Messy hands, dirty mouth, and dusty feet – sounds like your baby is all set to explore his new world. He is busy expanding his understanding of our hectic world and may soil a few clothes daily. This could worsen with him catching a seasonal infection like a cold or cough. This is just where opting for wet wipes helps a great deal. It would keep him clean and free from infections and help you offer the best parenting experience.

What are Wet Wipes?

Made to keep your baby’s daily hygiene in check, wet wipes are damp tissues that help you in cleaning your baby’s face, hands, feet, and abdomen. With every parent wanting a different requirement for their child, the market is open with all kinds of wipes. These one-time baby care products come in various sizes, color variations, and fragrances. 

We would offer you an easier option to wade through those enticing choices while picking a pack of baby wet wipes for your little munchkin. The following few sections will offer some more qualified information on the topic. 

Types of Wet Wipes

These days, the higher the diversity of products, the larger the confusion. As new parents, you might have to fight the urge to pick everything your instinct tells you. But this is where you should make a careful decision. Firstly, not all wet wipes are the same; thus, not all are safe for babies. 

Here are the different types of wipes available online:

  • Makeup removal wipes: This product works best for cleansing actions after a fun, glam night. Keep a pack of makeup removal wipes handy if you love applying makeup or recreating looks for different occasions. They gently remove makeup and toxin particles and keep the skin hydrated.
  • Cooling wipes: Are you tired of the scorching heat and sweaty feels? Cooling wipes help in wiping off sweat and keep the contact skin cool. Make sure you have a pack handy when you are out to beat the summers! 
  • Perfumed wipes: Are you worried about losing your original body smell to deodorants and perfumes? If yes, then this product is the best for you! Just wipe away with it on your neck and underarms and stay carefree about stinky smells clouding your underarm’s skin! 
  • Body wipes: Stuck on an adventurous trip with a dire need for a shower? Then, a pack of body wipes is just what you need. It has a longer shelf life than the other wipes and contains various fragrances. 
  • General cleaning wipes: Do you love cleaning your surroundings – your table, electronics, etc.? Then this is the pack of wet wipes you have been waiting for. It helps in the effective cleaning of almost all kinds of surfaces and prevents the formation of mold or mildew as well. 
  • Medical wipes: These are the wipes you find in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. They are meant for hemorrhoids, colds, and acne. These are the most popular ones. They are defined to meet a particular purpose and are crafted in a certain way to keep up with it. 
  • Intimate wipes: We all know the importance of cleaning our intimate body parts. These wipes are here to help maintain hygiene without having to come out of any comfort zones, especially during the days of menstruation. 
  • Pet Wipes: They are meant to maintain the hygiene of your pet’s feeding bowls and accessories. These wipes come in handy when you run errands and need to finish cleaning sooner than usual. However, we suggest you go through the entire cleaning process once you can (that too, as soon as possible). In addition, these wipes come in handy for emergency requirements. 
  • Antibacterial wipes: Are you germaphobic? Do you always find the need to keep your hands clean, no matter what your schedule is? If yes, then this pack of wipes is ideal for you. We do not recommend using these wipes too often because they might contain alcohol and thus dry out the skin.
  • Baby wipes: This is the set you are looking for. The wet wipes for baby’s regular hygiene ensure no harm to your child’s sensitive skin. If you are looking for wet tissue wipes for the face, it’s high time you switch to these. They are safe to use. 

Baby wipes and other kinds of wipes are also different in construction, material, and variations. The former is created to ensure your baby’s skin is not affected by the cleaning process. It prevents moisture loss and keeps your munchkin’s skin as soft as a cloud! 

Wet Wipes – The Science Behind its Usage

Our older generations have lived lives that were less comfortable than ours. Earlier, there was no concept of diapering for children. Instead, toddlers and infants would wear cloth “langotis,” and mothers would apply coconut oil because rashes were common. 

Slowly things changed, and wet wipes for cleaning baby skin emerged rapidly in the FMCG sector over the past ten years. Millennials have contributed to the increase in the sale of these products. Parents of children with sensitive skin have contributed significantly towards making this product a necessity in baby care products. In addition, wet wipes ensure better hygiene without any complicated regimen.

Factors that help in picking the right baby wet wipes

If you are all set to be a parent or have been blessed with a baby already, we know the efforts you are putting in already. You could be surfing the Internet, asking for recommendations, and contacting your doctor regarding the best parenting tips. 

We are helping you filter your choices based on the factors that we will discuss below:

  • Ingredients: From purchasing baby bath products to applying the right baby oil on your little one, you need to assure yourself that you are feeding your baby’s skin with the right ingredients. The ingredients comprise the product you will be using on your little munchkin.
    If you are about to place your bets on a product, ensure that all the cards are in your favor. You should pick the one that has more natural ingredients than any other synthetic or artificial substances. The more natural and toxin-free ingredients, the safer it is for your baby. 
  • Certifications: The second thing on your checklist should be to check the purity standards. This is where you filter most of your choices. For example, you may have the best wet wipes for face, but they might not be the right ones for your little one. Persisting with them could hurt your baby’s tender skin.

Certifications tell us about the transparency of the brand. Your choice may have the best fragrance, but it can be harsh on your baby’s delicate skin. While picking a good wet wipes tissue pack for your baby, check for toxin-free, cruelty-free logos. We suggest you must go for fragrance-free wipes that do not harm your munchkin. 

  • Convenience: Being a parent does not relieve you from running errands, picking up groceries, or even going to work. But, when you are with your baby, you should ensure that you make them comfortable. Although wet wipes use many, one of their major ones is providing the cleanliness needed, no matter where you are. 

Children are fussy, careless, and have a strong urge to explore. If you need to maintain your child’s hygiene habits, you need to carry a travel-friendly baby wipes pack with your child’s vanity. It needs to be lightweight and easy to carry, no matter where you plan to go! 

wet tissue wipes for face

Mamaearth products to try

From baby oral care products to everything else you need for their gentle care, we have it all. We will introduce you to some best selling products that have been winning hearts and received rave reviews everywhere. 

Let’s take a look at them below:

  1. Mamaearth Organic Bamboo-Based Baby Wipes

Safe and caring – do these words remind you of something? Introducing Mamaearth Organic Bamboo-Based Baby Wipes – the savior from every careless situation. No matter what your child goes for – slipping their hands in the mud, pooping round the clock, or smearing much chocolate on their face, it takes care of everything. It is enriched with natural goodness and is MadeSafe Certified. 

Its features the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a potent skincare ingredient. It is a vital antioxidant and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it supports cellular functions and naturally enhances your baby’s skin health. 
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe stands as the botanical king in Ayurveda. It is a solution to various skin conditions and problems. Our baby wipes help soothe your child’s skin without causing irritation or swelling. It also reduces dryness and keeps your child’s skin supple and healthy. 
  • Castor Oil: Castor Oil is the king of all oils in the industry. Enriched with various vitamins and antioxidants, it helps in nourishing your baby’s skin. It promotes intense hydration and the overall skin health of your baby. 

Apart from all the natural goodness, this baby care product has a nice blend of Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Lavender Oil that calms your baby’s skin without irritation or side effects. In addition, these 100% Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes are softer than cotton and promote better absorption. 

Tip :

Did you know? This pack of wet wipes is completely toxin-free, not tested on animals, and free from artificial fragrances and substances. 

While selecting a pack of baby wet wipes, you need to be a little more aware of what the market looks like these days. Several products may seem better and confusing. Knowing what stands best for your munchkin lies in your instinct. Once you combine it with a little more awareness, you don’t just make the right decision; you take the best one. 

Summing up!

Once you become a parent, you get a new perspective. You become more careful yet more open to several choices. From tracking your baby’s poop cycle to ensuring they eat well, a part of you wants perfection in every little thing. 

Parenting is an overwhelming experience. You might have days when you do not feel enough, and other days may pass without you keeping track of time. But every little moment you have with your baby counts. The more you spend your time with them, you know them better. Once you do, you make better choices. 

  1. What are wet wipes?

    Wet wipes are damp tissue-like wipes that help maintain your baby’s hygiene a little better. They help clean your baby’s mouth, hands, legs, and abdominal area.

  2. How to use wet wipes for face?

    Open the “Open the lid” pack and gently draw one sheet out. Then, wipe your baby’s skin with gentle swipes. After that, close the lid of the pack tightly after use to prevent the wipes from drying out.

  3. Are wet wipes safe for babies?

    Wet wipes that are dermatologically tested, fragrance-free, toxin-free, and made of natural ingredients are safe for babies. 

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