Who doesn’t always want shiny, smooth, and manageable hair? There’s just something about silky and smooth hair that everyone feels envious of. Of course, achieving such a dream-like hair texture is a tough task. However, some basic rules may up your hair care game. What are those rules? Let’s learn them individually via this blog; stay there while we take you through its details! 

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Silky Hair Tips You May Wish to Know! 

1. Conditioning Mask for Rejuvenation & Pampering! 

Deep conditioning is one of the most recommended practices in hair care. It lends additional care to the hair cortex, keeping it nourished and hydrated. In addition to using a well-formulated hair conditioner, a nourishing hair mask is also advised for shinier, silkier hair. You may use Curd, Egg, or Banana to prepare your at-home hair mask. 

These ingredients are known for their softening abilities that enter the hair shaft to treat dry, damaged hair tresses.

2. a Scalp Massage Can Fix So Many Issues!  

Oiling backs up hair health by nourishing the scalp and stimulating the blood supply in the roots. In addition, it helps with stress and frizzy locks. So, the idea is to use a concrete formulation to support hair growth, nourish hair scalp, and boost overall hair health. We recommend oiling once or twice a week using hair oils such as Almond, Olive, Argan, Coconut, etc. 

In addition, you may mix various oils to form a robust formulation for your hair.

3. Use a Gentle and Toxin-Free Shampoo for the Win! 

Cleansing is the primary step in any hair care routine, ensuring your hair remains dirt-free. However, excessive cleansing might weaken your hair scalp and affect hair growth. We recommend using a mildly formulated hair shampoo with natural extracts to promote hair’s natural shine. 

More importantly, the key to shinier, silkier hair is a formulation with natural humectants and softening agents. 

4. Hair Serum for Additional Softness

No matter what your hair type is, keeping your locks untangled is the best way to ensure your hair’s natural softness and shine. Hair serums with antioxidants provide strength and protection to your hair and scalp. It helps keep hair from oxidative stress and encourages a healthier environment for newer strands to erupt. 

Additionally, it helps realign hair fibers, making them appear luscious. Take some drops and coat them on the lengths of your hair after cleansing and conditioning. If you ask women and men with silky hair their secret, they often swear to formulations that keep their hair untangled and frizz-free.

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5. Rely on Hydrating Agents.

Hydrating and softening agents can be a boon for hair health. Ingredients such as Egg, Curd, Glycerin, Jojoba Seed Oil, Keratin, etc., work well on dry and lifeless tresses. Particularly, water-based agents and natural emollients attract water from the surroundings and ward off moisture loss in the hair. 

Thus, using silky hair products with hydrating and softening ingredients keeps hair away from fizzes, restoring hair’s natural shine and strength. 

6. Follow a Protein-Rich Diet.

Eating habits hugely affect scalp conditions and overall hair health. Our hair contains a vitamin called Biotin which helps synthesize proteins in our hair cells. Thus, protein and amino acids are essential for maintaining hair’s softness. 

In addition, nutritional protein-rich foods such as fish, eggs, chicken, almonds, peas, or beans benefit hair health. So, if you are exploring various methods to improve your hair texture, build a high-protein diet for yourself.

7. Add Vitamins to All-Around Care. 

Silky hair needs attention and effort to remain in shape. The ideal way to ensure your hair gets the proper attention is to provide enough nutrition to the body. So, adding the correct kinds of vitamins to your diet is vital so your locks remain shiny and voluminous. Consider adding vitamins like Biotin, Vitamin C, Niacin (Vitamin B3), and minerals like Zinc and iron to the diet. 

With such nutritious elements in your diet, you may experience hair fall and thinning improvement with no brittleness in your tresses. 

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1. Mamaearth Eggplex Shampoo

Revive your hair’s shine and strength with a promising blend of our Mamaearth Eggplex Shampoo, one of the best shampoos for silky hair. The Egg is a booster for hair growth and answers to dull and lifeless locks. Combined with Egg Protein, Collagen, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Keratin, it makes an impeccable mix that defies rough and frizzy hair. 

While Collagen works on hair thinning and Keratin restores the strength of the hair shaft, Egg Protein boosts shine while reducing breakage. Likewise, Jojoba Seed Oil stimulates blood flow in the scalp and raises hydration levels in hair without blocking hair follicles. As a result, this high-performing composition provides smooth and silky hair while helping with hair breakage and thinning.

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2. Mamaearth Eggplex Conditioner 

Rough strands stand no chance with our versatile Eggplex Conditioner. It formulates the goodness of Collagen, Egg protein, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Keratin, all known to fortify hair growth. This intensely nourishing formula helps repair damaged strands, restore hair’s shine, and strengthen hair bonds. 

Made with safe and gentle ingredients, your hair can experience wholesome pampering with no harsh chemicals. While Collagen forms a protective shield on hair and Jojoba Oil keeps the scalp hydrating, Egg makes hair appear shiny and smooth. Keratin, on the other hand, maintains hair’s softness, keeping it manageable and untangled.

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Wrapping Up 

Having voluminous hair that shines with minimal or no effort is a blessing. However, most people do not have such luck, so it is important to focus on hair health before it gets too late. Besides a persistent hair care routine, you should follow various silky hair tips to bring out the softness in your hair. 

From masking therapy to eating a nutritious diet and keeping yourself hydrated, you should be aware of such practices if you wish to have silky, smooth hair. At Mamaearth, keeping hair healthy and in shape is a real challenge in this fast-paced environment. Therefore, our product range has focused on providing efficient and proven solutions to all your hair care needs. 

They are devoid of harmful additives that may cause harm to your hair. Instead, they are nourishing, effective, and gentle. From concrete hair growth oil to hair cleansers, give your hair a boost of nourishment. So, relax in the comfort of high-quality hair care products.


  1. Which shampoo is best for silky hair?

    To get your hand on the best formulation for silky hair, it is advisable to be mindful of ingredients. We advise using natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Keratin, Collagen Curd, or Egg shampoo. In addition, you should always pick a formulation that comes without nasties, such as Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oils, or Dyes. More importantly, rely on brands that offer natural and effective products with credibility, like MadeSafe approval or PETA and FDA certification. Our Eggplex Shampoo fits every criterion perfectly thus, making a perfect choice for you.

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