From sagging skin to hyperpigmentation, we identify premature aging with many different attributes. They are caused due to a reduction in collagen, a natural protein that binds our skin cells. While we may not stop aging, we may slow its advent with Ayurvedic remedies. One such medicinal herb is Gotu Kola, which offers multiple skincare benefits

Nature’s trusted therapy, Centella asiatica (or Gotu kola), is home to many nutrients that help provide benefits. From balancing collagen levels to treating acne and pimples, it is a multitasker in skincare. It is an esteemed plant with an enriching history dating back thousands of years. It helps strengthen cognitive functions, improve the moisture barrier, accelerate the healing process, and reduce acne marks.

This medicinal plant stands relevant and revered in many skincare regimens, besides being a regular addition to culinary and therapeutic purposes all over Asia. Since ancient times, its benefits have been recognized in supporting nervous functions and improving memory power. Besides, it was effective in relieving excess heat and toxicity from the body. 

Skincare experts use it to treat various skin concerns. It works best for aging people who are experiencing signs like fine lines and wrinkles. The regenerative and anti-aging benefits make it one of the most championed ingredients.

What is Gotu Kola?

Gotu Kola is a therapeutic herb containing healing and permeating properties. Belonging to the Apiaceae plant family, it is also used in salads and other dishes in Burmese, Sri Lanka, India, and other Asian Cuisines. 

It is a medicinal herb native to the wetlands of India and other parts of Asia. Viewed as the plant of longevity and restoration, Gotu kola benefits the skin with its skin-healing attributes. It is traditionally used in Pan-Asian and Ayurveda to revitalize the body. 

It can improve nerves, neurological, and immense responses when taken internally. From teas to tinctures and supplements to cosmetics, it offers many wonders for skin care. It also provides dermatological benefits and the best nourishing experience. 

Nutritional benefits

Gotu Kola is a hydrating ingredient that works best on sensitive skin with redness and irritation. As an effective moisture regulator, it travels deep into the skin to hydrate, soothe, and nourish the skin cells. Being one of nature’s proven bounties, it works best as an astringent and moisturizer. Gotu kola benefits all skin types, primarily because of its hydrating properties. 

Many studies revealed that it doesn’t cause any side effects to any skin type. Instead, it works on targeted skin concerns and rejuvenates skin cells to relieve dullness and tired-looking skin. It also contains a compound named triterpene saponin, which keeps skin firm and youthful for a longer period. 

The presence of phytonutrients called flavonoids in the herb works as an antioxidant that helps with the damage caused by free radicals. It helps increase collagen levels in the skin and nourishes skin tissues, thus resulting in a firmer skin texture.

gotu kola for skin

Significance in Ayurveda 

Gotu Kola is called Mandukaparni in Ayurveda and is used as a rasayana (or chemical) to fight aging signs and fortify skin health. Owing to its ability to balance Kapha and pitta doshas, it is considered a revered ingredient in Ayurveda that cures colds, coughs, and bleeding disorders.

The herb has ‘medhya’ properties that improve memory power. When ingested, Gotu Kola improves digestion and acts as a natural detoxifier. It is hugely admired for slowing down mental and physical aging. Besides elevating skin texture, Ayurveda uses it to purify the blood, detoxify the skin, and improve blood circulation.

Significance in Science

Gotu Kola is mostly used in the skincare and pharmaceutical industries. This ancient herb contains pentacyclic triterpenoids, a group of phytochemicals holding anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, hepatoprotective, anti-cancer, and wound healing properties. All these plant nutrients help balance collagen production, which is why it is widely used in anti-aging face cream and face gels. 

6 Benefits of Gotu Kola for Skin Care

This medicinal herb offers multiple benefits for skincare, especially for people who have dry skin. It is rich in nutrients like Potassium, Iron, calcium, and vitamins (A, C, and B2). It is low in proteins and carbs, and thus does not contain any fattening agents. 

The following pointers explain why it would help to include it in your skincare routine.

  1. Rich in antioxidants

It is no surprise that our skin is susceptible to free radical damage and oxidative stress, which can severely damage our skin with time. Gotu Kola is rich in antioxidants which efficiently shut down these activities in our body, helping build a defense mechanism to fight these problems.

Enzymes, including glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase, show powerful antioxidant activities. They help effectively combat damages caused due to free radicals and premature aging. 

Many studies showed that certain compounds like Madecassoside and Madecassic Acid in Gotu Kola could increase the helpful SOD and GPX enzymes. They enhance the body’s antioxidant activities to restore the skin’s quality. So, you should always go for Gotu kola for skin tightening. 

  1. Hydrates skin

Aging is inevitable and a natural process. It starts early due to internal health conditions and excessive exposure to pollution and UV rays- it can damage skin health early. 

The most common symptoms of premature aging are dehydrated texture and fine lines around the eyes. 

Some bioactive compounds help prevent such issues. Gotu Kola is one of the most discussed and bought ingredients as it has bioactive compounds. It contains triterpene steroids, triterpenoid saponins, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, and essential amino acids. These compounds prevent transepidermal water loss and repair the skin barrier.

  1. Accelerates wound healing

Gotu Kola benefits in wound healing and supports the skin’s cell regeneration. It has antiseptic properties to prevent infection, and its anti-inflammatory abilities help reduce swelling and redness. It is well recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Using gotu kola for skincare routines enhances the blood supply to the wound and calms the skin around it to promote quick healing. It speeds up the collagen activities in the skin and boosts fibroblast proliferation. This helps accelerate the re-epithelialization and healing processes. It also improves the tensile strength of the healing area.

gotu kola benefits for skin
  1. Skin brightening effects

Frequent or unprotected exposure to UV rays or internal conditions like diabetes can increase the melanin levels in the skin. In Ayurvedic Science, Gotu Kola is called ‘varnaya’, a skin-lightening herb. 

The herb is rich in flavonoids, centelloids, and tannins, all of which help decrease melanin production in the skin. Regular application of Gotu Kola yields several benefits, including skin brightening, lightning, and repairing skin tissues. It helps reduce dark spots and black patches to give a natural glow to the skin. 

  1. Heals cellulite, scars, & stretch marks

Cellulite, scars, and stretch marks on the skin are not a pleasant sight, nor are they healthy signs of fats. Gotu Kola powers the skin cells’ function and stimulates new collagen synthesis to promote cellulite removal. Stretch marks are fat cells deposited under the skin.

According to research, the presence of phytochemicals in Gotu Kola benefits the removal of wound scars by regulating the collagen activities in the skin cells. This medicinal herb is immensely helpful in reducing the appearance of abdominal stretch marks. 

  1. Reduces stress marks and prevents acne

Stress, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance can seriously affect our skin health. Chronic stress often leads to the formation of stress marks on the face. Gotu Kola works best for people who are troubled by anxiety. It also reverses the harmful effects of excessive stress.

This herb is also filled with anti-inflammatory properties which curb bacterial infection in your pores. Its regular application initiates quick wound healing and prevents the formation of acne, scars, and stress marks on the face.

Try Mamaearth’s Toxins-free Skin Care Products!

We are home to a wide range of safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare products. The latter is made of natural ingredients and contains no harmful additives. Here are some of our bestsellers that you may use for the best experience: 

  • Vitamin C Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

Are you struggling with excessive oils on your face and skipping moisturizers? We have prepared a soothing formulation to feed your skin proper nourishment and hydration without making your skin greasy. 

It features the goodness of Vitamin C, Gotu Kola Extracts, Vitamin E, and Turmeric Extracts. Its oil-free formula penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate the cells. It also improves elastin in the skin and helps lighten the dark spots on the skin. 

  • Rosehip Face Serum

Are you looking for ways to fight dullness and saggy skin? If yes, bring home our Rosehip Face serum. We have tried to list the benefits of gotu kola so that you may combine them with the goodness of Rosehip and Castor Oil. 

This calming serum imparts optimum hydration, regulates collagen levels, and speeds up the cell regeneration process. As a result, it provides hydration and nourishment to the skin cells and adds radiance to the skin.

  • Vitamin E Essence Serum

Adding Gotu Kola benefits with the goodness of Niacinamide and Vitamin, this Vitamin E Essence has everything your skin needs to shine brighter. While Niacinamide repairs the skin and controls the excessive oil, Vitamin C fights sun damage and brightens the skin. 

Likewise, Gotu Kola, being an excellent ingredient, promotes collagen and skin brightening. So, add this multitasking serum to your regimen, and it makes way for healthier skin.

  • Vitamin C Under Eye Cream

Eye care is critical in skincare. That’s why we bring the goodness of Gotu Kola, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C to prevent glitches in your eye care. It fights sun damage, dullness, and stubborn pigmentation. 

Applying this nourishing eye cream calms the de-puff and de-stresses your under-eye area instantly. More importantly, it hydrated the under-eye area deeply to protect it from developing fine lines and wrinkles.


You may also add a face scrub and face mask to the list to get the best results.


With the world recognizing Gotu Kola’s benefits, there is no denying that it can amp up your skincare routine in numerous ways. This herb caters to diverse skin health needs, from anti-aging creams to refreshing face toners. With its oil-regulating and restoring abilities, you can expect positive results from your skincare routine. 

  1. How to use gotu kola for skin?

    There are numerous ways to reap gotu kola benefits. Using Gotu Kola-enriched products such as cleansers, serums, or moisturizers is advisable. However, adding these products to your skin routine is important according to the skin type. It is hugely used as a raw powder which works best when mixed with milk and honey. Moreover, dermatologists also prescribe supplements containing Gotu Kola to treat targeted skin issues.

  2. What does Gotu kola do for the skin?

    Gotu kola is a powerhouse of essential antioxidants and nutrients which protect skin from the damages caused due to free radicals and premature aging. It is a rich source of anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and wound-healing properties, stimulating collagen levels and promoting cell turnover in the skin. High in flavonoids and amino acids, Gotu Kola effectively repairs the skin and restores moisture loss in the skin.

  3. Does Gotu kola work?

    Yes. Gotu Kola is hailed for its loads of skin-loving properties, which hydrate, brighten, and tighten the skin. In addition, it exhibits anti-aging benefits, anti-inflammatory properties, and essential antioxidants. It also repairs irritated skin barriers, fights acne and pimples, and retains the moisture and glow of the skin.

  4. Does gotu kola lighten skin?

    Yes, gotu kola benefits the skin by lighting and brightening the skin. In Ayurveda, Gotu Kola is called the 'varnaya herb,' which means skin-lightening herb. It helps reduce the melanin levels in the skin, promoting the formation of newer skin. Its regular application helps brighten and lighten the dark spots in the skin to give a bright, radiant texture.

  5. Does gotu kola increase collagen?

    Yes, it does. Gotu kola contains phytochemicals that stimulate new collagen synthesis and regulate its formation in the skin. 

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