Have you ever envied those ladies with shiny tresses in magazines? For the longest time, I did! No matter what I did, I could never achieve those shiny tresses. I battled with premature gray hair and added to it the woes of hair fall! It was a vicious cycle of buying products that made tall claims but offered no results. And then, I began to search for a good hair care regimen. And that was when I discovered I could also use a serum for your hair growth and many other hair woes I was battling with. 

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But Why a Hair Serum?

Hair serum has many uses, some of them are: 

– Hydrating your hair 

– Keeping your hair moisturized

– Protecting your hair from environmental stressors

– Addressing hair concerns like hair fall, dandruff, etc

Hair serums are a blend of potent oils that can give you healthy tresses and a smooth appearance to the hair. And I am sure your next question is, “Are there good serums for hair growth?”.

And the answer is yes! Let us look at the serum for your hair to incorporate into your hair care regime. 

Mamaearth has a variety of serums for hair growth that you can use. Let us look at these two hair serums that can promote healthy hair. 

Mamaearth Onion Oil Serum with Biotin: This serum for your hair is formulated to provide frizz-free, nourished hair. It is also the best serum for your hair fall and hair growth. The key ingredients in this onion serum are onion oil and biotin. 

  • Onion oil nourishes and stimulates hair growth; regular use reduces hair fall. Onion oil contains sulfur that strengthens hair strands and prevents breakage. 
  • Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is a vitamin B that is essential for hair growth and overall hair health. It helps to strengthen hair strands, improve hair thickness, and reduce hair fall. 

Together, these ingredients provide intense hydration and nourishment to the hair, making it smoother, shinier, and more manageable. The serum is free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and silicones, making it safe and gentle for all hair types.

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Onion Scalp Serum

Strengthens Hair| Reduces Hair Fall |Healthy Scalp

Onion Scalp Serum with Onion and Niacinamide: Your search for healthy and nourished hair starts with this power-packed serum for your hair growth. This is a serum for the hair growth and thickness. The key ingredients in this serum are onion oil and niacinamide. 

  • Onion oil helps to nourish hair, stimulate hair growth, and reduce hair fall. It contains sulfur, which helps to strengthen hair strands and prevent breakage. 
  • Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3. This serum helps promote healthy hair growth, nourishes hair follicles, and reduces hair fall. 
Recommended Product

Onion Scalp Serum

Strengthens Hair| Reduces Hair Fall |Healthy Scalp

The formulation of these two potent ingredients provides intense hydration and nourishment to the hair, leaving it healthier, smoother, and more manageable. The serum is free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and silicones, making it safe and gentle for all hair types.

Hair care is complete when you have a suitable regime for your tresses. So, let us look at a good hair care regime. 

What Hair Care Products Can Be Used for Good Hair Health?

Following a good hair care regime is one of the best ways to promote good hair health. Always choose products best suited for your hair type and any hair condition, like hair fall, dandruff, or an itchy scalp you may want to tackle. Some good thumb rules to follow are to use a range of chemical-free products free from nasties. 

We have listed all the products you will need for healthy hair and the order and frequency in which they should be used. Let’s explore the hair care regime. 

Hair Oil – A hair oil is your first step to healthy hair. The frequency of oiling your hair depends on your hair type. 

  • If you have an oily scalp, keep it as a weekly regime. 
  • You can oil your hair thrice a week for dry and brittle hair.
  • Oil normal hair up to twice a week. 
  • For specific hair issues, use hair oil as needed.

Why oil your hair?

Oiling your hair gives it the hydration and nourishment it needs. When you massage the hair oil into the scalp, it boosts blood circulation, and the oils penetrate deep into the follicles giving it an extra dose of nourishment. 

Oiling your hair can help combat the damage caused by environmental stressors and calm your scalp.

What’s the right way to oil hair?

  • To use hair oil, warm it using the double boiler method. Never heat the oil in a microwave, as it loses its potency. 
  • Now, section your hair, dip a cotton ball in the oil, and apply the oil to the scalp. 
  • Move to the length of the hair and massage your scalp. 

For the best results, leave the oil on the hair overnight or at least 30 minutes before you wash it. 

Pro Tip: Heating oils in a microwave can make them lose their effectiveness and potency. Always use a double burner method to heat your hair or body oils. Applying warm oils is also very therapeutic.

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Onion Hair Oil

Boosts Hair Growth | Adds Strength & Shine

Hair Growth Oil – Also known as hair booster oils, these are fast-absorbing, non-sticky, and lightweight oils that give your hair a breath of life. These can be mixed with regular oil to combat certain hair issues or give your tresses a healthy and shiny look. 

How to use hair growth oils?

Mix a few drops of hair growth oil with your regular hair oils for better hair health. Apply this like you would apply normal hair oil. Then, massage your scalp to boost blood circulation and better oil absorption. 

The booster hair oils from Mamaearth have been formulated to tackle specific hair concerns like dandruff, hair fall, minimizing split ends, and promoting faster hair growth. 

Pro Tip: You can also mix the growth booster oils with carrier oils like almond, coconut, marula, and jojoba for better hair health. 

Hair Shampoo – You need hair shampoo to cleanse your hair from all dirt and impurities and to wash out the oil. Use a chemical-free shampoo for the best results, as it will nourish your hair and not strip it off any natural oils. Choose a shampoo according to your hair type so it may work effectively and give desired results. 

How to use hair shampoos?

Wet your hair and pump out shampoo in your palms. Apply on the scalp, move to the length of the hair, and massage gently to work up a gentle lather that will clean oils and built-up impurities. 

Pro Tip: Wash your hair with tepid water, as hot water can reduce the moisture levels of the scalp, making it dry and itchy. 

Recommended Product

Onion Shampoo

Reduces Hair Fall | Strengthens Hair |Softens Hair

Hair Conditioner – A hair conditioner must be used after you have shampooed and rinsed your hair. When used after a shampoo, a conditioner helps to give your hair a smooth and shiny look. In addition, the conditioner helps to lock in moisture and maintains the pH balance of your hair. 

How to use hair conditioners?

After you have rinsed your hair, pump out conditioner depending on the length of your hair. Apply the conditioner from the roots to the tips of the hair and massage the scalp for a minute. Let the conditioner stay for at least one minute before you wash your hair and the water runs clear. 

Pro Tip: It is advised that you preferably use the same variant of the shampoo and conditioner for the best results. A mix and match of different variants may yield different results. 

Recommended Product

Onion Conditioner

Reduces Hair Fall | Detangles Hair | Softens Hair

Hair Serum – A hair serum should be applied to freshly washed and conditioned hair. Hair serums help to lock in the moisture in your hair to give it a nourished and hydrated look. Additionally, a hair serum helps to protect your hair against environmental pollutants as it forms a thin layer of coating on the hair. 

How to apply a hair serum?

There are two types of hair serums; one has a watery consistency, while another has a thickish texture. 

  • For the one with a watery consistency, apply about half an inch away from the roots to the ends of your hair. Spritz it till your hair is coated, and brush it with a wide-toothed comb so that the hair serum is coated evenly. Don’t overdo this, as it can make your hair look limp. 
  • For the thick consistency, pump the serum on the palm and apply it on damp hair about half an inch away from the roots. Twist your hair or rub in the serum so all hair is evenly coated. Brush your hair with a wide tooth wooden comb to coat the serum evenly. 

Hair Mask – Use a hair mask every week to give your hair a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home. Hair masks are a potent blend of oils and butters that can target particular hair concerns, so choose one according to your hair type and any underlying condition. 

How to use a hair mask?

You can use a hair mask on dry hair. Scoop out a generous amount of hair mask and apply it from the roots to the tips of the hair. Massage the scalp to let the hair mask’s oils and butters penetrate the follicles. Let the hair mask stay for at least 30 minutes before you you’re your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. 

Pro Tip: Overusing a hair mask can dry out your hair, so restrict it to use only once a week. 


  1. What is a hair serum?

    A hair serum is a thickish liquid typically packed with ingredients that promote healthy tresses and protect your hair from environmental pollutants.

  2. Can I use hair serum daily?      

    Use hair serum only when you have washed and conditioned your hair. If you have curly hair, use just a small amount of hair serum to control the frizz and detangle your hair. 

  3. Can hair grow thicker with serum?   

    Hair serum is typically used to improve the appearance and texture of hair, but it may not necessarily make hair grow thicker. But when used in a regimen for hair care, with other hair care products, it can improve hair appearance. 

  4. What is the best for thickening hair?

    Along with hair oils that promote healthy and thick hair, you can choose to use hair serums that have the added benefit of protecting your hair from harsh environmental pollutants. 

  5. Which serum is best for hair growth?

    You can choose the hair serums from the house of Mamaearth. Packed with natural ingredients, these hair serums have no chemicals or nasties. You can select from Onion Hair Serum and Onion Serum with Niacinamide

  6. Do hair growth serums work?

    It can promote healthy hair when used consistently in a regime and provided that you have no underlying medical conditions that can affect the hair serum usage.

  7. Which is the best scalp serum for your hair growth?

    Many hair serums can be used, and if you are looking for the best scalp serum for your hair growth, you can check the ones from Mamaearth. These hair serums can combat hair fall, reduce dandruff, and maintain good hair health.

  8. When should I use hair serum? 

    Use a small amount of hair serum on freshly washed and conditioned hair. Use hair serum on slightly damp hair and a wide-toothed comb to ensure the even application of hair serum.

  9. Which is the best hair serum in India?

    Give the hair serums from Mamaearth a try. They are chemical-free and have no nasties. You can choose from two variants: Onion Hair Serum and Onion Serum with Niacinamide.

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