We all aspire to have a good hair day every day. Although it might sound quite dreamy, many hair care specialists believe it is possible to live your dream. It only needs some smart thinking and a bit of consistency to get going. For example, starting with onion and using its benefits for faster hair growth could help!

Concerned about hair loss or early graying? Experts advise switching to toxin-free hair care products for faster growth and richer texture. Given common issues like excessive hair loss and premature graying, using such high-quality hair care products is a better choice. This is why hair care products made of onions are a better choice.

Onion benefits for hair have been known for ages. This root-based vegetable controls excessive hair fall, cures premature graying, and improves the hair’s texture. The only issue is that not everyone likes the sharp pungent odor of its juice. It is thus better to opt for our toxin-free onion hair care products. They comprise other natural and toxin-free ingredients that help you have the best hair care experience at home!

Benefits of Onion Hair Care Products 

Constant hair fall is one of the few things in life that may make you question yourself. Most people get anxious when they see their hair tufts sticking to their towel or comb. We thus advise choosing high-quality onion hair care products and using them daily to improve hair texture.

Everybody is concerned about the health of their hair. None of us wants a see-through hairline but it may just happen if we stay negligent of our hair care routines. Many people switch to the benefits of onion-enriched hair care products because they help control excessive hair fall.


Excessive hair loss indicates that our hair needs more nutrition and nourishment.

Haircare Experts list the following factors of Excessive Hair Loss:

  • Excessive stress
  • Lack of nutrition 
  • Any long-term illness or medicinal issues
  • Using poor-quality products
  • Not maintaining an effective hair care routine
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • UV radiation
Hair Loss Treatment

Once you have identified the root cause, you should look for a hair fall control oil that will easily allow you to address the problems. It’s also crucial to back it up with a hair care regimen that addresses your hair care needs.

You should not switch between various hair-care regimens too frequently. If you have been using chemically-enhanced products, you should stop and move to safer alternatives. Your hair will need some time to adjust but it will be well worth it.

How to craft an effective hair care regime?

It is crucial to add a hair fall control oil to your hair care routine. It may comprise setting various stages of a hair care regimen right. For example, you may use best hair oil to hydrate your scalp and hair shampoo to cleanse it. You should also use hair shampoo and conditioner to cleanse the scalp and nourish the hair strands. These products are essential components of any positive hair care regimen and help improve your hair’s texture. 

Here is a list of everything you will need for a good hair care routine:

  1. Hot oil massage– Heat some of your anti-hair fall oil and apply it from the scalp to the ends of the strands. A hot oil massage improves the scalp’s blood flow, allowing the oil to enter the hair follicles and feed them thoroughly.
    You should wait an hour after applying the oil. It would help the nutrients seep deeper into the scalp and work their magic.
  1. Shampoo and Conditioner: A matching pair of shampoo and conditioner helps you cleanse the scalp and provide adequate nourishment to the strands. Its regular use helps make the hair stronger, shinier, and more resilient to seasonal changes. 
  1. Hair mask– Applying a hair mask once a week can give your hair most of the nourishment it needs. These products are enriched with natural butter and oils that deeply nourish the cuticles. Depending on your hair type, you may apply the mask at least twice a month.
  2. Control smoking. Drink four liters of water every day- Alcohol consumption is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Because of the restricted blood flow to the scalp, smokers may also have abnormal hair loss. Limiting alcohol consumption is one of the best ways to prevent hair loss and promote stronger hair growth. Both the health of your hair and your overall health can be harmed by dehydration. To stay hydrated, you should drink six to eight glasses of water every day.
  1. Follow a healthy lifestyle & manage your stress levels- Various studies have shown that stress levels significantly affect healthy hair. One of the most frequent adverse effects of stress is premature graying of hair. Therefore one of the best ways to stop hair loss is to take care of your mental health when things are going tough. 

It is essential to stick to a hair-care regimen for at least two months. After that, you may choose a hair serum to accelerate the growth of your hair while maintaining its strength and health. For example, you may choose our Onion Hair Serum that features onion oil and niacinamide. It helps remove infection, reduces hair loss, and controls premature graying.

Our lightweight hair growth serum reduces excessive sebum production and stops scalp infections. It also nourishes the scalp and maintains proper pH balance.

Benefits of Onion for Hair Growth

Onions are far more beneficial than just being a common vegetable. Despite being recognized for its vital part in cooking, onions are useful for many reasons besides giving food flavor and aroma.

Here’s a hair growth tip using onions: You should switch your current hair oil with any of our toxin-free hair growth oils (like the Onion Hair Oil). It will help you have well-nourished hair strands with stronger roots and a glossy sheen. For example, our onion oil contains nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B6. Its regular use can help treat your scalp’s inflammation, fungal growth, and germs. 

Onion’s Benefits for Healthier and Shinier Hair

  1. Combats hair fall easily

The proper sulfur intake can increase keratin production, grow hair follicles, and form building blocks in your hair. As a result of its high sulfur content, onion oil offers the best nourishment for our scalp and hair roots. The presence of calcium, potassium, and magnesium helps promote blood flow and protect hair strands from free radical damage.

  1. Addresses premature graying of hair

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the chemicals used to bleach hair. Our hair also naturally produces hydrogen peroxide, but when its concentrations exceed a certain limit, it harms the hair roots. This causes oxidative damage to the hair shaft.

The three enzymes our body creates to eliminate the additional hydrogen peroxide are catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase. Our onion oil helps these enzymes develop more quickly and reduce the damage caused by hydrogen peroxide.

3. Fights hair infection for healthy hair

Regular application of this oil improves the overall health of the scalp and protects it from bacterial infections, preventing dandruff and irritation. Any bacterial infection inhibits hair growth and lowers hair thickness, which you would not want.

Infections damage the hair roots and result in split ends and hair breakage. Therefore, you should try our Onion Hair Care Combo to control excessive hair fall and premature graying. 

  1. Thoroughly hydrates and nourishes your hair

This safe and toxin-free hair care product gives the hair softer and shinier. Its special formulation hydrates the hair strands and feeds the roots and follicles. It is advisable to nourish and hydrate your hair to have the best hair care experience at home.

Try Our Best-Selling Onion Anti-Hair Fall Spa Kit

Depending on the requirements of the hair, there are several types of hair spas. It is a session when you receive high-end products to condition, moisturize, or feed your hair. A hair spa reduces problems with hair care, such as excessive hair loss, infectious diseases, and unattractive hair texture. However, you do not always have to go to a spa, you may also try our Anti-Hair Fall Spa Kit to avail the same benefits.

We are the first Made Safe certified brand in Asia, and we only create hair care items that have been FDA and PETA-approved for use on people of all ages. Using the Onion Hair Oil, Onion Shampoo, and Onion Conditioner included in our best-selling anti-hair fall kit, you get one step closer to having healthy, lustrous hair. Our Hair Spa Kit thus provides the essential nutrition and nourishment that our hair requires- but without altering the scalp’s natural pH. 

Here are Some Onion Products Listed Below:-

  1. Onion Hair Oil

Onion Hair Oil, one of our top sellers, helps prevent issues like hair loss, premature graying, and excessive thinning. It primarily features onions because they are rich in sulfur and potassium, the building blocks of hair cells. It also contains Redensyl, Almond Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Castor Oil, and Amla Oil. This toxin-free hair oil is safe for regular use and helps make hair stronger and shinier.

2. Onion Shampoo

Onion Shampoo, part of the popular Onion Hair Care range, is designed to combat severe hair loss, split ends, dandruff, and lifeless hair. The abundance of plant keratin, wheat amino acids, soy amino acids, and onion are all present. Our Onion Shampoo boosts hair follicles and cleans bacterial infections. 

  1. Onion Conditioner- 

Here is an essential component in the hair care routine frequently neglected or ignored: hair conditioning. Our Onion Conditioner helps treat hair care problems like dandruff, obstinate locks, dull texture, and excessive hair fall. 

It contains onions, coconut, sweet almond oil, and coconut triglycerides that provide deep moisturization. In addition, it has been shown to detangle hair, make it super-soft, silky, and glossy, and speed up hair growth.

Note: It’s crucial to choose dermatologically-tested products that feature natural and toxic-free ingredients. You should thus check for the approval of Made Safe, FDA, and PETA on these products.

Summing up!

Do you like the ingredients listed above, or are you an onion admirer? First, you should know what your hair care issues are. Next, prepare a haircare routine like you have a skincare regime for you. You should use the natural benefits of a mild and toxin-free onion hair oil (along with safe and certified hair care products).

The secret is to stick with your hair care routine, be consistent, and utilize mild hair care products. Do not be fooled by chemically-enriched products that make unrealistic and tall claims- they may do more harm than good by internally repairing your hair.


  1. How does onion help in hair growth?

    Onion juice can offer more sulfur to the hair and scalp to encourage strong, thick hair, reducing hair loss and promoting growth. The presence of sulfur encourages collagen formation.

  2. How long should we keep onion oil in hair?

    Both cold and hot oil treatments can be used with onion oil (for a head massage). Take a few drops of onion oil into your palms and gently massage your scalp for at least 5-7 minutes to use without heating it. After giving it 30 minutes to get absorbed within the scalp, gently shampoo it off.

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