Ever walked into a vast crowd and felt some people smell insanely good? Well, that’s the magic of deodorants and perfumes. These fragrances instantly heighten your senses and help you ease up with their pleasing aromatic experience. The stellar duo of deodorants and perfumes cater to our senses and enhance our self-confidence and appeal, though they can’t be used as a replacement for each other.

A fragrance is a natural extension of your personality and lets you make an everlasting impression on others. People generally don’t remember the electronic gadgets you have but they do remember how you smell. Some scientific studies show that you can affect someone’s perception of you more by how you smell rather than how you look. 

Did you know?

If you use a particular deodorant or perfume all the time, it becomes a part of your personality and people often attach it to the mental image they have of yours.

What is Deo?

Deodorants (or deos) are scented body sprays that contain specific formulations crafted to mask body odor. While most people use deodorant to minimize underarms’ odor, others may use it as a sign of being well-groomed. There is thus a difference between some of the best deodorants for men and women from the way they smell, and you would find the women-oriented fragrances “louder” than those made for men.

Smelling good is a form of good manners. A good-quality perfume spray offers many advantages besides adding a personal scent to your skin. It also protects you from foul body odor and keeps you positive throughout the day. Dermatologists and psychologists advise using such fragrances for multiple benefits like upgrading one’s hygiene and staying confident.


Benefits of Wearing a Fragrance every day 

Socialization is an essential aspect of human nature. Since immemorial, men and women from different civilizations have enjoyed using perfumes to create a favorable impression on others. Here’s how the story hasn’t changed over the last thousands of years of human evolution: 

  1. Makes you attractive

The first thing that catches our senses when meeting new people is their fragrance! Fragrances are notoriously personal, and each one smells unique on the wearer, making them uniquely attractive. But before you douse yourself with the best deodorant in India, you should always know your signature scent.

  1. Lets you stand out from the crowd 

A fragrance may enhance your mood and lifts your senses. If you smell nice and have a pleasing personality to back it up, it could mean that all eyes and noses would be on you. If you want to be sexually appealing to others, try a fragrance that is not usually worn in your social clique. 

  1. Improves sleep

Wearing fragrances to bed is the next big thing you would not want to miss. Just as you feel fresh and squeaky clean right after taking a bedtime shower or putting on your skincare products, wearing a deodorant just after also reinforces the feeling of freshness. 

  1. Triggers memories

Fragrances can also trigger happy memories. Many studies have linked odors to powerful remembrances. Scientists believe the brain’s anatomy allows olfactory signals to reach the limbic system quickly. The different deos you use on other occasions bring up those old reminiscences from the past. 

  1. Enhances mood

You know it. Wearing fragrances or deodorants also helps elevate your mood. Perfume lifts your senses and spirits. Whether you are playful, timid, mischievous, or feeling the blue, there are a bunch of scents you can swirl around to enliven your fragrance. And in fact, putting on the right scent can also affect your interaction with others. 

Different Types of Deodorants

There are different types of formulas for deodorants that you may want to consider:-

  1. Spray deodorants: Meant to give you an instant boost of refreshment, spray deodorants do not leave any residue or white cast on your body or clothes. You should apply them from a distance to eliminate any foul odor.
  2. Solid deodorants: Although significantly less popular, solid deodorants have a creamy and soap-like consistency. You can use a subsequent amount to cover your armpits. However, using too much may leave a residue on your skin.
  3. Antiperspirant deodorants: Antiperspirant blocks the sweat glands in your armpits. Unlike regular deodorants that help mask the foul odor, antiperspirant deo helps reduce underarm wetness and excessive sweat.
  4. Roll-on deodorants: Easy to use on the go, roll-on types come in handy bottles you can carry anywhere. It has a liquid consistency so that it can be easily applied. The formula dries very quickly without any white residue. The best part is they last longer and look trendier.
deodorant for men

Steps to Choose the Best Deo for Men and Women

It is righteous for you to look, smell, and feel your best. Yes, we know you have spent a lot of time and effort picking the right deo for yourself. Well, to save time and energy, we have brought some ways you can use to find the best deodorant for girls or boys (especially teenagers). The exact pointers would work for selecting the best deos for men and women.

  1. Find a whiff that defines you

We advise teenage girls and women to choose a signature fragrance that defines their statement when picking the best deodorant for ladies. Of course, you could be dressed to kill, but your fragrance can do the trick if you want to take your beauty statement a notch higher. The same pointer would work for men too, though they should go with a more masculine fragrance. 

Did you know?

There are some deodorants for gym too and most of them are meant for men.
  1. Identify the notes

A perfume has three notes- top, middle, and base. The top note is the fragrance you get as soon as you spritz it, but it usually fades in a jiffy. The middle note stays put for at least a couple of hours. Once it dispels, the base note is left behind. So while choosing the right fragrance for yourself, check out these three notes and whether they resemble your style statement or not. 

  1. Addresses bad odor

If you are looking for the best deodorant for women in India, make sure it helps mask bad odor. Biology, workout, weather conditions, stress levels, and eating habits can make your smell different at different times of the day. So you might want a deo or perfume that gives you a unique individual fragrance lasting for hours. 

  1. Go for chemical-free products

Just like you want your skincare products to be free from harmful chemicals, the same formula goes for your deodorant too. Applying chemically-enriched deo for underarms could block the skin pores and makes it harder for your body to sweat the way it should. So, it is better to go for products that are free dermatologically tested and certified to be free from allergens, especially if your skin is sensitive. 


If you are buying fragrances for yourself, you should not try more than three scents at a time. It will leave you confused and overwhelmed. It is also advisable to never smell the best deo for boys or girls right next to the shopping counter because the presence of other beauty care products could affect your experience. 

Using deodorant the right way

Here’s how to use the best deo for women and men to tackle body odor:-

  1. Take a relaxing bath with a rejuvenating body wash. Be sure to focus on your armpits, neck, and inside of elbows and knees, etc. 
  2. Towel dry your skin thoroughly before applying deodorant. 
  3. Do not use body lotion before spritzing your deodorant, or it will make the formula less effective. 
  4. Spray the deo from a certain distance, about  15 cm away from your body. Cover parts of your body that generally produce more sweat. 
  5. When wearing underarms deodorants, use 2 to 3 upward and downward sweeps ensuring all of your sweat glands are covered. 
  6. Allow your deodorant to get dried before dressing up so that it does not smudge with your clothes. 
  7. You should also opt for a deodorant that does not cause dark underarms

When should you apply deodorant?

Many experts believe that the best time to apply deo is wherever you feel sweaty or sticky or notice a stink from your armpits. However, the time of the day also matters a lot because the body has a natural rhythm that affects when you produce more stress. 

So you should generally wear fragrances right after you step out of the shower. But if your deodorant also has antiperspirants, you should apply it at night when your body temperature usually drops, and you produce less sweat. 

Have you tried Mamaearth ME Deo for a Scent That’s Unique to You?

To make beauty and hygiene hassle-free for you, Mamaearth has offered its beauty care range with amazing products. We have a gamut of exciting options to choose from regarding skincare, and they include our nature-inspired body scrubs, face cleansers, moisturizer, hand creams, and lotions that help you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Mamaearth Mamaearth ME Deo

Mamaearth ME Deo

Unique Individual Fragrance | Lasts Upto 8 Hours

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Mamaearth Me Deo is a combination of love and care for your skin. It has three notes- floral, fruity, and musky notes that blend to make a final scent. It’s sophisticated and not overpowering. It works as the best deodorant for men in India and fits the bill for women just as nice too.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be because Mamaearth Me Deo is an Eau de Parfum that changes its fragrances as per the natural oils on your body. Since everyone has a different type of sebum or natural oil in their sweat glands, our perfume gives off a different fragrance for everyone. It means you can buy this one fragrance for your family, and they all would still smell different when they use it!

The top notes meld floral and citrusy scents from Petitgrain oil and Neroli. As it settles on your body, the middle floral notes of Rose ABS Damascena, Jasmine, and Peach emerge aromatically on the skin. And then you’re left with the woody base notes of Cashmeran and Musk, lasting up to 8 hours.

Here’s why else you should try Mamaearth Me Deo:

  • A unique individual fragrance that stays for up to 8 hours. 
  • It is nature-inspired and toxin-free & Made Safe certified.
  • It is also hypoallergenic and free of Paraben, Phthalates, and Phosphate.
  • It has a musky and sweet citrusy scent. 
  • The genderless quality has made it ideal for sharing by men and women. 

The best part about Mamaearth ME Deo is that it is MadeSafe Certified and free from toxins and harmful chemicals like phthalates, sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and parabens. So, if you want people to gush over you, we suggest you try Mamaearth’s quirky ME Deo for a Scent That’s Unique to You, one of the best deo in India.

How to wear Mamaearth ME Deo?

Mamaearth ME Deo is one of the best deos for men in India. We recommend wearing it on your pulse points, such as inside the wrists, behind the ears, or back of the neck. The body’s warmth makes the perfume flourish to the fullest. However, it would help if you did not use it on your clothes, for it will not give warmth to the pulse points, and the lingering effect will be gone soon. 


Deodorant is a part of daily grooming for many, but it is not always easy to find the one that is most effective on your skin. The fragrance you wear defines ‘You,’ so it is best to get one that suits your personality and boosts confidence. It could be spicy, floral, or fruity but it should be something that makes you comfortable. However, if your perfume gives you a headache, it is undoubtedly not the best deo for you. 

  1. What is deodorant?

    A deodorant is a personal care product applied to the body to mask smell or odor due to bacterial breakdown and sweat in the armpits, neck, and groin. It is an essential product for enhancing beauty and hygiene, giving you an all-around fantastic experience with its unique scent. Wearing an excellent scented deodorant makes you look, smell, and feel your best.

  2. How to use deodorant?

    To get the most out of your deodorant, shake the bottle before using. Spray your deodorant from a specific distance, approximately 15 cm away from your body. But do not spray it on your clothes. They are meant to be put on your skin for the best results. Beauty care experts recommend applying 2-3 strokes of deo on dry skin, starting at the center and working outward in all directions. Reapply as and when needed.
    If you want your deodorant or perfume to have a long-lasting effect, we recommend using Mamaearth ME Deo for a Scent That’s Unique to You. It is a combination of floral, fruity, and musky notes, reacting differently with different people’s skin oils. As a result, it produces a scent that is absolutely one-of-a-kind and can’t be replicated. In addition, it is Made Safe Certified, hypoallergenic, and stays for up to 8 hours. 

  3. Where can you apply deodorant?

    You can apply deodorant anywhere your body produces sweat. While some deodorants are meant for armpits, others can be used anywhere you sweat, such as behind the knees, groin, or foot. Check the label first to ensure your deodorant is safe for use anywhere. If you are using Mamaearth ME Deo, it’s best to apply it on the edges of the inner wrist or the collarbone to enhance its longevity.

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