They say scent makes a man or woman, and there could be little argument against it. The perfume or cologne we wear is a part of how we present ourselves as our favorite outfits. It delights the senses and is an intimate way of expressing who we are.

This also explains why we’re always on the hunt for that perfect fragrance that helps us make a statement about ourselves. If we find it, we treat it as our signature scent. However, finding that signature scent is not as simple as love at first whiff. It needs a little bit of effort and patience to get there.


Why do we need to find the right Perfume? 

Perfumes have an undeniable power- the one that impacts us and the people we interact with. Carefully selected and worn, these fragrances are persuasive and enchanting, and speak volumes about the person wearing them. 

At a primal level, the scent is a trigger for attraction, but its powers go far beyond that. It also masks and neutralizes body odor and keeps us smelling and feeling fresh.

Benefits of Perfume

Here are some of the benefits of wearing a perfume:

  1. Confidence booster

Knowing we smell good makes us feel good. It can be reassuring, especially in situations that make us nervous and inspire us to put our best foot forward. 

Wearing a signature scent is a way to make a statement and exude confidence. It boasts of self-assuredness and inspires confidence in you and your abilities. 

  1. Setting the mood

Did you know that our strong sense of smell is intricately linked to our moods? Psychiatrists believe perfumes have the extraordinary attribute of lifting our senses, no matter the situation. Even a tiny whiff could instantly make us feel better.

However, that’s not always accurate. What makes us happier and more positive are fragrances that we click with, that we are drawn to and in some way embody who we are. 

  1. Painting a picture

The human mind is hardwired to draw associations with all the different smells it can identify. For instance, strong, pleasant fragrances spell reliability, good taste, and presentability. 

When trying to make an impression on a romantic partner or workspace, applying perfume is something to keep in mind. It tells of who we are and what people can expect from us. 

  1. Stand apart

How we smell is how we are perceived, and a strong, robust perfume speaks volumes about our preferences and helps us stand out in a crowd. The more frequently we wear it, our peers associate it with us and make us more memorable. 

ladies perfume

How to pick a signature scent?

You could go looking for the best perfume for men or the best perfume for women, but the truth is that the right fragrance is different for every individual. A scent that draws us to one person might not have the same impact if someone else were to wear it. 

This is not determined by olfactory sensitivity but rather by how a perfume interacts with our unique chemistry. That’s right, each of us has a unique chemistry code that interacts with the ingredients in perfume and potentially alters scent notes. 

What does this mean? Simply put, you can invest in the most expensive perfumes. But if it does not pair well with your chemistry, it won’t have the desired effect. Ultimately the right fragrance for each of us works harmoniously with our body chemistry, skin type, pheromones, lifestyle, cultural preferences, and climate. 

Thanks to innovations, we have products like the Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum. It is a unique unisex perfume that, when applied, interacts with the oils produced by our skin and makes a distinctive odor, creating a signature scent that works perfectly for us. It is MadeSafe-certified, free from toxins (like phthalates and parabens), and hypoallergenic. 

Some easy pointers you can consider:

If you are a bit old school and enjoy the hunting process more, let us look at some key pointers to keep in mind when searching for the right perfume. They are as follows:

  1. Look it up

All smart endeavors start with research. Before embarking on our quest, we must understand different fragrances, their longevity, notes, and the difference between natural and synthetic fragrances. 

  1. Pick a family

Fragrances fall into specific categories or families. These include floral, oriental, woody, gourmand, and fresh. Depending on natural preference, we are instinctively drawn to a specific family. And yes, there is a chance that scent families will overlap. 

  1. Understand the notes

Every perfume has a unique combination of notes – top, middle, and base. Top notes usually last for about 5 to 15 minutes, while middle notes stick around for about 30 mins before giving way to the base notes that last until the perfume wears off. When choosing a perfume, it is essential to understand these notes and how they change. 

Did you know?

Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum, for instance, starts with a blend of petitgrain oil and neroli that offer a citrusy scent, which gives way to floral notes of jasmine, rose, Damascena, and peach, and finally, an earthy mix of cashmeran and musk emerges. 
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  1. Concentration is key

The higher the concentration, the more powerful and long-lasting the fragrance. Perfume has the most potent concentration; applying just a little bit will last us all day. Eau De Parfum, on the other hand, stays around six hours, while Eau De Toilette lingers for about four hours and Eau De Cologne for about two to three hours. 

  1. Skin test

A particular fragrance may qualify as the best perfume for women in India if it appeals to many a woman’s fine sense of smell. (The same goes for the best fragrance for men in India too), but we won’t know whether it works until we try it out on our skin. 

As mentioned earlier, our unique pheromones can change the way a perfume smells once applied. Hence, it is essential to do a test run on our skin rather than using test strips. Spritz a bit of the perfume on the inner side of the wrist and wait to figure out how long the fragrance will last. 

  1. Be skin wise

Skin types play a crucial role in determining which path we should follow. A high concentration or heavy fragrance will not be very friendly for sensitive skin and could cause unwanted reactions. 

  1. Lifestyle check

Our lifestyle is also a key player in determining our signature scent. After all, the image we want to craft through this scent is influenced by our everyday interactions, jobs, ambitions, and habits. 

It also makes sense to care for one’s hygiene before choosing a perfume. Nothing would work properly unless you regularly take a bath and follow it up with some good-quality skin care products. 

The latter may include body scrubs and body washes at the least. They could always be followed by the judicious use of body lotions, hand creams, and sunscreen if one goes out.

  1. Be sentimental

Olfactory memory is strong, and certain fragrances take us back to a place or time that bubbles over with happiness and good vibes. It’s called the Proustian moment! 

Choosing a perfume that brings out those feelings and emotions can go a long way to helping us feel comfortable in our skin and exude confidence and positivity. Whatever fragrance you choose, be sure that it aligns well with your age group and personality. 

  1. Men Vs. Women

Does gender play a role in determining our signature scent? Well, that is a matter of opinion. The way perfumes are marketed nowadays assumes a distinct approach to generating more mass appeal. 

And if we were to search for the best perfume for women or the best perfume for girls, chances are we would be directed to light and sweet scents, usually from floral or oriental families. 

On the other hand, a quick search for the best perfume for men or the best perfume for boys will no doubt bring up suggestions that lean towards strong, woody, woody, and herbaceous scents. It feeds into stereotypical beliefs of what people like and makes marketing perfume easier for her and him. 

However, the critical decision is a personal choice and how a scent reacts to body chemistry. Diving deeper into this understanding and the science of scents has led to the emergence of unisex ranges of perfumes like the Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum.

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ME Eau De Parfum

Perfume Do’s & Don’ts

Having the best perfume in India doesn’t always mean getting the best results. Once we do find our signature scent, how we use it also plays into achieving the desired results:

  • Don’t rub perfume on your skin. Rubbing can create friction which could potentially change the fragrance. Simply spritz and allow it to blend with the skin’s natural oils gradually. 
  • Do spray perfume on pulse points. These include the insides of the wrists, behind the earlobes, and inner elbows. 
  • Don’t store your perfume in the bathroom or other wet spaces, as water and humidity can change perfume’s composition and alter the scent. The right way to keep a perfume is always a cool, dry, and dark place is the best bet. 
  • Don’t spritz on your hair. Perfumes are usually alcohol based and dry out the hair. 
  • Spritz some perfume in an open space and walk through a fragrance cloud. It helps the fragrance settle on the clothes and boosts impact. 
  • Don’t layer a strong fragrance with another. Combine scents that are compatible and work well together. 
  • Apply perfume after bathing as scents are absorbed better when the skin is warm and pores open. 
  • Keep in mind that the best perfume may not always be long-lasting

The bottom line

Perfume in its many avatars has been a part of women’s and men’s self-care arsenal for centuries – yes, smelling good has always been a thing. It feeds one of our most powerful senses and elicits responses that determine how we feel about ourselves. 

And finding our signature scent is important because it defines us and makes our presence (more quickly) felt. The key is to understand how perfumes work and not get hung up on finding the best perfume in India or the one our favorite celebrities swear by. 

Perfume is an intimate experience. There is no so-called best ladies’ perfume (or perfume for ladies). It may simply be a hoax that could force you to settle on just the sweetest smell in its name. There is only what’s best for each of us individually. So have a little fun with it, take your time, and once you find your signature scent, flaunt it fearlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to use perfume?

    There are a few things to keep in mind when using perfumes. Skin is the best medium to anchor perfume, so make sure you spray it directly on the skin. The best time to do so is just after a shower when the skin is warm, and pores are open. Dab on pulse points, but do not rub it in. 

  2. What is perfume?

    A perfume is a mixture of essential oils or aroma compounds and solvents to give the body a pleasant smell. Different families of perfumes have different types of smells. Floral, citrusy, musky, and woody are some typical fragrance notes used in making perfume.
    Perfumes comprise top, middle, and base notes. The fragrances often react with the skin's natural oils and change into a unique scent. When you are searching for perfumes, honestly, it is a tad difficult to zero in on the best perfume for girls or the best perfume for boys. All it matters is finding the right scent for you.

  3. Where to apply perfume?

    The best place to apply perfume is on the pulse points to keep the top notes from flying away too quickly. These include behind the earlobe, insides of the wrists and elbows, and behind the knees. You can also apply perfume to clothes. 

  4. How do you pick a perfume that suits you?

    There's no such thing as the best perfume for females or males. What matters is finding one that best suits you as an individual. Perfumes interact with body chemistry. This often changes the scent, meaning a particular fragrance may not suit everyone.
    The key to finding the right fragrance is to find one that suits you. And to understand this, start with understanding how perfumes work, fragrance families, and notes. It would be best to consider lifestyle, skin sensitivity, and fragrance concentration—the most important though is to test it on your skin and see how it reacts.

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