The human body is closely related to the four elements of the Universe: Earth, Water, Fire, and Space. Therefore, any changes in these elements can cause various diseases in our bodies. Things often start going downhill quickly when our skin’s natural protein, collagen is affected. This weakens our skin’s molecular structure. Experts agree that collagen is important for the skin because it supports essential day-to-day functions. 

If you have an attractive personality, chances are you will also have smooth skin, lustrous hair, and healthy bones. While taking care of your health, you should start by knowing about what would suit your body. You will thus need collagen to support your skeletal frame and your skin’s molecular structure whenever you wish to do challenging physical exercises or lift a heavy weight. Its deficiency would cause wear and tear, and may also cause stretch marks. 

Collagen production decreases as we age

This is also important with increasing age as natural collagen production drops over the years and cells begin to weaken. This causes the skin to sag, ligaments to lose their elasticity, and joints to become stiffer. 

This may also cause hair loss and frequent breakage of strands. Experts thus advise including protein-rich foods in the diet to boost collagen in hair and skin. You may also get better results by including vitamin C in your diet. It boosts collagen synthesis and thus helps improve the skin’s natural texture. 

What does Collagen do for our Skin?

It is the building block of our skin, hair, bones, teeth, tendons, and ligaments. You may think of it as a glue-like structure that benefits the whole body by binding the tissues and cells to retain the body’s shape. It occurs as a protein structure in nearly 80% of the skin. It is in the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis, and comprises four amino acids: Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline, and Arginine. 

Aging causes the outermost layer of our skin to start thinning, thus resulting in loss of elasticity. This leads to the emergence of various signs of aging on the skin. But if you are living a healthy lifestyle and taking a nutritious diet, you won’t have to stress over the loss of collagen in the skin. There are many effective ways to boost skin collagen levels.

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Different Types of Collagen for Skin

The connective tissues in our fibroblast cells produce different types of proteins. They produce collagen and elastin regularly to replenish the supply, which helps fight the breakdown. All consumed foods are broken down and absorbed through the digestive system. Later, they are used for cellular growth and repair. 

Collagen peptides are formed by breaking down collagen proteins into smaller pieces, making the absorption of proteins easier for the skin. Here are the four major types of collagens and their role in the body.

Type 1: The first type accounts for 80% of your body’s collagen and provides structure to bones, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue among several organs.

Type 2:  The second type is the set of loosely packed fibers. Present in elastic cartilage, it provides the right cushioning to the joints.

Type 3: The third type is quite effective in building the structure of muscles and arteries.   

Type 4: The fourth type of collagen helps with skin whitening. It treats common skin ailments and helps reveal healthy and brighter skin. 

How does Collagen help your Skin?

Though skin comprises a complex combination of various elements such as blood vessels, glands, and lipids, structure and strength are provided by three primary proteins: collagen, elastin, and keratin. While we have uncovered the benefits of elastin and keratin earlier, let’s dive deep into the benefits of collagen for skin. 

  1. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines- Prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays and a sedentary lifestyle decrease the levels of collagen and other essential nutrients in the skin. This may cause fine lines and wrinkles on the facial skin. 

You can help treat and prevent aging by applying Mamaearth Vitamin C Night Cream. Enriched with vitamin C and Gotu kola, this collagen cream for skin helps promote collagen production in the skin.

  1. Promotes skin health

If you have an uneven complexion, your collagen levels are disrupted. However, higher face collagen levels in the skin even out the complexion by providing the required nutrients and hydration. This leaves your skin smooth, supple, and healthier for much longer. 

  1. Treats hyperpigmentation, Acne, and Acne Scars

The loss of collagen affects the skin’s elasticity, which may cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and acne scars. You can easily avert these signs of aging by applying Mamaearth Aloe Vera Face Serum, enriched with aloe vera and ashwagandha. It boosts the collagen levels in the skin by hydrating, which treats prevalent signs of aging. 

  1. Hydrates the skin

Human skin is meant to be kept hydrated if one wants healthy and glowing skin. But the loss of collagen due to aging or environmental stress can dehydrate your skin. It can also make it look dull, dry, and flaky.

By giving a required collagen boost with an effective moisturizer or collagen cream for the skin, you can give the skin the required dose of hydration to help maintain a smooth, soft, and radiant appearance. 

  1. Tightens the skin: 

Washing your face with a hydrating and foaming face wash removes the unnecessary build-up on the face. It allows other products to promote healthy skin by encouraging blood circulation. This promotes collagen production, thus making the skin healthy and glowing for extended periods. It also keeps the skin tight and firm. 

  1. Fades stretch marks: 

You may be surprised that those stretch marks on your skin can be easily treatable. Skin stretching can happen for many reasons, such as pregnancy or hormonal issues. Regenerating collagen in your body helps in fading those stretch marks.

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What does collagen do for your hair?

As we tend to lose collagen with age, it can harm our hair care. The good thing is that this protein may also be called to provide multiple hair care benefits for people of all age groups. 

Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Strengthens hair follicles: Our hair follicles get damaged due to environmental stressors, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and inadequate nutrition. They also trigger a loss of collagen in the hair follicles and scalp. Providing collagen to the scalp provides strength by building proteins with amino acids.
  2. Combats hair damage: Due to some uncontrollable factors such as environment, hormonal imbalances, and a sedentary lifestyle, our hair can get weak and damaged. This could have a negative effect on our hair and scalp free radicals. To ensure healthy hair and scalp, collagen provides antioxidants, which help fight free radical damage. Using nourishing hair oil may work in such circumstances.       
  3. Makes the hair more voluminous: When we age, a particular type of collagen in the hair follicles decreases, causing hair loss. Collagen reproduction in the skin replenishes an amino acid called proline.
    It helps protect the hair shafts by shielding them from the damaging effects of free radicals. In addition, an increase in collagen helps provide faster hair growth and more volume. It may also strengthen the hair follicles.


In such situations, it often helps to use good quality hair care products. These include toxin-free hair shampoos and hair conditioners made of safe and natural ingredients.
  1. Treats premature graying of hair: ‘Melanin’ works continuously in our skin to provide natural color to hair and skin. However, melanin production tends to decrease as aging happens, turning our skin pigmented and hair gray. The most surprising benefit of using collagen for hair care is that it provides antioxidants. This also helps reduce premature graying of hair. 


We recommend adding hair masks and hair serum to your hair care regimen. They provide nourishment and nutrition to the hair strands. They may also be supplemented by hair growth oil if need be.

Symptoms of a Decrease in Collagen Levels

We cannot measure collagen levels through blood tests. But every human body can offer some warning by showing several signs and symptoms. So let’s have a look at them. 

  • Wrinkled, creepy, or saggy skin
  • Hallowing in and around eyes and face
  • Reduces and weakened muscles and muscle aches 
  • Reduced flexibility of tendons and ligaments
  • Joint pains due to worn cartilage
  • Unable to move due to damage in the joints. 
  • Gastric problems are caused due to thinning of the lining of the digestive tract.

How can you boost collagen levels?

Declined or finished collagen levels in the body don’t mean there aren’t any ways to replenish collagen. So let’s see how you can kick-start collagen production in your body. 

  1. Diet: To build collagen, you should eat a diet rich in essential vitamins. You should eat foods like Vitamin C, Glycine, and Proline. Foods such as fish protein, pulses, and fruits such as Guava and Kiwi also help.
  2. Lifestyle habits: Some of the abovementioned habits can cause premature collagen breakdown. Following habits can kick natural collagen production in your body:
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Reduce sun exposure 
  • Manage stress 
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  1. Collagen-stimulating skincare routine: While there are various artificial collagen-stimulating treatments, we advise you to build the same routine with the help of natural skin care products like ours. Mamaearth is a plant-based brand that delivers natural, cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested skincare, hair care, and personal care products.

Building a Collagen Stimulating Skincare Routine

To help you build collagen, here’s a perfect collagen skincare routine for you. 

  1. Cleanse your skin: Removing dirt, excess oil, and makeup residue is the first and most essential step. It is a gateway for other products to go deeper into skin layers and work well. 

We recommend you opt for Mamaearth Green Tea Face Wash, enriched with the natural goodness of Green Tea and Collagen. It helps in removing dirt and impurities by initiating a deep cleansing action into the skin. You can opt for Mamaearth Vitamin C Body Wash for the body, backed by Vitamin C and honey. 

  1. Gently exfoliate your skin: Scrubbing your skin with a potential face scrub helps deeply cleanse your skin, allowing healthy skin cells to grow. Opt for Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Scrub, backed by Vitamin C and Walnut. It helps brighten the skin by exfoliating it gently.  
  2. Mask Up: Wearing a face mask may not feel important to you, but it is an effective way to get your collagen back in the skin. First, we advise you to apply a hydrating or anti-aging face mask for 15-20 minutes. Next, opt for our Green Tea Sleeping Mask that features Green Tea and Collagen for face. It ensures 24-hour hydration, firms, and soothes skin. 
  3. Even out your skin: A hydrating and effective toner helps rejuvenate the skin by providing essential nutrients which help tighten the skin. Our Mamaearth Green Tea Face Toner, enriched with the goodness of Collagen and Green, is quite soothing and effective. It also tightens the skin pores and maintains the skin’s pH levels.
  4. Brighten your skin: Applying a face serum helps brighten the skin while boosting hydration and fighting the signs of aging. We advise you to opt for Mamaearth Green Tea Face Serum Gel, enriched with Green Tea and Collagen. This collagen serum for the face helps achieve firmer-looking skin by providing 24-hour hydration. 
  5. Follow an AM-PM moisturization routine: Moisturization and hydration are two essential steps after cleanup. They help lock the moisture in the skin. We recommend you opt for a face moisturizer containing sun protection formula and brightening skin.

    We advise you to keep your skin hydrated with a night skincare routine by applying Mamaearth Green Tea Night Cream with Green Tea and Collagen. It helps in boosting skin elasticity and provides nourishment when you are asleep. 

The last word

Collagen for skin and hair is the most crucial protein that holds the skin, hair, and bones together. The best use of collagen for skin and hair can be furthered by a healthy diet and following a collagen-supporting skincare routine. It will help you keep the signs of aging at bay. 

  1. How to increase collagen in the skin?

    Collagen in the skin can be increased by eating foods rich in vitamin C and amino acids, following up on healthy lifestyle habits, and a regular collagen-boosting skincare routine.

  2. What does collagen do to the skin?

    Collagen is a major component of your skin. It plays a role in strengthening the skin’s molecular structure, and also provides elasticity and hydration. It protects our skin from sagging and gives us a plump and youthful look. 

  3. Is it worth taking collagen for the skin?

    We advise against taking collagen-boosting supplements. However, you may take protein-rich foods to support the body's collagen production

  4. Does collagen help your hair grow?

    Yes, collagen promotes healthy hair growth. It also makes the hair strands resilient to seasonal changes and hygral stress, thus reducing hair fall.

  5. Does collagen thicken hair?

    Yes. Collagen is recognized as a potential solution for thickening hair. It reduces hair loss and boosts hair health by boosting scalp elasticity. 

  6. How long does it take for collagen to help hair?

    Applying collagen topically on the hair will show you effective results in 3-4 weeks. This will make your hair softer, smoother, and shinier. Also, it reduces flaking and itching on the scalp.

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