Are you tired of dull and damaged hair? You may see several videos on YouTube on how to get smooth hair, but the remedies work only when you are consistent. Smooth and silky hair results from a dedicated approach, proter care, and right hair care products. Decoding this, we have some easy-peasy tips to get smooth hair this season. 

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1. Regular hair wash: Summer is about scorching heat, dry winds, sweat, and bacterial growth. And your hair is likely the first thing that can get affected by the dampness. To ensure cleanliness, wash your hair with a mild shampoo or cleanser. It helps eliminate dust, product buildup, and grime, unclogs the pores, and allows other products to work well. 

Begin with choosing the products specifically designed for your hair type, whether dry, oily, or normal. Formulations play a major role in breaking the bond between the cells and thus impacting your hair’s natural health. 

2. Condition your tresses: Once you have cleaned your hair, the next step is to condition it to help restore moisture to the scalp. A nourishing hair conditioner kicks moisture levels in the hair, allowing it to remain soft and silky. On the contrary, moisture loss makes it appear dry, damaged, and frizzy. 

The best way to apply a conditioner is to use it on recently washed, damp hair. This hair care product is not meant to be applied to the roots, as it can blow down your tresses and make them look greasy. Instead, keep it for 3-5 minutes and rinse off with cold water. 

3. Use a wide-toothed comb: Instead of detangling your wet hair using a regular brush, use a wide-toothed comb to unknot it. Damp hair is likely to get damaged with only so much friction, so it breaks easily. A wide-toothed comb will help minimize hair damage to an extent.

4. Use hair masks and treatments: The secret to healthy hair lies in the nourishment you provide to it. So treat your hair with deep conditioning treatments or hair masks at least once a week. They help to lock in moisture and give a healthy look. We recommend picking hair masks containing ingredients like Argan & Coconut Oils, Shea butter, or Keratin for added benefits. 

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5. Protect your tresses from heat: Heat styling tools, such as curling or flat irons, blow dryers, etc., can damage your hair in the long run. If you wish to use them, it is suggested to spritz a heat protectant or apply hair serum on your hair. This additional layer creates a barrier between your hair and the heat, minimizing damage.

6. Trim regularly: Split ends makes your hair look rough and frizzy. Schedule regular trims every 3 to 4 months to chop off split ends and maintain hair’s health. In addition, regular trimming helps prevent further damage and promotes smoother hair growth.

7. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Eating the right foods can promote overall hair health. A balanced diet rich in vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants provides the necessary nutrients for your hair to grow strong and smooth. In addition, antioxidants help fight free radical damage and protect the cuticles against sun damage. 

Mamaearth Hair Care Products for Soft and Smooth Tresses

Your precious locks deserve the much-needed TLC to look their best. So we always strive to formulateMadeSafe Certified products packed with the right nutrients. From hair growth oils and cleansers to serums, we have many hair care products to help you revamp your hair care game. 

Here are two of our best formulations for achieving sleek and smooth hair:-

1. Mamaearth Curd Smoothening Shampoo 

What’s better than the goodness of curd for your hair? Introducing Mamaearth’s Smooth Hair Shampoo features a unique blend of Curd & Keratin. It nourishes and smoothes your hair, making it frizz-free and healthy. 

Curd is a natural moisturizer that has been used in Indian households for decades now. Plant Keratin is a protein that strengthens the shaft and locks in moisture. It makes hair manageable and eliminates frizz.

Mamaearth Curd Smoothening Shampoo

Curd Smoothening Shampoo

Up to 100% Smoother & Shinier Hair | Gently Cleanses

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2. Mamaearth Curd Smoothening Conditioner

Crafted with Curd, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils, this conditioner repairs frizzy hair. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes the strands while taming frizz. 

Curd boosts hydration and seals in moisture, while Keratin works on flyaway and frizzy hair. It suits every hair type and does not weigh down your strands. In addition, it is MadeSafe Certified, ensuring no harsh chemicals or toxins in the making. 

Mamaearth Curd Smoothening Conditioner

Curd Smoothening Conditioner

Up to 100% Smooth & Shiny Hair | Controls Frizz

Price₹ 349.00
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Other Elite Products:-

If you want to get over frizz, hair oiling is one of the most effective traditional ways. It stimulates blood circulation and supplies nutrients to the shafts, making hair frizz-free and smooth. So, we highly recommend using Mamaearth Argan Hair Oil with Argan, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil. The powerful antioxidants in this hair smooth oil protect hair against damage caused by styling & free radicals. 

Mamaearth Argan Hair Oil

Argan Hair Oil

Reduces Frizz | Moisturizes & Nourishes Hair

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There are plenty of smooth hair tips, but remember, it all begins with proper care, protection, and healthy habits. So be patient while following your hair care regime, and you will see visible results. 


  1. Which is the best shampoo for smooth hair?

    If you want to achieve your hair care goals, we highly recommend using Mamaearth Curd Shampoo. Made with the goodness of Curd and Keratin, it helps you give moisture-locked hair that does not fly away. In addition, it is a sulfate-free formula that does not disrupt the scalp’s pH balance but helps retain moisture. 

  2. What to add in shampoo for silky smooth hair?

    You can add glycerin or aloe vera gel to your hair shampoo for silky smooth hair. These ingredients are known to enhance texture and restore the shine of hair. Practice this once a week to get better-looking hair.

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