lash line. You may use a small flat brush and choose a black color to line your waterline. 

Moreover, do not forget to extend the line to the outer corner of the eyes on both sides equally. If you are a beginner, going for the long handles and waterproof formula will 

keep your light makeup on for long hours.

Tip: If you want to enhance your everyday look, just one wing and a tinted lip balm will ace the bet! 

Step 7: Mascara for The Win!

It’s time to finish off your simple eye makeup in style. Wear a voluminous mascara to add volume and definition to your lashes. Lifted and highlighted lashes draw attention toward eye makeup. So, keep it minimal by adding length to your lashes. You may skip wearing falsies if there isn’t a wedding event. 

However, remember not to make it heavy by overdoing it- three to four coats are enough to lift your lashes. Mascara is meant to be the last step in your simple eye makeup routine. So, after applying your mascara, make sure to mattify the skin under your eyes using translucent powder or compact to get rid of smudges.

Additional Points You Need to Be Aware of

Always remember that the inner corner of your eyelids is always the point from where you need to begin your eye makeup. In addition, every time you glide your brush on the shade, it is important to tap the brush to dust off the excess product. Do not overdo it while taking the product. 

You may use an angled brush for precise application and a feathered brush for messy coverage like smokey effects. If you are confused about the colors, you may stick to colors like pink, light orange, or peace. 

Mamaearth Eye Products Range for Makeup

1. Soothing Waterproof Eyeliner With Almond Oil & Castor Oil

Take on the drama with our Soothing Waterproof Eyeliners. It amalgamates the goodness of Almond and Castor oil, ensuring your eyes remain protected from any irritants. It is lightweight and adds beauty products without being harsh on your eyes. With a waterproof formula, it stays up for up to 10 hours. In addition, it is approved by MadeSafe, which makes it a must-have for your daily essentials!

Mamaearth Soothing Waterproof Eyeliner

2. Lash Care Volumizing Mascara with Almond Oil and Castor Oil

Make all the heads turn with your trendy eye makeup. Our Lash Care Volumizing Mascara adds elegance to your personality with its intense, rich color and volumizing effects. It comes with a 12-hour stay formula and is water resistant, lifting your lashes without being too heavy. Made with Almond and Castor oil, this mascara is crafted to double the volume of your lashes without smudging. 

3. Nourishing Natural Lip & Eye Tint with Cocoa & Vitamin C

Do you want to ace your simple eye makeup? Here’s the secret you should trust. We present a nourishing formula made with vitamin C and Cocoa. With a creamy matte finish, this tint settles on your creases like a dream, giving a natural red color. It is a MadeSafe-certified eye and lip tint, which means no toxins at all. A little tint on your eyes elevates your whole look while keeping them moisturized and protected.

Mamaearth Nourishing Natural Lip Cheek

In a nutshell 

Now that you know the basics, you should practice simple eye makeup look at home to brush your basics. You cannot deny the importance of good products when it comes to eye makeup. For a smudge-free application, you should opt for products with long-stay formulas. You will find no harmful irritants from foundation to mascara in our Colorcare Range. 

At Mamaearth, we are dedicated to providing quality makeup products that do not irritate your skin and eyes. As Asia’s first MadeSafe-certified brand, we intend to bring quality to the range of color care products. So, give your eyes the shine, drama, and natural aesthetic that it deserves with our amazing products. 


  1. How to remove eye makeup?

    To remove eye makeup, we advise using micellar water, cleansing oil, or balm. First, you should remove your makeup using a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover. Micellar water or cleaning balm works well to remove the products applied to the face. 
    We suggest you go easy while removing the makeup from the face. Finally, rinse your face with a gentle, toxin- and sulfate-free face wash. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer afterward.

  2. How to learn eye makeup? 

    It requires constant practice and patience to learn to do eye makeup. There is plenty of eye makeup that looks popular among beauty professionals. To learn, you can watch tutorials and nail the looks by practicing on your eyes. We advise you to learn the basics before learning the heavy or party look.

  3. How to do eye makeup for small eyes?

    There are various eye makeup looks you may try to beautify small eyes. The best way to enhance the eye makeup is to shape and groom your eyebrows, use white kajal or eyeliner, and apply voluminous mascara. White kajal on the lower waterline creates depth in the eyes. When outlined by black kajal, it intends to create an impression of bigger eyes. In addition, you may also go for a smudged look by smudging your kajal on the lower and upper lash line. It enhances the shape of your eyes, accentuating their shape.

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