Any positive skincare routine relies on three main aspects- blemishes, inflammation, and aging. Antioxidants help power all the good-quality skincare products worldwide because they touch at least one of these attributes. They provide multi-directional benefits and thus help make our appearance better.

It always helps to opt for a diet that comprises this nutrient and the same rule may be applied to skincare products too. Our skin comprises cells made of amino acids, and they find more strength in vitamins and minerals. Thus, skincare experts believe that opting for toxin-free skincare products made of safe and natural ingredients would help.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are naturally-synthesized biological compounds in our bodies. They fight free radical damage, reverse oxidative stress, and help slow down the natural aging process. They also help address fine lines and wrinkles to give our skin a younger and fresher look. 

Types of Antioxidants

There are thousands of nutrients that function as antioxidants, and the most familiar ones of them are:

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a naturally-occuring and widely used antioxidant that enhances skin tone and texture. Its skin brightening and lightening properties make it an effective ingredient in most skin care regimens. 

It also helps ward off signs of aging, hydrates the skin, and lightens acne scars, thus keeping the skin soft and plump. It also safeguards the skin against UV damage and harmful free radicals. You may also find vitamin C listed as L-ascorbic acid or ester-C.

  1. Vitamin E

This vitamin helps treat dryness in the skin cells, thanks to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an excellent antioxidant for healing skin wounds or inflammation, especially if you have sensitive skin. You’ll find it listed on ingredient labels as tocopherol. 

  1. Niacinamide

A form of vitamin B3, this antioxidant helps repair the skin’s outermost or protective layer. It also addresses signs of aging, such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. In addition, it strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and provides your skin with deep hydration. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it a regarded ingredient in treating blemishes and blackheads. You can use Niacinamide serum for face.

types of antioxidants
  1. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is known for its impressive anti-aging Antioxidants benefits for skin. It has a reparative effect when used in skin care. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties soothe inflammation and reduce skin aging. The best time to use of antioxidant is at night since UV exposure can affect its benefits. 

  1. Retinol

This is easily the best antioxidant for skin benefits. It helps with cell turnover, stimulates collagen, repairs cells, and boosts cell renewal. It is highly effective but can be aggressive for sensitive skin types. 

If you are about to start Retinol in your skin care regimen, go slow with the dose (0.25%) and always wear sunscreen when you step out. Please note that Retinol increases skin sensitivity due to sun exposure. It may not be used with Vitamin C

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

When we think of the benefits of antioxidants like hyaluronic acid, all that comes to mind is its hydrating properties. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to one thousand times its weight in water and boosts hydration. 

This ingredient also helps hydrate the skin cells and is best suited for people with dry skin. 

It is also good to keep skin younger and create a protective barrier against environmental aggressors. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leading to flawless skin. 

  1. Polyphenols

This is one of nature’s most useful antioxidants. The different types of polyphenols help keep the skin soft and smooth. In addition, polyphenols like green tea and black tea also have skin-calming and soothing properties. So, they suit people with sensitive or irritated skin types.

Best Mamaearth Antioxidants Range for Youthful Glow

With so many choices available, skin care has become a personal concern for everyone over the past few decades. There may be different skincare issues and results for different people, but the basics remain the same for everyone. Skincare practice depends on the three basic steps- Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing.

Using gentle and mild skin care products is the best way to incorporate these skincare fundamentals. You can choose from a range of face cleansers, face scrubs, gels, and creams, among others. Here are some of our best antioxidant-enriched products for home-based skin care regimens:

1. Mamaearth Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash

This face wash features Vitamin C, Cucumber, Turmeric, and Aloe Vera. It has a built-in foaming brush to simplify application and help the day’s toils be brushed off easily. Turmeric is a natural antioxidants for skin that gives your skin a brighter tone. It deeply penetrates the skin and gives it a dollop of freshness. It also helps retain moisture balance to make the skin soft and supple.

2. Mamaearth Aqua Glow Face Wash

Formulated with the goodness of Himalayan Thermal Water and the power of Hyaluronic Acid, this refreshing face wash deeply hydrates the skin. Thanks to the built-in soft brush, the face wash helps exfoliate gently, making face cleansing one of a kind experience. 

Himalayan Thermal Water is rich in minerals and keeps the skin hydrated and calm. It is also enriched with nutrients that help improve the natural shine and texture. Hyaluronic acid is a gold standard ingredient that protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

3. Mamaearth Green Tea Sleeping Mask

Made with the goodness of Green Tea, this refreshing sleeping face mask gives your skin intense hydration and helps reduce open pores. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that address free radical damage on the skin and help restore the skin’s natural radiance. It also features Aloe Vera, Black Oats, and Collagen to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Mamaearth Niacin Face Toner

Mamaearth Niacin Face Toner contains Niacinamide and the goodness of Witch Hazel to give you clear and healthy skin. It also has Aloe Vera and Citric Acid that helps in unclogging pores and exfoliating dead skin cells from the skin’s deepest layers.
It shrinks enlarged pores and gives an instant hydrating feel. It also helps keep the skin’s natural pH balance intact and reduces blemishes and other dark spots, giving you an even tone. The best part is that it is dermatologically tested and can be used by all skin types.

5. Mamaearth Retinol Night Cream

It contains the most trustworthy antioxidant, Retinol, known to improve skin aging. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative, highly effective in reversing sun damage. This face cream deeply moisturizes and forms a protective layer on your skin. This night face cream also features Bakuchi Oil, Rapeseed Oil, and Retinol to accelerate skin cell turnover and even skin tone. These ingredients also help enhance texture, reduce age spots, and hydrate the skin. 

6. Mamaearth Skin Correct Face Serum

Mamaearth Skin Correct Face Serum has Niacinamide, Ginger Extracts, Zinc PCA, and Glycerin. The combination of powerful ingredients helps lighten acne marks and spots, minimizes enlarged pores, and enhances overall skin texture. It also helps restore skin’s elasticity, regulates melanin production, and prevents collagen degradation. This helps you have a radiant appearance. 

7. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum

Face serums are usually applied right after the tone but before a moisturizer. Since these are lightweight skin care products, they deeply penetrate the skin and give a faster response in terms of skin enhancement.
Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C and Turmeric. It gives you a radiant glow, reduces hyperpigmentation and fine lines from early wrinkle-prone areas, and also works on enlarged pores. 

8. Mamaearth Vitamin C Ultra Light Gel Oil-Free Moisturizer

Mamaearth Vitamin C Ultra Light Gel Oil-Free Face Moisturizer is extremely hydrating. It is loaded with antioxidants to reduce dullness and give an instant glow to the skin. It also has Aloe Vera Water to keep your skin refreshing without any signs of greasiness. This moisturizer is quickly absorbed and gives round-the-clock hydration to the skin. It is advisable to use it in your AM and PM routine to give your skin the love and care it deserves.

How does an Antioxidant work?

Antioxidants are good for your health and your skin and hair because they protect us from free radicals. A free radical is an unstable molecule that weakens healthy skin cells by destabilizing the skin’s cellular structure. This quickens the process of oxidative stress and makes the person look much older than he is.

Antioxidants are a versatile addition to beauty regimens because they help improve the functioning of healthy cells. The skin has to go through many daily factors- pollution, dust, and blue light from mobile and laptop devices. These triggers can contribute to oxidative stress in the skin cells over time. 

Prolonged exposure to oxidative stress accelerates the skin aging process. It also reduces the moisture barrier and slows down elastin and collagen production in the cells. This may even cause multiple signs of aging such as dark spots, fine lines, saggy skin, etc. This is why most anti-aging skin care products such as face cream have antioxidants enriched to get the job done. 

Benefits of Antioxidants for Skin

Many Antioxidants products in skin care are crafted with the goodness of antioxidants to deliver the benefits directly to the skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so a topical application is usually the best method to avail of this nutrition. It is also equally important to stay regular and consistent with your skincare routine.


Here are some of the best uses of antioxidants for glowing skin-

  • Antioxidants help correct signs of aging

Prolonged exposure to free radicals damage results in a phenomenon called oxidative stress. The process breaks down collagen, disrupts the skin moisture barrier, and hinders the skin’s cell turnover or repair process. This might accelerate the onset of the signs of aging on the skin. 

By scavenging on the free radicals, antioxidants correct these acne marks and blotchy skin tone. They also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Antioxidants help prevent sun damage

You would know antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties to reverse cell inflammation. They cut down the skin’s inflammatory response to the sun’s harmful rays, protecting it against photoaging. 

  • Antioxidants help brighten skin tone

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant known to lighten and brighten skin tone. It also inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that stimulates melanin production, thereby addressing dark spots and uneven skin tone. By reducing photodamage, this nutrient also helps prevent abnormal skin pigmentation. 

  • Antioxidants calm inflammation

Free radicals may cause inflammation in the skin cells. As a result, the skin often appears sensitive, reddish, and itchy. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and offer a calming and soothing effect on the skin. 

  • Antioxidants help skin repair itself.

Inflammation impedes the skin cells’ renewal process. By bringing down inflammation, antioxidants allow the skin to repair and fix visible damage. Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, also stimulates collagen production, which is vital for a youthful glow.

Summing up!

Antioxidants are highly recommended in skincare, especially if you are experiencing signs of aging. It can help make your skin look clearer and smoother, but be realistic that it will not happen overnight. Using antioxidants in skin care can get the best results on your skin. Regardless of your skincare routine, always remember to include face gel sunscreen. It’s never too late to start defending your skin against UV damage. 

  1. What do antioxidants do for skin?

    Antioxidants are compounds in the body that protect the skin cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. They reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne marks. Environmental aggressors like UV and pollution may damage the skin’s natural texture, so the role of antioxidants is to reverse the damage caused. There are different types of antioxidants, each with its benefits for the skin. For instance, Vitamin C is responsible for skin lightening, while Retinol works on premature skin aging.

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